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Who do YOU want to see in the next star wars trilogy


i would want to see some new and old characters, but maybe not to a point where you will see the old characters through out the entire movie, imagine an old Carrie Fisher in a slave Leia dress. Maybe some characters from the prequels. i want to know others opinions on these things


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Mara Jade

The Jedi kids from the Young Jedi Knights novels, the solo twins, anikan solo, teneal ka, lowbacca and the jedi council from either time period in the books reflected on screen such as kyle katarn, kyp, Saba, Cighal....

AHSOKA TANO! as an aged jedi master.

K'kruk, he survives over a hundred years past episode iv, but they dont show how he joined Lukes order.

Holographic of holocron refrences to Yoda, Ewan McGregor, Samuel L Jackson etc....
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I don't think we can have Thrawn due to the age of the original actors who have been confirmed to return. Beside's Thrawn dies before the solo Kids are able to even hold a training saber. I say that their best bet for making a movie form the books would be the Caedus crisis.


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I think it depends on what they do for the storyline. Given how the books go I think they should do something like a mix between the Thrawn series and Jedi Academy. That said I'd really love to see Admiral Daala. Really awesome character. The solo kids would be neat to see of course. Maybe someone from the prequel series like one of the Jedi's who escaped Order 66. Maybe even someone like Ahsoka from clone wars. So many possibilities.


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I think Ahsoka would be a great tie in, she is Vader's only Jedi student and because she comes from the 'Old Jedi Order' she can offer alot of insight to Luke as well introduce herself with "I am your Father's!.....old Padawan!"


I would personally very much want to see the Jawa's that sold C3-P0 and R2-D2 to Luke in it...

Who the hell am I kidding I just wanna see some Jawa's. :p