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Pending Approval Wohmotai - Scourge

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  • Name: Wohmotai - High Sith for Scourge
  • Designation: Sentient
  • Origins: Vanqor
  • Average Lifespan: 65 Galactic Standard Years
  • Estimated Population: Planetary
  • Description: Even more so than their smaller brethren, Wohmotai are an extremely vicious Sithspawn species. Their desire for conquest and death is only eclipsed by their desire to expand and consume all life that their Dark Gods command. Wohmotai are even larger than the Mochirsa that birthed them, a monstrous canine Sithspawn that tower and head and shoulders above the baying creatures of a Mochirsa horde, creating a far more terrifying to see in battle. Their matted fur is marred with scars of many fights.
  • Breathes: Type I
  • Average Height of Adults: 2.8 meters
  • Average Length of Adults: N/A
  • Skin color: Darker gray
  • Hair color: Dark Brown to Black, with occasionally spots of another color.
  • Distinctions: The most distinctive physical trait of the Wohmotai, besides their sheer size and physicality, are their overgrown claws on their hands and feet. The claws have been improved with something far more insidious to their brethren, while the senses they gain from their fur have also been heightened. Females generally have more spots on their fur than males, but they are no less vicious, perhaps even more so.
  • Races: Mochirsa
  • Force Sensitivity: Rare
  • Even before accounting for the genetic trait woven into each member of the species, Wohmotai are incredibly strong, easily being able to outmatch three Wookiees in terms of combined strength. Worse, Wohmotai retain their smaller brethren's bloodlust and battle rage, but even the Mochirsa fear what happens when one of these larger creatures goes into such frenzy.
  • Through the dark alchemy that created them, their strength when enraged is excessive and their speed can even match Knight-level Force Users using Force Speed for short periods. Their tolerance for pain in a blood frenzy means that even wounds that would have killed them are ignored for some time, generally long enough for them to kill their killer and anyone following them.
  • The Wohmotai also retain the infectious bite and claws of the Mochirsa through the modified strain of the Subsumed Rakghoul Virus created by the Lady of Secrets, allowing them to swiftly swell the numbers of their smaller brethren by infecting beings that were consumed and making them transform into more of the canine Sithspawn. To create a Wohmotai directly, the infected being must have a certain stature and endurance for the transformation process.
  • Wohmotai are even worse consumers of the lands they conquer than their lesser brethren, a moving blight upon the land. Taking a bacterium found within the original Mochirsa's digestion tract and modifying it through RNA and DNA modification, the Wohmotai secrete this modified bacteria in a coating on the claws of their hands and feet. This bacteria, when it comes into contact with plant or animal organisms, creates a quickly spreading blight, killing the creature or planet and spreading it to others within the area and creating areas of death and decay around the warbands that follow the Wohmotai.
  • Their Squib ancestry has granted them the rather unique ability of their fur being able to sense smells and being sensitive enough that they can figure out the tiniest details of an object they touch.
  • Like all lesser Sithspawn, they are highly weak to Force Light and other direct applications of the light side. However, this inherent weakness does not stop them from wanting to collect trophies from Jedi, the Wohmotai even courting such fights although they know a trained Jedi might well kill them with a flicker of light from their hand.
  • While their blood rage is extremely potent, and allows them to ignore injuries, this does mean that a Wohmotai can sustain mortal wounds and not realize it until they fall over dead, a flicker of surprise on their face at their deaths.
  • The modified strain of the Subsumed virus, while it can cause mutations, takes longer than the pure strain developed by the Lady of Secrets and can also be cured if the wounds are treated quickly enough with Force Heal.
  • While their fur is a powerful tool for them, it does mean that particularly potent pleasant smells like flowers and perfumes can overwhelm them.
  • While the bacteria they secrete into their environment can be an ecological disaster in their immediate area, it cannot travel over bodies or water or rapidly expand once it reaches a certain distance away from the Wohmotai source. The bacteria could also be treated and handled by a trained team of ecologists, biologists, and bacteriologists. A trained user of Art of the Small could even turn the bacteria around on its host, quickly rotting them from the inside out.
  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Communication: Wohmotai can speak Basic, but mainly communicate in the Sith language
  • Technology level: They retain the same technology level as the Mochirsa, meaning while they have access to Galactic Standard technology, they will only use advanced technology if their leader allows them to. Otherwise, they prefer to use less advanced technologies in their rampages, like bladed weapons.
  • Religion/Beliefs: The Wohomtai follow the same religion as the Mochirsa, meaing they have created a brutal and sadistic religion that worships the Dark God, Kaine Zambrano. They believe that through ritualistic flesh sacrifices and the city-wide level of carnage they unleash on the Sith's enemies that their Dark God grows ever stronger, gorging himself on the life they destroy. Shamans of the religion, and those among the race who are Force Sensitive, claim to channel the blessings of their Dark God, unleashing destructive Force powers or using Sith sorcery to resurrect fallen warriors so they can continue their service to their master until their bodies can no longer function. Crude stone shrines with bowls of blood are the center of each Mochirsa community, and they believe that one day, the Dark God will come and bless the blood contained in the bowls to offer them greater power.
    • However, some Wohmotai that have joined the horde of Gnox Gnox have come to worship the monstrous Sith as an avatar of death and destruction, one that will lead them to greater conquests and meals.
  • General behavior: Wohmotai are even more cruel and sadistic than their lesser brethren, and their general behaviors are completely influenced by that cruelty and sadism. Being stronger, smarter, and crueler than the Mochirsa, they have quickly become a challenge to the shamans that rule the individual clans of the Mochirsa, especially Wohmotai shamans. Several clans of the lesser Sithspawn have been subjugated by Wohmotai, with the shamans they had deposed either dying in the struggle or becoming their adviser on matters of their dark faith. Even then, many Wohmotai answer to their own shamans, Masters of the dark side and death in their own right, although they hunger for knowledge that their Sith creators keep out of their reach. Dominance in combat is paramount to their mating rituals, while those that have died in dishonor, much like the Mochirsa, are reanimated to serve the shamans or their dark leaders until their dishonor is cleansed, even if they are only shambling skeletons by that time.

Born from a conversation held between Gnox Gnox and Darth Arcanix during a hidden meeting of the Sith, the Lady of Secrets had already been contemplating some improvements she could make upon the Mochirsa of Vanqor. The bestial Sith Lord, while impressed with the horde of hyena Sithspawn, wanted creations that could match his consumption of prey, something that could lay waste to a planet and leave it fallow for ages longer. Having just the idea, the Sith Lady traveled to Vanqor with several of her alchemists and requested volunteers from among the strongest clans and shamans.

Many would die in the experimentations to create the Wohmotai, but those that survived were quickly identified as superior. The experiments accelerated their growth and intelligence, easily dwarfing their lesser kin, while the viral sciences of Darth Arcanix introduced a new threat to the creatures. Modifying an organ within their bodies, the Wohmotai secrete a bacteria originally found within their smaller brethren and modified by the Lady of Secrets' scientists to create a blight that follows the creatures around. A localized ecological disaster, they can create trails and zones of dead and decaying plants and animals around them.
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Codex Judge
Under Review Taeli Raaf Taeli Raaf

A terrifying submission! I certainly wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of a giant infectious Gnoll dedicated to a dark religion. You fleshed out the Religion/Beliefs and General Behavior sections particularly nicely. I do have a few things I'd like to bring up with you before moving this species to the approval stage. Please reach out with any questions or concerns.

  • The most major concern is the spores ability, as it can destroy all life on a planet. I spoke with the other Codex judges about this, and we're concerned that it's entering superweapon territory if it can wipe out entire worlds. Superweapons must be submitted and approved through the Factory, and can be used only with Admin approval in an Annihilation thread. Please either remove / tweak this ability or clarify for us how it's different from a world-destroying superweapon.

  • Codex Judges are not the arbiters of balance, but I would like to point out some of the extreme aspects of this submission, IE having the strength of multiple Wookiees put together and being as fast as a Force Speed user. This is a submission that, as written, could easily end up reported for balance reasons. I would recommend toning down these extreme strengths. If you choose not to, I would be very careful when using them so they don't come across as calling hits, particularly given their infection ability. Other writers always need to be given a way out.
    • It's also worth noting that anyone can use an approved species. These will be open to the community.

  • The Wohmotai have greatly enhanced strengths compared to the Mochirsa, but all the same weaknesses (except one that boils down to a time restriction on the spores ability). I would like to see more actionable PvP weaknesses. What can be done against these creatures, other than Force Light and distraction via perfume? What would Taeli do against them if they all turned on her tomorrow?

  • Under Description, I'd like to see a sentence or two describing the general appearance of the species, like you did with the Mochirsa (ie. "canine" and "terrifyingly massive beasts with sharp fangs and fierce eyes, covered in matted fur and scars that speak of many kills and fights"). That will help people with how to describe them if they only read this sub, and not the one for the Mochirsa.
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