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Vote of No confidence

Hanna Vondiranach

Our Interim Chancellor has agreed to give one of our most valuable vessels away because a bully asked us too. I understand gifts to friends, we have previously shared things to but to give up one of the biggest ships of the age and to a faction that one can only loosely called our friends. Friends don't bully us, I say we hold strong and make sure that all know exactly who we are and what the Republic stands for. I understand things are hectic, we just lost our chancellor, due to an unfortunate and suspicious circumstances, but you don't just give them something like that. Giving like that lets them know we are afraid. It admits that we can't handle ourselves. I wasn't aware that the Republic was so weak that we had to resort to paying off factions so they didn't declare war. Like it or not, with the raid on that auction, we made a decision and have to pay the consequences but giving up one of our biggest assets is not the way. I understand war is tough and I am sure there were steps we could of made to ensure it didn't come to that but the Chancellor has just screamed to the galaxy that if you threaten us with war we will give up whatever it takes for you not to fight us. I don't know about all of you but last I checked we were the Galactic Republic and not afraid of anyone. So I am here to initiate a vote of no confidence and a freeze on all decisions until we elect a new chancellor in this emergency session. So lets begin with a a call to vote, I shall start the vote with a vote of Aye."

(editing my freezing of the ship transfer because apparently they transfer instantly and without problem and simple stripping of military secrets)
And what would you do in this situation? Are you not aware of the treaty of ithor? It was this, or war would he declared with not just our only ally, but every faction on the map. Any other decision, and it would have spelled doom for the Republic. It was a difficult decision, but one necessary for our survival.

You meanwhile, instead of fighting for your faction, are instead trying to call no confidence first chance you get, for a foolish reason, because you want power Hannah. Your power hungry tactics were on full display last election. And remember when you were in my position, Interim Chancellor with no Ardak? Instead of fighting for the Republic, you did NOTHING but try and secure your own power.

Like I did when I was elected Vice Chancellor, I leave my fate, as always, to the people. It is their choice if they want me to continue leading the Republic until the next election (I AM interim after all) because I love this faction and an willing to sacrifice approval points to keep it from being wiped out by every other faction in the galaxy... Or you may have me removed and replaced with a power hungry, greedy, conniving, backstabbing Senator who cares NOTHING for the Republic.

That is my message, and I stick by it. If I go down, I go down proudly.
"I vote nay. The Supreme Chancellor did what was right to ensure the survival of the Galactic Republic. The events which transpired on Contruum have wounded this great congregation of worlds greatly, and in order to prevent the fires of war from decimating all that we have come together to build, the Supreme Chancellor made the correct choice in handing over a vessel. Are you implying that a single ship is worth the lives of hundreds of thousands of Republic citizens? Are you saying that it is worth inviting, not just the Confederacy of Independent Systems, but the whole of their so-called Conference, to initiate war against us?"

"No, I vote nay. The Supreme Chancellor's actions this day ensured the survival of the Republic. While this sacrifice is a blow to our pride, it is one that ensured that we did not face militant action on multiple fronts. If it were simply the Confederacy facing the Republic, victory would be ours...but in the face of their friends and allies, we cannot hope to achieve victory. Furthermore, they are our only ally."

"So I say again, what is the value of a single vessel? Is it worth the lives of our men and women? Is it worth the decimation of this Republic?"

@[member="Hanna Vondiranach"]

Jack Sheltrak

Senator of Zeltros, Former Supreme Chancellor
"This wasn't just one vessel, this was possibly the largest ship in the galaxy. Something we handed over because we were scared. The supreme chancellor took ships to that world and made the move to plunge us into war and instead of facing it our interim chancellor bent over at the first offer. This is why we have negotiators and actually train people in the Republic for situations likes this. The Treaty of Ithor united several enemy factions because we sat around and did nothing to play homemaker with the empire. Under your administration we either alienated, pissed off or insulted potential allies, gave the floor to a child claiming experience, separation from the jedi yet on a few instances was still seen leading jedi into fights, using her saber which if I recall those are supposed to be turned over to the council on resignation."

"Ahh but that isn't the issue, the issue is whether we have lost confidence in the interim chancellor and yes I have. You let the sith brush up next to us, given more factions reason to dislike us, raided a world that was having an auction... Not even for Republic information I might add. All that was there was jedi artifacts, they could have went on their own and retrieved their bobbles and trinkets couldn't they? Did we need to send the supreme chancellor herself? Or was that just her not being part of the order anymore? I admit I get confused she claimed to not be a jedi yet each time the jedi have a major conflict there she is wanting to lead their order into the fray blade in hand."

"My answer is aye, I no longer have confidence in the interim chancellor and after that display of insults levied at the senator of Hapes it is a wonder he managed to keep our confidence as vice chancellor a position that relies on such a thing."

@Keela Nui
@Arthos Vynea
@[member="Alena Beswin"]
@Jentara Vel
@[member="Silas Opri"]

Aleidis Zrgaat

Young soul from an older generation.
"The Senator from Hapes is in bed with the Protectorate, and has been since before she lost her job to a sixteen year old who actually bothered to write a speech." Aleidis Ijet grumbled, her holographic form appearing at the dias where she normally stood - minus an arm, covered in bandages and burns. It looked less like she was standing upright and more that she'd been propped up on a standing bed. "Of course, I'm not terribly surprised that she'd wait - what, Hanna? Less than a week? To try and oust me for her new friends. But regardless. I'm sure you'll want to pay them a stipend of apology. We'll get to that."

"I've dispatched Velok - you may know him as the man who blew up Rhoomasol and Osarian. I've got him here, in this crystal. See?" Aleidis asked, holding up a tiny orange crystal on a chain. "And this - along with the Darkstaff that GAVE him the power to do this - are going to be tossed into a black hole. I'm in a hospital bed, in my way to do that now. As my condition can politely be called 'critical', I apologize that I couldn't be on Coruscant in person. Doctor's orders. I am sorry."

"Despite what people might want to think, I went to Contruum to flush out and stop Velok, the butcher of Rhoomamol and Osarian. And that's exactly what happened. Somewhere in the chain of command, things broke down - because, as the command records will show, my exact orders were 'If they aren't Velok, they don't get hurt'." Aleidis reminded the senate. "When he appeared on the command bridge of my ship, I evacuated our soldiers so that they wouldn't be killed if he tried the same tactics he used at Poliss Masa - sorcery that rent entire ships asunder. Opportunistic pirates took advantage of the evacuation and battle to steal the command ship while I succumbed to my injuries which, as you'll see, were considerable."

"Regardless, somebody pulled the trigger on the surface of Contruum, and battle broke out." Aleidis sighed. "I understand that you have to hold somebody accountable, and it is easier and more convenient for you to blame me for being there, despite the fact that I was there to stop a man who slaughtered billions, and would do so again if given the chance. I understand that, in your rush to try and blame someone for the tragedy, none of you even so much as bothered to try and contact me before initiating a Vote of No Confidence - but then, Senator Vondraich has need of validation, so why would anybody try and call me?" The young woman sighed sardonically, rolling her eyes.

"I am not coming back. My tenure has been short, but I laid the groundwork for peace unlike any before me. I love the Republic with all of my heart, but it's become clear that I cannot drag the Galaxy, kicking and screaming, into a golden age of peace that they do not seem to want. Trying to do so nearly killed me." Aleidis apologized. "Do what you must to prevent war with the Ithor Alliance; tell them I'm a heel, lay the blame for all of it on my shoulders if you must. We have a tense treaty with the Sith Empire, trade understandings & an NAP with the Confederacy, negotiations of alliance from the Fringe, and ongoing negotiations with the Protectorate - who have been having a bit of difficulty as of late. If the Ithor Alliance wants war, you'll find I've made you no shortage of friends. But I suspect that Domino will be satisfied with her pound of flesh, considering I'm sitting across from the head of that Alliance himself."

"Do what you must. I've shown you the path, Galactic Senate. It is up to you to walk down it. I won't return, so you needn't vote me out. I reckon I can do more to work for Galactic peace on my own, and it'll be less hazardous to my health and happiness." Aleidis admitted. "I wish you all the best of luck, and all of the wisdom you'll ever need in the coming days. May the Force be with you. I'm sorry if you expected more of me, but I gave all I had."

And with that, her transmission was cut.

Serah Oricion

@[member="Jack Harkness"] @[member="Ned Rostu"] @[member="Philip J. Halen"] @[member="Hanna Vondiranach"]

The newly elected Senator of Eshan stood and added his voice to the chorus of others, looking among his fellow Senators. "Though i understand the need for the Confederacy of Independent Systems to remain our ally, there is this simple matter. The Interrim Chancellor did give away the largest ship in creation at this moment, one that now if they still were unsatisfied could easily wipe out what ever was in its path as long as it had the necessary support. So you may have averted disaster now but what about the next time, do you plan to give away a planet to quell the desires of outside forces.

My point is, the entire raid on the auction had been a mistake, one that looks like our once proud republic and its forces are now nothing more than infants compared to the other factions, AND even worse compared to the low life that stole jedi artifacts. Which is another thing, the jedi do not run the republic they are knights for us. IF their artifacts were stolen, let them retrieve them on their own. There is no need for Republic officials and its fleets to be involved in a matter that is solely the Jedi Order's problem.

Lastly is the point of the Supreme Chancellor being there as my fellow Senator of Zeltros has pointed out. Her being there only made this worse as dropped to the level of what someone would expect the Sith Empire to do. We sent a fleet and an army after relics and Artifacts to achieve nothing, we lost the largest ship in the known galaxy. I can hold no confidence in the Interrim Chancellor and as such vote Aye on both matters." He sat back down, but remained in view so as to respond to the others if need be.
I will make this short and sweet.

I leave my fate to you, the people, despite the obvious backstabbing and power hungry tactics of one @[member="Hanna Vondiranach"] who really is only doing this so she may once again attempt to cheat her way to the Supreme Chancellor position herself. If I do go down, my only request is that you do not allow this act of treachery and lack of respect for the Republic, this Senate and for the lives of it's citizens go unnoticed.

But onto business at hand... Simple and sweet. One vessel that we may be able to replace in time? Or the lives of millions of Republic soldiers, millions of Jedi, millions of citizens? Sometimes, you have to make sacrifices to save lives, and that is exactly what I did. Look down on me or agree with me if you wish, but I do not regret my decision, and I will sleep at night knowing I did what was best for this faction and everyone involved. Aleidis was right in her approach of peace, and though while our pride may have to be sacrificed, that peace will be kept thanks to my actions, as will the lives of millions.

If this is the last you see of me, I will say it has been an honor serving as both the Vice Chancellor and Supreme Chancellor. I love the Republic, it has been my life since I was a small child so many years ago. And even if it is not as the Supreme Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, or even as a Senator, I will continue to find ways to support this faction that has been my life for so long.

Thank you.

Jack Sheltrak

Senator of Zeltros, Former Supreme Chancellor
Where is your proof? If your going to accuse a senator of treachery show the evidence of is this just something you wish to say. Slandering another senator who does what they believe is right only serves to show why you lost the confidence of this this body so are. We have no friends and are in the cold, the Fringe with the CIS are in Ithor as well and unless your talks also convinced them to leave said Treaty we gained nothing. We gave away a ship for the chance one group wouldn't call in the treaty... That leaves other others who could and guess what. CIS can say "We're in" to helping their allies who wouldn't be us. The talks with Omega have stalled as I understand so don't slip us some roofies and call it romance. In our last session the supreme chancellor said to Senator Opri and one moment let me find the minutes.

"Senator Opri, I want to affirm that we are not at war with the Protectorate." "We are unhappy with them. They are unhappy with us. We have lost face, lost faith, and until such time as they give us reason to trust them again, I cannot see why we would crawl back into bed with the Protectorate."

Your own office said we aren't friends or allies and not attack each other as long as we remember where our borders are. The talks with them are not moving along, Senator Vondiranach as vice chancellor and acting chancellor had far more luck meeting with them. As I recall actually got some decent terms. Though perhaps that is why she is treacherous her method of actually talking and not demanding worked. Your ineptitude to secure any friends or want anything more then to show we're the top of the food chain has pissed off more people. An approach to peace requires more thoughts then a messiah complex or thinking your always in the right. Another point that was missed and should have been addressed was the instant approval of the treaty without going through this body, I do not recall the senate or anyone besides you and the chancellor approving this. As a democracy that shouldn't and can't stand, which just adds to the list of things you or her have done with your love and experience for the Republic.

@[member="Hanna Vondiranach"] @[member="Yusan Fenn"] @Keela Nui @Arthos Vynea @Alena Beswin @Jentara Vel @Silas Opri
@[member="Jack Harkness"], I cannot speak for Aleidis, and I've had this job as Interim Chancellor for a day. My talks with the CIS have appeased them and they will not use the Treaty Of Ithor. Half of the equation is finished.

As for the Black Suns... I am officially meeting with Domino right now to end this once and for all. I don't care that you and your friends currently want me impeached, go ahead and complain about someone doing a job, on his first day, while you've never done it before... Because while you whine and complain, I'm saving the Republic. I'm saving millions of lives, and that is the one thing I care about right now. While you right now care about who is in charge and in power, I care about the Republic itself and it's people who's lives will be lost if I don't act now.

As for Hannah... I've seen her tactics last election, and I knew right there what she was like. Her calling this vote in order to attempt to have me ousted from power is just another attempt to gain power herself. Nothing more. I have always been honest with EVERYONE, and have a tendency to speak my mind. That is why I was elected to begin with. If I think the former VC is power hungry, I will state it as such because in my views that is the honest to Force truth. If I say what you don't like to hear, I apologize for it. But it is how I am, it's how I live.

Right now, instead of complaining about my one decree on my first day, watch as I talk with the Suns and attempt to end this war threat once and for all, and save everyone here.

Bottom line. I don't care about ME. I don't care if get impeached. I only care about the Republic and it's people, and care about it more then I care about myself and my own power. I will gladly sacrifice my position to end this war.

Kolyat Victus

A voice that had kept silent for many a session could be heard clearing his throat. "If I may?" Standing now at his full height, the Glaucus senator of Byss began to speak, looking down to the datapad complete with notes his aide had handed him. "On the Treaty of Ithor...The Treaty itself, though intimidating at a glance due to the sheer amount of signatures, is not what we seem to think it is. If one reads carefully, does not say explicitly that if one of the allies were to fall into conflict that the rest of the allies must join the war. What it does say is that between the several nations there is a non-aggression pact." He took a short breath.

"Though they are more likely to join forces against a single foe. What I do suggest is that we do something to strip the Jedi of their Military power. As many of you know, there are a number of Knights and Masters that are part of our Military that serve in a variety of ways. If this is to be the case, we need to have them under control so that they do not cause embarrassments such as this. Like it or not, the word Jedi is synonymous with our name, just as Sith is to Empire and we cannot allow people with that kind of power tarnish our reputation!" He knew this last part was off topic, but maybe he could persuade the senators to shift their anger from impeachment to shackling the danger that was quite literally, around the corner.

Jack Sheltrak

Senator of Zeltros, Former Supreme Chancellor
"And interim chancellor what about Atrisia we detained their people at the auction. What are we going to give them? What about the Fringe whom I believe we fired upon, have their demands come in? Appeasing one group and trying to a second when we have tarnished ourselves to several is not going to fix things. Your ignoring of the facts to favor something I don't know if it is stupidity or incompetence at your job does little to help matters. Meeting with the Sun's what is that going to do, you already gave away the Shepard, are we going to give them our Remembrance classes next? That is the next strongest ship we have. Your method of saving lives can and will cost us far more in the long term. You didn't save lives you handed a bigger gun to ones who would use it to kill even more."

Harkness turned to look at the senator from Byss and gave a nod of his head. "You are correct it says non-aggression. Allies don't have to join but we have done nothing to endear ourselves or give reason they shouldn't. We just showed if you threaten us we'll back down and give whatever you want. We detained from the CIS as I understand it a small group, assaulted one or two and that equates to a mobile city ship. If it does then I want several after a night on Zeltros."

Chi Chuchi

Seeking Something
"Did you not just impeach the previous Chancellor because you feared for war with the Protectorate? And now you try to impeach our current leader for avoiding a war and appearing weak. @[member="Aleidis Ijet"] had a very clear choice facing her. She could either stand idly by and allow these artifacts and wells of knowledge be auctioned off to some of the most reprehensable people in the galaxy that would do god knows what with them, or she could intervene and put a stop to it and a mad man. Which, I for one, am very glad to hear of Velok's demise and will be sleeping much better at night. The fact of the botched raid is a Jedi matter in my mind and I believe I read a report from the justice department stating that the Council has in fact turned over the leader of the raid for judgment. That is all the internal punitive measures we need.

"As for the repeated detractions against @[member="Philip J. Halen"] I can only assume that this Senate places more worth on machines than it does life. Which is deplorable no matter which way I look at it. We lost a non-military asset, stick another ship in the budget and Rendili will happily build on for you. Meanwhile the bulk of our fleet remains untouched and perfectly capable of action with millions of crewmen still living.

"The right choices were made by our leaders, we shouldn't punish them for that. So aye, I have confidence."

Crix Meriet

Pretty boy ....
Silas stood up "My friends we have yet again allowed our self to fall under the thumb of other factions and yet again the only solution we come up with is to throw our leaders to the hounds ... I will be honest I am too old for this rubbish so I abstain to vote in this mockery of a meeting.I will see you tomorrow to discuss the issues that matter to the people not our egos" He shook his head this was disappointing and walked out, he had nothing against any of his colleagues but he refused to land in the mire .He returned home to prepare his papers for a meeting he had with the leaders of coruscants unions

Serah Oricion

Juthan speaks up again. "There is no need to even Impeach Miss Ijet, she has already made it clear that she is stepping down from office. And for the case of Senator Halen i am merely acting on the fact that negotiations went so fast and he acted without the input of the others of the senate. I am new so apologize my naivety, but i would rather have someone that consulted us, the republic's senate, before just giving away symbols of our Republic. Now, with that said i am glad he has secured peace between the republic and the Confederacy, and is working to bring peace between us and the Black Sun Pirates. But that does not change my vote, i stand by that the rushed actions were ill conceived and is causing a negative effect on the appearance of the Republic. That is why i vote Aye Senator Chuchi."

He cleared his voice and spoke once more. "As for the conversation about the Jedi, their influence within the senate and chain of command is obviously too great. They should not be able to gain the support and personal aid of the Supreme Chancellor to retrieve their stolen Relics and Artifacts and as such they should not have any ties to the senate and the chain of the command. The Jedi order is our knights and under our collective command, the raid on that Auction house was a mistake that lies with the Jedi's failure and subsequent pleads for us to rescue their lost items like a child's toy." He remained silent once more.

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Become the Crisis
When Jentara noticed the holoprojection of Aleidis Ijet, she immediately left the room, turning to some nearby droids. "Find me that ship. Find me who owns it, its location, and any gravimetric disturbances, charted or uncharted, within one hundred parsecs of where that signal is coming from."

As the woman continued to talk, they acquired a firm link on her location, as well as any black hole-like gravity wells near the area that she could dump the device into. Through a secure channel, she sent a private message for ships to be on full alert around all of these distortions in space, all prepared to intercept any ship giving off the same or similar signals to the ones being received from this holocall.

"Prepare my shuttle. I have a journey to make."

Terras Zordok

@[member="Jentara Vel"] @[member="Yusan Fenn"] @[member="Silas Opri"] @[member="Chi Chuchi"] @[member="Jack Harkness"] @[member="Kolyat Victus"] @[member="Philip J. Halen"] @[member="Aleidis Ijet"] @[member="Hanna Vondiranach"]

Perhaps the Galactic Republic Senate had nothing better to do. Perhaps the rulers of this Republic really did a fething job of leadership. Whatever this case was, Alena found herself observing a valueless and time wasteful meeting regarding a Vote of No Confidence.

It seemed as though many senators had trouble representing their own planets, a problem similar to that of her predecessor Senator Brunswick from what she had heard. These senators and lawmakers seemed to care more about their own self-importance more than anything else. Even the current interim chancellor seemed plenty caught up in his own self-importance and self-esteem, referring to himself constantly as 'honest' and 'caring for the people' and what-not. Such politician simply did not have Alena's respect nor trust.

"You will gladly sacrifice your position to end this war, Chancellor Halen? Then so be it." spoke the Senator of Kuat. After a few seconds of hesitation, Alena announced her decision. "Kuat will abstain from this vote." Although she was not at all happy with current leadership, she didn't care and simply did not believe the Senate enough to think that another elected leader would be any better than the current one.

Terras Zordok

@[member="Philip J. Halen"]

"If that is the case, I expect a new elections will be held for chancellorship and the vice?" she asked.
"Allow the vote to continue, I want to see who has sense and who hasn't" the current Chancellor said gently. "The answer is likely, but bigger miracles have happened. If making peace with the CIS, at the cost of a ship will cost me my job, then I am fine with that"

"While we wait for the other voters...." he continued. "Please, continue what you were saying about the Jedi. This may actually need to be something to discuss and fix...."

@Alena Beswin

Serah Oricion

@[member="Philip J. Halen"]

Heard the mans worlds and smiled, looking at Halen. "The Jedi joined the republic, looking to be the defenders of it. They are attaining to much power and command ever since Grandmaster Skywalker's sister was Head of State. As such, i bring forth the more important notion that the Jedi are the root cause of the problems and should learn their place not as Generals or Influential members in government, but as the Protectors and Defenders of the republic as they once were. It is possible this whole disaster and vote could have been avoid if the Former Supreme Chancellor did not bow to them and go after their stolen relics and artifacts herself. Which was made worse by the fact that the Artifacts weren't even there and the discredit of the Supreme Chancellor and the Republic as a whole. I will plainly state that the Jedi hold to much power and should be ousted from political scenes where they can influence discussions and should hold no rank that would be equal to that of a General or Admiral. Let our actually military officers assume such positions and do THEIR jobs."