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This gunna be difficult

Mercury Zealot

Monstrocity of Moross - Deceased
I've given up all hope on finding a picture that resembles my custom species. So, I'm going to ask if there is a skilled artist out here that could develop something for me.

The bare bones of what I'd like to see, is this: http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2011/207/3/7/portrait_of_a_black_dragon_2_by_kokodriliscus-d41p6ki.jpg

Without eyes (You can remove them. What I would LOVE to see though, is if you can somehow turn the eye into three slits, so it looks like gills)

Longer horns to resemble tusks.

And somehow incorporate some kind of electricity-like energy in the background.

One last detail that isn't necessary is if the orange glow could be turned blue or just a cool color (as opposed to warm).

Is that at all doable?
King of Midvinter
@[member="Mercury Zealot"] - *cracks knuckles* Challenge... :cool: ...accepted.
King of Midvinter
@[member="Lilith Mae Lancaster"] - Honestly? I just looked up a couple of videos on da Yootoobs on the basic stuff - lighting, copy-pasting, colour-swapping, removing backgrounds, etc. The rest, I kinda learned on my own the more I experimented around with the program, with every request I got. Now I can do all teh stuffs! >:]