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Azlyn Ike

Azlyn Ike

NAME: Azlyn Ike
FACTION: Formerly Moross Crusade/Black Rose
RANK: Initiate servant of Hali/Knight

Hali the Indulgent- Hali the indulgent can only be described in those very words. Hali is depicted as both male and female, usually called a him by his Male followers and a her by her female followers. Hali is the god of everything that could be considered “fun” and everything that couldn't be. Hali is in the truest sense of the word Chaos. This god has no plan, no goals, and no particular set of skills to be spoken of. Where His/Her brother Aatrox is known to be clever and underhanded Hali is simply known to be...mischievous. He/she is devious beyond all belief, seeking not to harm but instead to simply have what he/she deems as fun. This usually means that Hali is worshiped by those with similar goals. Most often Hali is seen as the “party” god, worshiped at parties, orgies, and everything with that nature. This however hardly covers all of Hali. She/He is also known for being simply...chaotic, causing trouble and mischief wherever he appears. Hali is barely tolerated by the other gods, making his/her coming to the mortal realm a very rare sight. Hali is the Patron of Parties, pleasure, chaos, and all things mischief.

Followers of Hali wear robes of Purple accented by Pink and Yellow.

SPECIES: Albino Zeltron/Human
AGE: 21

SEX: Female
EYES: Black Contacts
HAIR: White
SKIN: White

Damaged Empathy: Azlyn's empathic abilities are small, she is unable to feel most if any emotions from people making her one of the lie zeltrons who can't feel a lie or deception

Severe bacta allergy: Azlyn has a dangerous and severe allergy to bacta making most of the modern and advanced healing methods something she cannot always use.

Birth in fire // birth - 13

Azlyn was born to Silvi and Riv Ike, both were traveling mercenaries, and had been married happily for most of their lives. They had decided to have a child, maybe settle down back on Zeltros, that place was always happy to them. Unfortunately, their ship was caught by bounty hunters, sent by an angry hutt for them killing one of his best men. The ship Warrior's Blaze was injured in the firefight, her mother in the back was not doing so well with the entire ship tossing and turning as they desperately tried to evade the attack. The baby was held desperately between her arms, Silvi was being as careful as she could. Riv manage to escape, getting the ship into hyperspace, unfortunately, the trip was cut horrible shot, once out of hyperspace over Mandalore, they ship had a catastrophic engine failure, the ship was pulled down due to Mandlaore's gravity. Riv did the best he could, but the ship was brought down hard. Riv died in the process, Silvi however was still clinging to life, the mandalorian authorities hurried to the ship to see what was happening. Silvi pushed herself toward the outside best she could, baby in her arms she pleaded for help.

The mandalorians took her in, they were victims of a battle, or war, they did not know which, but regardless they took them both in, to their doctors, the baby received no serious wounds due to her mother shielding her. Had her mother not done so the baby might not have survived. But, Silvi, even with her own armor on, received major burns and damage to her back and legs. The pain became too great, wounds too deep, and the blood coming out too fast. Right before she left, she told one mandalorian, the first who helped her away and the one who stayed with her and her baby one thing. "The baby... her name is Sy.....Azlyn..take care..of..her....", at those last words her mother died. The mandalorian's name was Karkin Skirata, he was an accomplished warrior and a trained medic along with an expertise on poison. He helped try and save her mother, and too his and the other medic's best efforts she still passed. Karkin was a male human who's wife Lyna, who was a female zeltron, and him had been able to conceive only one child, so he took Azlyn in, as her mother asked of him, and choice to raise her in clan Skirata along side his daughter Tysk.

Azlyn was taken home with him wrapped in a blanket, along with formula to have her drink. His wife was both surprised and protective over the baby, the purple Zeltron was both happy and sad for the baby. She had been adopted by the mandalorains, she loved being part of the clan, as much as she loved her husband, but she was sad that the parents of this girl couldn't experience the joy of having the little one with them. But, the zeltron took the girl in gladly, and the first few years of the zeltron's life was spent mainly around Lyna, being as she was barely a year old when they found her, she stayed next to the Zelron for three years. She learned mando'a and basic from her, she grasped a child's understanding on how to speak to Lyna. Azlyn also spent time with her adoptive father, she grew very close to both of them fairly quickly while Tysk was being trained as a warrior on Rhen Var and the other planets.

At age 4 she really started her weapons training with her father, she was a bit later starting then most children, but only slightly. Her father taught her first to take care of a blaster, he had her pick of pistols, to rifles, and heavy weapons. What the little child went for first was a mandalorian assault rifle. Her father laughed, as he had used the same type of weapon on missions many times. She truly was his daughter, blood had no meaning in this matter. So with his help, she started with assault rifles. A little kid with a blaster that big needed help at first, but with time she grew much more used to the kick. While working on blasters, she also practiced both in melee combat and unarmed. She worked best with the ranged weapons, but she grew used to the melee weapons in time.

As she grew her father asked her something, she had been watching him when he worked both with poisons and when people went for him for help. He asked her what poison was colorless, odorless, tasteless poison that was extremely deadly. She was seven at the time, but by watching and listening to him, and from the times he explained something to her , she replied. Synox was the correct answer, and that is exactly what she answered. He was both surprised and happy, he asked her if she wanted to learn about medicine and how to attack others with poison. She replied yes, as she really found it interesting. Her father smiled and patted her on the back, and from there medicine and poisons were included in all of her fighting lessons, she memorized cures and poisons and venoms. Repeating cures and what they fix and poisons and what they do. The technique worked and it became second nature, her father sometimes had her help him when he was treating a mandalorian for battle wounds or a disease.

As she progressed to nine she grew empathetic to other people's emotions. She could feel when people were happy, sad, angry, or afraid. She could not yet control another person's emotions by projecting another emotion over theirs like a fully matured zeltron could. But, the first time she felt the feelings of others it knocked her off her feet. The planet mandalore was filled with struggle, fear, and still happiness. The amount of mandalorains and their passions made her dizzy for a week. Her father stood by her, helping her stay calm and sane. Every person she passed she felt them, feelings of pleasure, were what was the most tolerable for her during that first week. By the next week she was much more able to block others out, to the extent that she could walk around more calmly, less on edge.

Over the next two years she grew accustom to the feelings, and her last year of getting used to it she found that she could force emotions on other. She provoked one child into trying and rush her, putting anger into his thoughts when she simply moved out of the way when he crashed into the dirt. Then she further experimented and calmed him down. She was very content with herself on that day. She knew that her species would develop this skill to a high degree, along with pheromones that would enhance her looks to other beings. So along with her weapon and medical training, she took additional time to work with her sister and mother, when her father worked and she was at home. They would continue to teach her till the skill became near second nature to her, as it did most zeltrons after puberty.

By age 13, she was fully trained in the mandalorian way, she had passed her sister's every test she had set out for her. One way or another the pink-skinned girl would be considered an adult by mandalorian culture soon. But, she had one last test to pass before she was considered an adult. Verd'goten, her initiation was something that was very strange to her. One part, her sister said consisted of her making her armor, the other part, which she had chosen as her initiation, was to fight her. She was stunned, but she knew she had to do it, to become a warrior of mandalore. She crafted her armor alongside her sister first, folding the mandalorian iron again and again. The iron was then formed into her armored plates and cooled.

She painted the plates a dark green, with the pauldrons a gold, as well as the area around her t-visor. Her visor was equipped with a advanced HUD, along with a standard short-range comlink, and her HUD showing her vitals, and as a test her sister linked her suit to her's. Her own vitals appeared on her screen. She found this both useful and amazing. The view made her dizzy at first, but she grew accustom to it with time. She then had to face her sister in the next week, it was not about winning or losing, but her display of skills. There was a good chance of her winning, seeing as she knew most of her moves. But, the age and experience factor mattered, she was bigger and stronger then her, but hopefully she could use her own secret weapon.

The fight consisted of a battle circle fight, but this wasn't an ordinary battle circle fight. The area was much larger, but it was an open field, no cover of any kind, other mandalorians stood at the edge of the large circle, marking the boarder. She and her sister stood in full armor, approximately 10 meters apart from each other. Her sister allowed her to use her full arsenal of weapons, except explosives. She smiled at that statement, and grabbed a blade as she looked at her sister. The battle started out with a melee engagement beskad to beskad, the forged swords clanged and bounced off armor, but they both moved out of the melee fight at the same time, she personally moved back out.

She pulled out her assault rifle and fired off a volley of blaster shots. The blaster had been turned down to stun, armor would hold it's own against it, but being shot in the few exposed areas would cause the blaster to really stun someone. The only reason it was turned down so low was to be able to shoot at areas that would have been death blows. It was hard enough turning the rifle that low, with most mandalorian assault rifle's being "overpowered", but it was achieved. Her shots were ineffective as her jumped jumped out of the way in a roll, she fired her own rifle at her, she let her armor take two blows then let the rest pass her. She then fired off another volley, while trying to doge her sister's next round of shots.

The fight continued for some time, sweat had rolled down the sides of her cheeks as her continued effort went into fighting. She knew she couldn't last too much longer, if she was going to win she had to do it now. She activated her jet pack for a short jump over her sister as she landed four meters away from her. She then used her rifle and blade with the rifle acting more like a blunt bat that hit her knees making her slow the slowness allowed her to take her down with her beskad. She put a knee on her back while she was on the ground, with her armor, her armor, and her weight she held her down for enough time for her to be "Defeated". Once she got up she took off her helmet with a big smile plastered on her face. "Azlyn Skirata, my sister, welcome to the clan Skirata", she said, then embraced her in a hug.

Warrior of Mandalore // 14 - 17

Azlyn was now an adult and and by culture she could do what she wanted. She decided to continue training, both with her sister and fellow warriors. But, not just in combat, she also learned of the subtle art of planning, battle strategies with the mandalorians were mainly, blunt, but she found that there were battle plans that were very well crafted, ones that fooled the republic in the mandalorian wars all those centuries ago.

She increased her knowledge of medicine and poison, biology was included in this too. As her pheromones came and grew under her control, at first, just like her empathy, it came without warning. But, this was not nearly as painful as it was to feel everyone's emotions. It was rather a subtle feeling, coming fairly quietly, but it seemed like her skin had that tingling feeling, as if her whole body was slightly numb. But, it was a good kind-of numb, it felt natural and it didn't slow her down at all.

During her time studying combat and more biological warfare, she also made modifications to her armor in the process. She added a slide out vibroshiv, linked to a durable case of poison on her armor. The case is made of mandalorian iron as is the most of her things. She also added a larger belt attached to her armor for her to hold more supplies. She was quiet pleased with these new additions, with the help of her clan's skilled armor smith, the gadgetry worked perfectly. She tested out the paralysis poison first, a friend of her's volunteered to be the guinea pig for the test. Seeing as she made this poison she had worked on it for a considerable amount of time along with help from her mother and several other doctors. The vibroshiv came unsheathed and she did a cut on his arm, putting the poison into the blood stream and it absorbing it, making it take effect. His arm drooped down in 1 minute and a half. She waited for 10 minutes, then use the counter for the poison and the arm came back within a half and hour.

She signed onto the military at age 17, enlisting in special operations. Her first missions were fairly simple, she patrolled the boarder of mandalorian space, she delivered messages, and she made simple and quick attacks on other smuggler vessels which entered mandalorian space. She found some of these missions rather boring, but she got her chance at action soon.

At 19, approximately 2 years after she joined the army she went with a team to the planet Ordo, where a rouge mercenary team took a a post there. They didn't know the exact composition of the members, and sending in seven mandalorians should have taken care of them. She along with her sister and five other mandos were the ones chosen to destroy the base. The entrance went smoothly, then the ambush began.

From all sides auto turrets seemed to pop up. The mandalorians rolled out of the way during the first volley. The whole team fired back, and the two demolition experts they had with them destroyed them. They needed to be more wary of the traps. One mandalorian was shot in several places but alive. Azlyn came to him, patching him up with bacta patches along with a numbing medication to slow the pain. He chose to sit and wait for the treatment to heal him before getting back into the battle, but the now six-member team pushed forward. The team encountered several more traps, one member died this time. They would honor his sacrifice by killing these mercenaries.

Unfortunately when they reached the center they were ambushed once more. This time by a group of seven fighters all above them. They were all various races, but it didn't matter they picked them all off one by one slowly. To Azlyn's horror she saw the leader, who was a bothan, arm the base to self-destruct. Her sister, told the team to leave while he attacked the leader to end this. Azlyn disagreed, fearing for her sister's life. She told them to check outside to secure the perimeter, make sure no one escapes. The team obeyed, her being the highest ranking out of all of them. Once they reached out side the base exploded. Just as Tysk was rushing out.

Shrapnel flew in all directions as the force threw them out at the mandalorians. Azlyn was thrown to the ground, her comlink went dead and her HUD momentarily shut down from shock to the helmet. Azlyn could however still see. She pushed herself up, she felt her arm out of it's socket, but she popped it back in when she came to, and her foot sprained. She didn't fear for herself however, she knew, when she saw Tysk that she had survived but her uncle had not as she looked around the area.

Her thoughts were confirmed when she saw a glow over head, that of an escape pod that blasted off far enough for him to esacpe. Salty tears streamed down her face from both her own pain and the pain she felt from the team mates that were still alive. The one member that stayed behind originally to heal himself came to her aid, as one of the medics she had the knowledge to help the others. The other four members all lived, but with bones broken as she did.

They all were given help when they sent out a distress signal, bacta healed their wounds in time but hers was not outside, but inward. Both she and Tysk mother grieved for their uncle, the one they had known for years and trained with after their father died, now killed. An image formed in her mind, the bothan. She knew she would make that bothan pay, she swore on the blood of her uncle that had wet the ground of Ordo, she would kill him. From that point she had a more hardened outside, only being lighthearted around familiar faces, others rarely saw more of her then her helmet and the t-shaped visor that let out nothing of her appearance. She got her shot at revenge, when the idiot bothan returned to the system. The mandalorians called her, asking her if she wanted to kill him personally. She replied flat, and with a simple yes, even if her emotions inside were ready to kill the man.

She was 20 years of age when that message came. It had been nearly a year since the explosion and the wounds were still fresh. She was completely ready to take life. He was in a cantina on Shogun, she was to go in and kill him, in any way necessary, but he had to die. She chose to use her powers to kill him, it would be simple.

When she entered the cantina she had her helmet off, but she was in full armor, she walked at a moderate pace over to where the bothan sat with his drink. He had changed, he changed his fur color and it was cut shorter. But, mandadlorians don't make mistakes, and she knew this was him. Once close enough she used her pheromones, as she did so she saw a glazed look come over the eyes of the bothan as he stared at her. It disgusted her as she saw the lust in his eyes, but she had expected this, it was her plan to keep him right there. She came to be right across the table he sat at from him. She pulled out her assault rifle, the exact same one she had on the mission.

He was just as dumbfounded as before, staring at her with those eyes. She cocked her head to the side as she let him see a smile, then she projected pure fear into his system with her emotion projection. His eyes grew wide and he was frozen in his spot by fear. "For my uncle", she said to him. Then she let off a round directly into his chest, killing him almost instantly. She assured the owner of the cantina that it was military business, and once she contacted the local forces on the planet, the body was taken away. She was satisfied, but her coldness didn't leave her, she was still serious, but it allowed her to think clearly, more so then other of her species whose minds were devoted to pleasure. She was focused on helping her clan, her people, and her family.

After awhile she met and eventually started traveling with [member="Dax Fyre"] who while a little rough round the edges he was something of a very nice guy she could move around in the galaxy. They were getting into a lot of trouble going after a jedi holocron and after she was attacked by him when he was looking for soe sith assassin and found her. They went to Felucia and Dax was in the jungle when an older jedi came after them with a look at her. After Azlyn let her saber far down and get behind him she used the crossguard beam and the phrik cord to pull it back to her. Taking his leg with it when they were going over some of the things. Dax was eventually going to take her to the beach.

Azlyn has continued to become stronger with her confidence and powers in the force she has developed a more specialized blend of techniques that aid in her development as a dancer and more acrobatic force users while still maintaining the basics and understanding. Force kick's and Force punches that can be sent out while she is moving using Convection to increase the heat of her body and make it so others cannot grab onto her. A rounded force user practicing Art of the Small to understand the smallest parts of the force and life both to conceal herself in the force to a degree who others can detect her as well as heal others who are hurt with enough time.

Azlyn's skills with the force evolving so that she would better be able to expanding her own body skills and senses based powers. With skills such as Telekinesis, Waveform a more advanced and powered version Force sense in its many different flavors that would allow her senses to become far better. Notably one of her largest areas of expertise with skills like Farsight, Fighting-sight, Sense Force, Sense Path, Magnify Senses, Force vision, Truth-sense, Life Sense, Shift Sense, Force sight and Precognition. While her skills eventually carry over to one of the strongest versions for sensing and seeing into the future Shatterpoint. All as pools of jedi Telepathy with protection for herself with Thought shield.

Her skills in telepathy are an improtant part of the jedi and what she is over all about to do. Skills such as Field Detection, that was essential and Life Detection techniques that go along with more of her skills. Animal telepathy that is able to work and help her with some of the creatures as well as the most important Receptive Telepathy and Projective Telepathy allowing her to be rounded out same with Technometry skills that lead to stronger instances of using the force itself so that the sith knight can help out the order. While Azlyn focused her works to become stronger she also knew the value of a rounded style in combat and with some of her interest.

Her mental capabilities leading so that she is able to Remain Conscious and exert in a conflict while training great Force of Will that would learn to protect her. With a stronger chance to build upon herself and her lessons among the jedi. Azlyn started training using the lessons she taught others as well as herself. Entering a state of Battlemind as a Force form that was focused and channeled the greater skills of the force. Force Body being something that makes her stronger and better able to Force in Balance herself with skills to learn meditations such as Emptiness, the Floating Meditation, Corpse vision skill and there is some works with learning how to Comprehend Speech of others for language skills.

Azlyn continued her force techniques and training working to understand the saber skills but she wasn't much of a fighter and the saber gauntlets she used were a danger. Not made for the traditional saber forms so she went with more exotic stances. Her skill with esoteric stances and techniques making sure she knew force skills such as Adiabatic shield, Dark energy trap, Reduce Injury, Resist Stun, Enhance Attribute, Control Pain, Shielding technique, Breath control, Tapas, Concentration, Life Bond, Accelerate Healing, Alter Reality, Force Sustenance, Consume Essence, Corruption and the pair of skills to properly resist with the force. Crush Opposition and Energy resistance respectively.

With her training in the force attracting attention it gave Azlyn a chance to work with other jedi and learn how to Dark illusion with the force so that her skills in the lightside of the force and her skills in the techniques that the jedi are able to use were far better. Basic lightside skills such as Darkshear and Darksight served a greater purpose as she learned to use them on other things. Like Force Destruction for droids and disabling them ot Tutaminis for general dangers and to give her more force energy to produce techniques like Electronic Manipulation and Force Shockwave. Her skills at Force generation developing with the training under the force masters to use Deadly Sight attaining Drain Knowledge within the lightside of the force.

With her continued training and skills, Azlyn found herself going on the path. Practicing the skills that with the likes of Crystal and Dax made her into a talented and skilled jedi. The Art of Movement that allowed her to move and us Force Jump, Force reflex, Force Dash and Force speed to generate power and Inertia to build up her own levels of strength and power. Under the proper conditions Azlyn's body is flexible and able to Contort from most bindings and situations even though she is built fairly average. Her skills letting her understand and with art of movement and floating telekinesis she can fly as she trained as well as use the energy built up to create Force Bursts to push others back.

Her continued service to the darkside and dedication to her draining in the force let Azlyn focus on learning some of the key skills like Force lightning, Force choke, Force shadow, Inflict Pain, Hatred, Possession, Taint and Force rage. All of the work with the darkside of the force was developed so that she would better be able to use techniques like Force phantom and Kinetite while she was looking to expand techniques and skills such as Mechu-deru into Mechu-deru vitae along with Lightning Storm evolving from sith lightning into Force Maelstrom. Azlyn's skills with the darkside and Force scream being something she was looking at for herself to be able to use the Stygian Art.