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why you can't exterminate us

Tristan Wren

Location-Hell wolf ​

"Here's why you can't exterminate us, aruetii. We're not huddled in one place—we span the galaxy. We need no lords or leaders—so you can't destroy our command. We can live without technology—so we can fight with our bare hands. We have no species or bloodline—so we can rebuild our ranks with others who want to join us. We're more than just a people or an army, aruetii. We're a culture. We're an idea. And you can't kill ideas—but we certainly can kill you."

Leaning hard against the wall with his left foot pressed hard against the wall. He turnt the page of his journal.Those words were Favorites of Tristans Ancestor and ancestor of all of clan Wren.She set siege to the city of Luon. those words detailed the merits of the Mandalorian warrior culture, and upon outlining the Mandalorians' capacity for a strong victory, offering the consul a final opportunity to surrender their city. ​

Tristan had much he wanted to accomplish and see while still alive. he course wanted to see The Mandalorian Empire achieve the glory of the past .but also a more personal goal to restore clan Wren to its former glory. as chieftain it was his job to lead his clan to Triumph.Well it was always harder than it seemed . ​

Tristan always considered himself a historian among Mando'ade he always had an attraction to it to things that came before. The journal in his hands was written completely by him. it really didn't have in order for the most part. Its subjects included Clan Wren history,History of Mando'ade and Manda' well as Tristans personal thoughts.

​Closing the journal completely he shifts his eyes to his helmet located on the mess hall table located right in front of him. Those 2 sharp eyes located above his visor looked back at him. those eyes were the emblem of clan Wren The emblem he choose.Walking over he palmed his helmet from the table with his right hand walking someone anywhere with something to do.
Coopers Cooler
"Leave history to the historians." - Kaine Australis 853 ABY

Though he'd said it in jest, the quote had gone space viral, and there was little he could do but embrace it, though he valued history very greatly as a learning tool, it didn't do to marry history either. One had to try and do a little better than those who had come before. Historians would decide whose period in history was more or less significant and argue about it for the next thousand years. Kaine would be long dead by then, as would those he cared about. Right now, he cared about getting a feed. Yasha was supposed to have some pretty decent chefs aboard her flagship, and the General had cadged his way aboard in hopes of personally investigating.

Kaine entered the mess hall in regular beskar'gam, sidearms only, helmet clipped to his belt, as was usual in friendly territory. He eyed the available niceties deciding what to eat.

He wondered if any of the vode would turn up today, it was about lunchtime, and he couldn't be the only one starving. It was a big ship, some of them had to be here somewhere.

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King of Pumpkins
Tom would wander in. He was in his beskar'gam. He was just paying a visit to the Hell Wolf. He was trying to learn some more on the Mandalorians. He had some lightsabre hilts at his side. One was shorter than the other. He also had two vambraces on. Rex's own special weapons. One was a shield projector while the other was a vibrosword. He grabbed something to eat running into [member="Kaine Australis"]. "Uncle Kaine how are you?" He would also see [member="Tristan Vizsla"]

Alkor Centaris

Son of Liberty
Booze counts as food, right?

Well, if it did Alkor was hungrier than a Hutt on a diet. The Corellian entered the mess with a spring in his step, slipping buy'ce overhead and under elbow in a single motion. His mess of hair glistened in the standardized white-lighting of the room, still sweaty from the last engagement. Both deep blue eyes raced across the room in search of his prize.

The lass shelling out Tihaar for a paltry number of credits smiled at him in remembrance of their last meeting. He was infamous as "the man who drank enough to fill five suits of beskar'gam."

Alkor personally found that insulting.

He could drink much more than that.

Still, he was not about to impinge on her kindness or her business by correcting her. Alkor closed the distance and dropped the credit chip in front of her in a practiced fashion. Her smile broadened. "The usual?" she asked gleefully, though she only sold one product. He half nodded.

"Make it a double," he replied deviously.

"Slow down, bur'cya," she giggled, "you have plenty of time to get a double's worth in you. No need to rush."

"I'm thirsty," he countered.

She shrugged.

Alkor accepted the drink and turned back to the room, and for the first time he noticed the others present. When it came to the liver rotting beast, the Verd clansmen often forgot himself- and others. Now that his panacea was in hand, his head began to acclimate to his surroundings.

He took a sip, headed for the General, and stood not far from [member="Kaine Australis"]. "Su'cuy, vod," Alkor greeted. He took one more sip before adding, "long day, wasn't it?"

Keira Priest

The Iron
Where one lingered the other was sure to follow, and this was no different. Shortly after [member="Alkor Centaris"] arrived in the mess hall Keira entered, helmet on her belt and hair tied up, still coming down from the adrenaline-fueled high of the last battlefield. Unlike her brother she picked up a water, taking the time to drain a third of it before wandering to her sibling's side, their mannerisms nearly identical despite the fact that they hadn't been raised together and had been apart for months before this. Some things never change.

That statement was never truer than in that moment, and went doubly so for the drink in her brother's hand. "I know we just finished killing people and all, vod'ika, but it wouldn't hurt to slow down on the alcohol. You just got back, and I'd like to keep you around for a little while longer, at least." She didn't expect to receive much more than an eye-roll in response, but they just wouldn't be Verd if she didn't lecture him every now and again.

"Alcoholism isn't a good look for most people." A beat passed. "Besides, we both know I can hold my liquor better anyway."

Finally, she nodded to the others present, "Su'cuy, vode."

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Tristan Wren

" Just as I was leaving."...he said to himself as ​the once empty quiet room was now beginning to fill. He immediately reversed his course sitting down at a mess hall table by himself. He did this simply out of the fact that he didn't know anyone present. that wasn't to say he didn't want to get to know them . As he sat he Placed his helmet and journal on the table before he could start to write in it until he found a way to approach the others he heard , "Su'cuy, vode." from a women nearby. which he responded "Su cuy'gar" ​ its then he noticed Tom Taff was looking at him looking away would show weakness so he looked back.

Gaia Sunaris Cadera

It's a cat-astrophe!
The Hell Wolf. It was a remarkable ship, a feat of engineering. A beautiful, fierce ship for their beautiful and fierce Mand'alor. It made sense for the ship to be made the way it was. In either case, the teen girl had accompanied her buir to the ship. As such, the pointy-eared girl decided to explore the ship than stay with her buir. It wasn't every day she'd get the chance to be aboard the ship of the leader and idol. Today was the day she could escape supervision and explore!

She wore a simple grey shirt, blue jeans, and a small backpack that she kept a datapad in. In either case, Bethany explored many of the different rooms, storages, and other places that didn't require any type of special permissions to get inside the ship.

During one particular turn, she ran into what she presumed was a cleaning droid. It was holding a long, sheathed sword. Beth didn't know this but it was Yasha's personal sword - Kal-buir. Worried that the droid might be attempting to throw the sword away, she tripped the droid and stole the sword. "Sorry," she muttered as she took off running as quickly as she could away from the droid with the sword in tow. Maybe she could give it to her buir as a surprise present. He might enjoy it, even if he never had to actually use it.

After a relatively undetermined amount of time, the girl realized it was lunchtime. Most likely, her father [member="Kaine Australis"] would be heading to some type of kitchen. Once she figured her way to the mess room, she sprinted off into the mess room.

She saw a few people in the room - her buir, Tom, and three other people. One seemed to be criticizing the other for drinking too much. It brought a small smile to her lips but her focus was on Kaine. "Dad! Buir," she hollered as she ran up to him. "Look at what I got from a cleaning droid thing? I think you might like it!"

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Dar'yaim Balor

Bent But Unbowed
The Mess Hall

It was the growl of his stomach that propelled Rizzan forward. Passing through the hallway and bulkheads he came into the mess hall. After coming into the room the man took off his buy’ce and kept walking to where the mess line started. The Alor’ad did not look like a social butterfly nor did he look like he had a once of compassion. He was a focused man and at the moment it was food on his mind.

Jake Awaud

Evaar'la Awaud
The last engagement was entertaining, lots of explosions and near death encounters. For some of his first time in a real military combat scenario he thought he did better then he assumed. Though he did have practice taking our pirate in the Unknown Region, and clearing some trade lanes for his brother. The feeling of being in a fighter during a real battle, well that just got his blood boiling over with excitement for a new test.

Walking into the Mess Hall after a long shower in the Pilots Locker Room, he wore his Jumpsuit without the Armor pieces. A towel was thrown over his shoulder and he tugged on both sides as he walked into the Mess. Looking at how long the line was, he could only assume that it was too late to get the good booze as [member="Keira Ticon"] and [member="Alkor Centaris"] probably beat him to it. Though a quick bite to eat would not hurt, after all they were returning to friendly space in the flagship of the Mand'alor.

Once he grabbed some Bantha Steaks with sauce and Tato Fries, he was surprise to find out the women at the bar was able to make a Starshine Surprise. Something of a family favorite among the Awaud Clans that was not as strong as tihaar but some considered dangerous.

After he grabbed his food, he noticed [member="[SIZE=14px]Tristan Vizsla"] who was sitting by himself. The two had meet on an off the books mission, but Jake was never too shy to greet a fellow warrior. He sat down at the table and slammed his tray on the table to spook the other man, probably would not work, but he found it funny. "Su cuy'gar Tristan of Clan Wren, did not know you were on this ship," Jake took his towel off his shoulders and placed it on his lap, "How your been Vode?"[/SIZE]

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Coopers Cooler
Well, this place filled up fast. And the smells coming from the galley told the General the cooks' reputation was well earned. Then he saw his nephew.


Kaine greeted the lad with a clap on the shoulder.

Su'cuy, vod. He returned Alkor's traditional hello, you're not dead.

Vode. He greeted everyone else at once with a nod.

Around him were a plethora of Mando'ade of good repute. The Verd siblings, Alkor and Keira, young Jake Awaud, Tristan Wren, and Bethy, running in to show him her latest toy. Beth's harsh childhood was a constant source of guilt to Kaine, and he always made time for his young daughter.

Kaine dropped to a knee to be of a height with Beth.

What have you got there, Beth'ika? Kaine asked, amused. Then his eyes went hard as he recognized the weapon.

His voice turned into General's voice. Where did you find that?

His voice might have been as stern as he could manage, but his eyes were twinkling.

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Dar'yaim Balor

Bent But Unbowed
So Rizann made it through the line. Not saying much the big guy grabbed two trays and started to pack as much as he could on them. It was a colorful assortment of well balanced meals. Yes meals as in plural were the correct meaning. There were three main courses. There was some bantha steak, A few porg buggers, and some slop that looked like tonton meat served with gravy and potatoes. There was a wonderful assortment of vegetables and fruit. To drink he grabbed four sealed cafeteria cartons of blue bantha milk.

Once he got all that loaded up he started to carry both trays over to an empty table. Again he was straight to the point and completely focused. He did not stop to say hi. Wink at any beautiful woman who could also stab you if you said their sister looked hot. The man was on a mission. He had to shovel all this down to refuel.

Gaia Sunaris Cadera

It's a cat-astrophe!
Beth gave a sheepish smile to the others in the room along with a small wave of her hand in greeting. In truth, she barely knew any of these people. She didn't want to get shy but it was inevitable for the girl.

She grinned as Kaine dropped to his knee. She showed him the sword. It was clearly [member="Yasha Mantis"] sword. She pulled it out of the sheath very carefully to show her buir. "Isn't it beautiful? I thought you..." She looked at her father who asked her a very serious question. "Um... Well... There was a droid that had it and I kinda tripped the droid and grabbed it." She said matter of factly, her ears pulling back as if she was afraid or some type of shame. She cautiously continued speaking, watching Kaine's face. "I was worried it was going to throw it away. Plus, I thought you might like it and if not, then I could keep it! I don't have any weapons yet."

It wasn't a fear of life but a fear of being scolded. What did she do wrong? His eyes gave her a different reading than his serious voice. She heard that voice when she heard him talking to colleagues, commanding the fleet. Maybe she should have let the droid keep the sword after all.

She glanced around the room, trying to see if maybe someone would somehow make a distraction so she could somehow hide from the situation.

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Tristan Wren

Normally he would be eating right now but he just wasn't hungry for some reason right now. his diet normally consisted of fruits and vegetables. he never liked eating meat. he didn't like the thought of eating fleash off another living creature. but if survival was at stake he would defiantly eat it. he broke his eye contact with the man upon hearing his name. Turing his head around to see Jake Awaud.​ a man he had served with on a mission not so long ago. he naturally replied " "Su cuy'gar Jake of clan doing ok but I only got here yesterday its first time here." ​he shifted his body around deciding to ask a question of his own. "Tion are gar doing ner friend? "


King of Pumpkins
Tom would be stuck between [member="Kaine Australis"] and [member="Beth Australis"]. He would look between the two and look at the sword and again at the two. Slowly something clicked about the sword and tom realised who's sword it was. He pulled his shoto off his belt the black bladed one and said. "Beth if you give me that sword I will let you play with one of my laser swords for a bit. With the promise that you will return it and I with help will build you a special weapon. How does that sound?"

He hoped this would work. After all it wasn't everyday someone managed to get mand'alors sword. Besides Uncle Kaine would want to give it back to the mand'alor when all was said and done. He made sure the lightsabres settings were to training and it only had the colour crystal engaged. He didn't want little Beth to hurt people.

[member="Rizann Bralor"], @Tristan Vizsla, [member="Jake Awaud"], [member="Keira Ticon"], [member="Alkor Centaris"]

Nicair Claden

The Iron Heart
It'd been a very long time since Nicair had gone to one of these things. It probably would have been on a vacation planet the Mandalorian Crusaders owned before they crumbled. He didn't consume alcohol then and he's stuck to that years later. He was a control freak, plain and simple. Many of the other Mandalorians were returning from battle or campaigns. Nicair? Nicair was returning from a prison moon on Antisoch. He had killed one of the pirate crews that transported weapons, drugs, and credits to and from the mostly unknown planet. It wasn't an act of revenge, putting him in Uzbaerk, at least not from any sense of caring or feeling. He had caused the unofficial monarch of the planet quite the inconvenience.

For most sent there it was a life sentence. For the rest, a death sentence. That's what they made it look like in order to get him out. He hadn't had time to shave his beard or trim his hair. His eyes were bloodshot and his face had grown gaunt. One of the methods the Sociph increase the torment on the moon is through the filtering of various drugs into the air vents. If the prisoners are causing problems and the solitary cells are full they increase the dosage. Then, they let the withdrawal effects take over. Sociph narcotics are designed to last longer, both in immediate results and withdrawal. Nicair was in the process of such a withdrawal.

Some of the vod gathered he recognized from past endeavors. He nodded to [member="Keira Ticon"] who had recently aided him in shutting down a rising drug trafficker on Coruscant. He sent a couple nods to [member="Jake Awaud"] and [member="Alkor Centaris"] in remembrance of a little situation in a shady club. The others he would give a salutations to when they met his eyes. That was the thing about Mandalorians that he had forgotten about, they didn't care if a vod had "predatory" eyes, because the likelihood was that they all did.

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Skosk Fett


[member="Beth Australis"] [member="Tom Taff"] [member="Kaine Australis"] [member="Mavarah"]

Location: Mess Hall

Actions: Trying to sodding spit it out

Some time had passed for the horned zabrak that was making his way through the powerful ship. During this time he had met a special someone, without telling any of his clan members about the beauty of such a special person. Skosk's new clan is his family, and is more important to him then anything that their has ever been. After losing his mother, after losing his entire life, these people had given him a home. They had given him a purpose, and he sodding loved it, his brothers and sisters in arms gave him companionship and battle buddies to face challenge and adversity with. The new member of Australis knew these sods would all go to manda after their glorious tales had been complete.

The towering bodybuilder moved forward, spotting his Alor , and somewhat of a father figure to him. The red beskaram was shined, and felt new, most likely with the help of his new "friend" . The massive arms of the hunter removed his bucye, his yellow eyes glittering, his face clean. Introducing that someone made things awkward when introducing them to the family. The mandalorian believed it would be best if he came forward first, telling his endeared babe to distance herself and to let him soften the tension. "Hello my allit ,I have somthing to tell you my alor. I, I , errrr....." , the nervous being trying to say something that was obviously of importance to the group.


Well-Known Member
I kept my wings folded behind me, as low and out of the way as I could.

The ship was huge and unfamiliar. Corridors twisted and turned in every direction. Even with my wings folded in close to myself, I felt my face blushing a deep red, my heart in my throat. I didn't like to be noticed, but Diathim were a rare sight beyond Iego and no doubt people would stare at me upon seeing my form. That's what I'd convinced myself anyway. But that was not the only reason I was so nervous. I walked through the halls just a step behind the mountain of a Zabrak, my fingers clasped together in front of me, head bowed, eyes tilted up just enough to watch where he went. There were many things I could attribute to my nerves. @Skosk himself was nervous about something. The idea was almost endearing to see the massive, unstoppable bounty hunter pursing his lips in worry.

But it was not him that had my heart in my throat. He was a formidable bounty hunter, and a terrifying specimen of a Zabrak, but there was something else. Someone else that I could sense. I hadn't seen any trace of the presence I felt, nor could I logically explain why I even felt it all the way out here. By all accounts I should have just been able to dismiss the feeling. There was no way she could be here, right?

Taking a breath, I shook my head of the swirling thoughts, trying to banish them as I continued to follow my terrifying, beloved Zabrak towards his goal. Should I tell him? Warn him of what I felt? What would the point be?

We came to a stop before another Mandalorian. Whomever he was, he seemed to have Skosk's upmost respect. As the Zabrak spoke, I moved forwards slightly. His stumbling was endearing, bringing a soft smile to my otherwise concerned features. I reached out a hand, gently caressing his arm.

"It's alright," I murmured quietly.

As I spoke, my hand on his bicep grew warm as I sent through the force what I hoped would be a little comfort and courage. The irony of the gesture struck me, considering it was the same thing I'd done for the slaves the day we'd... met.

If only I could do the same for myself, for there was one being in the universe that scared me more than anything else.

An angry sister.


Jake Awaud

Evaar'la Awaud
It seemed that the mess hall was starting to get crowded, however he was till ready to talk to [member="Tristan Wren"]. The question was simple enough, he looked up from his food, "Well took part in the Hapes campain, took out some pirates and all that, pretty fun really," He took bite out of the bantha steak and ate it quickly, "Then took up contract with my brother, Alor Jaster Awaud, and protected some Mando higher up from getting killed by some Cabal guys, there was a women there, she pointed her blaster at me," He pointed his fork at him, "I think she had the hots for me," Cracking a smile he went back to cutting up the steak, "Then went exploring the Unknown Region... Again, discovered a planet and gathered some interesting data,"

He shoved a fry into his mouth and again ate it quickly, "Got a call from flight command stating they needed me back here, and so I came a running, plan on going back to that planet to gather more data, maybe collect some samples for the UTC Archives."

He was now thinking out loud, his eyes no longer on Tristan, but at his food. Occasionally taking a bite and talking more about moving on with his exploration of the Unknown Region. Exploration was one of his hobbies, but he could get a little obsessive about the whole thing.

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Fallen Angel
The eerie green aura she produced to concealed herself when she snuck aboard the strange ship that a rather large Zabrak take her sister [member="Mavarah"] to heaven knows where, She could have attacked or torn the ship apart to keep her sister from being taken away but she chose to hide aboard and wait till they arrived to where ever this beast was going with his prize. As she waited she contained her rage for when they land for dieing in the vacuum of space was not the goal she was looking to achieve, She simply waited hidden and concealed keeping an eye on her sister who was being confusingly calm and open minded to the beast that took her, She was way to kind for her own good sometimes which is why she works so hard to protect her and walk the path she chose, As she felt the ship stop and land she watched as they walked out and waited a bit before she climbed down from the ceiling and made her way down the ramp into a strange new place she never seen before. The Green ichor she used to conceal herself shedded from her like a snake shedding old skin as the energy seemed to visibly surge through the veins of her hands as she had some ichor flow around her hands as she walked out her anger and irritation was at a boiling point waiting to explode if she didn't find her sister and bring her back home again.
Coopers Cooler
Kaine was about to speak when Tom spoke up first. What a good lad, sorting the issue easily without the need for Kaine to take a hand.

He nodded down at Tom and Beth.

Tom's right, let him have that one, and you can play with his jetii'kad. Kaine grinned. Don't chop anyone, ad'ika.

Kaine reached to his belt and found a flask of tihaar. He passed it to Tom.

Have a drink, vod'ika.

Then he spotted Skosk, who looked like he was trying to get a word in.

Kaine pointed.

What is it, Skosk'ika?

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