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Kyrinov ][ Paragon of Insanity

][ A B S O L U T I O N ][

"Are you truly so inept, darling? Such a waste of the glorious title you claim. You are no more Sith than a failed Acolyte. You certainly deserve the same fate."

[SIZE=10.5pt]Name: Kyrinov[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]Alias: [/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=10.5pt]The Paragon of Insanity[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=10.5pt]The Exarch[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]Faction: [/SIZE]Confederacy of Independent Systems
Agents of Chaos

Knight Obsidian[/SIZE]
Priest of Discordia [Silencer]

[SIZE=10.5pt]Species: Epicanthix[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]Age: 36 Galactic Standard Years Old[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]Gender: Considered Male[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]Homeworld: Ambria[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]Sexual Orientation: Pansexual[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]Status: Single[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]Height: 2.2 Meters [7’2”][/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]Weight: 80.14 Kilograms [177 lbs.][/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]Eye Color: Grey with pinkness [Natural]; Yellow [Dark Side][/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]Hair: Black dyed stark white[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]Distinguishing Marks: Blue moth tattoo below collarbone[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]Complexion: Caucasian[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]Force Sensitivity: Confirmed[/SIZE]

Force Rank: Knight

Languages Known & Spoken: Galactic Basic [Native]; Sith [Fluent]

"Paragon Absolution, that is my business. I don't expect you to understand that concept now. All in precious time, dear."

[SIZE=10.5pt]Strengths & Weaknesses:[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt][ + ] Authoritarian - Kyrinov believes that those below him are meant to serve. Those directly beneath his influence and power are expected to obey him and respect his decisions. Loyalty is demanded.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt][ + ] Composure Is Everything - In everything he does, he maintains his bearing. Even if he is internally compromised, Kyrinov seems calm and collected on the outside.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt][ + ] Calculated Eye - In everything, there is a myriad of possibility. In his eyes, there is always more to discover about a person or about a situation. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt][ - ] Self-Righteous - Simple. He is right, you are wrong. His way is the right way, yours can meet the hyperlane.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt][ - ] Empathy, or Lack Thereof - Kyrinov cannot relate to others or their experiences, nor does he care to. He has no need to.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt][ - ] Twisted Little One - He may or may not have sadistic tendencies. Not many know for certain. Would you care to find out, dear?[/SIZE]

"If that is all you have to say, I suggest you start praying. You have ten seconds, little one. Begin."


[SIZE=10.5pt]Do you know what it is like to be betrayed? [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]Not just stabbed and deceived and manipulated like a gullible and misguided fool that you are now.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]Not the understanding that it was those who you believed to be your friends or your allies who enacted such a deplorable fate upon your hunched shoulders. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]Do you even understand the meaning of the word, in all senses of it? [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]Do you know what abandonment is?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]Do you understand the duality that I came to represent? The war that wages throughout this galaxy is borne of my own internal conflict. Truly, these two conflicts are similar in many ways.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]The Light is losing. It is fractured, splintered, all but shattered and dismantled. All but stripped of any semblance of pride or fantasies of helping others, of bringing others to the embrace of the Light. A beacon now shrouded by the ever present Darkness which it sought to obliterate through a false campaign of hope and temporary peace. A false claim to end the Dark that plagues their beloved homes. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]It seems Mary never found her lost sheep after all. They strayed too far and too wide for her to ever have a hope of discovering them until they saw fit to be seen or heard of in anything other than whispered rumors passed by a line of beings too deaf to relay the message properly.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]An affliction which began on Ambria and ravaged my depraved little mind until what remained was a husk of a being’s full capacity. The nexus of Light and Dark left an impression on my very presence within the Force. Perhaps that sets me apart. Perhaps it only accomplishes to push me further into the droning hum of the mundane boundaries that shape and bind the galaxy. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]As I said, I have overcome that obstacle. No longer does it restrain my ability of perception and my capacity to draw upon the Dark Side of the Force. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]My path is clear, as is my purpose. I am Sith. I will be a executor of those who seek to blemish the name of the Sith and the honor it is to be considered Sith. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]Those who encounter my blade are deserving of their injuries or their death. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]Those who resist the fate I deem to administer were never worthy of the title of Sith. They should have simply remained as Grotthus or become so consumed by the Dark Side that their narrow, feeble minds were broken and burned in the fires of their own fury. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]This is my mission within this new Order. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]The True Sith shall rise, forsaking all others and leaving them to rot. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]I am the Exarch.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]Learn your place within this galaxy and pray to whatever god you believe in that you never bear the torment of meeting me. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]But, then again, [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]Even the gods cannot save a wretch like you. I doubt they'd even listen to your pathetic pleas. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]~ Kyrinov circa 849 upon ascension to Sith Knight[/SIZE]
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][ A B S O L U T I O N ][

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