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  1. Balun Vale

    LFG  Friends, Mentors, Rivals and more

    Hi there everyone, I am looking to get Balun out there and interact with the rest of the Galaxy. Currently, I'm a blank canvas and can be anywhere that public transport can take me. If anyone wants to thread or form some bonds, whether friendly or otherwise, let me know!
  2. Hilal Vizsla

    Private  Binary Opposition

    Location: Hilal's shop, Kestri Current Outfit "Okay...." Hilal muttered inserting the last screw into her watch. She finally did it, Hilal installed the combat A.I that she spent her free time trying to integrate into her systems. It took what felt like months to do so but Hilal was...
  3. K

    LFG  Looking for Jedi Opposition

    Hello friends. I am currently looking for Jedi Opposition for a thread. Karkosuchus and a small gang of marauders have been hired to enter into an abandoned Jedi outpost. They are looking for Jedi artifacts to sell on the black market within the temple itself or handing them over to the sith.
  4. Silas Westgard

    LFG  Paddy looking for opposition

    So, for the past few months I've been slowly doing training threads and interreacting with his fellow Jedi. Although, he's yet to really have much rivalry with a Sith just yet. That's why I'm seeing if any darksiders or beyond are interested in confronting a paddy. Right now, I'm pretty much...
  5. The Mongrel

    LFG  BotM Looking For Opposition

    Sarvchi and Copero Burn! As the Brotherhood of the Maw and the Galactic Alliance race to secure the key worlds of Chiss Space, countless civilians are caught in the middle. The Mawite warfleets have descended on the shipyards at Copero, the greatest in the Ascendancy, seeking to capture them...
  6. S

    LFG  Wanted: Sith Opposition

    A team of Mandos are going to hit up Malachor V for a potential siege and snare of a bunch of kyber. With it being former Sith territory, there'd likely be some remnants of them there. This siege would be great for pvp and pve battles, as well as a chance for Mandos to let off some much needed...
  7. Raona Cadera

    Approved NPC  Task Force Socorro

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create an antagonistic force fore rebel stuff Image Credit: Mark Molnar's Portfolio Role: Antagonist for the Corellian Confederation, Alliance in Exile, and any other faction trying to do rebel-like things on Corellia Links: Imperial Bloc Treaty Armada and...
  8. Gilamar Skirata

    Approved NPC  "The Vicks"

    [CENTER] OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a group that fits the wildness and unpredictability of the Outer Rim, potential ORC Opposition, and a group that can be used to defend random locations ​Image Credit: Endles Spave 2, Amplitude Studios, and Sega Role: Mercenary Gang Links...
  9. Taeli Raaf

    Kirjis iw Hadzuska (Order of Shadows) - NPC Opposition

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To codify the dark side NPC organization that will be a recurring antagonist for the GA ​Image Credit: Made by the ever talented [member="Tirdarius"] Role: Dark side organization Links: N/A GENERAL INFORMATION Group Name: Kirjis iw Hadzuska (High Sith for...
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