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Game Valheim

If anyone is on the Valheim early access train, my group has a few slots to spare, hit me up privately to apply for access.

Its only 10 players max right now, so if you would instead rather set up a server for your own group, hit me up privately and I can help with the process. It was a bit of a pain for me.

Valheim is an Early Access sandbox game with a Nordic theme. It’s also very lightweight and can be run by most computers that can run Minecraft. The graphics are pretty “old school” and reminiscent of Runescape, and it runs kind of high at a pricetag 20 USD - but we’ve been having a blast with it so far, and it’s very smooth and polished for an early access title.

You can build houses, boats, run dungeons, and fight bosses. It’s pretty kewl if you’re trying to chill.
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Bao Quayan

Little Treasure
The smoke mechanics I've never seen before, I love it. The food system is unique and enjoyable, preferred over drinking 20 bottles of water and 15 slabs of meat. Valheim is good. I can see there being some repetition late game, especially single player or small groups, but it's just been released with so much content.

It's good.
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Hunting Again
Fully enjoying this game.

Can confess to dying from the following things:

  • Chop One Tree And All the Trees Fall On Me
  • One Too Many Fires In the House and Not Enough Smoke Hatches
  • Brass Plating Not Recommended As Swimwear
  • One Hit Wonder Draugr Raid
  • How Did That Troll Sneak Up On Me
  • Big Sharp Piggy
  • Oh God Why Are There So Many Greylings

Rynn Vizsla

I think the worst thing that's happened to me so far was when I first tried to fight the Elder. Had myself geared up, stamina and health meads, coupled with a few stacks of fire arrows. I made a nearby shelter to spawn in, so the run wouldn't be that terrible - since the altar spawned really, really far away from my main base.

I was ready.

Turns out, that giant tree-man doesn't like nearby shelters. He hunted down my mini-home and destroyed it, just before dropping a tree on me.

Cue a 5-hour comical struggle to build rafts, sail across an ocean with active serpents, shelter-hop, and somehow take out the Elder before he regenerated. Fun times, lol.

But, uh, despite that struggle? I've been enjoying the game so far. Can't wait to get out of the swamps, lol.
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