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The Ultimate Betrayal Idea Thread

Okay, so I have reached this conclusion in my head that Azekor has finally had enough. He can't hide the truth about Lexa's past from her anymore. I have an idea for a thread in which he will confront Lexa and tell her everything. Something so horrible, so PAINFUL, that even I, Lexa's creator, do not know what she will do.
I need some feedback from you guys. What should I do, and who would like to join Lexa for this terrible confession?
Alright. What should I DO, though? This is KILLING me people! Should Lexa turn to the Dark Side? Should she be forever in pieces? Should she kill the only person she ever considered family? WHAT SHOULD I DO???!!!! :blink:

Levi Hutch

I am not a smurf!
Here's some options:

1. Go insane. The truth hurts, some way more than others. Sometimes it is so piercing that it causes even the most strong-willed to shatter completely and break down. She could do this by either shutting everyone out or going on a killing rampage.

2. Join the sith. If in the case she does break down and go on a murder spree, a powerful sith lord might take notice. This could lead to her becoming a sith herself.

3. Seek guidance and solace from the jedi. In such pain as it will put her in, the jedi often have means to help calm and soothe the mind. After this process, she could either become a jedi, or stray back onto her own path.
I'm kind of liking the whole "go insane" thing...... :p
@[member="Morna Imura"] , @[member="Cronos Aegir"]
These two, however, might have something different to say about it....

Haven Pryde

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I see you're in need of a handkerchief, let me snatch one for you and then walk away...very quickly. ;) :p

Tricia Kalamack

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@[member="Lexa Kimene"] I was as well and then Val'ryss saved me and showed me something better. The sith are an empire but well. One does not talk about it. Suffice to say, if your choose to fall. Allow me to be there to catch you. There is a place where you can learn much.

Tricia Kalamack

Sleeps all day.... yawns all night
Such a shock to you will need to heal, we offer a place and family. The lords of Shadow are kind o their sisters. Come and dance with us Lexa, let us take away your pain as a new life opens to you.