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Approved NPC Tremiru House Guard

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Darth Sanguis


  • Unit Name: Tremiru House Guard
  • Affiliation: Alina
  • Classification: House Guard
  • Description: The Tremiru House Guard are alchemically altered individuals from all walks of life. They have been enhanced to the natural limit of their species physicality. Through use of alchemical recipes and Sith magic the past heads of the House were able to force their loyalty, but the most recent head, Alina, chose to instead free them by making them Lowborn Sangnir. Now free of their forced servitude some remain to continue to serve of their own free will. Service and combat is all they know in life, and the few who did leave eventually returned, unable to see how to live on their own.

    Once in ancient Sith armor as their badge of office, they now wear more modern Sith/Imperial armor from The Sith Empire. Their pauldrons are emblazoned with the Tremiru sigil, making it clear where their loyalty remains.
  • Limited Number
  • Few Large Military Vehicle
  • Sangnir Bloodlust and burn susceptibility.

The Tremiru House Guard is as old as the family itself. For as long as their history was written, they were the voiceless guardians of the most powerful Alchemists and Sorcerers within the House. Alchemically bent to the will of the current head until the next would rise up and bend their will to them. They were men and women of various races taken in by the family and forced to serve until they grew too old and died. They lived no life but servitude, unable to have free will.

Until the most recent heir to the family broke the tradition.

In a bid to forcibly take the family from her abusive mother, Alina shattered the chains that bound the Guards will to the family. Subsequently, she shared her Sangnir blood with each of them so they would never be bound by a Sorcerers will again. Now given freedom after decades of servitude, most did not know what to do. The few who did leave to try and live their lives their own way soon returned. They couldn't function in normal society. Thus they returned to their duties and vowed to protect she who had given them the freedom to choose.

With their new found abilities as Sangnir and their training to be the unseen guard of the family Sorcerers Alina converted them to a strike force to serve as the first of her budding powerbase. Short of being killed in battle, they will serve her for all eternity.
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