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Will Minion For Food

Lethia Morow

Hey, villains of the Galaxy. Do you lack reliable help? Do you need a minion with a history of medical experience and a passion for creating horrific abominations of nature? Do you want a servant who's incorrigibly cheerful? If you answered yes to at least two of those questions, then Lethia Morow could be the girl for you!

You see, Lethia's been a bit lost for a while now. Ever since she got separated from the Primeval, she's been hanging around in Sith Space, and sure, nobody's kicked her out yet, but she doesn't really feel like she belongs. Also, it's really hard to go shopping when you have spines growing out of your back and a tail. So that's, you know, a problem.

For obvious reasons, potential Employers/Masters/Captors should be comfortable with 1) the Dark Side of the Force and 2) Crimes against nature, decency, and sapient life in general.

Character Bio Here:

Her thread tracker is currently non-existent, so if anyone has any questions about her history, feel free to ask here, in a PM, or on Discord (I'm "Darth Imperia/Lethia Morow" in the Chaos General Discord, and "The Fun In Funeral | Charlotte" in TSE chat)

Kainan Wolfe

Shadow of War
[member="Lethia Morow"]

Hello, hello. Spines, claws, tails, you name'em, these things don't get you kicked out where I come from. If you are ready and willing to serve, the Confederacy can provide you a home, especially on Nelvaan, where us dastardly villains are gathering to resurrect the Eternal Empire. As for creating abominations, we prefer to refer to that as, uhmm, necessary scientific development, for the advancement of our cause. If this sounds like your thing, then all you have to do is bend the knee before the Eternal Throne and you shall be welcomed.