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Approved NPC Varess

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Age: 15
Force Sensitivity: Untrained Force Sensitive
Species: Twi’lek
Appearance: dark-green skinned, growth has been stunted and she is weakly built even for her age. Her eyes for electric blue. Her clothing is typical civilian clothing and she has no specialised outfits. These days the pair try and fit into the public to not draw attention to themselves.

Name: Varess

Loyalties: She is loyal to Belizarius for saving her from slavery but also for giving her a home even if it’s a rust-bucket that breaks down constantly
Wealth: She owns nothing that wasn’t likely taken from somebody else previously
Notable Possessions: Blurrg-1120 holdout blaster
Skills: Pick-pocketing, deceiving and tailoring

Personality: Her time as a slave didn’t break this girl’s spirit, she is still an optimist and does believe ultimately in right and wrong. She won’t hurt those that don’t deserve it and doesn’t take joy in cruelty. She is intelligent but it’s more street-smarts then the well-read Belizarius. She is also aware of how she appears to most people and uses that to her advantage to get information and to manipulate situations as they arise.

Weapon of Choice: Deception is her main skill, she is not a natural fighter. She is armed with a small hold-out blaster but this is always used as a last resort.
Combat Function: She’ll act as support, creating distractions, giving covering fire and generally assisting as Belizarus does the heavy lifting.


  • Deception: Her non-threatening appearances and act can make many thinks that she simply isn’t enough of a threat to worry about.
  • Slicing computers, pick-pocketing civilians are skills that she is proud of. Mainly learned form her time as a Slave trying to find ways to get herself to freedom.


  • Years of being almost starved on a daily basis means that she is physically weak and she looks it, this is something that most likely she’ll never fully recover from but Belizarius is trying to get her into keeping her fitness up and she is eating better.
  • She isn’t academically intelligent and ignorant of greater-politics and intrigue.
  • She can be hot headed and quick to react without thinking, something that Belizarius looks down on

Varess was sold into slavery at the age of 9 after a refugee ship that her parents were travelling on was attacked by pirates. Her mother was killed and she was quickly separated from her father as he was sent to work in spice mines.

She was sold normally to be a maid in the houses of wealthy crime bosses but she quickly gained a reputation of constant escape attempts. She would find ways out of multiple different slave collars. Over time this made her get sold to poorer and poorer masters until she was sold to a enforcer who mostly used her for cleaning and house work but would beat her without mercy if she made any attempt to escape and she actually started to have her spirit crushed.

Being saved by Belizarius was a surprise to her, she was scared that this would only be a temporary fix and by then she was 12 and used to being let down when getting hope. Belizarius at first only intended to take her back to the Republic but as the Republic continued to suffer internally, he was not comfortable with leaving her to make a life for herself as a collapse would leave a power vacuum in the region.

Belizarius took time to teach her the basics of how to handle a blaster and how to break into computers. He was a a replacement for a father that most likely died in the mines a long time ago. When Belizarius made the decision to leave the Republic she was quick to follow and has become a permanent companion.

Since then she takes it upon herself to steal what supplies they need and swindle whomever gets in the way. Her main burden these days is trying to keep Belizarius from sinking back into a dark depression.
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  • Species: Twi’lek

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  • Loyalties: She is loyal to Belizarius for saving her from slavery but also for giving her a home even if it’s a rust-bucket that breaks down constantly
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  • Notable Possessions: Blurrg-1120 holdout blaster
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