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Game Total War Warhammer 3

So I was going to play a Valkia campaign, or hell anyone who had a new or moved start.

Instead I started playing Izzy Von Carstein. Let's just say the power couple are now unstoppable.


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Dark Lord of the Sith
Valiens Nantaris Valiens Nantaris Vampires are one of my favorite factions so I’m happy to see them back. How does Vlad and Izzy play in 3? I think now Izzy and Vlad are in one faction and can fight cause one is a legendary hero? How do they stack up against the newer groups?
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The Southlands Thunderdome is hectic.

I'm doing a campaign as Thorek Ironbrow, fighting off Skarbrand, Mannfred, Tomb Kings, Beastmen, Orks and Queek. It's actually providing me a real solid challenge where I'm expanding but then forced to abandon and retreat as a new war front opens up. Turn 50 and I only have 5 settlements, I've conquered many more but as I'm surrounded on all sides I keep losing them
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By myself sometimes I'm lucky to finish the beginning expansion, usually I end up to downloading mods that make the game easy, and still manage to lose

If you want we can play coop sometime and I can teach you the basics of the early expansion game. Once you get past that first bit of the game it is a hell of a lot easier and tends to snowball
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Hacks Hacks Matthew Locke Matthew Locke Valiens Nantaris Valiens Nantaris

How are y’all’s Warhammer adventures going?!

Nightly 6 player FFA campaigns for the last 2 months. Has been insanely fun. Just started a new campaign with the group, I've gone Volkmar. I never really liked the idea of him from back in Warhammer I DLC, but now I've given him a go holy hell is he good, and his starting location is awesome.