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The New Class

Bastion of Ren, Virgillia
Kyrel very seldom visited the Bastion as he was either too busy, or he even was away on missions such as battles against the loathsome Galactic Alliance. The mechanical monstrosity had returned from the long battle on Mustafar, and was feeling quite confidant since taking over the Castle that once belonged to the Sith Lord Darth Vader. He had plans on going on an expedition to the ancient and what he thought of was a holy structure to the Ren. He would go over there and confront the Ancient Sith Spirit that was located within the bowls of the castle, and claim what was his but that is not what brought him here, that was not the concern that brought his attention. His concern was seeing a new generation of Ren being formed. Kyrel was among the first of his group to become a Knight of Ren and later came about many others such as [member="Kaalia Voldaren"] [member="Zmej Ren"] and [member="Ara Ren"]. Needless to say his group became Knights quickly by proving they're worth in combat, and carrying out the will of the Supreme Leader.

He had requested for all of the Knight's presence to perhaps gather disciples and give them a showing of what it meant to be a Knight within the order. Perhaps even engage in interesting conversation regarding the Battle of Mustafar and their personal experiences. Kyrel even decided to bring his new apprentice which he found on Vassek 3 none other to his surprise in the said lair of General Grievous. He also encouraged Disciples to attend by sending a message out to all classes within the Bastion for eager students to learn from the Knights, and join in on discussion gaining answers to questions they might have.

He waited in the main assembly room. The last time he was in here he had met the Supreme Leader for the first time, and was certain that he was going to be killed, it was perhaps a meeting filled with excitement and dread, it was all the more filled with pain as well. Now he meditated on the dark side as he waited for his compatriots to arrive finding peace within the walls of the place.

[member="Decious"] [member="Mishel Ren"] [member="Castor Ren"] [member="Samka Derith"]

(Any other Disciples or any other KoR are feel free to join in on this social thread if I happened to miss anyone enjoy! :) )


High Marshal of the Mara Armada
Decious didn't know what to expect and was slightly nervous as flew to the meeting. He had brought a Magnaguard droid with him just to be on the safe side. He was very impressed with Kyrel and was glad he agreed to take him as his apprentice and assumed this was just a way to formally introduce him to the others. As his shuttle got closer to the planet he started o prep for landing, bringing the shuttle down next to the large structure. He stepped out, magnaguard droid following close behind with an electro-staff in hand. The twolooked around and Decious let out a sigh "well it doesn't look the ship." And with that he turned and entered the building. He took his time as he walked deeper until he entered the assembly room, bowing at the sight of Kyrel. "Master.." his voice low as he kneeled.
Months had passed him by as if they were days, there within the Bastion of Ren stationed on Virgilia he had spent much of his time isolating himself away from the rest. It was not by his design but some instinctive need to distance himself, even from that of his mentor [member="Kriel Firin"] though perhaps he had accepted this as the two had not been in contact for some time, a fault of Brennan's own. Training on the other had had been nothing short of intensive. With the lack of socializing with his fellow disciples of Ren, Brennan's focus had been thrown head strong into the saber arts in which he had trained in both the lightsaber and the dirk, the latter of which had become something of a favored tool for it's simplicity in design and the rather primitive results that it birthed into battle.

In the quiet of his days, he had spent much of his time within self reflection and meditation. A time where he felt nothing but the frustrations of his failings, his losses of the past that fueled the force around him to be drawn in, lured to his passions and encouraging his motivations only through the juvenile tantrums of which he displayed his deep seated anger only in the privacy of their own quarters, the others at times having witnessed his lashing out at the decor around him, yet never having raised his hand against his own people. He had been taught better than that and now with the constant reminder of the last meeting he had attended within the Bastion's Hall of Assembly and Ceremony, the image of Seiger Ren painted eternal in his mind as the Supreme Leader of the First Order had given a magnificent impression as to what would be expected of any such treasons, significantly more important than this however were the consequences one of his fellow Disciples had incurred when questioning their great leader; he of whom returned the disrespect in a show of power, asserting his reign over them all in the one swift judgement of their show of ignorance. Then and there, Brennan had recognized the power in their leader, not in the force but in his influence upon the bastion as a whole. Where the Knights of Ren were most always so controlled, restrained in their own cold ways, Seiger had been anything but, so willing to resort to violence as terms of discipline that it had gotten Brennan's blood boiling with adrenaline. It had prompted his need for progress, and justified his devout faith in the man, that he would be willing to go through any means of violence, any cause of action to better serve the First Order and the Knights of Ren. The violence had excited him.

This time however, the Assembly hall was thus far mostly quiet save for the two that had arrived before him. It hadn't been since the Supreme Lord's presence that Brennan had bothered to show his face in public at all, yet prompted now by the invitation, he stepped onto the floor and came into the view of [member="Kyrel Ren"], his superior as a Knight of Ren in full, glancing then to [member="Decious"] of whom he did not recognize. Lifting his head in a half nod of acknowledgement to the two, he followed in the advice of Kriel's for which his mentor had told him to keep all before him on a level playing field, not to show weakness yet nor to show any disrespect, they were not servants of the Knights of Ren but prodigies that might lead into the Bastions future should they not fail themselves. Remaining silent, he awaited what was to follow. Whether they be joined by others or else-wise he be introduced to what was the expected outcome of this calling.
0772 arrived promptly at the given time, in the given place. His strict adherence to code matched his chosen attire, well-kept and ironed blacks. He wore no rank or commendations, a sure sign that he had no merits in proper battle. The man had never been a Stormtrooper. At least, not in the formal sense. He had worn the uniform, fired the weapons, and participated in missions. Combat and strategy had been driven into him from a young age.

His hood draped over his eyes as he stared at the floor, head cocked to the side as he examined the floor with a skeptical stare. "Scuff marks," he mused almost inaudibly. The cleaning team charged with upkeep in the area had missed something, though infinitely small in scope. His innate obsession with perfection drew it out and made it seem unforgivable. 0772 bit into his lip and suppressed his desire to correct the transgression. "Unsightly," he muttered, and he forced his eyes to avert.

The youth had the makings of an Imperial, if not the armor or the proper direction. He was no Knight of Ren, though his skills were sharp and he had training in the Force. It had come time for him to join his skills with others in the First Order, and for him to undertake the rites of membership in their secretive Knightly Order.

At the very least, that was what they told him.

The Stormtrooper Barracks where 0772 had been stationed for several years, now- since his transfer from the Academy, where he had been conditioned and taught- had given him his new orders almost abruptly, it seemed. The boy did not question it, however. Orders were absolute.

He wore no weapons for the sake of ceremony. Instead, he stood with his arms folded and his head bowed in contemplation as the group slowly gathered. Soon enough, he would hear more of the Knights of Ren.

Soon, he would heed the call of Seiger Ren.

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