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Approved Species The Thraeda

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  • Intent: Create a species to revolve around an idea summarized in this post
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  • Canon: N/A
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  • Name: Singular: Thraed Plural: Thraeda Adjective: Thraedar
  • Designation: Sentient
  • Origins: Aed'a their homeworld in the Beratna galaxy
  • Average Lifespan: 130 years
  • Estimated Population: Rare
  • Description: The Thraeda are a very diverse group with many arguing that the species is actually made up of a dozen or so related species. Every Thraeda is near human and is on average of human height with a variety of skin, hair, and eye colors. Some groups of Thraeda have even been known to have more obvious physical mutations such as pointed ears, no ears at all, a flattened nose, elongated limbs, a thick tough hide, etc. but these Thraeda are significantly rarer.
  • Breathes: Type 1 and Type 2
  • Average Height of Adults: 1.71 meters
  • Average Length of Adults: N/A
  • Skin color: generic human colorations make up the bulk of Thaedar physical appearances but unique colorations and even patterns are not rare.
  • Hair color: blonde, brown, black, auburn, red, pink, blue, cyan, purple, green and variety of other colors
  • Distinctions: The Thraeda are a truly diverse group but what unites them all is their adaptability. Thraeda share a unique ability to express different genes within their genetic makeup as they grow up. Skin, hair, and eye pigments, height, muscle mass, bone density, the growth of additional organs or fortifying ones that already exist, all this genetic data is present in every Thraeda and subconsciously their body picks and chooses from this massive genetic cache to allow the Thraeda to adapt to whatever environment they are raised in making them the ultimate survivalists.
  • Races: The Thraeda are a confederation of dozens of unique cultures and subraces.

  • Force Sensitivity: Rare
  • Perfect Adaptation: Thraeda are able to adapt rapidly to their environments as they grow up. This is accomplished through a massive amount of unused genetic data stored within every Thraeda that the subconscious is able to sort through and express when young Thraeda come into some kind of environmental conflict. This ability to naturally adapt is severely hampered past the late teens requiring technology to assist the process to keep its efficiency through adulthood.
  • Designer Bodies: The Thraeda's unique ability has been harnessed by the Department of Bioengineers to allow for Thraeda to drastically alter themselves both for function or purely for aesthetic purposes using both their own genetic cache and new compatible genetic data the D.o.B is able to introduce to the Thraeda genome. They are however always limited to a humanoid form.
  • New Comers: The Thraeda are newcomers to the galactic stage. The Republic? Clone Wars? Empire? Sith? Jedi? These words mean nothing to them and the systems they were involved in less so.
  • Remnant of their Kind: Thraeda in our galaxy are few in numbers and are mostly consolidated on their colonization fleet.
  • Adaptive Damages: The Thraeda's unique ability to adapt is not all roses. Young Thraeda going through rapid adaptation often suffer from growing pains and are incredibly susceptible to sickness and injury during this time. Adult Thraeda also usually require technological assistance for their adaptations such as surgery, medical drugs, and a variety of therapy.
  • Diet: Omnivore
  • Communication: Most Thraeda speak Thraedar Universal, a constructed language blending aspects of all their native languages into one easy to learn and comprehend tongue able to describe and be utilized in every situation imaginable.
  • Technology level: Thraedar technology is rather different than their galactic counterparts but no less effective or deadly.
  • Religion/Beliefs: Aboard the U.T.N Totem of Discovery a simple philosophy has taken root: The Imperative Truths. A simple ideology promoting self-betterment, order, and devotion to one's family/group above oneself. These concepts are taken as law by those on the ship and going against them is viewed as potentially dangerous to the expedition.
  • General behavior: The Thraeda act similarly to how most humans do except with the added ability to change their appearance somewhat regularly with the right equipment.


The Thraeda had a rather average history on their harsh homeworld of Aed'a. Their early ancestors survived by adapting to anything that tried to kill them. Yet as agriculture slowly spread across the planet and communities began to solidify, their history truly diverges from the norm. In the early information age and the beginning of the Eugenics Conflict, a war lasting thirty years that tested the limit of Thraeda biological adaptiveness and bio-engineering. Super soldiers the likes would never be seen again raged mass conflict across their homeworlds surface tearing it apart in horrific shows of barbarism and in the name of the 'Ultimate Thraedar Genome" or Ultimism that believed in a perfect genetic code that all Thraeda should conform to. It was during this war that different nation-states would make contact with the first aliens, a small cargo ship that had strayed into their system in desperate need of fuel and supplies. It was only with the technology acquired from these strange beings that the free nations were able to push back the Thraedar Ultimists and create a peaceful coexistence between themselves.

These nations would go on to colonize the stars and join their local galactic community and its 'Jump Gate' network. A network of rings that used intense bursts of artificial gravity to catapult and carry ships from solar system to solar system. As the nations of Aed'a grew and their off-world colonies began to rival the homeworld the Thraedar people would unite into the Thraeder Interstellar Union. This Union would slowly grow into a prominent player on the galactic stage and help shape it for years to come. They found none like them, however, each and every being among the stars being so strange and different and unknowable that they found it difficult to truly connect with any of them. They would go on to continue to grow peacefully for a thousand years before they received something: a message. It was a video with a complete lack of audio, a humanoid man dressed in a thick black robe addressing a whole congregation of alien races, many of them humanoid, before they all applaud. The source of this message would ultimately be traced to a nearby galaxy and would shake the scientific world of the Thraedar. Perhaps this far off place was their home? They had found no fossil record of their own species past their current form, and many had speculated that they had come from off world. Perhaps they were once galactic travelers? In an unprecedented gathering of all representatives of the Thraedar Interstellar Union it would be decided that an expedition would be sent to this galaxy. A ship, the U.T.N Totem of Discovery would be built and the best and brightest were selected to undertake the greatest journey in their species recorded history.

In the time between galaxies the Thraeda onboard the Totem of Discovery has been ruled by a military government, the U.T.N or United Thraedar Navy which acted as the armed forces of the Thraedar Interstellar Union. This government has had the unsavory task of managing the population of the Thraeda, keeping it in manageable levels for the ship, as well as putting down two coup attempts that embroiled the ship in a small civil war. The first was led by a group who had lost hope in the mission, attempting a coup to turn the ship around and return to the Union. The second, and far more bizarre, was the rise of a cult who worshiped the empty void and demanded the ship stop its journey and convert itself into a cathedral. Both coup attempts were put down without a second thought as the Admirals who controlled the ship through the ages carried on their mission and slowly grew the abilities of their role and the U.T.N aboard the Spirit of Discovery to more effectively govern it, effectively turning it into a weak police state ruled entirely by the military in the name of temporary safety until they arrive at the new galaxy.

Now as the U.T.N Totem of Discovery approaches this new galaxy many wonder if the U.T.N will relinquish control. Some even hope that they don't, having grown accustomed and comfortable to the order and safety provided by the state. Only time will tell how the Thraeda will proceed in this strange new galaxy.
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Overall, this looks pretty unique. My only question is in regards to the "Jump Network" that is mentioned in the History. The reason I ask is because at first blush it seems a little like a "Hyper Gate" which is banned technology. While reading again it seems like you actually may be referring to something like an advanced version of a "Hyperspace Canon" which also used a sort of "sling shot" method. Is that correct?

If so I would suggest linking it to clear up any confusion.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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Srina Talon Srina Talon

Hello! Yes, this was a problem when I first subbed this I believe. I'm referring to this piece of tech here that I've gone ahead and linked where you suggested, and yea it basically is just a more advanced Hyperspace Canon
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