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Approved NPC The Tiburons

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Out of Character Information
  • Intent: To create Coren Starchaser's personal unit, being used from the Galactic Alliance through the Outer Rim Coalition
  • Image Credit:
  • Role: Coren Starchaser's personal company
  • Links: Coren Starchaser, Sullust
General Information
  • Unit Name: The Tiburons
  • Affiliation: Outer Planets Alliance, Sullustan Home Guard
  • Classification: Special Forces
  • Equipment: Spirit of the Alliance, Sarcos Dropship, GA Shock Trooper Armor, various weapons found in the OPA
  • Description: The Tiburons are a unit of elite special forces troopers and pilots comprised of beings from various aspects of the Alliance Remnant and Underground. Assembled by General Coren Starchaser during the heyday of the Galactic Alliance, the Tiburons were as versed in strike fighter tactics, using a variety of craft, from Alliance, to Imperial, to Freelance designs, and asymmetrical combat techniques. Based off the Spear of the Alliance, and now working from the Liberator II class cruiser the Spirit of the Alliance, the team is used to hunt down Imperial units heckling allied worlds, of the Jedi, former Alliance, and Coalition. The pilots are also skilled in Underground and shock trooper tactics. Able to get onto a world by way of starfighters, the team are versed in heavy assault and strikes on ground targets.
Combat Information
  • Unit Size: Small
  • Unit Availability: Unique
  • Unit Experience: Elite
  • Combat Function: Strike Pilots and Shock Troopers
  • Strike Pilots - While a varied fighter unit, having worked together for the time that they have, the pilots know their roles and can complete a variety of strike tasks with precision.
  • Shock Troopers - The Tiburons are used for their tendency to follow the Coren Starchaser method of combat, find the biggest target, and eliminate it as cleanly as conditions allow
  • Strike Team - a team with limited numbers, the Tiburons are used in extreme circumstances and are thrown into hostile situations with only their own support
  • Scorched Earth - Armed with the specific purpose of striking the enemy, the Tiburons are not used to fighting on friendly territory and are known for causing more collateral damage than other Coalition units.
Historical Information: The Tiburons are the elite fighting force created by Coren Starchaser during the height of the Galactic Alliance. Serving first from the Strike Cruiser Tyrene and later from the Star Defender Spear of the Alliance. Created from the walks of life Coren Starchaser has served, smuggler, Imperial pilot, and shock trooper, the Tiburons echo all of these aspects to help defend the Galactic Alliance, then the Alliance in Exile, and most currently the Alliance Remnant, Sullustan Home Guard, and the Outer Rim Coalition. Serving from the Liberator II-class Cruiser Spirit of the Alliance, the Tiburons are formed of 16 pilot/soldiers. Built of a pair of Alliance XJ9 X-Wing, a pair of TIE Exalt a pair of Alliance Y-Wings, two Alliance B-Wings, two Alliance E-Wings, two Preybird Starfighter, two Cutlass 10 Patrol Fighters with the last two being rounded out by Coren and his apprentice.

The unit has served on multiple battlefields, ranging from the first strike on the One Sith controlled Coruscant, through until the events of Endgame on the same world. Designed and used primarily as a strike and shock trooper unit, the team has been seen as often in space combat operations as on the ground, assisting Alliance Pathfinders, Underground cells, and Coalition Partisans. Currently used to defend the Alliance Remnant within the Coalition's borders, the Tiburons shine when they can be launched into combat in hostile situations.
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[member="Coren Starchaser"] Alright! Sorry it took me so long. Stuff came up for end of semester, but I am here now. Let's take a look at what you got. Overall, you got a nice post here, but there are just a tiny few bit of things we need to take care of.

Coren Starchaser said:
If we could have some links added to important people and places, that would be great.

Coren Starchaser said:
Affiliation: Alliance Remnant, Sullustan Home Guard
Same here. Just add some links if they exist.

Other than that, you seem good to go. Equipment falls into the parameters. Same for the size and rank and availability. Just get those links in and we can move this on up for a second look.
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[member="Coren Starchaser"] Hey hey. So in Links, you would add any important people or whatnot as the template states you should, such as your own character and mayhaps a planet. Standard procedure. While Affiliation is for RP purposes, Links is for Out of Character purposes so we can link sources and creators together for ease of access. So if you could at the very least link yourself if it fits, we'll be good to pass this on up.
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Alright. After exuberant time passed on my own fault and the codex shut down, I can finally respond.

Everything here is good in terms of strengths and weaknesses, but unfortunately due to the format updates the site underwent, you need to relink the factory submissions and if desired add an image and that link. Once that is done, I'll do a final run-through and pass it on up for approval and such. Thank you for your patience and apologies for this taking so long to get done.
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Remove the links that are no longer in effect if the faction they were assigned to does not exist anymore, which you are implying it does not.

For the links that do work, if this NPC is still affiliated with those groups/those groups still exist, you can keep the AR and GADF links and we can move on for a second opinion from the higher-ups.

If those groups do not exist anymore, or if you wish to give this NPC entirely new gear from the market, or join a different faction, or just have them be your personal cadre unaffiliated with any group, you are welcome to do that as well. I hope this makes sense. If it does not, just let me know and I can check in with the others for what to do.
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