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Diplomacy Truth & Reconciliation | GA & SJC Diplomacy for the Hosnian Hex

Thus always unto Tyrants

Hosnian System
Hosnian Prime, Orbit
Aboard a Diplomatic Space Station


Following the joint efforts of the Silver Jedi Concord and the Galactic Alliance against the galactic threat of the Bryn'adûl, a diplomatic conference was called by the two governments. The talks followed a long period of negotiation between the factions regarding the allegiance of the Hosnian system. Once a very important set of planets that played a key role in the New Republic of nearly a millennium ago, its modern role was far more diminutive, as a diplomatically contested border region between the Silvers and the Alliance. Its future, whatever it may be, would be in large parts determined at the conference.

In the conference hall, the representatives began to convene for the final day of the talks. Once all relevant parties had gathered at the round table, the Hosnian System's political figurehead opened the proceedings. He gave a lengthy speech about the virtues of both governments and of the Hosnian System which concluded with an optimistic promise of a bright future of prosperity, and praise for the change that would soon embrace his system. After a final word on the momentousness of the occasion, he resigned himself to observe the negotiations, with the Concord as a voice for him and his people.

After several of the more tedious and logistical concerns were addressed and discussed, the negotiations came to the history of both factions. While both were firmly rooted in support of the Light Side, the two governments differed greatly in their approach to seeing this adherence through. This difference had oft caused great friction between them, their respective Jedi Orders especially, and led many doubts to grow between them. To leave behind the wrongs of the past, the Alliance and the Concord agreed to examine their shared history and settle unresolved matters once and for all, for the good of both their futures.

Aldric tapped his set of notes against to table to arrange the bundle of paper into a neat stack, and looked up across the round table to the delegation of the Silver Concord.

Well, it looks like the next point on the agenda are the Sith conflicts, specifically the betrayal suffered by the Galactic Alliance during the Stygian Campaign at the hands of Jedi who served the Silver Jedi Order. This particular instance has raised a lot of concern among our people, and sowed distrust between our respective Orders. If my memory doesn't fail me, this has been touched on briefly once before when some of our Jedi came to Kashyyyk to settle the disagreements directly, but nothing came of it other than more bad blood. I believe I speak in the interest of all assembled when I say that we should hope to bury the beskad today, and settle this matter in a conclusive manner."

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Another attempt to unify the Jedi. How many had their been in his lifetime alone? It was a curious thought that got Kahlil here to begin with. He wasn't entirely affiliated with either order, but he was a Silver. Once. And if something fruitful actually came of this, such as stopping the Brotherhood from blowing up another planet or stopping the annihilations of the Bryn, why wouldn't he be there? Grant it, he doubted his voice would truly matter. He'd done nothing truly. Just called himself a Jedi Knight and run around helping people here and there like it mattered.

But if he could support a voice of reason to guide this to something actually successful, well. It was the least he could do.

The tall figure took a seat in the back, leaning comfortably in the seat. As well as he could anyway. He wanted to see these talks first hand.
Grandmaster of the Silver Jedi


In recent times, the Silver Jedi Concord and the Galactic Alliance had been forced to come into more frequent contact with each other as a result of the ongoing war, meaning the Concord relied on the Alliance's support more in than ever. Their questionable relationship had been brought to the table to be examined this day as the Concord sent a small delegation of the Silver Jedi Grandmaster and several diplomats to contend with discussions on the future of the Hosnian Prime system and the future between two bordering powers with a somewhat complex history.

Jedi were traditionally keepers of the peace, often sent as the impartial overseers of diplomatic endeavours within their own space and sometimes beyond. Today was different as they were not mediating between two parties but representing themselves and they knew all too well how delicate the situation could be. However, being a seasoned diplomat gave her a certain level of expertise in the area and she reminded herself that she was merely a representative, a vessel for the Concord. It was paramount that her personal beliefs did not hinder the process of negotiations.

Several others had come to bear witness to the meeting for there was nothing secretive about it. The Concord wanted to show full transparency and to their own people but also to the Alliance who they knew still held some sore feelings towards their Silver allies. Today would be a day of goodwill, mending bonds and hopefully blossoming friendships should everything go to plan. However, the Concord was likely to need a certain level of compromise to start their healing process with the Alliance. It was not ideal but it could be hoped that the outcome justified the means.

Kiara moved her hands away from the papers in front of her and placed them in the lap of her dress while she listened to the next item in their agenda and began formulating a response in her mind. She intended to set the record straight. She did not want the Silver Jedi Concord to be painted in a bad light any more than the next Jedi but denying any wrongdoing would not help their cause. They could not deny the Alliance or indeed the New Jedi Order their feelings and needed to remain mindful of said feelings when addressing them. The reminder of their past would no doubt cause a sting to some but it was an uncomfortable necessity, regardless of individual beliefs on the matter.

The Jedi Master intended to take the matter head-on, avoiding non-apologies and indirectness. She hoped this conversation could be the last formal conversation regarding the past grievances of the Elder Compact.

"Firstly, I think all of us here share the sentiment that it's time for the past to be left behind us and so on behalf of the Silver Jedi Concord, I'd like to take a step in the right direction and formally apologise for the betrayal of the trust of the New Jedi Order as a result of the proposed Elder Compact alliance. Our vision was clouded and we became blind to those closest to us. It was a grave mistake and one that has unfortunately cost our relationship with the New Jedi Order dearly but I am hopeful that now we can speak freely on the matter and begin the process of healing."


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Handsome blindfolded hyper-religious whackjob
He was never a big fan of politics. Treaties and agreements could be handled easily enough. But when one got into the finer details, it was always a headache to avoid anyone slipping in some clause or loophole that would allow one side to gain an advantage over the other. Negating any attempt at compromise, shattering any potential trust.

In some ways he felt war and hostility was more honest. At least that way you knew they were going to try and stab you in the back.

He could feel a faint headache beginning to form in the back of his head. His focus had been brought forth for the entire day now. Straining his usage of the Force for quite some time in order to be able to properly discern the various text and minute on the legal documents that had been passed to him all day. While not draining, the constant intense focus was enough to cause some level of mental fatigue. He was grateful that documentation had passed and now instead all future proceedings were dealt with through words.

And these were words that needed to be aired. To say that relations with the Silver Jedi Concord were strained would be a grave understatement. There had been many a debate held in regards of how to treat their Jedi brothers and sisters in the east. Some suggestions reasonable, others far from it.

"We acknowledge and appreciate this statement." Aaran finally spoke up, nodding his head respectfully in the Silver Grandmaster's direction. His own garb far less opulent than her own. Simple cream robes. Immaculate and well made, but simple in design. Forgoing sunglasses in exchange for simple bandages to cover his eyes.

"As well as this. We would like to extend thanks in the Concord's efforts to track down and capture your former member Laertia Io. We understand that her actions were not sanctioned by the Concord and bare no ill will towards you for it. That woman is clearly unstable and needs to be dealt with."

Say what they will about their younger cousins. But let it be known that the New Jedi Order were not one to hold grudges.


But there were still some matters to discuss. Some subjects that were a great concern to anyone back in the Core.

"There is still one major concern that is on our minds. That of the recent Ametrine Accords." He began, letting the words hang in the air for a moment. "Now, this is a cause for concern. As you have stated that the Elder Compact was a poorly thought out course of action." He leaned forward slightly in his chair. His tone not accusatory. But simply curious.

"We are.... concerned of this considering the Confederacy's affiliations with the Sith Empire. We are hoping that you can assuage these worries."

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Phyn Hyrel

Phyn sat in seiza position near the bulkhead of the chamber. She could see those speaking and hear them clearly, yet was not set to take part in the conversation. Her hands rested lightly in her lap, fingers petting T'Anie slowly as her companion sat curled in a loose ball shape resting against Phyn's knees. She was dressed in a simple tunic, pants, and boots, with her lightsaber attached to her belt.

Phyn was still fairly new to travelling the galaxy, having grown up in the deep forests of Cholganna, leaving when the Bryn had conquered the world. Even then she had traveled to worlds mostly populated with flora and fauna rather than sentient life. It was only recently she felt the need to join the wider galaxy, and had been taken a bit aback at the number of various sects and enclaves the Jedi had. Her parents were former Republic Jedi and had closed their family off from the galaxy upon that factions fall. Phyn had heard of the Silver Jedi, and their capital being on the forested Wookie homeworld set it in her mind.

Being as new as she was, she understood some of what was being said. She hadn't been around at the time, and so could not judge without prejudice, but the thought of teaming up with the Sith wasn't one she felt she could do. She could, however, see how fighting the Bryn could make such seem like a possibility. She had only glimpsed the carnage they caused, not experienced it, and they were awe-inspiring in their savagery.

"There is still one major concern that is on our minds. That of the recent Ametrine Accords." He began, letting the words hang in the air for a moment. "Now, this is a cause for concern. As you have stated that the Elder Compact was a poorly thought out course of action." He leaned forward slightly in his chair. His tone not accusatory. But simply curious.

"We are.... concerned of this considering the Confederacy's affiliations with the Sith Empire. We are hoping that you can assuage these worries."

Her eyebrow rose, and her understanding for the Alliances position waned. The galaxy was a large place, but not so large that there weren't a finite number of degrees of separation between sentients.

'The Concord was not a vassal state of the Alliance, why do the New Jedi Order think they should have a say in this.' She thought to herself, head tilted to the side as she watched Aaran for a moment before looking at Kiara once more. 'I had heard that the New Jedi Order was more...brusque. This seems a bit beyond reason though.'

T'Anie chirped softly, nipping at Phyn's fingers softly. In her stream of thought, she had stopped petting her companion. T'Anie wanted to make sure Phyn's priorities were set straight. She started petting her friend once more, though she continued to watch as things proceeded.

Brave Enough

"Thank you for that sentiment, Grandmaster."

Auteme echoed Aaran, offering Kiara a warm smile. The woman had inherited a difficult situation from her forebears, but there was an experience and grace about her that Auteme found both familiar and comforting. The Grandmaster said the right things, and it felt as though she were indeed willing to act on them.

Yet, "I must concur with Knight Tafo -- there has been a pattern of... interference, when it comes to the Confederacy and the conflict with the Sith Empire. The Alliance has been doing some serious revision and reflection of its own responsibilities, whether it pertains to the Alliance's own treaty with the Confederacy, its active duties to the Triumvirate, or as a part of the wider galactic community.

"I wish to clarify that our goal should be the avoidance of further conflict. Never should Jedi cross each other on opposite sides of a conflict, especially not one of this nature. The New Jedi Order and Silver Jedi Order should both be able to oppose injustice on their own terms, supporting each other where possible; and, should any disagreement arise, it should be handled through an amicable dialogue rather than a sudden encounter on a battlefield."
Master of Knowledge
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Nimdok arrived slightly late, though he had been watching the video feed of the proceedings up until then to stay informed. Upon reaching the doors to the chamber, he turned off his datapad and tucked it away in his robes, entering and quietly making his way to a seat with the rest of the Silver delegation.

His status at this meeting was merely that of a Jedi Master, Kiara having taken on the sole role of Grandmaster in lieu of the Triumvirate. So far they had gotten the issue in which Nimdok was primarily concerned—Laertia Io—out of the way, and moved on to the subject of the Confederacy.

Believe it or not, Nimdok had not supported the Ametrine Accords. He had close friends and relatives who were part of the Confederacy’s Jedi sect, and yet he found the actions of their government highly suspicious at best. Then again, the “loyal and neutral” Confederacy was run by a Darth—hadn’t they already known from the start where their true loyalties lay?

He wanted to believe that the Ametrine Accords were intended only to pacify them until the threat of the Bryn’adul could be dealt with. But then there was the Brotherhood of the Maw, and the Sith and all their various warring factions—the dying Sith Empire, the Warlords and the Eternals. The Confederacy were safe from reproach only because they were low in the pecking order, with as many as five major powers serving as a buffer to protect them, and as insular and indeed “neutral” as they were, they had yet to pose a significant threat. At least, they weren't blowing up planets or committing intergalactic genocide...

But more pressing for the moment was the question of the NJO/GA’s motives. Did they want a war with the Confederacy? Were they so bold as to expect the SJC to fight that war for them? Or was this all simply an issue of assurance, as they made it out to be? Well, the Silvers could not tell them what the Confederacy’s real intentions were. He did hope that they could at least admit the Silvers would turn their backs on any group that allied themselves with the Sith. Trying to play both sides at once was folly.
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Hosnian Prime was an important world. She was lost once upon a legend, but was apparently between the Silvers and the Alliance now. Jedi Master and Wayseeker Coren Starchaser had made his way to see if there was anything he could do, serve as a mediator, or even as an example that the Jedi could and did work together. He, like so many other, Kahne Porte Kahne Porte , Romi Jade Romi Jade , and the following of the Enclave network, have gotten the Jedi to work together, to cast aside the prejudice, and to realize that they are all one in the same, just with different paths.

Even in the legendary Jedi Orders of old, there were differing approaches to being a Jedi. Guardians, Sentinels, Consulars. And even within those cores, there were changes. It wasn’t the Jedi that was the problem, it was the governments that sometimes got in the way. Even with the Silver Jedi Order and the Alliance of Sullust, as Coren had taken to calling the Alliance he helped headline, there were disagreements.

But that was a different galaxy, a different time. Now threats were a dime a dozen, with Sith and the Bryn, it was important for teams to stand together. And this was Team Light Side, after all.

The Corellian Master had his primary Temple and self-proclaimed fortress on Kattada. Making his way to Hosnian Prime. His E-Wing, white, gold, and black, in the colors of the Jedi Order of the High Republic, had landed on Hosnian Prime not far from where the meeting was to occur.

He was not able to speak for either of the galactic governments, but he felt he had enough pull in the Jedi to serve his role for both of them here. An advisor, and one who understands both flavors of Jedi. Stepping into the conference room, he was debating how to best approach this conversation. White and green robes, symbolizing his Masterhood and reach to Corellian, as well as the navy outer cloak, of Kattada and his guardian against being seen in the wilds of space, as a Wayseeker, the Jeid who had hoped to fill the vacant role of the Barsen’thor, watched the gathered.

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Grandmaster of the Silver Jedi


It was understandable that each individual had their own opinion on the matter as the impact of inter-factional alliances could be far-reaching and have unintended consequences, as shown by the discussions today. She had encouraged the Alliance to speak their minds and leave no stone unturned in the name of strengthening bonds once again. It was only through communication that they would reach their desired goal so she wanted to open the floor to honest conversation.

However, she was aware of sour feelings from some of those on her own side and she was wary to give such people a voice in the discussion should they hinder its progress. While she was happy to talk any qualms privately, she would not be pleased to do so in front of the New Jedi Order. She was putting her own personal grievances behind her and adopting her role as an envoy of the Silver Jedi, hoping others understood she was acting for the greater good of the Order not only at present but for the future too.

Kiara returned a bow of the head to the first Jedi to address her, treating him the same as any other despite his clear lack of vision, and then returned a kind smile to the second Jedi. She appreciated the acknowledgement of their efforts in the tracing and capturing of denounced member Laertia Io and the recognition that her actions did not reflect on the Concord and offered a small grateful smile in response but it soon faded after she was then disheartened by the following comment which swiftly moved onto scrutinising their recent Ametrine Accords.

"The Concord shares your concerns about the affiliations of the Confederacy and we are monitoring the relations between the Separatists and Sith. Should we hear any news of an alliance between them then we would immediately seek to remove ourselves from the Ametrine Accords and I am certain the Confederacy would expect that from us should they ally with our known enemies so I believe it is unlikely that they would disrespect us in that way."

"Please understand that we are in an unrelenting war. We have billions of lives dependent on us for protection of their homeworlds and billions more displaced as a result of war when we were forced to retreat from their planets. We failed them and we owe it to them to repatriate them but it is through our alliance with the Confederacy that people have a newfound hope. That being said, if any serious allegations against the Confederacy in regard to their associations with the Sith came to light then we would investigate."

"Of course."
She nodded in agreement with the young woman. "We are all Jedi at our core and even if our approaches differ it doesn't mean either is wrong. I hope these talks can set a precedent for future discussions. The New Jedi Order are valuable friends and allies and we wish for it to remain that way."

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Major Faction


Trust in Me




For the most part, she was largely disinterested in the flippant affairs of the Silver Jedi Concord. They made as many and as few moves as necessary to keep sustained and alive, and they were doing a good job keeping the Bryn’adûl from cutting their way directly to The Core for now. As far as allegiances went, they were….reliably unreliable. But then again, all Jedi were. The Alliance’s own were the first to align with Imperials which was almost as contradictory as some of The Concord’s actions.

While M had little consideration or care for the affairs of the New Jedi Order, they had found themselves in an interesting intersection of political influence. Meeting with The Concord to discuss the future, and breaking the behaviours of the past.

Such fortunate conversations invoked M’s generosity, and she’d packaged up a multimedia file that was part of a private operation -– just enough to give them credence. The delivery would come complete with a quantum communicator, for additional encryption and labelled:

ATTN: Aaran Tafo Aaran Tafo | Auteme Auteme | Aldric Aldric

Once decrypted, the Paragons of the New Jedi Order –– and only the Paragons –– would have access to the most recent events recorded through her agent, Lucky, at the attendance of the New Emperor’s coronation.

Images, video, audio all revealing in varying degrees of clarity the attendees and allegiances of those celebrating the Emperor’s new groove. Despite the mysterious nature of the event, a masquerade, there were obvious fraternizing that boasted camaraderie. But even through the masks, some chose to introduce themselves.



Password: ut{*wp%QX&^dL6n9
Authenticating credentials... Confirmed
SIA_MISSION_BOARD connection... Established
Accessing file '/sia/operations/OVISCITUDE/' ... failed: authentication required: STARBIRD CLEARANCE
Reading Package list...


"Well met, Princess. Felix. I am Iskellion. Former soldier of the Confederacy, turned Knight of Obsidian after the discovery of my Force Sensitivity."

..//Click to download


The collected evidence proved the nascence of some introductions, and left room for speculation but...speculation was her sworn duty. And sewing seeds to align with her necessity on keeping the Core clean, pure, safe and protected with allies that were unadulterated was her job. What the Jedi chose to do with it was up to them, but she'd collected the data, aggregated it, summarized it, and distributed it in a timely manner to relevant parties. Equipping them with enough to make an argument one way or the other.

Or pursue further investigation.

Whatever their decision, this was not the first time the Confederacy and the Concord had chosen to side with one another; that was of little concern (aside from the now-active Bastion Accords, which excluded Confederacy participation). Each of their relationships were tenuous with each other, as they were to the Alliance.
Signatures, handshakes and dignitaries operating out of convenient and self-preservation. As it was their expected duty.

The concern rose from the pattern of negligence. The Confederacy had a nasty habit of siding with The Sith Empire. More actively than they did with The Alliance.

Other insults aside, this coronation was evidence that again they befriended an Empire the Galactic Alliance was actively at war against.

An Empire that burned worlds, and domineered through tyrannical fear mongering and otherworldly, spiritual horrors.

In M’s eyes, they were worse than Imperials by several degrees.


Handsome blindfolded hyper-religious whackjob
That being said, if any serious allegations against the Confederacy in regard to their associations with the Sith came to light then we would investigate."

There was the slightest twitch of the Jedi's brow as Kiara made her stance on the Concord's treaty with the Confederacy clear. Even right now, through the cameras he knew that IVI IVI was watching. Her gaze somehow simultaneously smug and stoic as she regarded the proceedings. He found himself matched with the twin desires to throttle the woman and send her flowers in thanks.

Perhaps he could send her flowers passive aggressively somehow? He would imagine that simply finding a bouquet or fruit basket on her desk without a trace would be suitably irritating for a Spymaster. Not too much to damage relations. But enough to annoy her a bit.

"Understand that we would not be having these concerns if we did not believe them to be worth your time." Came his own smooth reply. Fingers already dancing across the datapad in front of him. Opening an encrypted channel to the Silver Grandmaster. Using similar methods to how the Security Director had contacted the New Jedi Order in the first place, he would attempt to send a copy of the same file to the Grandmaster and only to her.

"We understand the necessity to keep those under your protection optimistic and safe. However, we have learned all too well to be wary of the predations of the Sith. Deception is second nature to them."

If she decided to view the file, she'd be met with a disturbing sight of the upper echelons of the Confederacy mingling with the nobility of the Sith Empire. Even more disturbingly, many of the attendees of the party were those that some may even recognise from the sacking of Ossus not too long ago.

All hand in hand with their allies from the south.

"We trust that our concerns will be heard, and any allegations or worries will be investigated on your behalf." He said, hands moving back to place them on his lap. "But I wish to remind you that if at any point the Concord requires aid. Simply ask, and the New Jedi Order will be ready to lend it."

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"The Vicelord of the Confederacy is indeed a Sith, who is technically the son of Darth Carnifex by way of marriage. They're very alliance was through family, the Confederacy and the Empire. That might not be the case now that the Zambrano's aren't in charge, but playing aloof on these past ties and the fact the Vicelord is a Sith himself isn't going to help anything."

Kahlil scratched at the back of his neck as he spoke up. Should he have? Probably not, but in this regard he knew better than most the intricacies of the Zambrano family.

"On the flip side, while the Alliance has been waging war against the Empire the Silvers have been facing down the Bryn. For whatever evils you think of the Sith, I can assure you the Bryn are far worse. And now we have the Maw. Savages that are killing planets. Planets. There is no more time for the Jedi to just play politics with each other and try to blame the other in some way. People are dying. The Bryn, the Maw, they are killing people by the millions. At least in the Empire people can survive." He cleared his throat after a moment before sitting down. He felt it needed to be said, so he said it.
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Conclusive for who?

The entire assembly was a powderkeg and while Caltin was not looking to stir the pot, he could see how ridiculous this was in some senses. Yes, apparently there was bad blood, and it was justified, at the time, but those responsible are not a part of the Order anymore. Of course, that isn’t enough, apparently, the Silvers are expected to come crawling, begging, and pleading for forgiveness? Okay, maybe not. Tafo was a good guy, Caltin had a chance to meet him not that long ago, the Confederacy did not seem as bad as the Knight brought up though. it was a fair point about their acceptances, but they tended to keep a neutral base because of their position in the galaxy.

Ayres made a formal apology, that should be enough, in fact, it should be more than enough, but it probably will not. He had learned how to protect his thoughts with various surface thoughts playing in his mind over them, so he could mentally sigh without it going really noticed. The last time the big guy was at a gathering like this, he voiced his position, but regardless of his life experiences, he spoke out of turn. So now, he just looked back and forth.

Back to the matter at hand, he indeed sat among the “Silvers” gathered, listening to the exchanges. While it was time to bury the beskad, why is it the responsibility of the SJC to initiate it or do the most work? Should the NJO not show a little faith? Yes, it is important to be mindful of the past, but it is still behind them, leave it there. There was still bad blood among everyone, not to the level of what there was before, but still seeds of mistrust. What bothered him was that several of those gathered (not all) seemed to be forgetting some very important words.

“Let go of your hate.”

At least effort was being made, so he could at least assuage his own concerns.

It's ironic, really. When I was Knighted. The "New Jedi Order" was the more traditional, and the "Order of the Silver Jedi" was the aggressors.

He chuckled as he stood.

The last time I spoke in a setting like this, I had forgotten that through I was a Jedi Master, and have a lifetime of perspective and experience, I was eight hundred sixty years out of date. Today is a little different. Each of you touched on it, and that is good, but you all are forgetting the single most important aspect of who we are.

We are all "Jedi".

Whether we reside on Kashyyk, Coruscant, Jakku, Ach-To, no matter. Whether we follow the Code, the Tenets, whatever, it does not matter. We are all on the same side and remembering that above all else is paramount. I will not bore you with any "... leads to the Dark side" observations, but when we identify ourselves as "NJO" or "SJC" over "Jedi", we begin to forget who we are entirely. This is not to say that it is not important to pay attention to those who would try a central view of the galaxy in allowing both Dark Side and Light Side to co-exist...

... though in my opinion, both sides have it wrong...

... just that I remember that distrust was rampant once among the Jedi Order, back when it was one Order, and while the circumstances of that are documented history, I remember distinctly the divide was already in place. We are all adults here, and I only speak for myself, but...

Getting up, Caltin walked over to Aaran, and anyone else who wished to stand and offered a pound hug.

You don't have to ask me if you need help, you're Jedi.


Brave Enough

Auteme was, admittedly, confused about the nature of Caltin's statement. Did he still see bad blood where she saw the beginnings of reconciliation? She was brought back to the previous meeting with the council on Kashyyyk, where the disparate voices of all the Jedi had very nearly drowned out the important foundations being laid. Now it seemed the chorus had quieted, but not silenced. Once she had thought the Silver Jedi far more organized than the New Jedi Order. It seemed their unity of message was somewhat fractured.

Still, she appreciated the sentiment.

"Thank you, Master Vanagor," she said. "Though, if I may, I think Knight Kahlil has brought up some good points that I'd like to address."

She turned to him and gave a slight smile. "I agree. I do not think we should overlook the Sith ties that run deep in some parts of the Confederacy -- even so, I would be lying if I said I believed Darth Metus to be a genuine Sith. He hardly plays the role."

She had several theories as to why, but they did not much matter. "Nonetheless we recognize the dire situation the Concord is in," she said, nodding to the Grandmaster, "And I am all for cooperation. Some crises are too great for one -- or even two -- nations alone. We trust your judgement, and reaffirm that the New Jedi Order and Galactic Alliance will support you in this conflict.

"As for your second point, Kahlil, I should not have to remind you who else shares those beliefs -- Laertia Io, for example, who has murdered numerous Jedi; or the Eternal Empress, Ingrid L'lerim, who attacked Byss and whose allies bombed the capital city, killing many of Byss's citizens. I find that most worrying because I think it is an understandable, moderate position to take. Seeing people use this belief as justification for murder is unacceptable.

"I think what is often lost in the statistics -- the millions lost, the worlds conquered -- is that there are many ways to suffer. Death, murder, are evil things -- but so is the toll of decades of slavery, even ended. So is the heartbreak of the survivors who cry out for justice. Io, L'lerim -- they misunderstand our purpose. We cannot, should not ignore evil. No matter what form it takes we should oppose it.

"I am all for compromise, for second chances, but we here understand why the Sith are evil, just as we understand why the Bryn'adûl are evil. There is no politics, nor is there blame; there is only the path that will lead us to the end of these evils, and that is a path we walk together."
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Equipment/attire: Diplomatic Robes
Location and time: Hosnian system, orbit​

The spaceship should've taken off earlier, yet due to technical issues, it had taken a while to get to the Hosnian system, where the diplomatic meeting with the Galactic Alliance, or more importantly, the New Jedi Order would take place. Discussing the current state of the galaxy and possibly other matters that would end up in this formal discussion. But even when arriving belated, she'd still be forced to follow this discussion and perhaps speak her mind about certain topics.

While she had attempted to somewhat eavesdrop through the Force, her attempts were useless to it. And thus she had even considered running towards the designated location, pacing through the halls of the Hosnian Spacestation, she would slow down as she saw the gates towards the conference hall approach her. The noise from all the Jedi debating and stating their opinions about the current situation slowly passed through the door as she came closer to it. The Epicanthix hybrid would open the door before quietly entering the conference hall, trying to prevent any unnecessary attention to be drawn to her.

Arriving lately at the diplomatic meeting, the Jedi Master could only be disappointed in her own manners. And thus, with her arms crossed, she would stroll towards one of the corners of the chamber before observing the members of this diplomatic meeting, some had familiar faces or well, those that can be easily identified by their facial features, while others were completely new to her. But even if she was unaware of the titles and power they may hold within the Galactic Alliance, she would and will treat them with her utmost respect. It's the bare minimum a Jedi can set themselves to.

Within a minute since Zorah had entered the conference hall, the topic had begun to be more focused on the Sith's motives and pure threatening influences on the galaxy, her focus would immediately be drawn back to the conversation. While still being a bit wary of speaking her mind, the Jedi Master did agree with what the Jedi knight had just said. By showing her own agreement, Zorah slowly nodded as she began to follow the next person's statements. The evil that had been in the galaxy and has reached the point of rising popularity and power, the future for the more civilized Alliance and the Silver Jedi Concord was to be full of surprises, possible negative ones that could only be remained unanswered...


Master of Knowledge
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Nimdok assumed, based on Master Tafo’s aggressive typing, that he had sent something to someone, presumably the Grandmaster, but he couldn’t see the files himself. All the same, he took the opportunity to add to the discussion.

If I may.” He leaned forward in his chair, glancing over at the NJO delegates. They probably knew him, if not for his exposé of their war crimes, then as the guy trying to arrest Laertia Io. Probably not a very favorable light either way, given that he had failed to achieve his goal thus far. “The Confederacy has gone out of their way to block our efforts at exacting justice against Laertia Io, refusing to allow us to arrest her within their borders. She has been hiding behind Metus’ skirts all this time, while the Exarch excused it by claiming, ‘this is how wars get started’.

He sighed. “We are quite aware that the CIS has no actual respect for the Jedi or for justice. As others have suggested, however, we can only focus on so many enemies at one time.” He winked at Auteme. “Time will only tell how the circumstances will change as we begin to defeat our enemies.
Grandmaster of the Silver Jedi


The Jedi Master listened patiently as each took turns to state their piece, making no attempts to prevent anyone from the Concord's side from speaking their mind for now, after opening the floor for them to do so. While they shared a creed, they were individuals within their own rights and would act accordingly. However, should the situation begin to devolve then she would step in to take command. For now, their honest exchanges ought to do them good as long as no one acted out of line.

With accusations of the Confederacy being brought to light while none were present to explain themselves and the Concord had little information to use themselves aside from speculation, in the honour of the honesty they vowed to bring to the meeting today, they would make the New Jedi Order an offer.

"While the recording provided does, correctly, arouse concern - our nations would not be allied without cause which we all know to be the war against the Bryn'adul."

"Despite the publicly held beliefs of the Vicelord, the Confederacy has come to the aide of the Silver Jedi time after time. When our people were assaulted by the Mandalorian Empire, for example, it was the Confederacy which fought to avenge our fallen. History has shown that they operate outside of the divide of Light and Darkness."

"So because the Alliance and the Concord both are aligned with the Confederacy, let us hear what they have to say for the events you have recorded. I would be happy to contact them electronically now, so that we can put to rest these concerns and focus upon the evil next door, the Bryn'adul, who are the a far more immediate threat to several billions of lives than the Sith."

Kiara hoped that through their discussions today they could put the minds of both Orders to rest and through the goodwill of the diplomatic exchange of Hosnian Prime they could show that they were a willing party in accepting responsibility for their actions and making amends where due. However, with their recent alliance with the Confederacy proving to be a cause for concern then they would leave no stone unturned in their exchange as a breakdown in communication was what led to the situation they currently found themselves in.


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Oh man...

That had been Dagon's reaction when he had been invited into the talks between the two Jedi Orders of the galaxy. Politics had always been a headache for the raven-haired Jedi; ever since they had stormed into the Silvers' Assembly asking questions and learning that his childhood hero Master Heavenshield had sided with the Dark Lord, Dagon's naivety had shattered into a thousand pieces he had refused to pick up. All he had to look up to were his friends in the New Jedi Order and himself.

Leaning on one side of the wall, rubbing his eyes as the two delegations went back and forth in a discussion that only made his head throb. Back and forth like a swing oscillating wildly threatening to throw off violently its passengers. A heavy sigh escaped his chest before he finally took in a determined step forward and speak:

"Y'know, I'm not one usually fit for these...'conferences' or summits or whatever they're called." Never been, never will. "But it seems - just like always - we end up slamming our heads into a brick wall and getting nowhere. Complicating things that should be simple. Straightforward." he glanced at each of the Jedi in the room.

"We're Jedi and our responsibility to the galaxy is to protect it against evil in whatever shape or form." he said, unfolding his arms. "So how about we focus on doing that first? We have the Maw, the Bryn'adul, and the Sith in no particular order of importance." Dag made sure to highlight his latter words. "And while we discuss nuances and details in this room, all of these three bastions of evil grow stronger and stronger."

"This is not what the galaxy expects of us."

"Far from it."

"So let's just get down to working together. Unite our efforts against all three or they will tear us apart while we argue who the biggest threat is. There's no bigger threat. They're all threats and that's what matters. No statistic, no graph is going to skew my view on this. One life lost is one life too many." he continued,

"We've already proved that on Sev Tok - that together we can do it." Dagon raised arms sideways, his head shifting from left to right, "So how about we do that, hmm? We could debate all the shades of grey after we've stopped them all, not before."

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"The Eternal Empress has been betrayed by her own, time and time again. The Sith are the only ones to have reached out as an ally. Perhaps if instead of war we try to reach out for peace, they very well might be an ally against these threats." Well, there was a lot that could be considered the same way, if one thought about it.

Then he laughed.

"Just those three? What about the Sith Eternal, who unleash the Graug on innocent worlds. The Warlords who wage a crusade through Sith territory killing so many innocents? Clearly we should fight all five of these groups, at the same time. We are no use to people if we can't actually protect them. And fighting three, four, five wars at the same time isn't going to save any lives. It's going to end them."

The Epicanthix shook his head.

"How many times have the Alliance tried to take planets from the Empire only to loose? Can you really say that you can fight against all of these foes and protect those who need protecting? There can be peace made with the Empire, even a temporary one. The Zambrano no longer run it, and Darth Carnifex is too busy devouring the souls of those slain in all these conflicts to care. Out duty as Jedi is to strive for peace. If there's a chance, we should try. The Bryn, the Maw, there is no chance. But if we can get the Sith to work with us, like in times long past against greater foes, we can actually save lives."
Brave Enough

Give an inch, and they take a mile.

Another time when Auteme regretted not speaking a moment sooner. Perhaps her patience had been too generous; even in Kiara and Nimdok's words, moderate as they were, she could see a slight bubbling of tension. With everything else wrapped up it was time to end the discussion, but Kahlil barreled in like a freight train that was running late.

Again she was reminded of Laertia Io's constant presence at meetings similar to this -- the willful misinterpretation, the re-treading of old ground, the sneering insults and allusions that the 'other' was a fool. And again she found herself struggling to find the best way to respond. It would be hypocritical to berate Kahlil for a lack of tact or empathy, and it was a great challenge to carefully explain once more what had been clarified thrice already. There were only so many words she could spend.

A tired sigh escaped her lips. "Kahlil, I understand your position, but I believe your view is flawed. We can discuss why after the meeting, when it is more appropriate and I have time," she said, turning next to the Grandmaster.

"I think it would be prudent to allow you -- and the Council -- to review what Knight Tafo has presented, just as we are in the process of doing, such that it may be discussed at a later time. For now, I would like to add some final goals for the future, to be agreed to individually: First, that the Concord, Alliance, and New Jedi Order commit to negotiating an extradition treaty. I think for genuine allies, justice can be performed with mutual cooperation; should one seek to try a criminal captured by another, it should not be a matter of much debate. The terms, of course, can be discussed at a later date.

"Second, knowing that there are many dangerous Sith groups, as Knight Kahlil mentioned, our two Orders should freely share information about these threats and the actions being taken to bring them to justice. The Silver Jedi Council and the New Jedi Order's Circle should establish the means to coordinate these efforts, and remain seized of the matter.

"Third and finally, I think we should encourage and build programs through which we can better learn from each other; whether that is closer cooperation in intergalactic matters, student exchanges, or other such actions.

"This should be -- this is -- only the beginning of our cooperation, and I hope that in the coming months in years our Orders's bonds strengthen.

"Should you agree, Grandmaster, I will then move for these negotiations to be concluded."