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Tetsuya Blackout (WIP)



A hero warped in shades of grey, will he find his way?
"Although he is not mine, I love him all the same"
— Hakuren Blackout, Foster Mother.

Name: Tetsuya Blackout.
Monikers: Currently inapplicable.
Faction: The Galactic Republic / Jedi Order.
Rank: Jedi initiate - awaiting to become one's padawan.
Species: Human.
AGE: Nine.
Appearance Age: Ten / eleven. Looks older than he is only by a few years.
Homeworld: Dantooine.
Blood Type: A-
Starting Alignment: Lawful Neutral.
Current Alignment: Lawful Neutral.
Force Senstive: Yes.
Current Location: Coruscant.
Radiating the aura of the heavens, an angel was cast down
"He promised to bring him back, saying he will save him. I trust in my boy, he has a good soul."
— Orion Blackout, Father.
Height: Five foot two.
Weight: Ninety five pounds.
Eyes: They say the eyes are the gateway to the soul, his elder brother had savage eyes which held little humanity, Tetsuya on the other hand has large orbs filled with a sea of brown, showing the potential he holds.
Hair: Short strands that barely pass the midpoint of his neck, a dark chocolate or possibly an onyx black in color, changing to what would be a deep purple upon being hit by the right lighting. Many people often comment on his hair and eyes, possibly the two most dominating features about the boy.
Skin: Bruisers, scars and third degree burns taint the deformed body of the child. Although each tell a story of a sinister past, the rest of his body (largely the right side of the young males body) is tanned and pristine near perfect unlike the other side. Yet even with these abnormalities on the boy's shell, he does not seem to hold any physical pain now meaning they are just remnants of the brief history the child has lived through.
Body Structure: Young and sturdy, his body has been hardened from his past and training. Being renowned in his generation as someone who is likely to live the life of the blade, Tetsuya enjoys keeping in a keen athletic form, doing morning runs and exercises for cardio daily. They say the body is a temple, a belief of Tetsuya's in fact and that is why he has dedicated himself to becoming a strong and valiant man.
Current Appearance: "Face like a coward, false hoped and in denial. I could get the gist of his girly features, none stuck in my mind however, he wasn't worthy to remember. Short hair, that almost looked purple, the same as his mother...That whore. Yet the wind did not touch his hair, it looked as if he was one with nature himself, yet I could not recall him wearing those robes as a child...Then again I don't remember much at all. Hope lingered across his face, it was strong as if he could save thousands by his acts — unlike me. The child, spawn of the two people I hated for hurting me the most — he will die, I will kill him and I shall show him that the idea of mercy and redemption is weak."
— Tobasu talking about seeing his half-brother for the first time since returning Dantooine.

Holding the power of knowledge, he is armed for combat
"He is spawn of her, he is not my brother. I will kill him to free myself from such 'connections'."
— Tobasu Blackout, Half-brother and Arch Nemesis.

Personality Overview ESFP:
Extraverted Sensing - 35% - His dominant function, perceiving reality through the five senses, he is attuned more to hearing however.
Introverted Feeling - 30% - His auxiliary function, surreal, cryptic in the way he talks, knowing the code of the jedi there are few topics that he can openly talk about his brother being one of those topics.
Extraverted Thinking - 25% - His tertiary function, ready to give definitive answers when it is required. Often overcomplicates things with the ideas of destiny and fate.
Introverted iNtuition - 10% - His inferior function, rather simplistic unlike his elder brother the ideas of logic baffles him, although the boy is young.
Personality: "Where's the party at guys?" Tetsuya loves people, excitement, telling stories and above all else having fun. His spontaneous, impulsive nature of his type is almost always entertaining, due to the fact he is normally the child of comical errors. He loves to entertain, often being the life of the small group he is involved in, social gatherings seem to boost his moral even more, as if he can feed off the positive emotions of people — one of his peculiar force powers, unknowingly to him. Meaning negative emotions seem to bring the boy down, often acting as a catalyst — if other people are happy, he is too — yet if they're sad he feels sad.

Often thinking and talking in a spider-web, often jumping from thought to thought in mid-sentence, touching here or there in a manner that's almost incoherent to the listener, yet he will eventually cover the waterfront by skipping on impulse from one piece of information to another. It's quite fascinating, that one so young and passionate about the jedi code to be so full of energy. This makes him an excellent acrobatic and athlete which keeps a positive mind set. Yet he finds discomfort in doing nothing and seems to always be touching or fiddling with something, you could say he is over-zealous, something many would agree upon.

The idea of new, is something that attracts him; fashion, gadgets, knowledge...It really doesn't matter, having a mindset of being the first is always the best it is a lesson he truly needs to be able to comprehend is false to advance his training. Yet perhaps it is the idea of the newness of life that attracts Tetsuya to elementary education, often also seen caring a variety of books with him as he believes comprehension is power. He loves to talk about people, often being a gossip of sorts, some of the most colourful storytellers are like Tetsuya, an ESFP and his no exception, his down-to-earth, often homespun wit reflects his mischievous yet innocent benevolence. It is known that Tetsuya can be identified as the boy who answers a simple question with a twenty-minute conversation, making an excellent diplomats in theory his true powers lie in speech craft, not combat.

Strengths Overview:
  • Energetic: Often seen to be an active individual who always seems to be doing something. He is performer, needing to be physically or mentally doing something. He wants to be around people and fears being alone.
  • Humorous: Often seeing the light in dark situations, king of comedy in his initiate clan, people often look to Tetsuya to bring a smile to their faces. Something he loves to do, yet something his master frown upon at times, as he can't control himself, if he sees someone sad he must make them laugh.
  • Extremely Sympathetic: His unique powers in the force to feed off others emotions, will a dangerous thing is also in its own light a blessing. He is able to understand people's problems, lending an ear at all times to anyone, good or evil he believes people can be saved; that is why he can save his brother from abandoning his family for good.
  • Self-cautious: Although he is hyper-active, Tetsuya is a boy who cares for his self image, upon being disciplined he searches for ways to fix the mistakes, showing how apologetic he truly is, he never means to deliberately hurt someone.
  • Theorist: Unlike many of the other jedi iniate who displays their skills through athleticism and swordplay, Tetsuya excelled in the art of intelligence; often knowing the answers to questions, statements and anything else. Having a photographic memory of sorts, anything he reads will be stored within his brain, however if he can relate any information he learns to a life event he seemingly seems to be able to remember it almost instanly. His capacity to learn and even teach for his age far succeeds even most padawns.
Weakness Overview:
  • Innocent: Like many others of his age, the young one simply has the innocence of youth, often seeing the light even in the darkest of places he believes anyone and everyone can be saved. Something that holds him back is the idea of having to kill for the 'greater' good, believing he is a protector he will protect everyone, good, evil, and everything in between. This is possibly a weakness that he could learn to overcome yet Tetsuya is still scared of the idea.
  • Secretive: Due to his past and fear of others thinking differently of the young boy, he has decided not to really deluge into the past and bring up stories, unlike his brother who is open about it Tetsuya keeps the family stories within the family. No one knows why he wanted to become a jedi and when one asks about his past or even about his family, they will get the cold shoulder or the topic will be changed. It's not a touchy subject, he would rather just not talk about it.
  • Dedicated: Dedicated to his goals, life as a jedi and his family to the extent he often neglects actual relationships and friendships at times because he can be too distracted with whats happening to the people and places he is dedicated too. The jedi teach to keep your emotions under control however the young one has made this lesson almost stone and struggles to keep close bonds to others despite his natural aptitude to form these bonds with others. You wouldn't call him cold, he just is overly dedicated.
  • Physical Difference: Due to the fire that claimed his home, foster mother and part of his body, Tetsuya finds it discomforting to show his physical abnormalities which range from third degree burn marks, scars and bruisers that have never healed or gone away. As if half his body was decomposing in a sense, however it is not, it's just appearance. Often having to leave the room to change, he also finds it very uncomfortable to watch another get dressed, being jealous in a sense of how people have normal bodies when he himself is not normal and cursed with such physical imperfections.
  • Cryptic: Due to speaking in a spider web like patten, people often find it hard to talk to the young boy because he skips from one topic to next. Talking in what people call a million miles an hour, he is a 'chatter box' as long as the topics relate to anything about him or his past. He speaks in a cryptic tone, often posing unanswerable questions because of the masters he admires, he wishes to be like them and is often practicing talking like them.
Goals: You wouldn't call it his goal but rather his super objective is to find his brother and bring him back home, he misses him oh so much. Hearing stories of a great young lad, ironically Tobasu is anything but now.
Accomplishments: Currently inapplicable.
He will find the light, it has always been there
"A promising young one, his connection to the force is unlike anything I have seen in my lifetime, forming bonds and in essence feeding off their feelings is truly something we can use but it also something we should all fear."
— Jedi Instructor.​
  • 1x Padawan robes: Given to him upon completing the initial jedi training, he now wears them to signify he is a iniate searching for a monster. A light brown in color it is bigger on him because of the size difference, preferring the free flowing style of robes believing it gives him more room to move in.
  • 1x Green lightsaber: The light saber he built as a test to graduate from initiate to padawan, the crystal being the same color as the lush green grass of Dantooine. Choosing the crystal because it reminded him of home. However unlike most lightsabers this was saber was shortened and is known as a short-saber only being 15 and a half inches long.
  • ???
Ship: Currently inapplicable.
  • Age 0: Born to Orion Blackout and Armada Nel, upon being conceived without his father knowing Nel suffered from postpartum syndrome, she set the house on fire. A baby was found in the wreckage of the house, considered a miracle to be alive, Orion Blackout noticed family resemblance and took him as his own, Hakuren Blackout, foster mother calls him her second son, Tetsuya believe she is his real mother.
  • Age 1 - 5: Unlike his elder brother, who he was raised to respect and love, Tetsuya was tested for signs of intelligence like his brother, Hakuren convinced father to ask his contacts to test for initial force sensitive. Found positive it was agree at the age of six, he would be taken to the jedi temple. During this time, his brother would run away from, knowing who he truely was elder brother, Tobasu despised him.
  • Age 5 - 9: Spent the last few years doing the initial jedi training, was found to have the bizarre and rare force power to 'feed' or gain strength off others emotions, feelings of happiness and joy seemingly strengthened him while the feelings of sadness and woe would make him weaker. Was found to excel with leadership skills and was forwarded as the top student of his jedi clan. He also forges force bonds with others quite easy and often can influence others unknowingly.
Kills: Currently inapplicable.
Bounties Collected: Currently inapplicable.
Family Tree:
  • Hakuren Blackout (Mother), 45, Alive, Dantooine - presumed.
  • Orion Blackout (Father), 50, Alive, Dantooine - presumed.
  • Tobasu Blackout (Half-Brother), 9, Unknown, Unknown, last seen Dantooine alive.
  • Odin Blackout (grandfather), 76, Dead, Buried on Telos.
  • Mira Blackout (grandmother), 79, Alive, Telos - confirmed.
  • Armada Nel (Real mother), 35, Dead, Dantooine - confirmed.

Authors Comments and Notes Below[OOC]
Character Development and Story Wants:
  • Jedi master, to teach him and stuff. Become a padawan, etc.
  • Burn My Dread plot arc - confirmed.'
  • Friends?
Active Role-Plays:
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
Completed Role-Plays: None.
Last Updated:
  • 23/01/2014 - Completed Bio.

Moff Iridius

You are perfect, may I interest you in a new path? One that doesn't involve following the blasted Jedi. I will make you the perfect warrior @[member="Tetsuya"]

Moff Iridius

Why be a Jedi when you can be a king. Why follow people who will not even train you, my dear boy free your mind and follow all paths of the warrior


Out of character speaking, i'd be interested in doing some of your dev threads with you, having not done one since joining the forums, the bone augmentation sounds interesting. However the character would always be a jedi, i think i want him to become a padawan before even considering taking him to another 'faction' however if you could possibly find a way to kidnap the child then by all means im all for it. PM me your ideas and we can work something out, @Dr.Marie Krasnican

Moff Iridius

The boy is mine Jedi, and you will see perfection in him. He will not be wasted like you @[member="Vulpesen"]

Calen Derics

Oh come on, by the time that all of you will have think about killing him, I would have drank him dry.
I was taken as a child and used as an experiment, tortured and tested on and turned into a killing machine. The jedi have given me purpose, I will not let this child suffer the same threat. I will die before any old witch lays a hand on him, or any sith.

Moff Iridius

@[member="Meta "]oh sweetheart, you are inferior compared to my children. When they come it will be you who will die, then we'll take him and turn him into a far better version of you

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