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Gilamar Skirata

Life before death. Journey before destination.
  • Intent: To create a group that fits the wildness and unpredictability of the Outer Rim, potential ORC Opposition, and a group that can be used to defend random locations
  • Image Credit: Endles Spave 2, Amplitude Studios, and Sega
  • Role: Mercenary Gang
  • Links: N/A
  • Group Name: The Vicks
  • Classification: Mercenary Gang
  • Headquarters:
  • Loyalties: None
  • Description: The Vicks are your typical space thugs, can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. Nobody really knows where they get their funding from, but as far as Merc groups go they are pretty well equipped...Sometimes. It seems like whoever is funding them is only giving them a sprinkle of credits. Sometimes they'll roll up on you with Bloodsteel plated cruisers, sometimes they'll run out of ammo mid-fight and give up. Yeah, we've got a lot of them behind bars, but they rotate in and out pretty often. The rare occasion that we have to get into scraps with them its usually because they've been throwin' their weight around a little too hard to ignore. But generally they keep the pirates at bay on some worlds, and pay for their drinks so I'm not complainin' too much. The one thing that distinguishes them though is their armor. Always black and red. Kinda looks like old One Sith armor to me, but other people tell me I'm crazy.
Hierarchy: The peckin' order of the Vicks is pretty simple. You've got whoever is throwin' them credits, then they've got a couple commanders, and under them they've got captains, and then there's everyone else.
  • Dogma/Doctrines: Credits. Credits. Credits. They're simple that way. Doesn't keep them honest by any means, but at least you know it ain't personal with them. They're a big group, they ain't got enough leadership and man power to keep up any one kind of ideology and whatnot. They just want credits, and I haven't heard of a job they won't do.
  • Goals: I already told ya! They just wanna get paid at the end of the day.
So, they've got more than a few commanders and captains, but I'll try to break down the ones I know by name.

So first there's Jaar'a. Don't know where he came from, don't know what he is, but whatever hellhole he climbed out of didn't bother him none. He's a captain, though he don't act like it. He don't talk much and he never drinks any booze which also means he's good at keepin' his men in line when they roll through. He's a real nice guy but from the stories I've heard he'd rip ya in half in a second if you so much as scratched his comrades' armor. Lucky me, I just serve drinks.

Next up is Tess, err...Tessera, don't tell her I called her that. She might look pretty under that armor (I don't know, she never takes her helmet off even though the sign says to!!), but she's one hell of a soldier. Rumor has it she was Mandalorian, is Mandalorian? Who knows anymore. I'M Mandalorian! But I digress. She's one helluva shot and probably one of the more respected Commanders of the Vicks. She's reeeal no nonsense and doesn't care for goofin' around. Prolly why I don't see her much in here. She's also one of the more predictable and less cruel members of the Vicks. She's a professional, to the Core.

Last but not least is Nul. This one's special. Rage on steroids, always 0-100 with this guy. He's not nice, so don't try to talk to him, and rumor has it he used to be a Sith Knight...Or maybe he was part of the Blackblade guard for that Vornskr guy. Either way he's bad news. Things and people literally start flyin' all over the bar whenever he shows up. Somethin' always pisses him off. He's got a glowing cybernetic eye, but as far as anyone knows it ain't nothin' special. his lightsaber, we don't have a no weapons policy so...Make sure he keeps that red glowstick in his pants for me, eh?
Force Sensitive: Dark Side, Knight Level; Push/Pull/Repulse, Lightning, Force Speed, Forms I-V

Alright, that's all I got on the Vicks, now you gonna buy me a drink or somethin' or naw?

The Vicks are a mercenary gang that operate out of the Outer Rim world of Kal'Shebbol. When they started is relatively unknown, but their rise to prominence in the Outer Rim territories dates back to the end of the Sith Empire. Believed to have been revitalized by a wealthy Sith Lord who just wanted to hide away in luxury for the rest of his days, the Vicks shifted from a random occurrence to notorious merc gang in less than a decade. Their exploits have been both heroic and villainous as the group has no expressed type of job or limit they won't do or cross. Because of this and the lack of a true centralized government in the Outer Rim, even within the collection of worlds that make up the Outer Rim Coalition, they are generally left alone and trusted enough to be hired on a regular basis by member worlds and various stations to defend from marauders and pirates, though their prices can run on the expensive side for private farmers and settlers. Many Judges have called for action against the group that are little less than glorified thugs, but whoever is funding them has kept the Judges at bay with various tactics and political movements. They seem to have no qualms about who, or what, they hire so long as the job gets done.
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Okay so I'm fine with just about all of this except for the Nul part, which has two things that need addressed:
  • Sensitive, not sensetive
  • Please list out what powers he has

Gilamar Skirata

Life before death. Journey before destination.
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weird...don't know how that happened since nothing I linked or had in my clipboard was a link to the Kad page of the Wookie but its edited
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