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We Came in Like a Wreeeeecking Baaaall{Mandalorian Invasion of Dromund Kaas}

Gilamar Skirata

Life before death. Journey before destination.
~Several Hours Earlier~
MandalMotors Hall
Sweat dripped down Gilamar's brow as he tossed his helmet to the corner of his office in MandalMotors Hall. His cape tattered and his face dirtied, he slumped into his chair. His fight with Verz had been exhausting, physically and mentally, but he knew there was more to do now. Taking his flask from his desk he began to remove the cap. Tipping the steel container forward into his mouth, he let the cool drink fill his throat. His moment of peace was interrupted by his com beeping. Intrigued he put the flask down and answered the com. "Skirata speaking, what is it?" His eyes widened as the message was relayed to him. Before the messenger could finish he had thrown the com down and begun making calls. The Sith were leaving. A whole lot of them. This was the perfect opportunity, unique in its circumstances. Standing and grabbing his helmet from the floor he sprinted through the tower to get aboard a shuttle calling everyone he knew.

The Mandalorians were on the move.

He would show Verz that the Mandalorians could still fight, still wanted to fight the Sith who murdered their brothers and sisters. He knew this attack was last minute, and he knew that he would not be able to muster as many forces as he would normally be able to, but this? It didn't matter. Several of the Sith's most infamous ships and the Masters that owned them had been spotted leaving Sith space, leaving the capitol more or less weakened by their absence. The emperor himself...was gone from the throne room. He didn't know why, and he did not care either. But he knew that there was work to be done, and quick work.
Dromund Kaas
Gilamar and his crusaders were ready. The plan was shoty at best, but for now it would have to do. Three ships exited hyperspace above Dromund Kaas, the introductory force, all ready to drop hundreds of Mandalorians into the city streets. All around him alarms went off, the captain in charge of the ship calling out battle stations. Fighters were emptied into space from the Invading force as well as the defense forces that had been left around the planet. "Alright, fighters out! Commandos, get ready to drop!" The old man's voice was loud, even over the alarms. All around him Mandalorians stepped into their six-man pods, all of them aimed at different points in the city.

Gilamar was leading the initial force, he knew others were right behind him...He had heard that even the witches were making an appearance. With a heavy sigh the old man stepped into the pod. The doors hissed closed and there was a rushing sensation that shot throughout his body. From the small datapad that was in the wall of the pod he could track the progress of the others. All around him pods were shot down by starfighters, but it seemed like a majority were hitting their mark.

He hit atmosphere, the pod began to rumble, alarms went off as the mechanics of the drop pod worked to keep the inside cool. Citizens below looked on in terror as they were evacuated from the city. Who wouldn't? Their sky was on fire as the flame of embers of vengeance fell onto their city. The pod screeched through the air, slamming into the permacrete, sending chunks flying. The pod secured itself into place, a mechanical whir emitting from the base of the pod. A loud hiss erupted from the pod as the doors slammed down. Gilamar stepped out of his pod and looked around. All around him his HUD was picking up enemy IFFs. They had been caught off guard, and now hundreds, soon thousands of Mandalorians would fill their streets and buildings.

The Mando'ade had arrived.
Preliat was silent on the drop down from the pod, the weapons on the rack next to him jiggling even behind their restraints. His HUD was clear for the moment, he had turned it off to appreciate the view. It was magical, falling. He had flown before, but this was something else. Dropping in from space made him nervous, but slamming into the ground made him feel like a Rancor descending for the kill. Such explained the war paint on his face, and the scowl beneath his helmet. Westar 34s hung at his sides, he wasn't exactly good with them, but he was getting there. The powerful M45 rifle was his preference at the moment, and his newly fitted crushgaunts firmly grasped the pod's handles, as he braced for impact.

He landed several meters away from Gil, stepping out of the pod, removing his rifle from the rack. He flicked the safety off, turning to Gilamar, and nodded to him, his rangefinder coming down from his helmet. His HUD came to life, giving him various details as the bolts and rounds came to him. Mandalorians, descended from the sky like hellfire. Preliat gave off a war cry, and returned fire, with an increased efficieny that the nearby Gil would have remembered. Sliding on the side of his armored feet, Preliat skid into cover, and lobbed a grenade over, ripping apart a few troopers and security forces.

"Mhi mav yaim'ol bekar naastar, dar'jetii!"1

1. We have returned to destroy, Sith!
The Shev stealth cruiser had been the vanguard. Not something expected and not something that the sith would look for. As much as he hated to admit it there were perks to the former mandalores works. It let him get in system and activate the cloak, let them descend to the planet slowly and quietly while inside he had a hold packed with surprises. Some commandos sure but the witches had offered them something more and appeared. They had been more then ready no doubt from their hoodoos letting them know. Again not such a bad thing it kept the problems of their world at bay and now as the ship touched down he looked at the people in the hold while he stood one level above. Rancors with their riders, super commandos and anyone else who wanted to come and drop in to say hello to their soon to be burned friends.

"You all know the stakes in this, the Republic has engaged the sith on two fronts and all we wanted to do was bargain with them. The time for talking is over, let them know why the mandalorians are here and purge this city with fire because soon mandalorian drop pods will descend from the sky and prepare to rain hell upon them, we will be engaging them in their homes and in their palace. Purge this world my brothers and sisters and show them that we never forget. The events of Junction, of Yaga burn and now... Now we get to deliver a little wrath." With a look at them the hanger opened and Shane took in the sight while he brushed off his armor. He was going to head back into space but first he had to do a little something.

He moved with a smirk on his face as the stairs leading down to the lower level came into view and he walked down. The helmet on his hip detaching and he put it on for a moment with a smirk as it slid on, he walked out of the ship while a small group of sith approached and he looked up to see it. Now they were taking the moment a bit more serious, now it was time for the fun. "I'm going to give you ten second to turn around before I punch you in the throat and open fire on you." The soldiers looked at him as they closed in and he kept the smirk on. "One.... two..... ten." His fist came out and struck one of the sith in the throat as he pulled him close and snapped his neck. With the body as a shield he opened fire with the mans rifle and the rest of the mando's began pouring out of the hold.

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Ella Nova


Ayra was standing on the balcony of the Sith Citadel in the center of Dromund Kaas when the first wave of Mandalorian invaders began to descend from the skies. Shock first took her for the briefest of moments before an intense, unadulterated rage came to the front. The Mandalorians could be forgiven to think that the rain that began to pour from the skies could cool down Ayra. But that was not so. Her training kicked in, a reflex that only a soldier would understand when it came to an upcoming battle. She turned from the balcony and headed inside her room.

She began to jog. It had only been a day since she had returned to Dromund Kaas, when she had picked up the fleet movements from the Mandalorian sector. She had been en route to Ossus to participate in the defense of the Sith held world from Republic invasion. She hated the Jedi and the Republic more than anything in the galaxy and so the opportunity to participate in a battle where many Jedi and Republicans would die was appealing. That was why she left her post on Kalist VI to return to Sith space. But on her way to that battle, the shuttle she had took when she left Korriban five years ago picked up the Mandalorian movement; and that was why she took a detour to Dromund Kaas instead.

Running through the palace, she turned into a flight of stairs that led into the hangar bay where she had left her gear. She always had her Lightsaber, Saberstaff, combat knives, disruptor pistol and other equipment on her always. But she required better gear for the up coming battle. Mandalorians were going to die today by her hand. The trick was to ensure that she didn't get killed herself.

Opening the ramp into the shuttle, she opened the locker and took off her Sith robe. She selected durasteel plating that Sith Commandos wore in combat, slipping it over her chest and arms. When she was done placing on the Armor, she slipped back on her hooded, blackened robe and turned to the weapons cabinet. The WESTAR 35 blaster rifle was an out of date model, but Ayra was old school as far as it got. "Why fix something when it doesn't next fixing?" was her way of describing the reason why she utilized this type of technology over the modern types of today. Filling a shoulder strap, black bag with ammunition for her rifle and disruptor pistol, she placed several types of grenade in there as well. She also attached a vest of ammunition and grenades across her chest, which was concealed by her robe.

When she was done preparing for the battle, she placed the bag around her right shoulder and carried the rifle in both arms, with the strap around her left. The ramp to her shuttle closed behind her as she marched her way forward. Sith Marauder vs the Mandalorian elite. It was going to be an interesting battle.

Asar Anchti

Location: Dromund Kaas
Exact area in location: Kaas City barracks
Objective: Defense of Kaas City

"Aargh!" the Kel-Dor threw the book he was reading across the room. It was another boring day in Kaas City, the same as all days since his graduation from the Academy and deployment to Dromund Kaas. Here, he was told to wait for orders. Asar hoped these orders included him being assigned to one of local Sith Masters for furthering his training. However instead of orders, most knights and masters of the Sith left Dromund Kaas to fight Empire's enemies elsewhere.

I can't stay here anymore!, Asar left the book on the ground. Quickly picking up his lightsaber, robe and helmet he left his room heading to the gym. He needed to let off some steam and the best way for that was sword training. As the Kel-Dor exited the barracks, the calm, boring day suddenly changed. The sky lit on fire and small meteorites started falling down. No, not the meteorites, Asar realized, but ship pods.
Invasion? This is going to be fun!, Asar smiled under breathing mask wickedly and put on the helmet and robe cape. As soon as the joints of the helmet fell into the place in the body armor, helmet's HUD came to life. Readings of several nearby enemies flickered on the map brought up with Asar's thoughts. The Sith Apprentice headed to the nearest one.


Well-Known Member
Northstar plummeted from the skies, cape yanking behind him while he eyed his surroundings as he dropped. He had an oxygen mask in place, enough for a minute but that was more then necessary. Clad in his Durasteel Beskar'gem with his Armorweave beneath, as well as his multiple assorted blasters stashed in his left hip pocket thanks to Dimension Shift. The one odd of place item he decided to bring with him, was his lightsaber. He never held Mustair unless he knew simple hand to hand would not do, if hand to hand wouldn't take then clearly neither would any other conventional weapon, leaving him with his now long time ally.

Landing hard on the pavement dead center in the middle of a humongous street, Northstar watched the ground ripple away from him in waves, leaving him in the center of a large crater. If not for his Czar upgrades, and Durasteel armor, such a fall would have crumpled him like an aluminum can under foot. But as it was, he simply took a deep breath, looked around then began walking towards the nearest buildings.

The Pale


Sith Citadel Courtyard

Thunder, blood, and honor. All would roar, spill and flow this day. Pale felt the G's pull on his body when the drop pod engaged its booster rockets. It was a reassuring feeling to him though. Else he'd be just a stain on this Sith scum world. Another bone rattling jar told him they were down. Pale slammed a fist into the door release button. The door blew off and crashed several feet away. If he still had a heartbeat or blood they'd be pumping right now. Just the thought of spilling the blood of Sith was almost euphoric. Dozens of other similar pods landed near him. All ferrying the finest of warriors to do battle against his most hated of enemies.

Pale stepped out of the metal bulk. Almost immediately they came under fire from the Citadel's defenders. It was laughable. Whatever did his him just bounced off his Beskar. The Pale drew in a deep breath. Amplifying his voice with the Force he shouted to be heard for a mile. "Time to die Sith"! His blade was drawn. It was pointed to the enemy. The order was given. And his men charged forward towards the entrance. Blaster bolts exchanged between the two sides, rockets flew, and did grenades. This battle would be monumental not by scale; but by ferocity.


Blind Seer

The witches had come and been prepared, their pets were just one of the things they would have to use. Their magics were going to be at work and she spoke with a grin as she turned her head down looking at @[member="The Pale"] and spoke when the assault started. "You know the plan, destroy everything you can, we will wipe out everything the sith hold dear and burn them. Forgot kindness in this endeavor, forgot sorrow only remember vengeance." The nightsisters stood up when the rancor lumbered out and she could feel the world while troopers fired at them. in the sky the presence of the descending Mandalorians was more then enough and she went forward with the staff pointing to the city.

She saw the Pale head off as a laugh echoed in her throat as the other witches went forward with their rancors. This hulking beast smashing itno buildings and hers going towards the capital. They would meet the sith but while the spirit ichor went about she started chanting to ready herself. The force whispering along her senses and her staff clinking.

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Ella Nova

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Ayra jogged through the halls of the citadel. When she reached the top of the stairs that led down to the hangar bay, she turned and welded the door shut with her WESTAR 35 rifle. She tested the door to try and pry it open. It did not. After locking the door by shutting down access to it's hydraulics with the nearby key pad, she turned and entered a brisk jog towards the Armory. Selecting another shoulder strap bag, she began to load the bag with explosives. C4, thermal detonators and grenades ranging from cryo, frag and explosive to smoke and flash. She also selected two rolls of fiber wire.

The Sith Marauder already knew that she and any other Sith that were on Dromund Kaas and hadn't headed out towards Ossus were heavily outnumbered. The Mandalorians had caught the Empire with it's pants down. The only option was to hold down the citadel, kill as many as the tin men as possible and wait for reinforcements. She was going to do that by setting up as many defensive precautions as possible. Returning to the balcony that she had been stood on ten minutes earlier, she attached fiber around the bottom of the ledge. If a Mandalorian was to climb over, then they would no doubt trip the wire. Frag grenades were attached, with their pins holding the fire. When someone stepped onto the wire, the pin would go and subsequently the four grenades positioned in the corners of each balcony would detonate.

This was a facade, however. A secondary trap was prepared at the door. Ayra was relying on the fact that, in the event that the Mandalorians detected and negated the frag grenade trap, then they would keep going forwards, thinking that the trap had been dealt with. When they broke through the doors leading into the room, they would trigger the package of C4 attached to it. A sheet of lead attached to the back of the C4, on the inside part of the door where it was unseen, would keep the Mandalorian HUD from registering it's heat and energy signatures. If all else failed, she placed several thermal detonators around the room, which was linked to the detonating device in her hand. A simple button and their codes would be brought forth. Boom and the room would go up.

Attaching a headset on the right side of her face, she kept an eye on the CCTV recordings shifting through the citadel. That way she would know where to attack, where to trap and where to move, to keep one foot ahead of the enemy incursion. Jogging along the hallways, she headed towards the other locations where the balconies were. She had dealt with one on the western side of the citadel. That left one towards the south, north and east sides of the building. Her next target was the northern balcony.
Sith Citadel, Kaas City
Objective: Cause Havoc

Full of Vengeance and Fury, a falling star plummeted to the unforgiving surface of Dromund Kaas. It was finally happening, the moment Kyr had been waiting for the moment the Sith dared enter Mandalorian space upon a non-military target. If the Battle of Junction were to be repeated a third time, he hoped it happened at no other time than now. This time, it would be the Mandalorians who would be the Invaders, and this time it would be the Sith caught unawares... maybe even, they'll find their city reduced to radioactive ashes. Hutuun'Kyramud had been a Veteran of nearly every major combat sequence between the Mandalorians and the Sith, and with this shot at bringing the fight to them finally, there simply was no passing it up. Having had a history with Verz, Kyr had been one of the first few to hear of the plan, and one of the first to immediately jump in.

He flexed his Crushgaunts around his infamous signature Beskar Gaderffii, awaiting for the plunge into battle. He was with other Mandalorians of course, but no a days Kyr worked fairly solo. After losing much of his army of 500 Tusken to cancer (a disease he was lucky enough to avoid for now) after the Nuke of Keldabe, some how leadership seemed a bit less favorable. It also gave him bad memories of Concord Dawn with a Sith beast literally eating Journeyman Protectors... he would never let that happen again.

He'd fight independantly, assisting groups of Mandalorians where he could when he could. He had recently fixed his helmet and brought it up to date enough in order to be on the same combat channel as every other Mandalorian soldier on this mission. He refused any other technological improvements they offered however. At his belt, he carried once more two Force-Breaker Grenades, and two frags for NFU encounters. At his sides, there were two Flechette pistols, and below them, two beskar knives (recovered and restored to their former glory). At his back, he carried an 8-gauge shotgun. Upon his wrists, there were miniaturized flamethrowers that'd he'd use in desperation or tactical opportunity while in close range.

With a gigantic thud, the drop pod smashed into the concrete of the citadel, and the door blasted open for he and the other Mando's to charge into the streets of Kaas city.

Ella Nova

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Ayra kept jogging through the corridors. Soldiers were on the move, moving into positions. Some were taking positions at the windows. Some were elsewhere. The Sith Marauder tapped into the transmissions circulating around the Sith forces, speaking into the microphone attached to her headset. "This is Ayra. All forces are to stay off the balconies, lock down the corridors and hold your positions at the entrance. I want barricades set up at all exits across the citadel. Let's move people."

She turned a corner and stopped at the balcony. Lifting her rifle ahead of her, she aimed her other eye at the scope and scanned the room for intruders. She saw no one. Walking carefully ahead in a crouch-walking position, she was ready to fire on an unfortunate Mandalorian jumping into the room. "Clear," she muttered to herself, out of force of habit. Swinging her rifle behind her back, held up by the strap, she opened the shoulder strap bag she had taken from the Armory and went back to work. Much like the western balcony, she had set up the frag grenades, C4 explosive and thermal detonators in the exactly the same way as before.

As she came out of the room, closing the door behind her and welding it shut with a turbolaser bolt to the locks, a soldier came around to head inside to take position. She lost her temper and landed a K'tara blow to the mans neck. The karate chop motion punctured the mans air waves. He would soon suffocate to death in a minute. She did not care. Listen to orders or be killed. It was their choice.

"I repeat, stay off the balconies. Fortifying your positions in the corridors and the exits leading in and out of the palace!" she screamed down her mic as she made her way to the eastern balcony to repeat the process.


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Northstar entered a large courtyard, eyeing the area for a moment. He sensed dangers within this building, but that would not stop him. Casting himself outside of his body, Northstar launched through the doors and down the main hall. Inside rooms, then back out and along down to the next unknown space. Making sure to take notes on where any dangers would lay, as well as any armed men.

In but a moment he returned to his body and entered. The enemies within didn't start until the second floor, where he also spotted someone planting C4 amongst the upper levels. He quickly aimed for the nearby stairs, remembering the basic layout of nearly 50 main buildings from his days as Voracitos' apprentice.


Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
Piloted by the Force, an insanely fast, double-blind Neta'norac stealth fighter slipped through planetary defenses at the last second before the shields went up. Its objective was Kaas City, in the wild outskirts. Its lone occupant had no Force presence to speak of, having carefully cloaked it in the White Current. It avoided engagements of any kind.

Kyla Foy

It had already been a harsh day for the young new sith, still constantly thinking about his parents and just learning that he was a new student in the sith academy, still wearing nothing but a rack as his very own clothes. The boy had seemed to be outnumbered while hearing many kinds of explosives all fall onto the grounds of Dromand Kaas. The thing what was currently happening was not something for the faint hearted which also meant for himself. He was only so young and had no battle skills. The only thing he was able to do was cry out loud while he was near the library calmly trying to study into high complex puzzles. The explosives kept on going and the sound was getting more clear as he could hear more of the initiates. Yes, they were all force users and some were trained, but they were all initiates and basically still in the period where they were scared as hell to ignore any order.

No orders were able to be given in this currently moment. His current state of mind was thinking as if it was a puzzle ready to try it to solve. He looked around and he saw a bag. It was made of nothing else but a rack, like he was wearing but not sewed together. He grabbed a book which told about tombs and puzzles in those place. That book he wrapped for himself and started to run as quick as he could, but it was too late.. The mandalorians were so far, they were already close to locking the entrances and taking over the building. The moment he tried to run he exclaimed loudly through the area while crying in tears, "Go away! There is nobody here! Who is able to fight... you big mean adults! All masters are gone!", unable to defend himself further more than that. If he was not hold down, he would try to run for his life just like the other initiate's did.

Ella Nova

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As Ayra jogged through the corridors, moving between what little guards were in the building; and the reinforcements being deployed by the nearby barracks inside Kaas City, the Sith Marauder lifted two ear plugs to her ears. It was professional to place a set of ear plugs into your ears to protect you from the effects of the series of explosions and so forth that may occur during combat. In a fire fight, for example, the sounds can be deafening. In the modern era, the ear plugs that the blonde fury inserted into her ears would deploy when something went over the recommended decibels. She wasn't particularly interested in being deafened. Otherwise, she could hear perfectly, so long as nothing was too loud to cause injury.

She closed the door to the eastern balcony and it's room, with the frag grenades, C4 and thermal detonators placed into their positions. She checked the CCTV for the northern and western rooms. They were secure. She set off at a brisk jog towards the southern balcony.

| @[member="Northstar"] |

As Ayra ran through the corridors, she felt her feet crunch under the glass that had been broken by Northstar's entry into the citadel. She knew that the Mandalorians were inside the building. "Let them come," she murmured as she ran, quickening her pace.

Verd Ordo

Verd piloted his Kom'rk-class fighter to the surface of dromund kaas, exited to finally get down, verd always had held a distain fore the sith, beceas of there backstabbing and murderous nature.
The Kom'rk-class fighter landed, whiteout to mutce resistance, verd rushed out of the ship, his trusty dual pistols drawn, looking fore his enemy. "nowe this should be a challenge"

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Stardust Solus Skirae

The Emerald Dragon
stardust didnt like free falling in a pod instead she flew her x-wing down towards where @[member="Verd Ordo"] had landed, landing a little bit farther back from where he landed"ok time to put my sniping skills to the test"stardust said as she got out "verd can you hear me ill stay a little ways behind with my sniper ill move when you move up

Ella Nova

| @[member="Northstar"] |

Ayra took a moment to rest at the glass panel overlooking the southern edge of the citadel. The vast array of forest was ahead. She cursed herself for not leaving an escape route out of the citadel. But then again, she didn't really want to leave. Every single Mandalorian that entered the complex were going to die. That was all that there was to it.

The southern balcony had been secured in the same way as the other balconies in the citadel. The Mandalorians weren't going to go through that way without something unfortunate happening to them. All that was left to do was find the Mandalorians inside the complex.

Lifting the scope of her rifle ahead, she was on the hunt for a target. She dropped the now empty shoulder strap bag she had prepared in the citadel's Armory. She still carried the one she had prepared beforehand on her shuttle, in the hangar bay. Checking her corners, on the look out for her enemy, she caught the sight of an individual moving through the corridor. She broke in a run to give chase to the unsuspecting Northstar.
Chaos-God of Gluttony
A probe droid had remained on Dromund Kaas for some time, monitoring it just like all of its other siblings. There were literally thousands of probe droids just like this one strewn out all across the galaxy, being most concentrated in the domain of the Sith Empire. No one could figure out their origin, who made them, who sent them, or what it was they were transmitting. One thing was for certain, they didn't want to be discovered. The probes had extended energy reserves to the point it could go on dormant for many months before a recharge was absolutely required. This was because the moment they ran out of juice they stopped transmitting and over wrote their programming with incomprehensible data just before engaging in self destruct. Any probes that had been captured have evaded any attempts to be decipher thus far, and being the enigma they were, that was impressive.

It had been a long while since the Death of Voracitos, becoming the ghost ship the Girth of Gluttony. His eyes were everywhere, he saw everything he wanted to see simultaneously, even in Mandalorian space were his probes prevalent, though considerably less common than the Empire. Voracitos had seen the entire embarrassing dilemma unfold, just as the Mandalorians detected the Sith Movement after the treaty agreed upon by Kaine and the Mandalore (who he assumes has been revoked of control due to the nature of the attack so suddenly), so too did Voracitos. What was more however, he detected the Mandalorian movement as well, and thus moved his hulking metal coffin to the Seat of the Empire. No one would take any of his land without permission, no matter who was in charge or his state of living.

The ship had yet to arrive, but it was en-route and close to exiting hyperspace... and a swarm of Greed shall blanket and protect the modern Capital of the Dark side from barbarian invaders.

Verd Ordo

Verd replied @[member="stardust"] "Shure thing star, il try to stay a small end ahead of you, anything Thad you don't snipe, il break" his voice became a bid more serious "and stay safe star." he moved up, keeping an eye out fore anything Thad could be a thread.