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Private The First of a Kind

The Will & The Code
There he stood, glaring out at the beautiful wonder that is Kashyyyk.

He now stood speaking with one of his closest Jedi friends as his mind began to wonder off slightly.

Through Drel's years, he had seen horrendous things, watched worlds destroyed, and lost many good friends.

He has had 3 Padawans so far, and was very soon about to take on his fourth.

His first, a young human named Jok. He was had a kind soul deep down, but was tormented by the abuse he received from his father and therefore developed a very prickly nature. When he took the boy as his Padawan at age 11, he was very difficult. Eventually he broke through to the boy and they grew closer. When Jok reached 17, he was sent on a mission to Jomark to investigate pirate activity. Unfortunately, he was captured by the pirates. Drel went and rescued him, but unbeknownst to Drel, Jok had developed a self-hatred passion within himself, which would doom him. The climax came when Drel was nearing the time of finally becoming a Jedi Master. Drel was only 34, but extremely gifted and
had proved his valor a dozen times over. A year before, he and Jok had been sent by the council to Cantonica, to deal with what was thought to be a rogue Antarian Ranger, however, it was a trap set up by a former Jedi Initiate turned Sith Acolyte. Drel and Jok also encountered a whole legion of Sith troopers when they arrived. Drel quickly dealt with the soldiers and sent Jok to take on the Acolyte. However, he began to sense Jok's feeling of self doubt. By the time Drel reached the balcony where the two had been dueling, he found Jok severely wounded on the ground and the Acolyte about to deliver the final death blow. He quickly summoned his power and sent a powerful force push that threw the Acolyte far across the room and through the wall. Jok would live for now, but a week later, after they had escaped and had returned to Kaskyyyk, the real horror set in. Jok, who was angry at himself due to his failures, the defeat he suffered, and a mix of so many other things, unfortunately turned to the worse possible solution to those issues, suicide. Drel later heartbrokenly found Jok slumped in his quarters and with his lightsaber having punctured a hole in his chest.

Drel soon was made a Jedi Master and a few years later took on a second Padawan, a young Chagrian named, Gheris Kamenda. They bonded extremely well and more than Jok and Drel did most likely due to the fact that Gheris's parents where deceased and he had no real attachments prior or really any self doubt. Gheris was quite the opposite Jok. Drel found himself having to calm down his self-confidence and ego sometimes. Eventually his high-standing ego did diminish slightly. Him and Drel grew very close as the Besalisk master took a far more involved approach to his training than he did with Jok. This worked very well and since being taken as his Padawan at age 13 to when he was 20, nearing the end of his training, Gheris grew immensely in both his power and his growth as a person. He had outgrown the youthful indiscretions and posh nature donned to most Chagrians. He had developed into a young, gallant, and caring young man. Drel was very proud of him. However, once again, disaster came once more. A new species appeared out of the east fringes. The Drael. The Bryn'adul. Their horde began ravaging worlds across the Outer Rim and their numbers never seemed to decrease. Drel and Gheris, along with thousands of Jedi and millions of other brave volunteers, went to face this new foe. They soon realized they were different than any other threat before, even the Yuuzhan Yong. They moved so quickly, as if their ships were bypassing Hyperspace all together. Drel fought them from the start of the Invasion to the brief ceasefire, which has recently ended, with the Drael on the warpath once more.

During the Battle of Barab I, and during an assault on a Drael planetary HQ, Gheris was mortally wounded. After avenging his Padawan and finishing off the remaining Bryn in the vicinity, Alliance gunships evacuated them. As they withdrew on the gunships, Drel held his fallen Padawan in his arms, weeping with the utmost sorrow. He would later return Gheris's body to the young man's brother on the Chagrian homeworld of Champala.

For years after, Drel was a bit afraid to take on another Padawan, but deep down, he knew he needed it. He also wanted to prove to himself that he was not to blame for the deaths of Jok and Gheris. And that it was all the Will of the Force. He recently took on an erratic young boy, Asher Sonata Asher Sonata , who had similarly been scarred by the Bryn Invasion as much as Drel.

After returning from a stop to visit his good friends, the Barabels, now in refuge on the planet Daluuj, Drel received word from the Silver Jedi Assembly. He soon returned to Kaskyyyk and met with his good friend, the Wookiee Jedi Master, Barvokka. He informed him of all the recent galactic events, including the disturbing news that the Drael Invasion was about to resume. During his years at war against them and having conducted heavy research into their past and present history, culture, and biology, Drel realized that the Bryn were preparing for something more than just another invasion, they seemed to be preparing for some endgame. Perhaps their endgame. He wasn't yet sure of what was really to come and needed more time and study with both his research and through the force to figure out the truth behind this.

Having taken on a third apprentice and also realizing that the dark times were fast approaching, Drel was more urgent than ever before. He knew that time wasn't on his side, and not on anybody else's either. Still, by time he meant the things he would get done would have to done over a year, not over 4 or 5 years. To that end, he confided in Barvokka that he wished to take on another Padawan. In the Silver Jedi Concord and the NJO, Jedi Masters were being allowed to take on more than one Padawan. Drel didn't specifically serve the Concord itself, but it was the closest Jedi group to where he operated and it was also where he was given an opportunity to become a Silver Warden, a role he very much relished and enjoyed. When it came to the Padawan he already had, well, Asher would certainly be a challenge and Drel knew the boy would also require time for himself. Eventually, Drel knew that Asher would grow into a great Jedi, it would just longer than he had originally hoped. Jedi typically last longer and stay true to the Jedi ideals for longer times if they are brought along slowly rather than quickly. But, Drel wanted a Padawan who he could teach at his own pace, like his second Padawan, Gheris, who had a similar mindset for training and study. He did know not every Padawan could live up to what Gheris was, and that Drel also thought that if Gheris had lived, he would have gone to become one of the greatest Jedi of the era.

Barvokka completely understood Drel's expectations and had helped him pick out Asher towards the beginning. A day later, Barvokka had brought forth three names of possible Padawans, but Drel to see them train before he made his decision. Later that day, himself and Barvokka stood on a second floor balcony overlooking one of the temple's training grounds. Drel was impressed with all of the Padawans, but of course some more than others. Then Barvokka pointed out the first two Padawans who he had brought forth as candidates. Both were young humans, both boys. Then to Drel's surprise, the Wookiee pointed out a particular Padawan training with the biology group. He recognized her species instantly, even from a decent distance. She was most definitely a Yuuzhan Vong. This fascinated Drel as he had always been moderately intrigued with biology and science. However, it also confused him and his face showed that too, which made Barvokka laugh. The Wookiee master soon explained how she was a hybrid and how her village had over time developed an affinity with the force. Drel was still a bit taken aback, all the old histories of the Vong stated that they were both unable to use the force and could not be effected by it in the most part. His slight confusion quickly turned into more fascination and interest. Most people might have been frightened or prejudice to her, but not Drel. He had read about the legendary Jedi Grandmaster, Kol Skywalker, who worked closely with a Yuuzhan Vong shaper and together they healed both the divisions between the Jedi & Vong and helped reserve the effects of the Vong's biological corruption on many worlds. This did help him make his decision as well.

Drel then turned to Barvokka and asked a few more questions about the girl before agreeing to take her on as his Padawan. Part of his reason was that he wanted to observe and try to help her bring out the force more as Barvokka said she was most definitely the lowest force sensitive in her class. He also wanted to teach a female for the first time and was looking forward to how their master-student bond would develop. Even though she was 17 and older than most other Padawans, that didn't bother him in the slightest. Overall, he was just certainly excited to be able to teach and guide such a unique Padawan.

After the young woman was done with her training, she was summoned to a small training room within one of the towers of the Silver Rest. When should she enter, Master Barvokka and Drel would be speaking and facing the view outside the window. Drel could now sense her even more, she must be arriving soon. An anticipation had built up in Drel, one of hope and excitement. There was also a tinge of doubt, but it soon evaporated. Moments later, he felt a faint tremor in the force from across the galaxy, however, it almost immediately disappeared.

Soon after, as the door's beeping sensor went off, Barvokka growled in the Wookiee tongue of Shyriiwook for whoever was on the opposite side to come in.

Sehvis Ynin Sehvis Ynin
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Tag: Drel Natrik Drel Natrik
Location: Silver Rest on Kashyyyk

A new master was coming to pick a padawan to train. Sehvis was very anxious and excited about that because part of her wanted to be chosen while the other was terrified of being chosen. Is this master going to indulge in science as much as she plans to? Will they allow her to conduct experiments of her choosing? She figured it would all be situated in due time if she does get chosen. Coming to this planet was strange. There were some stories in the books of her village that mentioned this world. However, it was more of briefly mentioning how her ancestors tried to invade it as many other worlds in this galaxy. In truth, all worlds she has now seen since migrating from Dathomir less than a year ago have been very strange. Those red swamps had an eerie splendor to them that the mountains of Ruusan, and now the forests of Kashyyyk, could not be more starkly different from that. These were the planets the outsiders called beautiful, but Sehvis did not know what to think of them in the terms of beauty. She found them scientifically fascinating, but Dathomir would still remain as the most beautiful in her mind. It was her home world after all.

Despite the possibility that she was being analyzed among the near countless amounts of other padawans here, the day went on like usual. They would wake up, get dressed, eat, and then they went out to train. Luckily it was the drill for lightsabers. That part, Sehvis could survive easily. She always dreaded the force training classes. These others three years younger than her were far more stronger than she might ever be, and it was horribly embarrassing. The instructors told her to let go over her pride and embarrassment, but that is much easier said than done. They hardly understand too, at least that was what Sehvis thought. They did not have half of their lineage responsible for tarnishing their connection with the force. They did not have to be thankful that their forefathers did not have to breed with other beings for the sake of repentance to the force. Such things were the real cause for Sehvis questioning their ability to understand the embarrassment.

The day then turned after that round of training before the mid-day. She was called to the Silver Rest to meet with Master Drel Natrik. Sehvis was rather ignorant of the masters, so she had no clue what to expect. When she came to the door, she heard a familiar Wookiee voice belonging to Master Barvokka. She just stood in place and replied somewhat quietly, "Padawan Ynin. You asked for me, Master?"