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Per the great Neri Rashal Neri Rashal , it's time.

As previously promised, every six months we'll be looking to do a small time hop forward. This hinges on having enough events that influenced the board to make a timeline update.

Here's where you, our lovely members, come in. We need events, you know what happened. Member submissions of events that influenced tides and times on the board are necessary for a timeline update to be made. Without enough that have weight, we will bump this down the road another six months and do a slightly larger time jump then.

Please include:
Name of Event
Link to thread/s
The Major Players

An overview of what happened, including if possible farther reaching effects

These should be things that affected more than one faction, or large scale public events with many participants. Submission doesn't promise inclusion in the next timeline update, but the more far reaching the event is, the more people involved and impacted, the more likely it will be.

Please post major events using the template above for the previous six months.
Space Daddy Carni-Boi
Name of Event: The Siege of Mandalore
Link to thread/s:

The Major Players:
  • The Sith Empire
  • The United Mandalorian Clans
An overview of what happened, including if possible farther-reaching effects:
  • The Sith Empire, monitoring the mounting losses the Mandalorian Clans were suffering at the hands of the Silver Jedi and Confederacy of Independent Systems, launches a surprise attack on Mandalore to forcibly take the system and as much Mandalorian territory as they could to deny the Jedi from occupying it
  • Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Sith warships and landing craft pour into the Mandalore and Concord Dawn systems, immediately engaging Mandalorian defenses and punching a hole through Mandalore's planetary shield
  • Leading the charge on Mandalore, the Sith Emperor Darth Carnifex makes planetfall through a deadly web of orbital defenses and atmospheric flak
  • As more of the Sith forces make landfall around the capital Sundari, Carnifex advances into the city by himself and breaches the Sundari Palace
  • There, he engages Yasha Cadera and Kaine Australis in a fight, grievously wounding the former and causing the latter to retreat
  • Due to dead-man triggers tied to both Yasha and Australis' vital signs, both of which momentarily goes dark, high-powered explosives that were hidden beneath the Sundari Palace detonate and destroy the Sundari Palace
  • Though surviving the explosion, the Sith Emperor is left grievously wounded and set upon by opportunistic Sith before what remains of the Palace collapses into the Beskar mines beneath the city
  • Simultaneously, the battle between the Sith and the Mandalorians grinds into a brutal stalemate without either side managing to break the deadlock
  • The battle rages on for the better part of a week, casualties mounting as the sky above Mandalore becomes clogged with broken and burning ship hulks, before a second Sith force arrived in-system to reinforce the first
  • Pushed to the breaking point, whatever remains of the Mandalorian defenses flee the system as Mandalore falls to the Sith Empire
  • For the first time in post-Darkness history, the homeworld of the Mandalorians has fallen under the boot of the Sith; rectifying Darth Moridin's failure to take the planet nearly a quarter of a century prior
  • The Empire implemented harsh reprisals against the Mandalorian people, outlawing their language, declaring the Resol'nare an illegal ideology, and gradually eroding cultural and societal norms through systematic depopulation and the influx of Imperial colonists into the systems once held firmly by the now dis-united Clans
  • Mandalorian Clans who had sided with the Empire against their own people were given a position of privilege in the new order, granted lands that had been confiscated from disloyal clans, and allowed to maintain their cultural beliefs on these isolated reservations
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ᴡᴀʀ'ꜱ ᴄᴜꜱᴛᴏᴅɪᴀɴ
Name of Event: The Rise of the Bryn'adûl
Link to thread/s:

The Major Players:
  • The UCM
  • The CIS
  • The Bryn'adûl
  • The Silver Jedi
  • Following nearly ten years of preparation, the Bryn'adûl launches a small operation during the hostile takeover of Eshan by the Mandalorians to cripple their enemies and draw attention away from deep space by sabotaging both sides.
  • The Bryn'adûl destroy Eshan Government buildings and fake an assassination attempt on the life of Kaine Australis and subsequently make the avoidance of conflict between the Mandalorians and Echani impossible, thusly leading to the Orbital Bombardment of Eshan. This leads to a chain of events that draw the Sith Empire and Confederacy attention to toward the Inner Rim.
  • The Bryn'adûl launches a second attack as many forces were drawn to Eshan as predicted, the Bryn'adûl Warriors set out by capturing a Silver Jedi Destroyer and crashing it into the planet, consequently devastating the planet and killing thousands with their devious plan. However this is a costly plan for both sides as the combat rages on throughout desolate Eshan, the Bryn'adûl make their exit.
  • Following this the Bryn'adûl returned to secrecy, intergalactic destroyers born from the fruit of the Galaxies darkest nightmares, they vanished.
  • This bides time for the growth of the Bryn'adûl and their eventual expansion on the edge of Deep Space.
  • At the command of the Bryn'adûl Chieftain, throughout the last two years the Bryn'adûl have begun a savage campaign across Deep Space, silencing system after system and wiping out entire Planetary Populaces in a Genocidal Crusade against all life but their own.
  • Only now has rumour began to spread of speculative reasoning's as to why silence has fallen over these Sectors. However, it is already too late.
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Name of Event: Resistance Reborn
Link to Thread/s:
The Major Players:
  • Outer Rim Coalition/Outer Planets Alliance
  • The Sith Empire
  • Agents of Chaos
  • The Thyrsian Hierarchy
  • Concerned by increased Sith Imperial presence in former First Order territory and reports of the Sith Emperor's obsession with ancient force artifacts, Outer Rim Coalition guerillas mount a successful surgical strike on the Sith base at Dreypa's Peak. While the Coalition is only able to obtain limited intel on Sith fleet movements, much insight is gained into the Emperor's artifact recovery program. Damage inflicted repelling the invaders' renders Dreypa's Peak inoperable temporarily breaking the Empire's iron grip over Rhen Var and the surrounding sector.
  • Determined to send a clear and resounding message throughout the Outer Rim that resistance will not be tolerated, Emperor Zambrano launches the full might of his forces to raze the Coalition moon of Pantora. Despite a valiant stand by planetary defense and local resistance Pantora's capital is left mostly in ruins and surviving rebel ships are forced to retreat to nearby Sisio. The Sith armada rampages across Wild Space before withdrawing to their home territory.
  • Alerted to startling developments concerning the artifact excavated from Rhen Var, Coalition mystics receive rare assistance from the Aing-Tii and a small strike team is transported into the heart of the Emperor's classified superweapon program. While the rebels are unable to dismantle the project, a brave few escape with schematics of the Sith planet killer.
  • Rallying what resistance remains in Coalition territory, a rag tag fleet stands against the mighty Sith armada over the planet killer's first target: Sisio. In the face of overwhelming odds rebel commandos use their obtained schematics to exploit a weakness in its design, boarding the facility and overloading its generators before it can fire. With his greatest prize lost and Coalition reinforcements massing Darth Carnifex orders a strategic withdrawal.
  • Outraged by what they perceive as Coalition hypocrisy Chaos worshiping radicals take advantage of political unrest on Zonju V to seize hostages and demand an ORC withdrawal. The Verdict, flagship of the Judges, is first to respond and Coalition enforcers launch a brutal assault on the occupied royal palace along with Sun Guard mercenaries. Most hostages are freed but there is some loss of life and the Mad King is deposed although his co-conspirators' escape offworld after boarding and sabotaging the Verdict.
  • Unrest is on the rise as the Core Worlds grow increasingly unstable and a Sith Empire looms ever larger on the horizon. Many systems sympathetic to the Coalition see recruitment surges and growing populist support begins to transform the old Rebel Underground into a new Outer Planets Alliance. One of these flashpoints is Faldos, a border world with strong pro-Alliance and pro-Imperial sentiment as well as a growing isolationist party. Eager to sabotage this new revolutionary movement in its infancy Sith operatives vie with OPA radicals for the hearts and minds of a dusty little backwater amidst the changing face of war.
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