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Venra Reikan


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[SIZE=10pt]NAME:[/SIZE] [SIZE=10pt]Venra Reikan (Goes by Ven)[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=10pt]FACTION: The Confederacy of Independant Systems[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=10pt]RANK: N/A[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=10pt]SPECIES: Falleen[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=10pt]AGE: 26[/SIZE]​
[SIZE=10pt]SEX:[/SIZE] [SIZE=10pt]Female (Though to those who have only heard her name they may or may assume she’s male)[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=10pt]HEIGHT: 5’ 6”[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=10pt]WEIGHT: 163 lbs[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=10pt]EYES: Teal blue with bits of green (like her skin color)[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=10pt]HAIR: Long and wavy/curly, black in color[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=10pt]SKIN: Deep moss green[/SIZE]​


[SIZE=10pt]STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) : [/SIZE]​
[SIZE=10pt] Strengths: Great shot with a blaster, great pilot and mechanic, does not get intimidated easily, is good with people when it comes to talking to them, is semi-aquatic and can hold her breath for a long period of time (species trait), cannot be affected by force mind tricks.[/SIZE]​
[SIZE=10pt]Weakness: Frail and inexperienced when it comes to melee, cold-blooded, can have a short temper, is known to be passionate and shows emotion a lot (frowned upon by Falleen culture)[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt] Like other Falleens within the species, she has slightly clawed fingers and toes, though she keeps her feet covered in leathery brown boots that come just up to under her knee. She also has subtle spinal ridges. Venra wears a brown jacket with the collar that comes up almost to her cheek and is usually flipped up instead of flat against her shoulders, with one sleeve reaching down to half her forearm and the other ending right at her elbow. She wears a plain white long sleeve t-shirt and deep grey/almost black leggings. She has gun holsters on both hips, and a small pocket knife that is hidden inside a small compartment in her boot.[/SIZE]​
[SIZE=10pt]Venra Reikan is the sole heir and princess of the planet of Falleen, though she won’t admit it. When she was around the age of 24, fairly young for Falleen standards given they usually live up to 250 years, with some reaching 400 years in rare cases. Venra had no interest in being queen of Falleen, and when suitors and marriage suddenly began to pop up in general conversation, she made the executive decision for herself; she ran away. After packing up with items she knew would be a necessity, and with a pouch full of money to keep herself supported for a while, she escaped Falleen. Bribing numerous people, both in and out of the nobility, she faked her death. While everyone was in the fray of figuring out what happened, Venra quickly purchased herself a HWK-290 and, having learned the basics of piloting and mechanics from a close friend (due to curiosity, and under secrecy of course), flew far from her home planet as soon as possible. Venra took the time and money to change her hair color and style, so she would be more difficult to recognize, and to learn how to shoot a blaster, so she could protect herself on her own. She has been on the run from her family, even though they believe her dead, for about two years so far. Her piloting and expertise with mechanics have gotten much better, and she’s been making her living by doing odd jobs off and on, and smuggling things about for quick money and to keep herself low on the radar.[/SIZE]​
[SIZE=10pt]The ship she purchased back when she escaped Falleen was a HWK-290 She still has the same ship and has been piloting it all on her own with minor difficulty for the past two years. It can accommodate up to six passengers and hold up to 75 tons of cargo. It’s about 29 meters (95 feet) long, and is said to resemble the head of a large raptor. It has high maneuverability and speed, but she has yet to outfit it with any armaments. It has a deep brown paint job with red accents on the sides of the nose and on the wings. It has hyperdrive system two, and has shielding and navigation systems equipped. She bought it used and named it the Quicksilver Dragon.[/SIZE]​