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Approved Species Tihtasa Hita - Spark Bug

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  • Name: Tihtasa Hita - Spark Bug
  • Designation: Non-sentient
  • Homeworld: Indoumodo
  • Language: No language
  • Average Lifespan: 6 monthes
  • Estimated Population: Planetary
  • Description: At first, second, and third glance, the Tihtasa Hita look much like an unassuming tiny beetle. To anyone looking at the small brown bugs, they would appear to be a nuisance at first, although they might notice a faint blue glow coming from their underbellies.
  • Breathes: Type I
  • Average height of adults: 7 mm
  • Average length of adults: 4 cm
  • Skin color: Dark brown
  • Hair color: No hair
  • Distinctions: Besides looking, at first glance, like any generic little beetle, the Tihtasa Hita do not have many distinctive features, but they were designed that way. Body length wings help them fly around, and their underbellies will slightly glow blue when they are doing the job they were designed to do.
  • Races: No other races
  • Strengths:
  1. The Tihtasa Hita are bred for one purpose, and one purpose alone, and that is to absorb energy. Their preferred source of energy are the power cells that are the backbone of modern technology, but if needed and they are starving, they will start draining and absorbing the bio-electricity of a creature's nervous system
  2. The Tihtasa Hita are small and innocuous, designed to be non-threatening in any way and generally beneath a being's notice, allowing them easy access to the power cells they crave
  3. The only other thing the Tihtasa Hita have been designed to do is breed incredibly fast, their gestation rate in their eggs accelerated through Sith alchemy
  4. Tihtasa Hita have the ability to fly like many beetles, making them rather hard to actually hit
  • Weaknesses:
  1. Because of their size, the Tihtasa Hita are not hard to kill at all once you hit it. A smack from a roll of flimsi can be enough to kill them
  2. While they can feast on just about any power source, anything emitting powerful radiation will outright kill them
  3. Force Light and other direct applications of the light side will kill them
  4. Because of their increased gestation and aging rates, they can only live a few short months.
  • Diet: Energy Sources
  • Communication: Pheromone system
  • Technology level: No technology level
  • Religion/Beliefs: No religion or belief system
  • General behavior: Tihtasa Hita are simple creatures, even for Sithspawn. They have been designed to locate and find modern power sources, and when they do, they will begin absorbing as much energy as they can before sucking the power source dry. Many that can be found are drones, with females remaining in the nests to lay eggs and drain the bio-electricity of the drones nearing death.

The creation of the Tihtasa Hita had been a curiosity creation for the Lady of Secrets, something more to amuse herself with after hearing the story of some power-consuming microbe on some distant planet. The idea had caught her fancy, and she figured she could adapt something similar into a new Sithspawn. Capturing several common carrion beetles, she began twisting them through Sith alchemy into a brand new form.

Tiny and inconspicuous, the new beetle was, while not as insidious as a microbe, no less something that most people would not even think about when they realized their gear or ship was not working properly. The Tihtasa Hita were adapted to survive on electrical energy alone, artificial or bio-electric, able to absorb it by being in proximity to the device. Their breeding habits were enhanced, easily allowing entire swarms to be borne in a short time.
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