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Toran Gregor

Toran Gregor

Bounty Hunter
Toran Gregor


NAME: Toran Hunter Gregor
FACTION: The Horde
RANK: Unknown
SPECIES: Yuuzhan Vong
AGE: 40
HEIGHT: 6'3"
WEIGHT: 234 lbs (Muscle)
EYES: Dark
HAIR: dark with some grey
SKIN: caucasian/tan


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

Marksman: He is an ace with sniper rifles and hand held weapons, he has near-perfect aim, and deadly reflexes.
Training: Whenever not on assignment he is constantly strength training.

Roles: He sometimes can become confused with all his different identities and mistake one for another.
Multiple Personalities: he has a multiple personality disorder which can become very strange at times since one is a sadistic murderer, another is a ladies man/womanizer, and the last is a very shy business man. His own is a charismatic, and sometimes over confident bounty hunter.


Persuer Enforcement Ship "Tatooine Ghost"


Toran's ancestry is that of a mixed breed of Corellian, Anzati, and Yuuzhan Vong descendancy; when he was growing up he knew he was different as he often felt like he could do more than destroying womp rats on tatooine, he often felt out of place and alone in the galaxy, he didn't realize he was a mixed breed of three different races or types of human and alien species until he was about thirteen when his mother and father informed him that his mother was the only one related to him, he found out that he was considered a failed experiment to create a truly militarized raced of sentient beings, his whole identity was a science experiment of a lab cocktail of genetics, he learned they were tasked to destroy him but couldn't do it to a child so they raised him as their son and even changed their names and moved to tatooine to escape justice, this had wounded him deeply as he felt he had no reason for being alive, he had realized his life was just another experiment of a bunch of lab idiots.

he soon found out that he did serve a purpose, to safeguard his family name and to one day prove that something good could come from the Vong race, something pure could exist in this galaxy, he sought a way to earn an income and to prove that good people do exist, his answer came when he was recruited at the age of fifteen as a bounty hunter, his life was just beginning as he joined he found a better life for himself, his parents were saddened to his him off but they were proud that he could try and make a difference in the galaxy, he left and never looked back, never rejoined his experimental family.

as he slowly made a life and a name for himself he began to love what he did, as he roamed the galaxy at the age of eighteen he was finally able to buy himself a ship, as years of learning to pilot came in handy when he bought an older persuer enforcement ship, it was supposedly owned by an old, long dead bounty hunter that was very infamous, as he bought it he made it his own by repainting it and giving it a new name...tatooine ghost, he named it after his world he grew up on and the fact is it a distant memory, as he made a new life he also found a calling, Justice in the form of a law enforcement official, other words a bounty hunter.

he often chased down bad guys to earn a living and on some worlds became a namesake, and helped to allow kids to dream big yet again, it was because of him that new hunters were crawling through the cracks, he often would make arrests in protected territories just to make sure the bad guys knew him name and to make sure his name grew even more.
He brought in a lot of mark's for hutts and other crime lords, even though most of them are now dead, but he also helped to bring down corrupt governments; he was slowly paying his family back for raising him the only way he could as he would send several thousand credits home to pay their way so they didn't suffer, eventually he also paid off the bounty on his parents and made sure no hunter dared touch them.

(This will be updated once a month)

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That doesn't make it okay. This is still highly susceptible to questioning. (Within reason of course) We don't even k ow if this is okay; we aren't making a problem out of it for nothing.

Toran Gregor

Bounty Hunter
No your just being annoying.. but do as you will, because if I change it then it will be vong and quite human looking, so it doesn't really matter does it?

Rusken Shaxx

Yeah... despite my short knowledge on the expansive Star Wars world, this is just lulsy in the worst degree.
Astrian Callus said:
This is still highly susceptible to questioning. (Within reason of course) We don't even k ow if this is okay; we aren't making a problem out of it for nothing.
That there is correct and you should heed the criticism. It's not to be irritating or a nit-picking nuisance, it's just advice that you need. Hope you reconsider your choice.
Grow up.
We're being as nice as we can about the ridiculous hybrid.
Also. You don't need an experiment to look like a human, according to the books. Yuuzhan Vong looked very similar to humans before they went through their process of mutilation. So, you could use this if you want. Just a suggestion. :)

Toran Gregor

Bounty Hunter
As you can see I edited it out, Besides.. all this was a joke and not me trying to be an ass.

But like I said, thanks for the criticism and I appreciate the help.. :D
We don't moderate biographies, don't forget that. There's no need for everyone to rush him throughout the biography, either. As it stands he's listened to the advice, which could have been said and responded to in a better way, let the case drop, people.