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The Potentially Most Devastating Characters


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Im sure we have all read at least one character you felt was/could be seriously powerful, but was just RPed horribly/wrong in your opinion, or maybe they were srrong but just rped as weak? So the question is who would you name and why?

Personally at first when i wanted to make this, it was with Faenroven in mind. Then he bombarded my planet, now i see he is definitely dangerous lmao.

But yeah, i feel @[member="Morna Imura"] has the potential for devastation he just never really does it.

@[member="Mikhail Shorn"] is already pretty good, but id have made him go even further.

Then theres this alt lol, hes a Polydroxol and as such could do nearly anything he wanted ever, but instead of being an angry person, he tends to see the beauty in everything. Technically he could lose an arm and regrow it, then use the dropped limb to beat someome, but instead he will never really be evil

Jak Sandrow

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Actually, I need to vote @[member="Darth Voracitos"] now.

I mean, when he sits down, Star Destroyers have to hyperspace through him, because they may not have enough fuel to go around.
Voracitos struggling to get on the thoroughfare, snaps at his assistant "If you were half a man, you'd help me get on!"
Assistant "If you were half a man, you wouldn't need any help."
One more, one more:
I took a holo of Voracitos last Sithmas. It's still rendering.

Levi Hutch

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I think that if I played him right, Xardus could definitely be a force to be reckoned with. I've been told a few times that he has the potential to rival some masters if he was written a little better, so I know it's possible. However, some others I think have killer potential (that I have seen and written with) are @[member="Morna Imura"], @[member="Lucien Cordel"], and perhaps @[member="Marek S'hadar"].

TiCira D'Arr Hawk

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Fabula Cavataio said:
Har har. First time I get mentioned in a "most powerful" thread and it's me pushing a button. >.<

Ti'Cira Hawk once wiped out the majority of a Republic force with a tornado. Pretty sure that would put her here.
@[member="Fabula Cavataio"]

>.> I never said I was mentally stable!

I blame @[member="Jonathon Patches"] ; he can make anyone go a little bit crazy.

Along the same note; few know her, but those who remember her know exactly how destructive she can be:

Xyra Sizhran

.. and Ryori :p
Three people now think that I could do more damage than what I am putting out? Is this a Sign?

Looks like when I come back I will need to Duel some people. Maybe show that I'm not the little Fire Shaper I once was.