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Approved Tech TXI-17 "Skull of Eternity" Neural Preservation Unit

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Erkhin Trivohld

Ship of Theseus
  • Intent: To shed the frailties of the flesh so that the mind may reign supreme, unrestrained by petty needs and frivolous taboos.
  • Image Source: Cyber Brain by Pablo Blayker
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Trivohld Technologies
  • Affiliation: Erkhin Trivohld
  • Model: TriTech Experimental Implant 17 "Skull of Eternity" Neural Preservation Unit
  • Modularity: Limited; any major changes require delicate equipment only found in some of the galaxy's most advanced medical facilities.
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Phrik Casing w/ Internal Pyronium-Agrinium Coating, Duraplast & Laminamium Internal Structure, Isotope-5 Fuel Cell, numerous interconnected implants & other enhancements, and various advanced components & exotic materials.
  • Classification: Neural Preservation Unit
  • Size: Small
  • Weight: Light
  • Life Everlasting: Making use of everything from top-of-the-line medical sensors to the purest of bacta and even self-replicating nanobots, the Skull is purpose-built to keep the brain it protects alive until "the heat death of the universe". In theory, anyway. In reality, even the most advanced rejuvenation treatments have their limits, and the brain within has been slowly replaced over the long decades since the device's creation, either because of natural deterioration or "suboptimal performance".
  • "Indestructible": Forged from one of the strongest materials known to the galaxy, the Skull is virtually indestructible - when fully sealed. Such a lockdown would, of course, also prevent its occupant from meaningfully affecting his surroundings, leaving him little more than a very clever brain in a fancy jar - incapable of anything but broadcasting sternly worded messages.
  • Biomechanical Integration: Making good use of Erakhis' long and proud history of excessive tinkering with the human form, the Skull is designed to fully and perfectly integrate the brain with the Skull itself and any devices to which it is connected, from HRDs to Star Destroyers.
  • Living Supercomputer: Supplementing Erkhin's superior intellect is several bleeding-edge heuristic processors, an integrated databank hosting a vast library of information both basic and obscure, and a number of other neural implants and stranger devices still. Notably, he need never truly sleep, for some part of him is always alert, if subconsciously.
  • Defenceless: While very, very good at keeping the brain inside it alive, the Skull is all but helpless on its own; spider-like legs can be deployed to perform basic locomotive functions, but it possesses no weapons, nor the capacity to modify technology to be compatible with itself without external assistance. The best it can hope for is to skitter to safety and activate its emergency communications capabilities.
  • More Machine than Man: The work of a truly eccentric mind, the only remaining part of Erkhin's original body is the seventy percent or so of his brain that has remained both intact and unmodified; what the steady replacement of every part of someone's body does to a mind is uncertain territory, to put it mildly, but it is most certainly not a recipe for psychological stability.
  • On Death's Door: Should the Skull's mechanical life support be fully disabled in some fashion, either through an exceptionally powerful ionic weapon or through the mystical trickery of some finger waggling Force User, Erkhin would not be long for this world.
Few worlds have gone as far in modifying their own people as
Erakhis, the so-called Jewel of Luminex. The founder and sole owner of TriTech, one of if not the largest and most groundbreaking medical company on the planet, Erkhin Trivohld was deeply involved in this process, a staunch supporter of ever further augmentation. For such a powerful individual, on such an advanced world, it was near-unthinkable that he perish from bodily sickness.

Even so, that was almost what happened.

There are certain diseases that even Erakhis cannot cure, that even the most ridiculous of expenses and most talented of doctors can only hope to delay; one of these is Krowt's Disease, which heralds the inevitable degeneration of organic tissue and the certainty of death.

There were
some who had survived the rare disease by replacing the sickened parts, but in Trivohld's case it was so sudden, so aggressive, that death seemed the only outcome. Not one to accept his own mortality and rejoice in the difference he had made during his sixty years of life, Trivohld expended enormous resources in the quest for a cure, pouring hundreds of millions of Erakhian Credits into Research and Development and diverting the efforts of tens of thousands of bioengineers and cyberneticists to "Project Phoenix", his own survival taking precedence over all else.

Significant modifications were made to his own body during the years of development, though eventually it became clear that it was beyond salvaging - not one to stand on ceremony, Trivohld ordered his underlings to find an alternate solution - mind uploading was considered, but discarded as a last solution due to the inherent uncertainties of the method.

In the end, Trivohld's brain was surgically extracted from his body, the infected parts replaced with cybernetics and medical nanobots implanted to limit the risk of the disease reemerging and to ward off the cancer that so plagues his kind. Though confined to processing hubs and basic droid bodies for years, his work continued unabated, eventually resulting in long lines of technology compatible with his new form.

Through the miracles of science unrestrained, Trivohld had survived - in his own way.
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