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Vivienne Bastra - The Rogue

Darth Imperia


Name: Vivienne Bastra
Aliases: Viv, Vivi
Faction: None, but she attempts to remain friendly with the OSL
Rank: None
Species: Human-Vahla Hybrid
Age: Young Adult
Sex: Female
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 130lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Skin: Fair
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Rank: Padawan

Force Alignment: Neutral (Leaning Light)

Strengths & Weaknesses

[+] She Moves Like A Knife - Viv is quick, both in regards to fleetness of foot and reaction times. She uses these talents to impressive effect in combat, spinning and twirling like a twi'lek dancer on adrenal.

[+] Nerd Alert! - Vivienne's other main talent revolves around the acquisition of knowledge. That is, she's quite good at it. She has both an exceptional memory and a fine attention to detail. Assuming she has time to study whatever target she's going after next, Vivi can prove quite the dangerous opponent.

[=] Crossbreed - Tougher than a Vahla and Nimbler than a Human, Vivienne is unfortunately neither as tough as a human or as nimble as a Vahla - meaning that in at least those regards, she is a below average specimen compared to either of her parent species.

[-] You Are Weak - Vivienne is, for lack of a better term, a bit of a weakling, at least for someone so dedicated to combat. Against most anyone with any sort of combat experience, it's highly likely that she can be physically overpowered - hence why she prefers the arts of Niman and Ataru to, say, Djem-So.

[-] Optimist - Much like a certain diminutive Jedi Master, Vivienne really does try to see the best in people. She's not a pacifist, not by a long shot, and she's certainly not going to deny that some people just need killin' - but say the right words, cry at the right moments, and it wouldn't be that hard to convince her to spare you. For better or worse.

  • Lightsabers, Pair (x1)
  • Outfit, Undercity Chic (x1)
  • Backpack, Survival (x1)
  • Hermes Holopad (x1)


[Control Powers]
Art of Movement [||| ||| ||| ||| |||]
Force Body [||| ||| ||| ||| |||]
Force Jump [||| ||| ||| ||| |||]
Force Speed [||| ||| ||| ||| |||]

[Sense Powers]
Danger Sense [||| ||| ||| ||| |||]
Force Sense [||| ||| ||| ||| |||]

[Alter Powers]
Telekinesis (Burst) [||| ||| ||| ||| |||]
Telekinesis (Static) [||| ||| ||| ||| |||]


Shii-Cho [||| ||| ||| ||| |||]
Makashi [||| ||| ||| ||| |||]
Soresu [||| ||| ||| ||| |||]
Ataru [||| ||| ||| ||| |||]
Djem-So [||| ||| ||| ||| |||]
Niman [||| ||| ||| ||| |||]
Juyo [||| ||| ||| ||| |||]

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