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To Dine on Mountains High

Location: Alderaan, The Juran Mountains
Event: Dinner

The Juran Mountains offered seclusion and some of the most beautiful vistas on the planet. Alderaan the seat of power for the Free Worlds Coalition was holding a dinner, with dancing. Faith Organa, newly crowned Queen of Alderaan stood with her hands folded neatly in front of her listening to her aide Ana talk, Captain Lindsey of the Royal Guard, the Captain of the Knights, and the Chief of her household. Additionally the Rangers were also lurking about.

Ana looked at the list one more time, "Some of these people are questionable at the least Mam. I know you said you did not want to turn away anyone but there are possible criminals on this list I know how you feel about the cartels."

Captain Lindsey of her royal guard looked stern as he tried to understand why his Queen would do this, "Mam, there could be Sith among these guests we haven't had time to vet all of them. If something should happen to you. If the Sith should find a foothold again"

Faith turned her head looking at the Captain and smiled softly. "All the guests are being ferried here from the Space port. Their access to Alderaan limited to where we let them is that not so Captain?" The Shielding was up at the palace in New Aldera, as well as at the Mountain Palace, the train closed down until all guests had left.

He nodded, "yes Mam" taking a chance at making his Queen upset he would venture another comment, "Does the Prince also agree with your assessment of the situation?"

Faith did not take her eyes from the Captain, "What do you think?" Draco had been fussing just the hour before something along the lines of Faith are you out of your mind, Faith you know what some of these people want, Faith my god....Faith where are my socks

Ana stood back watching her own husband, the Captain of the Royal Guard try to reason with the Queen but she knew that once Faith had made up her mind there wasn't much reasoning with her best to just go with it and deal with it.

The truth of it contracts for goods were needed, business was needed to keep the economy of Alderaan and the Coalition going, this dinner had hopefully brought in some that would negotiate deals with them. Faith said silent prayers that there would be no fighting, though someone had rumored that Draco planned to walk around shirtless half the night. How true that was she did not know but she knew her husband at times did the oddest of things to make a point.

"First of your guests are arriving Mam"

Faith had thought dressing as a Princess and Senator difficult to now dress as a Queen and Head of State seemed more daunting. She and Claire had looked over many styles and yet they kept coming back to what Faith liked. Tonight she wore what she liked, it would keep her warm up here in the mountains "Is the Prince ready?"

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A lone freighter would land at the Space Port. It didn't look like much but then again it wasn't supposed to. There was something to be said for looking as unassuming as possible when trying to blend in. Marcus strolled down the ramp of the freighter in a black tuxedo with a cane in his hand. One topped with a rather ornate hand carved top. Marcus having no need to actually walk with a cane carried it. He walked up to a young man who seemed finally dressed.

"Excuse me Sir. Could you point me towards the Juran Mountains event?"

The young man smiled and point Marcus towards a shuttle. To which Marcus nodded and smile.

"Ah yes thank you."

Marcus waited in line briefly to board the shuttle. Once on board he quietly took a seat for the journey to the dinner with the Queen and an unknown number of other dignitaries sure to be in attendance. Marcus was not a hundred percent sure how he had managed to swing an invitation to the even but it was not an opportunity he was going to let pass him by.

A little bit later when the shuttle arrived Marcus took his time letting a few of the other passengers disembark before he stood and made his way off of the shuttle. Once outside Marcus wandered around the general area taking in the sights. His was in no big hurry to move inside knowing it was still early and it would be a while before the party really began. Besides Alderaan had a rather beautiful countryside and it would be a shame to ignore it.

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Of course Draco wasn't pleased with having to be in public and look presentable. It had been he that started the rumor that he would be attending the gala shirtless, a simple laughing mention to one of the wait staff and then it had spread like wildfire. Not that he truly intended to, but it was funny to him that it had been talk among the court like it was important news. "The prince is ready, I suppose." He fixed his collar as he arrived into the chamber.

Outside on the balcony wind blew steady in the mountains, the wisps of cold and snow streaking across the evening sky; the last shimmerings of day fading behind the Juran Mountains glimmering as the basilica and minarets became the only things still shining in the manor's silhouette. Guests would be landing and walking across the sky bridge which connected the manor to the frozen peaks of Alderaan before entering into the main foyer where the majority of the gala would take place. The path was illuminated and featured several strategically placed heat lamps to keep the guests comfortable as they made their way into the manor perched in the mountains. Knights in full parade regalia were ceremonially guarding the path and escorting the guests, large black destriers wearing blue and gold caparisons pawed at the ground, mist from their breath in the cold wind rose from their nostrils, with stoic Knights sitting upon them at the bridge and courtyard.

Inside the arching mezzanines surrounded the foyer on either side, the far back having a dais for with the band and podium if anyone official wanted to address the guests. To either side of the foyer the wings of the manor stretched off, the smell of food and drink wafting from the side the kitchens resided in as the cooks and chefs prepared hors d'oeuvres for the soon to be arriving guests. Draco and Faith were making ready in one of the antechambers right behind the foyer.

"I'm ready to make an appearance when you are, but nobody has quite arrived yet. Its just us for now." The big warrior grinned roguishly at the Queen, eyeing her closely from his position at the door. "Actually, Laira is around here somewhere, don't know where she got off to though." He glanced back down the hallway he had come and shrugged his shoulders with an expression of nonchalance.

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Alexander glanced down at his clothing, grimacing at the formal clothing he had not worn for a great deal of time. The clothing was nothing special, a gray suit with blue colored cloak around him, one that had been thoroughly inspected before he had entered. The only items that would be found on him were his commlink, a bag he kept credits in, and lastly the saber he carried on his person. The last item he made sure to leave with the guards, more than trusting them with it and knowing it was better they have it than him hide it on his person, knowing the need for it would not be here. Lastly there was one other item he had with him, but also left with the Alderaanians who remained at the door to wait on the guests. Like his cloak the case was inspected and he posed no objection, after all it was a specific instrument he always had with him, and today was no different.

Rather than bore people with his music today, he decided to actually try and socialize, knowing if this became a bit stale he could always leave and find somewhere secluded to play. Unlike his saber, he could retrieve the case whenever he so chose and would be able to use its contents, but not in this hall. Right now was a time to chat and enjoy himself.

Which was what made him tug at the clothing again, his gray eyes staring down at it as he tried to get more comfortable. It had only been a year or two since the Republic had shattered but in that time he had avoided formal situations like the plague, even to the point to make people wonder if he had even returned to Eshan. He had but these days he was far more used to the streets, playing music or simply helping the locals of his home much like the Organa's did, something that made him enjoy their gatherings. He always knew that this was not a place where he would have to be on edge.

With a smile he straightened up and went over to a couple of individuals talking about the recent interplanetary agreement that Alderaan had joined, something about a Free Worlds Coalition, or something of the likes.

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The Princess of Alderaan made herself at home in the kitchens, wafting about between the islands holding dozens of serving trays full of finger foods like quiche, shrimp wrapped in something, some kind of deviled eggs, various cheeses, glazed figs with cheese wrapped in prosciutto, stuffed mushrooms which caught her eye. Drinks by the dozens had already been poured for the guests with the waiters and waitresses all dressed in black slacks and white shirts and vests, white gloves on both hands waiting to be told to begin serving.

The princess wore a colorful gown with a low cut, long sleeves and a flowing look to it. Her hair was done up in braided tail of bright, blazing red, her bangs cast across her forehead. The sound of her heels tapping on the hard floors preceded her as she stalked through the kitchen. "Is this all ready to eat, or must I wait?" Her tone was playful rather than haughty, having spent time on her own flying around the galaxy she was used to eating when she felt like it and what she wanted when the mood struck her. This waiting and being able to see it fully prepared but unable to touch it was back to the same old same old she had been raised by.

"They've already been plated Your Highness. If you eat off them, those trays will have to be re-plated." The kitchen manager was eyeing her closely, her lips pursed together like she was holding back from scolding the young princess for acting like she would pluck a morsel of food from the trays. One of the few benefits of royalty, not everyone was willing to treat her like a normal person no matter how many times it was insisted she was normal, which meant she was free from any lectures from this particular woman.

"Fine, but I want one of them to follow me with a tray once they get sent out. I don't wanna have to hunt down my food in a castle." Laira teased, slipping away from the serving trays and back through the long lines of stoves and ovens that filled the kitchen. She had forgone the normal customs of having an escort for the evening, even one of merely ceremonial purposes so that she could mingle without having a handicap or third wheel hovering around her.

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Location : Spaceport/Shuttle | NPC : Mr.Zej | [member="Faith Organa"]

Makai wasn't sure if his father was right to send him off on this assignment. It was a potential to make new connections in the area, expand the corporation into different territories. Dad mentioned the potential for supplying the government but warned most companies would be vying to do the same. He was accompanied by Mr.Zej, family friend and head of salvage for Salacia Consolidated.

Meaty hand came to rest on his shoulder, giving a squeeze.

"You're going to do fine Makai. This is good practice and I'm here to keep you in line." Mr.Zej grinned, giving the teenage boys shoulder a little shake. "Going to salvage with me on your break?"

Makai and Mr.Zej moved into the shuttle that would take them to the surface. Security seemed tight, movement limited to the planet. He supposed it made some sense, wasn't the Queen of Alderaan giving this dinner? If something happened to the sector it would throw the area into unrest.

"I think so. Dad is still working on the energy project on Lowick, don't know if he wants me to see that. Of course I'll have to visit Mom but I should have enough time."

The two men took their seats, the shuttle lurching towards the surface.
The Slave meandered into the hall, his identity fortified under the new alias ‘Paxton Bon’, Senator of Lorrd under The Dominion. It wasn’t a total lie, after all, he did hold significant power amongst the senate there and certainly was a notable figure; but it wasn’t truly who he was. Still, for the sake of representation and keeping up a reputation, he walked from the ferry into the main hall that held the various pleasantries of the night.

He made sure to take note where the guards stood, just incase something went south. Judging by the supposed attendees, it wasn’t outright insane to think something might, as too many people in one place with ambitions and a weapon or two could be a bad deal for those unprotected. Still, he was hardly ever without some sort of defence, but who was to say where he was keeping it?

A quick, and discreet, huff of spice and he was good to go; quickly finding a place amongst the various crowds. He was a charismatic individual, a silver tongue deviled in an alabaster pale young man; and with each syllable he ushered in another person to partake in whatever story he had made up to blend in. These people weren’t gullible, per say, but they perhaps weren’t used to someone without an identity of their own taking on a new one.

Suffice to say, without having to get a story straight you found it easier to slide into this new persona.

Discreetly however, he kept an eye on the entrance, ever careful to watch for a guest of significance approach. He wouldn’t miss a chance to meet someone of interest tonight, especially someone powerful in their own right.
He was already bored these formal dinners were torture all the talking, and smiling till your face hurt. Gah! He pulled on his jacket and checked himself in the mirror he wore what he was told for these things. A soft groan a roll of his eyes and Theo headed to the door.

There were noises and smells rising from the lower levels Theo stopped and took a deep whiff, "ohh" his stomach grumbled when had he eaten last. Theo started walking again headed for the back steps from this level to the kitchens. He ran down the stairs, "CHEF NAN" he called out as he entered looking around, 'Oh mon cher" he purred as the woman who could satisfy his hungry stomach appeared, "I'm starved and this" his hands passed over trays of food, "is making it worse, I need a snack"

Chef Nan a portly woman who loved to cook and eat her own cooking laughed at the Prince he was a charmer for certain and the staff often gave into his whims and flights of fantasy. The Chef pulled a tray from the oven, "get a plate Theo can't have you passing out from hunger now can we"

"No Mam" he smiled brightly having secured a few morsels.

"Your sister was here you might want to share" Nan had already scolded the staff reminding them of who paid their salaries and that the next time to always ensure none of the family left the kitchen empty handed.

Theo laughed, " treasures....Chef Nan you wound could I possibly part with one single bite of such delights. No. It is best that I eat them all myself"

Chef Nan started to withdraw the tray, "Theo Vereen"

His shoulders for a moment sunk as he played his trump card, "well if you give me a few extra I'll be sure she gets them."

By time Theo left the kitchen his plate was full, "Laira" he called out. His voice would carry but would she hear him.

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Amelia had remained on Alderaan for some time now, and while usually she would have had qualms about such an extended stay, this time she was preparing for something. Plans were being laid out, and as tiring as those preparations were, she could not turn down the invitation extended to her for a Gala being hosted by the Queen of Alderaan. House Syrush was still rebuilding, though with what she had planned, she was hopeful. A heavy sigh escaped from her lips as she stood there before the full mirror. The gown she wore was one of the last form fitting ones, many of the others she had become accustomed to having been spirited away by her daughter.

"That child..."

She hissed softly to herself as she smoothed her hand down over her hips, pushing away any wrinkled or raised fabric. She had slipped herself into the gown with ease, though lacking a few choice undergarments due to its tight fit. A soft smirk crossed her lips as she took a moment to turn to the side. Her yellow hues slowly slipped over her figure as she stood there, making sure that every seam and every bit of fabric was where it was supposed to be before she cleared her throat.

"Knight-Errant Lassiter. When you're done drooling my dear, please come help me with this zipper."

Amelia flashed her yellow hues to the young woman, teasing her softly as she did with each of the members of her personal squad. They were all hand picked, and Amelia by chance had ended up handing picking a squad nearly entirely comprised of women. She smirked as she turned to the approaching guardswoman, her arm slipping under her hair to lift it up and out of the way as she listened to the zipper slowly slipping up.

"Mhmm, thank you."

The woman said with a soft smirk while looking into the mirror. She knew full well that the young woman was rather flustered, and the smirk upon her lips only grew as she chuckled to herself.

"Oh if my daughter were here. She'd scold me for teasing."

She whispered before taking one last look at her appearance, only to notice something was missing. Of course, that's what it was, she thought to herself before slipping to the large dresser. Her eyes falling upon the box that sat atop as her slender fingers ran over the worked wood. Slipping the lid open, her yellow hues fell upon the ornate dagger within.


She spoke before carefully removing the sheathed dagger, pairing it with a belt that matched the gown before putting it into place. She made sure it was easy enough to get to, though she knew that it was more a badge to show her position, than meant to offer a threat. Running her fingers over the sheathed dagger, she nodded before slipping away.

"Come, its time."

Amelia said before slipping out of the room, followed by the two guards-women that had been stationed in the room with her. As she moved down the hall, her own nagging would begin as she let out a heavy sigh. "Good Evening Knight-Captain Krig."

"Good Evening Knight-Commander, however I must protest to your attending. This Gala is going to be filled with enemies. Sith, Criminals. What was the Queen thinking!?"

"Knight-Captain Krig. To speak so boldly of the Queen decision. Though between just us, I am also worried about tonight. It should be a night of pleasantries, and there's already more than enough security."

"My apologies Knight-Commander. Your safety is our priority."

"I understand my dear Knight-Captain. All you need tonight is to stand around and look pretty... So just like any Taungsday."

As the door hissed open she was glad that there was a covered canopy over the speeder, the sun barely caressing her, though the light was enough to cause her to squint and sigh heavily. As quickly as she could, she'd slip into the waiting speeder, followed by a couple members of the Sigma Praetorian, while others took the lead and following vehicle. In a few hours time the Countess of House Syrush would be arriving at the Gala, ready to mingle with everyone that it would bring.

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The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
Dark clouds have gathered over Alderaan and the hour of judgement was upon them for HK was in attendance at the ball, the harbinger of annoyance and master of selfishness, plus chances were someone was going to start a fight and HK usually got involved by egging others on to escalate things even further, last time he came to one of those things he saw the "Emperor" from the Remnant get punched, and although that was a lie, HK claimed that he saw him cry as well.

Either way the droid was by one of the tables, just killing some time by pushing an appetizer around with one of his fingers, watching other guests with his other two faces. Yeah, he had three faces now, because he decided that he was above having to limit himself to humanoid or human-friendly design, so when it came time to forge himself another Phrik body, he just went nuts with it.

HK was there actually on behalf of the Metal Lords, as the machines spread across the Galaxy in their pursuit of whatever they were pursuing, for some reason they seemed to gravitate towards Corellia, or at least its broken husk known as Brokellia, as on numerous occasions their fleets would venture close to the sector right off of Coalition space and linger there for some time before jumping away once more. Although most of them would rather to remain mysterious, out of anyone's contact, hidden among the Deep Space, HK thought it would be a good exercise to meet with the neighbors from time to time, plus he knew the Queen and her consort personally.

Oh and the machine was clad in ceremonial durasteel and bronzium armor, with his usual black cloak wrapped around him, and within his metal body there was hidden his training lightsaber, just in case something came up.
Many names and titles had been associated with Abyss during his life. The Mindeater, The Ascended, Last Knight of the One Sith and a few others. Yet the only two that mattered today were not on the list of well known monikers he had carried. The Prophet of Malachor, formerly at least and now the Prophet of Katarr. Prophet in this case had little to do with his gift of foresight, but was merely a title chosen to represent his rule over the quite anarchistic people of Katarr and Malachor without making him a king or something similarly ridiculous. He was the leader of a small fringe society, refugees from the free Cities of Malachor. To not lose another world, and years of work, he needed allies, or at least people not either hostile or absolutely indifferent to them, something he meant to archive at this dinner. Also representative of an outcast society that left their world to evade oppression by the sith sounded a little bit better than Sith Lord with a hand in drug dealing, slave trade and arms smuggling.

It had Abyss taken quite a while to pick his appearance for today, but after several semi satisfying illusion spells he simply decided to go as himself, an empty metal armor hollow to the core and only kept together by the dark side. Where a normal man would've had a face was a wooden mask above a metal skull, with two black holes where his eyes once had been. His strange steel body was shrouded in a simple black robe, masking his twisted outside at least partially.

His entrance into the dinner had been silent and unseen. He could do things with quite the showmanship if he saw the need to, but he neither wanted to impress nor terrify the other guests. So he had entered shrouded in darkness, invisible to the naked and eye and just a slight, faint echo for those gifted in the force. In a corner of the room he allowed his optical cloak to fade, the Prophet seemingly appearing out of nothingness. Yet he continued to keep his presence contained. Since his ascend above the chains of flesh it had become quite distinctive and quite unsettling to most. All sith served the darkness, but his aura was pure, without any shade of grey diminishing the dark of his essence. There in the corner he stood, motionless and silent. He was aware that he looked quite terrifying to many, so ever the deceptive diplomat he remained, waiting to be approached instead of opening up an dialogue with anyone.
Once Marcus got his fill of the scenery he made his way across the bridge towards the Castle. He strolled across it with purpose but little speed. For the moment he was just enjoying the moment. When he did finally reach the entrance Marcus smiled pausing to take a look around and at who had arrived already. Marcus passed by some small groups of people, noticed a few trays floating around the room, and the decor before he snagged a glass of something he didn't recognize but would try anyways.

After a minute Marcus looked around for the host figuring it would be rude to not introduce himself and pay his respects. More than that he was just entertaining a mild curiosity about their bold host. So far he was sure there were at least two other Sith in the room but from what he could remember Sith were not very welcome in this part of the galaxy. Something about them being evil or some such nonsense.

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The Quick Credit set down with a soft thud on one of the landing pads of the designated spaceport. Dexen appeared on the ramp as it lowered, permitting the man to set foot on the smooth surface of the pad, most likely made of durasteel. IG-456 stared down at the man from inside the ship, a hint of malevolence present by the feeling in the air around him. "I've said it an innumerable amount, but I really mean it this time; You are an idiot, Master. What kind of wanted crime lord goes to a respectful dinning event hosted by the people who own the faction he is wanted by." He hissed through a mechanical audio emission. The native Alderaanian smirked at the vehemently befuddled droid, straightening his black dinner jacket with an emerald tie. "The kind that's lookin' to make a business deal right under 'ere noses. Other syndicates were invited to the event, why not me?" Yash questioned to nobody in particular.

If the droid could roll its eyes, it probably would've right then, because a second later the assassin droid disappeared into the ship, the boarding ramp retracting into its sealed position. Dexen bent over to pretend to fix the shoelaces on his dress shoes, discreetly checking a holstered DT-12 attached to his ankle, which he had placed there for protection, other people more dangerous than him would be in attendance. Once he was finished, he stood up and made his way through the port until he found the speeder that would transport him, the invitation that he had received labeled him as 'a representative of Balmorran Arms', which is where he sliced into the system to get it. Nobody would question him, just shrugging him off as another guest.

While he seated himself, the door sealed shut with a hiss and they were off to get him to the gala.
"I'm sure the children are both in the palace somewhere probably raiding the kitchens." Faith stepped towards Draco, "We have guests HK and Alexander have both arrived I look forward to seeing him again." Faith began walking slowly towards the stairs that would take her down to the gallery, dining room, and ballroom. She looked over at Draco she knew from watching him that he was not happy about this.

"I would like to talk to the member of the Sith that have come I'd like to see what they think about there being an influence left behind by the One Sith. There are only a few and I would think you could handle them quite easily. The same with the Crime Lords they may possess information on who is financing the anarchists in our region. Then there are the legitimate businesses Alderaan could use a few contracts for goods and services. So this dinner will keep the family busy, Theo and Laira have been given their duties, and we have ours. " She smiled she had given this some thought and either she has opened a can of worms or found a way to deal with unrest.

They were down the stairs standing in the great hall Faith nodded, "Good Evening everyone, welcome so glad you could all make it. Did you enjoy the view coming in? The Juran Mountains offers such stunning vistas." She looked at the faces not sure of what names went with who, it was then that the trays began to arrive from the kitchen and the emerald wine, and Coruscant champagne began to be poured.

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[member="Draco Vereen"] and anyone else and please no fighting
The Warlord followed his Queen, keeping within arms reach of her, "I don't know much about them. I'm not sure they are here for whatever reason." Appearing in the a ballroom past the security was poor form and head counts were easy, having an additional person no one from the security teams had seen wasn't hard to spot especially given his appearance; it belayed an intent to cause trouble that was unmistakable. Having been dealing with Sith Assassins for a very long time, Draco could pierce the veil of all but a few esoteric and exotic forms of illusions and concealments used by the Force and even many formed by technology. His eyes could adjust and with a little effort, he could see all but a handful, including this one. Given how taxing light bending was on a being, only a few could sustain it for prolonged periods of time it was simple to judge the rough skill, at least a knight with bad intentions. Draco offered him a simple wave from across the grand chamber.

"Laira isn't good with performing anything involving responsibility just yet. She'll get there, but you know how she is." The young redhead was all about her freedom and lack of responsibility to anyone but herself. She was a good person in that when she saw people in need it was her instinct to run towards the danger to see others through it, but she was not one willing to be told what to do. Sometimes he felt like if he said something she would do the opposite just to spite him and Faith, even if she had wanted to do what they said originally. "I still think we should see if Theo wants to train and be Knighted. He has the stomach for it if he wanted to. Then we could make him do the security for things like this." Draco grinned at Faith as he spoke about their children.

"Don't worry, most Sith understand a few things me and our, wow, HK has three faces now." Draco stopped paying attention to the Sith being and turned his eyes towards the Droid that Faith and Draco had spent several long afternoons speaking with. The Droid was sentient and a proper ally, good in battle and decent enough conversationally for Draco's taste. "How is everything with you, and the new model? I might have need of you in a moment for a security matter." He jabbed his chin towards the Sith posturing in the corner, but otherwise didn't bother with acknowledging its presence. "I'm glad you could make it out."

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The Doctor exited her transport once she arrived at the dinner location in the Juran Mounains. It was already bustling with activity. The knights and Royal personnel that saw to the royal couple's safety saluted smartly to the Minister of Medicine. Rashae was perhaps a tad late but that was by design. Her gown was stunning on her figure. It also hid a recent wound she had acquired from a sniper. Hopefully she was able to hide that from the royal family. Her past was catching up with her.

She was quite alone this evening and without escort. Her expression was undaunted, focused and determined to make a good showing for the royal family. The cloak off and collected by that those serving in that capacity the raven haired beauty moved down the hall and to the landing where guests were announced. There was a short quiet discussion with the Master of Ceremonies before it was announced.

“Her Ladyship, Viscount Rashae Lovous, Minister of Medicine. “ In a booming voice to cut through the din.

Rashae stood at the landing in repose for a few moments strategically as the throng would get their fill in. There was an ever present slight polite smile that was well honed, well practiced. The doctor was exquisite and breathtaking in her own right. After those few moments, she started her way into the room in an unhurried stately pace. Ignoring all other guests, the Viscount would present herself to the royal couple of course as she curtsied most gracefully.

“Your Majesty, My Lord. I am ever so glad to be here for this occasion. Everything looks lovely. “ Luckily the wound was at her shoulder which did not mar the curtsy. The right shoulder was moving a tad stiffly.

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Arken Lussk

Thrills, Chills, and Kills
The invitation to this little gala was quite unexpected. Nearly halfway across the galaxy and people were already reaching out to touch the young, newly christened executive. It had been hard business, but once you got some formal branding and advertisement on the HoloNet then you were set for quite some time. Basing some of his most recent successes from such a thing, Arken surely hoped he'd been summoned here to foster a more... close relationship with the leadership of the Coalition.

Of course, business was not all on his mind.

Dressed to the nines in a sharp suit, Arken's freighter touched down promptly at the starport. A few finishing touches including a spritz of cologne, a comb through his hair, and a spot check saw that he was quite ready to depart and go.

"Stay with the ship, Jarv. Make sure nobody steals my stuff." Arken called back as he started down the landing ramp.

The droid nodded nonchalantly, sending his master a curt wave.

Nearly instantly, friendly guards welcomed him to the Juran mountains and he was promptly escorted to where the festivities would be occurring.
Alexander waited while others talked and shared small bits of news from Alderaan and the galaxy around it. Much of what Eshan got these days was secondhand knowledge and public records from the holonet which commonly only told the view of the galaxy through a clouded lens. He was curious to hear news from the lips of people and even more curious as to if those events would come to effect Eshan as a whole. Certainly with the Mandalorians gaining ground once more and the Free World Coalition nearby, things were going to be interesting, but there was also the curious matter of smaller groups reaching out. Whispers about Commenor, something about Kalee, tidbits worth their weight.

He was distracted when a voice rang out, filling the hall and he turned to look at [member="Faith Organa"]. The greeting was simple and nothing out of the ordinary for these kinda of dinners. He watched the woman for a moment until her words were done before turning back to the others. He itched to be moving about again, talking to people and making connections to sway things. It was a habit from the past when he was put in places like this but tonight was simply a moment to relax and enjoy the party he had been invited to.

He hoped that he had not forgotten something, hoping that this was not for some special occasion. He was so scatter brained that this could be a birthday celebration and not even realize it. He was certain it wasn't but he wasn't certain there was some other reason that he had forgotten. He had to shrug off the thought though, ignoring it and smiling as one of the guests addressed him and asked what he thought of the mountaintop retreat.


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
[member="Draco Vereen"], [member="Faith Organa"], [member="Darth Abyss"],

HK nodded over to Draco and Faith, picking up their presence on one of his faces, taking a break from pushing one of the appetizers around on a table as they approached him,

"Well you know the usual, joining battles, making some coins off of it. I actually managed to find other droids who are banding together, we took some interest in old Corellia, it is something I wished to talk to both of you about today or in the near future."

At the mention of the new body and the Sith HK nodded,

"Yes, back on Atrisia I became surrounded one of Dominion droid's tried to get around me to shoot at the back of my head, I decided to forge new body with better vision of my surroundings to prevent that. Plus I have a gift of taunting my opponents into rage and make mistakes, you should have seen me on Chiloon Rift, I cam there to hunt some Sith alongside Dominion soldiers, but I did not pass up opportunity to poke fun at the Dominion's expense, it got to the point that Dominion soldier actively teamed up alongside Sith to fight me so I would shut up and in his frustration started to cry. I figured I could make things even worse with three mouths instead of one. And yes, I saw the Sith."

The droid's head spun as each face took a glance towards Abyss before one finally focused back on Draco,

"Jerking around in that corner. If my scanners are right it is Darth Abyss, I have a trick against his kind if he does something, so I can help out if it comes to it."
Taryc was used to landing on Alderaan and going to train with the Knights. Tonight, however, was a different occasion, and she found herself in what amounted to a dress uniform with her sword at her side, and en route in an official Firemane transport to the spaceport. From there, she was to be carried over to the palace with the rest of the guests that were arriving a tad late.

That was not intentionally her way, but it tended to happen more often than not. Plan a battle, and Taryc would be as early as possible. Spend just as much time planning a party, however, and inevitably she would be late. As the transport descended to the spaceport from the Firemane corvette in orbit, Taryc tugged at her belt, position her sword for a good draw, despite the thing being peace tied. She waited by the door, and when it opened, she descended and walked the few yards to the waiting transport.

[member="draco vereen"] [member="faith organa"]

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