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"The Blitz" - First Order Invasion of Skor II - GA Ally Sign ups

Throwing this up real quick just to get everything in order. This is the sign-up thread for the five ally slots for the upcoming invasion for the Galactic Alliance defense of Skor II. If interested, post below!

1. Bryce Bantam
2. Rach Vizla
3. Aedan Miles
4. Nolan Detta
I honestly don't really need any if you join the IE and look at the Dragon Reaper fleet I have my choice of those ships there.

[member="Jacen Voidstalker"]
[member="Aedan Miles"]

Give a shout out in the OOC thread and find out what the current score is. It might have to be quite compact. Tag:
Carlyle Rausgeber | Cyrus Tregessar | Samuel Jones | Charlotte Reed
Cathul Thuku | Cody Bantam | Sieb Tevv | Arisa Yune | Rach Vizla

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