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Twas Bullets, That Killed the Beast. (Faction Thread on Aduba III)

Alexandra Feanor

The Lady in Silver/Grey Historian
Aduba III
It began with a disease.

A disease came across the villages and soon the people of Aduba were brought to dear of a disease they didn't understand and could not treat due to the planet's nature as an Agriworld. No great government had ruled over this space with the fall of the nearby powers and no doctors came out to the outer rim and to a planet that has had a history of the Hutts ruling it. But even the Hutts had abandoned the planet to its fate long ago.

Which was why, in its moments of fear, the people of Aduba had become fractured, soon at eachother's throat as one ground became increasingly violent and started to gather in an old temple to some beast that had at one time threatened the people of the planet and had been released upon the world. Most believed this being to be dead, but those that gathered at this old temple worshiped it like a deity, a cult forming around the creature.

The Behemoth from the World Below.

That took to the idea of destruction and power as a way to get what they wanted and what they needed, which caused these peoples to raid those villages that did not worship their god. Those Villages that were still being affected by the sickness and were in need of food and medicine as the sickness sapped more and more energy out of the agricultural system.

Soon the world looked for help once more from the galaxy as a whole, and a nearby force took to the call and dispatched those who would be able to help, sending civilians and soldiers alike, ready to help the peoples who were sick and hungry, but also to remove the Cult that had formed from the face of the planet, unaware of the great danger that lay beneath their feet.


Objective 1: Help the Sick and the Hungry.
- Provide a cure for those and give them immunizations to stop the infection to take hold again. Furthermore help around the villages feeding those that need it, bringing in harvests for those who can't and repairing the homes and villages as they have been damaged in the Cult's raids.

Objective 2: Track down and eliminate the Cultists at their temple, taking only those who surrender as prisoners to stand trial for their actions. Beware disturbing the Behemoth from the World Below, it will be spawned in by myself should yall choose to wake it up, or cause enough of a ruckus. I suggest a big weapon kept on hand just in case the cultists are right about it.

Objective 3: BYOO... Same as any other BYOO, go nuts you fools. I love ya.

Lilla Syrin

A great leap forward often requires first taking t
Objective: One
Post: One

Lilla knew little of the disease – but then, she was no medic. Not that she needed to be – she was a Jedi.

For the Code and its tenets were littered with references that made it abundantly clear what she should do. Honor life, public service, a duty to the Republic, render aid, defend the weak and provide support – these all came to mind without any effort. Yes, they should track down the Cultists – and the Jedi Knight was sure there would be plenty of volunteers for that mission. But saving lives was equally as important – if not more so – and so Lilla found herself at one of the makeshift medcenters.

Lilla passed her hands under the UV sterilizer, then wiped them on a clean disposable towel. The orderly droid floated the patient out and its counterpart would bring the next one in.

Many patients were too ill to make it to the sanitised area that served as the immunisation and treatment section of their field hospital. Her boots thumped upon the cheap expanded metal grate that was the temporary floor of the area, and the sound echoed hollowly along the hallway of the building that was being constructed around them. This section was supposed to be finished, but it looked only half done; less, in places. There were construction droids crawling like metal spiders, welding studs and connectors.

Mereel Vaun

Jedi Guardian of the Galaxy
Objective One
Post One
Location: A Remnant Field Hospital
With: [member="Lilla Syrin"]

As he sat idly on a yet-unopened medical supply crate, Mereel couldn't help but feel that his talents and equipment would have been better spent tracking down the cultists. It was his own fault, really. He could have signed up to join the cultist fighting task force, but he had instead opted to accompany his Master to one of the Remnant's makeshift field hospitals.

Lilla was busy at work helping the medical team, and he was just sort of there. He could have tried to chip in to assist the medical droids, but he wasn't much of a medicine man himself, or at least he had no experience with this kind of medicine. Surely combat first aid and treating a disease were entirely different animals.

Still, there had to be something he could do here. The Mandalorian armor toting Jedi Padawan pushed himself off of the supply crate and took a thorough examination of his surroundings. He once again saw the medical staff, plus Lilla, carrying out their duties, but this time as he looked around the uncompleted sections, he noticed that the construction droids were moving sort of slow. Some of the droids were even moving at the pace of a snail as they moved about the roof of the facility to take on their new tasks.

Something was up with the droids. Mereel would start his investigation by going to the only familiar face he knew of in the field hospital. He moved to intercept Lilla and caught up with her as she was walking about an unfinished section of the facility.

He took good care to make sure that his red shoulder-cape and the cloak that he got from Tucker were hiding his left arm as he got close enough to talk to her. "You don't happen to know anything about droid maintenance or upkeep, do you?"

Harley Fenstermacher

remeber it's not personal, just buiness
Objective: Talk with representative of the village (BYOO)
Location: House_of_a_Higher_Power
Post 1:
People Nearby: [member="Lilla Syrin"]

Healing the sick weak and ill was always a good stunt to be more popular in the media's eyes and get more rep for the upcoming elections with the senate (not that he needed it), but unfortunately Harley was not very well versed in medicine. That included both in the use of the force and the technical side of things, even though he knew both where well within learning grasp. Even if Harley did have those skill the senator was here for a different reason, and that was to conduct talks with the local village leaders and get an understanding on how to bring there planet into the Republic.

For the most part it was easy to obtain a meeting with most of the nearby leaders, though getting them into the whole 'senate' and representative' may prove to a little difficult. Each village had a head or elder of some sorts, but only one could be a senator, more so if one was picked that would mean the village from which they hailed from would need a new leader of sorts, which could cause further problems. Though what would you expect from an anarchist planet? In a way it felt similar to his own world of Nar Hasska, all but much less industrialist, more disease ridden and more... cult like

"Okay everyone, I have brought and gathered you here today in order for use to talk about future plans for the planet, such involving further medical and financial aid, Republic memberships and senator voting along with possible industrialization". A small round of nods and grunting agreements sounded from around the table, thank the force this mansion like complex still existed.

William Snow

Fidelity, Bravery, Intergrity
Objective 2: Track Down and Apprehend/Remove any cultist activity.
Location: Upper Atmosphere
Post 1


He slid the blaster into place on the right of his waist and secured it within the retention holster that held the weapon alongside a variety of other pieces of equipment such as a flashlight, gas mask, and bundle of zip restraints for any prisoners that may need to be taken. He looked up to see many of the other RIA agents doing the same before fitting helmets to their heads before their visors came down and lit up with a flashing and whirring of light signaling the onboard computer system was up and running. William did the same however after the helmet had finished its sequence he loosened the strap and let the helmet fall back to rest on the top of his backpack. Will clicked his Carbine into its sling and let it trail to his side before running a hand through his hair and walking to the other side of the dropship and fixed himself into one of the seats.

The mission was simple to him. Move in and set up a basic network of locals to guide them to the headquarters. The Republic Intelligence Agency would then relay these plans to reinforcements and them Snow's ground team would follow up to keep a leash on the soldiers during an agency mission.

The engines kicked into a higher degree of burn and the ship started to rumble as they lowered through the atmosphere. This was the first time Will had been suited up properly for a good six months or so. He thought back to his time in hiding after the fall of the last republic and yet the Agency lived through it all. They were quite good at that. It kicked again and the seat seemed to fall away from him as the straps over his shoulders dug in and the ship came shaking into a calm and then a thud as the ship touched down.

The doors flew open and his harness clicked off as the agents started to move down the ramp and create a perimeter around their ship. Will had been appointed the lead agent on this mission, he had been the one to work the early reports of cultist activity after busting an arms dealing hide on the other side of the planet that had been running guns into Republic worlds. He made his way down the ramp and pushed his helmet up onto his head before signaling the pilot to lift off.

The small team of black-clad figures soon gathered the few crates that had been thrown out of the ship with them and started to uncrate and establish an array of tents while a second team landed and secured the local area. 300m to their south was a small village. The rest of the local area was open grasslands, rivers, and a small woodland on the other side of the village leading up to a mountain of sorts. Around the village, there seemed to have gathered a crowd of locals watching them as they established their base of operations and radio networks.

Will clicked his PTT to transmit and issued a brief reminder to his team members.

"Remember we are here for hearts and minds, we want to know if and where any cultist activity may lie. However, this doesn't mean you go getting touchy-feely there is a class two biological threat to the local populace so when we go in we go in sealed up and with masks on. Furthermore, we will be using built-in interpreters to communicate with the villagers to keep it active. Finally we arent army grunts so I don't expect any civilian casualties, if you fire on a civ you will be arrested on the spot. Let's get to work."

He let go of the local radio and continued to organize the small team of men that were pushing a tent up into position and unboxing supplies of food, clean water and luxury items such as agri-droids. They were 'gifts' in exchange for any info that the locals could give on cultist whereabouts.

Lilla Syrin

A great leap forward often requires first taking t
Objective: One
Post: Two

Lilla spent the next eight hours handing out a combination of antidotes, antibiotics and more mundane medical help. Her role was not to diagnose, but to administer. Some patients were acutely in need of disease control, but for others, more routine ailments were causing them problems – from malnutrition through to even a case of a sexually transmitted disease.

She was able to connect with the Force regularly, and this afforded her the chance to meditate and recharge her energy levels – so that she could keep going with only the occasional need for water or a ration bar.

Once the clinic was closed for the evening, Lilla moved to one of the makeshift dormitories – where the ill could sleep and be kept under observation and volunteers could rest.

Lilla did the rounds, recognising most of the patients and offering a reassuring smile – before heading to the canteen, where she put on an apron and began to serve food to those in what was becoming an ever-increasing line.

Portions were small, but – apparently – the food was suitably enriched with proteins, vitamins and minerals to be a perfectly balanced meal. Lilla had to admit, it did not look or smell wonderful, but those queueing seemed very grateful for what was on offer.

Norrin Fisck

Objective: One | Post: One

Barrien was not a healer. Not by any means. So when it came to helping out the people of Aduba III, he was best suited to things that didn't require much finesse or specialized knowledge. Needless to say, he wasn't any good for working with the medical group. What he could do, however, was make use of his strength and his tireless nature. Basically he was very good for manual labor and guard duty. That was all.

There was a harvest to be brought in, though, so he grabbed a grav sled and headed out into the fields to meet up with some of those still able to make use of themselves. They had plenty of goods at the ready, so he started grabbing them up and loading them onto the sled. Move yo the next person, grab them up, load them on the sled. Rinse and repeat. Yeah, it was going to be a long few days, but he had volunteered for the job

He pushed the sled back to town and took the whest to the storage barn. Offloading by himself got him some odd looks, but he was used to those. When he was done, he headed back out to do more of the same.

Mereel Vaun

Jedi Guardian of the Galaxy
Objective Three: Sleuth around / find out why the construction droids are so slow
Post Two

He couldn't believe it, Lilla must have been completely entranced by her duties because she had walked by him without so much as a second thought.

Fair enough, not like I was doing much before anyway. Alright, looks like it's me, myself, and I for this investigation.

Although time really wasn't at all of the essence, Mereel decided to waste no time with pleasantries or common decency with his investigation. He pulled one of the snail-paced spider-like construction droids right into the middle un-roofed room with a slight flick of the wrist and pull of the force.

The construction droid landed upside down, legs kicking up in the air. He quickly pounced on it to prevent it from getting up to resume its duties. "Hold on there just one second buddy... Fierfek, I forgot to grab a hydrospanner before I did this."

Mereel quickly looked over his surroundings twice. There wasn't a hydrospanner just laying around unused in sight.

"Hmm... well, this is unfortunate. Good thing you're just a construction droid, otherwise what I'm about to do would be extremely unethical."

Mereel grabbed one of the built-in hydrospanner arm-leg thing on the droid with his metal arm and slowly broke it off of the droid's chassis. He used the appropriated arm to unscrew a few bolts on the bottom of the droid, exposing the droid's inner circuitry.

Harley Fenstermacher

remeber it's not personal, just buiness
Objective: Talk with representative of the village (BYOO)
Location: House_of_a_Higher_Power
Post 2:

"Now, I know that your planet has been more or less in an anarchist state for... pretty much it's entire life, meaning I can see that all of the present settlements and people getting along under the republic will not be the easiest". "So to start things off we will be trying to determine ways to help lessen hostilities between each village town and other urban areas". "Once we have that sorted out then we can maybe more onto more political issues, which I think we may have several idea for it you are willing to hear me out on this matter". Another round of nods and agreements came from the table as Harley brought up a holo map, pointing out the different national like area's, lands and so froth.

"Now quite a lot of your issues come form land and recrouses right? well for the moment food and medical aid will no longer be a factor to worry about, most if not all Republics planets willing to support your own and bring it to a more stable society". "In terms of land I can see where some problems arise, though for the most part now, this will only be a minor issues due to the sickness that has more or less killed quite a large proportion of the population". Morbid yes, but with this unnatural cull most people would be more or less confined to the center of their land, not trespassing and other want not. Such would hopefully give the locals time to settle disputes before Republic law came into effect.

"Now would be able able to agree on this", Harley pointed out, once more getting the classic head nods and mummer of agreement, "lively bunch are you".

Ayda Elisantra

Angel of Mercy
Location: en route to Aduba III system
Equipment: AM-1 medical transport...bare minimum supplies
Post: 1


'Negative AM-1 (Ambulatory Transport) , ETA on those supply restock is undetermined. TSE activity in Lianna system has the home base hospital on lock-down. We'll do our best in getting you resupplied. ' The transmission came in a bit garbled from the main hospital.

"I understand...but we're now approaching a half day to emergence to Aduba III and we're pretty much tapped out..." Ayda implored, as what much good could they do with no food or medical supplies. They had been pretty much tapped out holding the line to the Galactic Alliance retreat from the FO advance.
There had been many casualties and wounded that had stressed all they had.
Upon the retreat, which the medics had been almost the last to evacuate. And upon their exit, they had gotten the desperate call from the organization 'Doctors Without Borders' to head over to Aduba III and help with the relief and humanitarian assistance. But the AM-1 by which they barely got out of Utapah system was pretty much tapped out of everything. They were flying on empty to assist an agricultural system that had been hit hard by a plague...or viral infestation.

"I'm sorry, doctor...its just impossible at the moment to get anything air lifted off Lianna, much less The Allied Tion Medical center with TSE buzzing around the system. You're just going to have to wing it with what you least until we can get those supplies to you."

"Affirmative, DWB (Doctors Without Borders), just please...please get us something."

"We will, Dr Elissantra...just do your best...over."

"Sigh... 10-4.." She clicked off the comm.

"I don't know how much we can help with the general population without the food and with limited medical stock, if we have any left..." She was exhausted...and despaired. despaired for it seemed that they had jumped from one system to another with limited supplies. But they were a volunteer group and for all the good they did, they seemed always limited in the quantity of supplies they received to do their job. But this gave rise to them to make compromises and get creative..often coming up with makeshift ways of producing their own antibiotics, medical grade supplies and such from local stocks.

"...but we need to get down planet side and see if we can assist what field hospitals down there that are lacking staff.." Ayda turned to her staff.

They knew the had been the same story for quite a few campaigns. And it weren't due to the organization, nor the home hospital. It had not been so difficult before... not before TSE had taken over their quadrant and encompassed Lianna which their main hospital The Allied Tion Medical Center was located.
Her staff, as spent as she unanimously agreed to head on over to Aduba II despite being extremely short on supplies. But they had their will and intentions and with that, they had helped many campaigns despite not having the backing they required. They were after all, volunteers who put the less fortunate and the sick before their own personal needs.

The corvette class ambulance had jumped from Utapau... the very outskirts of the fallen Galactic Alliance. It had been a horrid retreat for the GA, as the FO had battled its way over the borders and over run what had taken the GA countless sacrifices to acquire and hold. All that now was for the taking by the FO.
With just 6 hours left before they'd emerge, Ayda suggested everyone get plenty of sleep. They would need all their reserves once they hit the system.

Maeve Ar'klim

Maeve wandered about the transport taking in where things were and how much they seemed to have. She did not know much about [member="Ayda Elisantra"] but her intentions seemed genuine and nothing about her sent shivers down her spine. No for all she could tell Ayda was true in her words.

There was a bit of a glow about her telling Maeve she was force sensitive but nothing that said she was a sith. A good thing her mother would likely have some kind of fit if she knew Maeve was working with Sith. But then Maeve wasn't sure that she wouldn't if the opportunity came.

Help to the injured shouldn't matter where their allegiances ran it should be the content of their skills. Slowly as she pushed thoughts away she made her way to where Ayda was.

The briefing was much like she had been thinking, go and help those on the ground.

Maeve had brought a group of first responders with her, they wanted the experience and she believed her mother had them secretly watching her.

Ayda Elisantra

Angel of Mercy
Location: en route to Aduba III system
Equipment: AM-1 medical transport...bare minimum supplies
Post: 2

"Whew..." Ayda slumped down on the meager small bench that served many functions, like their galley table during the jump.

"...I'm still not over the fact that we barely jumped from Utapah in time..." She were refeering to their narrow escape, following the evacuation of the Alliance base on that system. The First order had launched an offensive weeks earlier that the Galactic Alliance was ill prepared to counteract. In fact, Utapah along with many of the GA held systems along the border had been overwhelmed with FO strike bombers and SDs. The decision to evacuate the bases and retreat back into free space had come just two weeks following that offensive tactic. The last to evacuate were the field hospitals and medics. They stayed and cared for the wounded till the very last one of them were evacuated. Then in a scramble, leaving much of their equip and med supplies behind, the medics took off as the wave of FO strike bombers and fighters over ran Utapah.
Their med transport barely made the jump, as fighters were closing in on them, despite the medical markings.

Now just a few hours to go until they emerged in Aduba III system and with no confirmation as to when and how The Allied Tion med center was going to resupply them, they had nothing to do but sit and continue to calm/relax for a while.
"Seems we've worked together on a daily basis on Utapah, but never had the chance to sit at the same table..not even for a break." She took the time to talk to the young doctor, [member="Maeve Ar'klim"] .

It was true. Maeve had come to help with the wounded on Utapah just a week before the FO started their organized attacks. Ayda had barely shook hands with her until they were overwhelmed with so many wounded and dying coming in. Then the order to all was chaos for those weeks following. She and Maeve never even had the chance to say more than a morning/nite acknowledgement, they were so working around the clock.

Now just a few hours left to go before they dropped out of hyperspace, they were sitting together for the second time ever, on their jump.
Obviously, Ayda had interned on Lianna, at The Allied Tion med center. That is when it had been a neutral system. But just 6 months ago, that quadrant along with so many systems in that space had been overtaken by The Sith Empire.
naturally the hospital suffered due to the fact that less and less patients were registering due to the sith occupation. the hospital had to almost close due to lack of new patients. As thus, they secretly joined 'Doctors Without Borders' and took their practice outside of sith space.

" Where did you study, Doctor Ar'klim?... I didn't get a chance to get to know you...not on a personal basis. I just know that you're an excellent caregiver. Not once did you falter under the pressure and the number of wounded that were coming through"

Maeve Ar'klim

Where did she train, "I did some training at Canderous Ordo Medical Center on Mandalore, and then on Alderaan at the University." She left out that she studied other things with her mother herb lore, force healing...things like that. It often led to questions that she wasn't sure others would be comfortable having the answers to.

She smiled though and "as for Utapah yes it was very busy and not exactly the time that you get to socialize." It was true the wounded kept coming and sometimes she wasn't sure that she could handle it. But she had even though she cried over the dead, and took some comfort in the ones she had been able to save.

"What about you where did you study?" Small talk she could do it was a comfort and it let her relax some. Easy questions, with easy answers.

The responders were currently going over some of the things they had learned they were so excited she could hear that in their voices. Wars gave one thing like nothing else...experience under pressure.

[member="Ayda Elisantra"]
Objective: One
Location: Village Relief Unit

Practice often made perfect, a common of enough saying but for the young Heir it often changed to 'Practice made permanent' and strangely enough it applied most aptly for his current situation. Seto breathed in deeply once more, his hand out stretched and he called upon the Force once more to grab hold of large broken section of a wall.

Careful now, careful the singular word pounded into his head as he kept his concentration on the wall. A slow process to assure the broken section of the wall did not create anymore trouble for those attempting the repairs of this building. Delicate work, but Seto enjoyed the more meticulous jobs, it offered him a chance to practice and refine his talents. A soft thud and now the work resumed as Seto removed himself to allow the more experienced construction crew to take over.

Their unease didn't help though, Seto wearily mused as he stepped back a bit more, always sensitive to the strong feelings of those around him. He doubted the relief force had enough relief to ease the pain, truthfully Seto thought that perhaps leaving the planet and taking its populace would be the best course of action. Unfortunately I'm not the one that gets to decide what planets should be considered death worlds. Seto mused for a few moments more before realizing his other assignment, he turned around approached the quarantine tents.

Seto's hands straightened his dark brown jacket, his leg pants and shoes practically spotless from any dirt or mud (perhaps the Force was hard at work for this one). He gracefully walked over to the tents and swiftly moved over to where all the communication equipment was being held. The comm equipment seemed to produce a near endless transmissions of other relief centers and quarantine locations, Seto did not envy the logistic officer in charge. Quickly though he grabbed one of the free data slates to review the new information being reported.

A sigh escaped through his clenched teeth, Seto never believed himself an optimist but even he often surprised himself with how much can still cause him disappointment. Cultists, Raiding Parties and a rampant disease, while already a pretty terrible situation, with new information being brought to light though it appeared that perhaps the worse still hadn't showed itself completely. A World Beast, a deity to the cultist and with this planet's histor- his thought cut short by an apprehensive young aid worker.

"Yes?" Seto asked, his body turned to face the Aid Worker, a short fellow but had a determined look with uncertain eyes. ​I'm not that frightening am I? Seto had refused to wear the robes offered, not from any vanity from him of course, but he had already selected some clothing with a similar color pattern. Though a pain to keep free from all the dust and mud.

"There's a situation developing in the village square, perhaps you could-" The Aid worker started but Seto nodded and waved at him.

"Sure, sure, what is the issue now?" Seto asked, he moved over to ready and follow the Aid Worker.

"Oh, I mean, it may require a delicate touch, and perhaps you could call in another Jedi to-" But the Aid Worker was cut off again, this time by a questioning gaze from Seto. And not a kind one either.

"What? I've dealt with all kinds of people before, I'm sure I'm more than capable for this kind of work," Seto countered.

"Well, it's just these people respond well to people that look the part, and well you don't exactly look like-"

"A Jedi? The brown, dark brown and beige I have and as well as my lightsabers hanging from my hips,"

The Aid Work felt extremely uncomfortable, and Seto only continued to step closer with his questioning gaze, it only worsened the situation. Honestly, what does it matter what I wear? I mean, it does for me, but for this situation why does it matter. . . .

Eventually the village's issues were solved.

Ayda Elisantra

Angel of Mercy
Location: en route to Aduba III system
Equipment: AM-1 medical transport...bare minimum supplies
Post: 3

"Alderaan...." her eyes momentarily became dreamy.
"I've always wanted to visit Alderaan... wow.
I couldn't imagine attending the University there..." Ayda had always dreamed of the world renewed. A planet that had been made a surrogate earth to people whom the galaxy had thought would one day perish altogether. And they were said to be people of peace and compassion.
She nodded, understanding why perhaps Maeve was as soft spoken as she was.

"I guess i'm fortunate to have been picked up as an intern on Lianna...The Allied Tion Medical Center is kind of my home. Became my home....sigh..." her eyes saddened as she drifted from Alderaan, to her surrogate home wold of Lianna. Lianna had been swallowed up by the encroaching Sith Empire. What had stood as a neutral system within the Tion Cluster for centuries was now under sith overseers.

'Doctor Elissantra...' An orderly approached the two. '...Dr Ar'klim, if I may interrupt..'

"Yes Ruke" Ayda turned her attention to the young man.

'A message from the ATM-SERENITY just came through.'

"Oh?...are they dispatching a supply shuttle to our destination?" She asked, her heart daring to hope.

' No doctor, they are facing a similar crisis of refugees needing immediate evacuation from more fallen Allied systems along the longitudinal border of the former Galactic Alliance. The First order push offensive into the regions continues.'

"Are we being recalled?" her voice was bordering despair. What of the people on Aduba III?

'No...thankfully no. The SERENITY has plenty of staff...they just don't have spare transport supply shuttles to send what they can spare for Aduba III.' He replied, iterating what the transmission from the mobile hospital relayed to him.

"Sigh... so there's no hope of getting resupplied?" How a bad situation was once again worsening. They were heading to Aduba III with barely enough provisions for themselves, let alone the people they intended to assist.

'Well, they did suggest that upon us putting down planet side, that we should strip this vessel of what we can immediately use and then jump the craft on over to the SERENITY to pick up the supplies.' He then repeated what the mobile hospital had suggested as a workable plan.

Ayda looked over to Maeve, then nodded to the orderly.
"Yes...yes, we can do that. Only that it'll take at least 5-6 standard days for the AM-1 to jump to and fro. But at least we have a time frame by which we can hope for..." She replied. There was at least a possible confirmation that in less than a week's time they'd get the medical and food supplies that they needed to make this campaign viable.

"What are your thoughts, Dr Ar'klim? You up for the impossible...again?"

[member="Maeve Ar'klim"]

Maeve Ar'klim

Location: Enroute
Objective: Medical assistance.
Interacting with [member="Ayda Elisantra"]

Aduba was in the outer rim and their path was taking them away from the familiar planets Maeve knew.

"Where are we right now, what planet is close to us?" Maeve thought deeply for a moment, "We can go to Demonsgate Alderaan has a treaty with ORC. We can ask them or barter with them for supplies and what we need." She would use her mother's name and her Aunt's name to get them what they needed.

It would mean that she would be revealing herself to a group of people that she hoped respected her more for who SHE was and not for where her family came from. She smiled weakly, "the ORC won't turn us away, she had heard that there was a zeltron among them that was a healer so surely they could get some help [member="Farah"] . She smiled brighter this time.

"You should come visit Alderaan." It had been rebuilt for the 3rd or 4th time and visitors were being welcomed. The University and Hospital were the places she loved, OH and the museum...and then there was....she laughed there were lots of things about Alderaan to love.

Ayda Elisantra

Angel of Mercy
Location: en route to Aduba III system
Equipment: AM-1 medical transport...bare minimum supplies
Post: 4

"Oh my, what a name for a system... Demonsgate." Ayda replied, not certain if Maeve was joking or not. She had still to know her counterpart well enough. But apparently she wasn't joking, as she continued to elaborate on her plan. Deamonsgate was an actual system and Maeve was certain they could possibly get some supplies from some people she knew.

"Hmm...I'm up for the chance of getting something we can work with right away, rather than work empty handed for a week." She replied nodding to maeve's idea.

But they still couldn't spare any time of not arriving on Aduba II as soon as possible. Demonsgate was 12---maybe 18 hours away by Maeve's account, based on their current emergence point. They certainly couldn't correct a change of course in the middle of a calculated jump. But Demonsgate was in fact in line with the current jump the AM-1 was set to do to get to the ATM-SERENIT once they were dropped off planet side of Aduba III.

"Yes...I think that is our best course of action, Maeve. We'll get dropped off planet side first and send the AM-1 to Demonsgate instead of the SERENITY. If Demonsgate goes bust, then we only loose just a few hours as the jump to SERENITY is in line with Demonsgate's system." Ayda perked up, liking this better plan.
With what Maeve had suggested, they could get a hold of most of what they needed from Demonsgate... and in less than 24 hours after they were dropped off planet side on Aduba III.

It certainly eased their tensions, backing the pressure off them if they could get their supplies in a day, vs seven.
Things didn't seem so impossible now if Maeve could help them aquire what they desperately needed for Aduba III.

Maeve Ar'klim

Maeve nodded, "I can do this."

They would be dropping out of hyperspace in a few moments on the edge of the Demonsgate system. She stood upon the holo and addressed her message to them, "Good day, my name is Maeve Ar'klim I am with a group called Doctors without Borders. We are in need of medical supplies...can you assist us?"

She didn't say anything about Alderaan she didn't think she would need to.

She waited for a response, it was taking a long time. Had she been wrong? Would they simply not answer? She was certain that they had healers among the ORC...matter of fact she knew they did.

About 30 minutes later a message came back through they were approved for the stopover. A great sigh of relief escaped Maeve's lips. Thank goodness if she had said they could and then were denied she'd look like ....someone who just talked out the side of her face.

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