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Teach a girl how to hit things, and...


Ordinarily, Josh taught Padawans techniques, sometimes gave lessons to others through group demonstrations and lessons. This would be the first time he'd taught someone one on one outside of his school though. Regardless of the uniqueness of the situation, Josh had met Allyson at the Gala while there with Jyoti, and she seemed like a nice enough sort. The two had ended up keeping in touch, and the topic of melee combat being something she wasn't all that well-versed in had come up. Being a specialist in melee combat, while he didn't ordinarily teach outside of his usual, Josh figured he could make an exception.

The decided meeting place was the Silver's Temple on Kashyyyk. A room had been set aside for the two, and Josh had arrived early to revisit dealing with a heavier melee weapon than a lightsaber. He'd re-familiarized himself with vibroblades as well as more blunt weapons in the hour that he'd spent ahead, as it'd been awhile since he had gone over these sorts of things and he wanted to be legitimately capable of ensuring he could help her and he didn't know what weapon she would prefer to learn to use. He also considered how he could teach, considering he hadn't taught how to use non lightsaber weapons before. Considering they didn't have forms like lightsabers did, he supposed a more old fashioned style would do, involving tactics and outmaneuvering and overpowering one's opponent, a similar concept to Form I of lightsaber combat.

When Allyson would arrive, she would find him in the room putting finishing touches on his re-education. His eyes were closed, but he could be found swinging a vibroblade around, almost as though he were sparring an invisible opponent. Image training, it was called. Recalling his experiences with melee fighters in his past to simulate a battle in his head.
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Hand to hand combat was something she learned with the SIS, but nothing advanced enough battle against a Sith or even something a bit stronger. The memories of her encounter on Bastion were still fresh when she thought about it. Allyson had awkwardly asked Josh to help her out knowing that the man was the Battlemaster of the Order and had heard good things about him from Jyoti.

Dressed loosely in a pair of gym shorts and a Silver Jedi t-shirt with the logo on it. She didn’t bring anything with her since the only things she owned weapon wise was blasters and guns. Heading into the training room, she smiled at the tall Jedi Master as he worked with the viroblade. Allyson had hoped they would venture into lightsabers, but she didn’t want to press the issue. She knew how precious the weapons were to Jedi and she really wasn’t considered one.

“Hello Master Dragonsflame. Thanks a lot for doing a bit of training with me. In the SIS they taught us a little bit, but nothing too intense.” Shrugging, the Corellian did a couple of stretches to loosen up her muscles. Remembering her first meeting with the blonde master, she did her best to forget her hint of jealousy that she felt back then. The man was a good guy and he was doing her a favor. Maybe after this they could work towards being friends.

“Should we start unarmed or you think we’re ready to go straight into some weapons?”

[member="Josh DragonsFlame"]
All these things that Allyson had been feeling when she’d met him before - it was very similar to what he now felt when he looked at her as she arrived. There were rumors flying around, and things that should have been said but the time for them had come and gone. But perhaps they weren’t things that should have been said at all, considering the circumstances. But it was fine. Life was as life was and life was the cruelest mistress in the galaxy. He held no ill will against Allyson, and it wouldn’t effect the training. Actually he quite looked forward to it. She seemed nice enough.

He would stop his prep and allow the vibroblade to float back to the rack he had set up.

“Good afternoon, Miss Locke” He greeted politely with a gentle bow. Of course, while he might have considered teaching her lightsaber combat if she asked, as she wasn’t a Jedi it had never crossed his mind. As for her question, he smiled lightly. “That’s up to you” He responded. “We’ll go by your preference. If you think you’re good to go to weapons, we can.”
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Allyson wasn’t aware of anything that Josh must have heard. As he spoke to her, she ran her fingers through her long chocolate hair. She nodded the best she could as she twisted her hair into a loose ponytail. Hands found their way to her slender hips and she pondered his statement. He was being kind and she smiled back.

“Let’s do a little unarmed sparing, mostly to get to know each other and warm up. It’s been a little since I’ve actually gotten to do some training,” Musing Allyson waved her hand and shrugged still with her bright smile. “Physical training that is. Been so cooped up in an X-Wing.” Another wave, this time with both of her hands and a laugh. “Don’t get me wrong I absolutely adore being a pilot, but I miss the field"

Another set of stretching and she shrugged everything off. She needed to feel warm up, Josh was a big guy and she needed to keep herself on her toes. “So, let’s do this. Maybe I can pick up some new stuff and vice versa?” Allyson wandered over towards one of the cabinets and pulled out some tape and began to wrap her hands, afterwards she fitted a pair of sparring gloves that had the padding on the knuckles.

“I do ask a small favor, try not to use too much of the Force. I’m one of those weirdos that can only do one thing in the Force. Granted I’m quite good at it, but that’s about it.” She readied herself and waited for the Battlemaster to be ready as well.

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"You're a Force user?" He would inquire first up. That was... Interesting. A force user, though not a Jedi, who didn't know how to use a lightsaber. And by what he could sense from her, she was clearly experienced. Though admittedly, he was a bit curious as to how she only knew how to do "one thing" with it. Quite curious, that one... He wanted to ask a few questions, but he wasn't sure if they were polite to ask. Well, he supposed he could at least ask one.

"If you don't know how to use a lightsaber, I could teach you that instead of vibroblades or anything. It's my specialty, and you clearly have the aptitude" He pointed out as the blonde would stretch out, letting out an exhale as his breathing would begin to re-regulate after it's pulses had changed while he was in "battle" before. While yeah, he'd prepared for other weapons, he was fine just having the practice just in case. He didn't mind switching gear to lightsabers, he was better with them anyway.

"We can certainly do hand to hand first though" Josh would add as he would follow behind her soon after to grab the sparring gear, taping up his hands and pulling on the gloves. It'd not been long ago that he'd last sparred hand to hand, so he was in good shape to give her a good workout on the matter. Once she was ready, he would walk a few paces from her before turning heel and facing her, promptly taking stance. His style seemed to be a mixture of basic hand to hand and the Echani hand to hand style. Either he was comfortable fighting with a mixture of styles, or he hadn't finished training one of them.

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Allyson couldn’t help but chuckle when he asked if she was a force user. She answered with a nod, but it was a reaction she was used to for some time now. The only person that instantly knew what she was capable of was Jyoti. Of course, those reasons where from countless times of them working together. Allyson exhaled and tried to relax herself, she was excited for the spar – it had felt like forever since she was able to do this.

“Lightsabers, sound good its what I wanted to learn anyways.” Hands raised in front of her face as she adjusted both of her feet. The girl was a south paw as she waited to see what the Jedi’s first move was going to be. The look on his face made it seem like he had a few questions for her.

She did want to get to know him, he seemed to be a good friend with Jyoti and he was someone who was big in the Silver Jedi. In the end, she assumed they’d be working together on future missions. It would be good for her to make more friends with others in the Order.

“I did say let’s use this to get to know each other.” A smile from behind her fists as she shrugged. “Ask away and I’ll answer.”

[member="Josh DragonsFlame"]
Well, that worked. He'd have preferred if she'd told him from the start she wanted lightsaber lessons, but no matter. Practice is practice and he got some in. No time spent training is time wasted, right? With that admission out of the way, it was time to get to business, brass tacks and all that. Though the remark about how he could ask her anything was interesting. Was he that easy to read? He'd have to think on that in future. Regardless, he nodded his head as he would make the first move.

The first move was - of all things the most dramatic of flying spin kicks. It was a thing of beauty, but also ridiculously over the top. But in that moment, it turned out to be a ploy as before it could make serious headway, Josh would stop and go for one of the simplest, flattest, most straight-forward punches possible the exact moment that his feet touched the ground. The contrast between the feigned blow and the second was meant to throw her off guard. While she had asked him not to use the Force much, she never said anything about tactics...

"With your aptitude in the Force..." He would begin regardless of whether she blocked or it struck. "Why didn't you put more into training it, as you mentioned? You seemed to really enjoy field work by what you told me, wouldn't time put into training in more variety be useful to you? Not to mention giving you a greater understanding of the Force, and allowing you to perhaps learn to better use it to benefit your aim and senses as a pilot" He asked, half as a question and half as a suggestion. He knew that honing one's senses and instincts through the Force could help with other, non-field work tasks.

Sensing Jason's emotions allowed him to be where he needed to be in short order, and his instincts honed his reflexes, and a variety of powers meant innovation could lead to great success. Being able to use Force Speed in order to act as super dad and get tasks such as preparing a baby bottle done shortly after finding Jason needed it when he was a baby, was great and all but having honed senses and reflexes meant that the room for error that Force Speed left didn't leave a big mess on the floor, and wasted precious time. Sure, some folks might frown on a Jedi using their powers for something considered trivial by old fashioned Jedi, but... If he had the power to be a better parent, Josh would take it and use it to it's fullest. Damn traditions, Jason was the most important part of his life, and that ruled over any traditions.

"My second question... Perhaps after this over, you would be able to tutor me in piloting a bit?" He would ask. "While my piloting isn't... Terrible... My co-pilot, the droid, is actually a better pilot than I am, to put it gently."

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As Josh moved into the air for the kick, Allyson tilted her head trying to understand the concept of this flashy technique. She jumped back and when he moved to punch, he was still close enough to her, but she quickly blocked it with an open palm push across her body to move his form aside. The block was hard and sharp, she had trained hand to hand before.

His question was a curious one. She pondered it as she stepped forward with her counter attack. With the block, he should have his ribs open, but the man was a battlemaster – he would know how to counter her. The Corellian was thrilled to learn something more from him. Her foot planted into the ground as she quickly brought her back leg into a round house kick aimed for his side. Her hands remained up in case there was a reason to block. The roundhouse kick shot out with a snap, quick and effective. If he blocked it she was prepared for a counter.

“I train mostly every day, piloting it helps me understand what the ship is doing. Quickly response than the AI sometimes. I know my Commander has written me up a few times, even complained to uh,” Allyson stopped herself, she didn’t’ know how to refer to Jyoti in this sense. Would she be just the General or because Josh knew her would she just call her Jyoti? Opting out for the latter, she smirked. “Heard some of the complaints have gone up to Jyoti as well.”

Allyson knew she should be better, lead an example for the lower ranking pilots, but she knew what she liked. It was more comfortable and freeing to not have any of the emergency safety mechanisms activated and with the Mechu-Deru she was able to adjust and override most issues.

“Let’s just say I’m not one for safety.” Flashing a devlish grin, one that had gotten her into several sticky situations, flashed towards the Jedi Master as she tossed her head slightly to brush aside loose bangs from her forehead. “Still wanna learn how to fly from me?”

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He wanted to keep the cards of his fighting style to his chest for just a little longer while he appraised hers. Even when he wasn't using his lightsaber, Josh's mind was constantly spinning when in combat or any sort of situation. Constantly thinking, constantly calculating, there was hardly any end to the thoughts that were going through his head at any one time. He was an overthinker, and that could be a detriment but he was also a fast thinker. It could be deadly, that one, that too. But Josh had made the most of it that he could thus far. The blow was blocked, and he wasn't all that surprised that it was. She wouldn't have gone into this without a good knowledge of hand to hand combat, no. For this was a sparring session... Not a lesson. It was experience, and there wasn't much experience if you were sorely outmatched by a wide margin. No, she had experience, and likely confidence in it too if she broached this first without even seeing him fight before. She was far too smart to go in blind.

Just as he did in lightsaber combat, Josh waited until the last moment when he knew that it was coming, knew what was coming, and knew if she was feinting or not. It was a very risky technique and required a lot of risk, and a lot of quick reflex. But Josh had practiced this. Over and over he'd taken blow after blow after blow after blow to make the most of this.

He listened to her explanation as he would match her kick with one of his own, kick for kick, leg contacting leg as he would then immediately move to sweep low with another kick with his other leg. He was deceptively quick for a man his height and build, though he wasn't exactly stimulants bob sized either. She hadn't really gone into the Force thing much in a matter that answered his question about variety, but knowing she was training? It'd do, he supposed. Though he couldn't help but chuckle at the Jyoti comment. With humor, he matched humor.

"You know, normally my... People, have a tradition of doing these kinds of things nearly naked. I apologize I didn't have suitable combat garments prepared to offer our traditions. Perhaps next time" He joked cheekily in turn.

As for the flight training offer, despite being dangerous, he pondered it a moment as he would, regardless of the result, attempt to drive his elbow into her torso. If she went down from the sweep he drove it down, if she didn't, he went up. "Sure. Heard a rumor that Jedi can float in space anyway, so you'd only get one of us killed if we crash" He joked.

"So, any questions for me? Give a little get a little, get a little give a little."

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Allyson took the blow to the leg, the exchange of force she used as momentum to avoid the sweep. Stepping away she smiled and thanked the Force for her racial traits of a hardened skeleton, she was the same species of near human like Charlie. Maybe that explained the rambunctious padawan’s talent to always get up after taking a big hit. Allyson began to remove her gloves and tossed them aside. “Well, that’s easily fixable.” She made a nod towards his comment of doing this nearly naked.

Bandaged hands moved to the hem of her t-shirt and pulled it off. She bundled the fabric and tossed to the side. She was left in a sports bra and her thumbs hooked into the waistband of her shorts and slipped them off leaving her in a pair of compression shorts. “This is as ‘nearly’ naked you’re getting me, or I’ll have to tattle on you to the other Jedi” The gloves returned to her hands and her hands went up in a defensive position. She waited a again for him and as she did she grinned.

She knew what people he was talking about, she knew one of these people quite well. Still, the man didn’t show the typical visual queues of an Echani. “Didn’t know you were an Echani. You don’t look like one. Assuming you’re mixed?”

[member="Josh DragonsFlame"]
Wait, was she serious? That was a joke. Seriously, that was a joke. But no, she was legitimately stripping down. The Jedi Master had spun about to quickly move into taking the initiative for an attack but had stopped upon seeing she wasn't moving, and the fact her shirt had dropped to the floor. He backed up, quirking a brow as soon after, down went her gloves and of course then went her shorts.

"I... I... Ah... B...Bu..."

She'd done it. Something that few people could boast. She'd left him speechless.


He took a deep breath and laughed a bit. "You're bloody unbelievable" He commented. While he wasn't kidding about being Echani or their traditions, he hadn't been serious about trying this in the Echani fashion. Well, alright, he could play this game. The Jedi would shrug his shoulders as he would gingerly pull his robes off, struggling a bit before pulling them over his shoulders and tossing them to the side. They didn't exactly go far, but the crash that could be heard indicated that the robes weighed quite a bit. Of course, these were custom made, weighted robes that Josh wore when he was at the temple, and not on the field. They didn't have any special, magical properties or were made of special materials or anything, they were just designed to be stuffed up to weigh more. He did have a set of robes for the field, of course. For these, they were meant to help keep him training and bettering himself, even when he was handling diplomacy or training Padawans. Underneath was a shirt (that wasn't weighted, nor were anything else he was wearing. He tried it, but... He was only human. Half.) that once removed revealed a suit of lightweight battling armor. That too came off. Without his robes, the extent and results of his training was fully on display in his appearance, to say the least.

The Jedi would take a moment to stretch out and let out a long exhale, almost in relief. It seemed that he'd been wearing the set for a good while now, so it was probably good to have full range of movement again without the pressure and weight of the robes once in awhile. Next went his bottoms, a pair of respectable garments ensuring things remained at least somewhat family friendly at this juncture. He would bundle these things up and place them to the side, before approaching her again and taking stance.

"Mixed, aye" He spoke. "Father apparently had dominant genes, which explains the appearance" Josh would admit with a bump up of his shoulders to indicate a shrug. "If you don't believe me, you can meet my son. One look at him, and you'll know" He cracked with a cheeky grin.

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[SIZE=9pt]Allyson couldn’t help but laugh, she had made him stutter and then somewhat lose focus. It was an interesting turn of events, but Josh soon learned that nothing really phased the woman. She was something different, far different from the other Jedi. Sighing, she shook her head and nodded towards the man who had also stripped down. It was good to hear that he had found his words again. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]“I’ve heard about your son, heard he’s quite adorable.” Allyson smiled, she had yet to meet Josh’s son, but she knew it would eventually happen. The kid made his appearance at most of their social gatherings. If she wasn’t busy with other matters, she would have probably met Jason during the cherry blossom festival. Allyson made note of the sound his robes had made, they were obviously different than others the Jedi wore. Pressing her lips together she wondered if they were weighted, which meant he was going to move faster. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]“To be honest, I thought your clothes were what gave you those broad shoulders, nice to be proven wrong sometimes.” Allyson brought her hands up, and waited till Josh got into a stance that he was ready in. This time she moved to the offensive. Stepping forward, her palms open towards him, she moved one into a circular motion to block and push his hands from in front of him. The motion would be followed by a punch. She fully expected him to block this so she kept her weight under her ready for anything on his counter.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]The Corellian hated being on the offensive sometimes, it was easier to react and overcome than to attack. Still, it was interesting and she decided to continue to banter. “I was worried I broke your Jedi mind by taking off my workout clothes. Glad you figured out how to string a few words together again. Would have been an awkward conversation with the other Jedi I know.” Allyson was curious to know more about Josh and his relationship with Jyoti, but she wasn't too worried about it. If this had been after the Gala and before the SSD reveal, she'd be asking more questions. Though, she was happy and content with what information she knew - at least she could get to know the others in the temple. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]"You always get tongue tied in front of woman [member="Josh DragonsFlame"] ?" [/SIZE]
She hadn't been phased by his own stripping down, which he supposed he should have expected considering she'd just done it herself. Cracking his neck, he would get into stance. "You'll have to meet him at some point then" He spoke as he would note her stance indicating she planned to take the offensive. Quickly switching to be on the defensive, a small smirk crossed his lips as his eyes met hers and he would prepare for her attack.

"Well, I've always been told that I'm full of surprises" The Jedi would tease, a mischievous twinkle in his eye as he would patiently wait for her to make her move, watching her movements closely as she would block her hands in front to prevent him from attacking before going for a punch. Instead of blocking using his hand though, the Jedi would hold out his arm in a clothesline motion, cutting her off at the arm as his arm contacted her own, quickly using the opportunity to lock his leg with hers and slip past her, managing to lock her arms under his own from behind using a full nelson. Despite the struggle, he managed to push just enough to clasp his hands together to get a lock on it.

Once he had, he would keep the grapple on, keeping his legs wrapped with hers to restrict her movements. Of course, this also restricted his own. While she likely couldn't move much so long as he kept her locked up, he couldn't move much without loosening his grip either. Which meant that this had now become a war of attrition, tact over physicality. They each now had time to plan in this stalemate, but he needed to plan his next move carefully. His first move though, was to lean his head over to whisper into her ear.

"Not usually, though if you keep talking about tongues, you just might get licked" He teased right back.

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Taken by surprise, Allyson found herself grappled to the ground. There wasn’t much she could do defensive wise against it, so instead she did her best to lessen the blow to her body as she relaxed through the take down. If she fought it she would waste energy and she needed that energy to eventually get out of it.

It was a curious move, she wouldn’t have expected it from him. He seemed to want to fight straight up in most cases. Mentally she made a note to not expect the expected from the Jedi Master. Eyes rolled as the Corellian shook her head at his comment. Allyson prepared to ask if the man’s wife was okay with this, but she remembered it was a sore subject. Probably best not to dampen the man’s mood since he seemed to be having fun.

Shaking her head, she rested against the mat and sighed. “Ah my weakness. You’ve found it. Please keep your tongue in your mouth.” She shook her head and laughed. “This is the part where I’d head butt you, but I’d hate to break your face. The ladies would be so upset with me.” This physical combat would eventually turn into a war of words. Allyson was ready for the war. Looking up towards the ceiling she laughed again. “So since you’ve got me in a bind, any more questions you have for me Master Jedi?”

[member="Josh DragonsFlame"]
Josh would relax against Allyson when she did, though kept his guard up and kept his grip tight enough to make sure that if she tried to break it he could just clamp it on fully again. The two would find themselves sitting on the ground, and while he leaned on her, he still didn't let go. He had to consider for a moment what to do in this instance, as the two of them appeared to be at a stalemate for the time being until one figured out how to get an advantage over the other.

"No promises" He teased with a laugh as he would flick his tongue out of his mouth, inches from her ear, but didn't actually make contact. It was a matter of gauging if the contact was wanted or unwanted, before he actually did anything like that. A flirt he was, but he was a fair one.

"Wouldn't play the headbutt game from your position" He warned calmly, off-hand. "I play the headbutt game too, and the back of the head is far more sensitive than the front. Headbutt against headbutt wouldn't end well for you in your position" Josh teased, but at the same time also giving a bit of advice for future reference. Odds are she knew, but it didn't hurt to be sure. Sure, she didn't plan to actually do it, he was pretty sure. But it couldn't hurt to warn her in case of future incidents.

He considered what questions he could ask when she offered, pondering for a bit. "What would people think if they saw us like this right now?" Josh asked, a joke question. He had to. A chuckle soon followed.

"As far as an actual question goes... How'd you wind up with the Silver Jedi? Kind of a generic question, but I realize I don't know a whole lot about you. So it's a start."

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Allyson shook her head knowing that he was right. If he headbutted her she would probably get knocked out. Still, it would be an interesting development and he’d have some explaining to do when he brought her over to the clinic. Probably for the first time the Jedi would have caught a glimpse of her history. Her back etched with deep scarring, at least it looked better than what it did before. Knowing the right people, she was on her way to getting them treated to look as if they were never there. Allyson didn’t want a physical reminder of what she went through on Bastion.

Adjusting herself, she tried to feel anything if he had loosened up. Though the moment she did, she would feel him tighten his grip once again. Blowing her bangs from her face she shook her head and then did her best to glance at him as he was behind her. She felt his tease against her ear, well the presence of it and she play bit at him. “If you were smart you wouldn’t dare.”

Laughing, she adjusted herself and continued to try and think about what she could do. Her watch was still on her wrist and if she wanted to she could short circuit it and give him a little shock, but she’d save that for a last-ditch effort. His question was curious, and Allyson decided to tell him a little about how she ended up here.

“Uh I had just gotten back from Bastion, pretty messed up but I was healing and actually feeling a lot better. I was borrowed a lot by Jyoti for special missions because of my talents with technology and as an agent for the SIS.” Shrugging the best, she could, she smiled and continued her small story. “I wasn’t healing as well as I should with bacta, Jyoti offered me the care of the Jedi Healers here at the Rest. I liked it so much I finally took her up on her job offer. So that’s how I got here.” Her arms began to wiggle slightly as she wanted to see how much of a grip he had. “So, when you get annoyed with me, you can blame Jyoti – its her fault I’m around.” Grinning the Corellian continued to try and wiggle free.

[member="Josh DragonsFlame"]
As the Coreillian wriggled against him to try and get free, he considered making some kind of joke - some innuendo - but figured if she wasn't going to, he wouldn't. He'd made all the moves so far, if he made all the moves, what would be left for Allyson? Instead he tightened his grip at the reminder that she was actively trying to get out. He thought over where he could go from this position. If he tried to move under her, she would be able to try and lock him down. If he went over her, the momentum would make it easy to flip him most likely, despite their difference in size. He'd need to find something technical... He could use his Force powers, yes, but considering she was far less skilled in them, that'd be kind of cheating if he went too far with them. He could use them to a degree, maybe... But he still needed to consider just what.

Though if she kept moving against him, he just might spank her instead.

He laughed a bit when she made the remark about his tongue and bit at him. "Allyson, I will bite back" He warned, shooting her a playful smirk. "And a lot more."

He play bit a few times next to her cheek just to tease on that point.

"If I'd known we'd be spending the day cuddling, I'd have brought my datapad and put on a movie" He snarked, before listening as she would talk about how she'd arrived with the Silvers. "So, Jyoti's at fault? I'll have to keep that in mind" He would tease, shooting her a grin. "Anymore questions you have for me?" He asked. It seemed they'd be taking turns.

[member="Allyson Locke"]
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[SIZE=10pt]The mention of a datapad and a movie reminded her of someone else, smiling softly she pushed those old memories away and focused on the situation she had on her hands. Well the situation she was bound to for the time being. Usually, now would be the time she’d use her watch or other gadgets to shock the person who had grabbed her. She couldn’t help but laugh at his comment though. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]“Datapad and a movie, sounds nice, if this is your form of cuddling – I’m quite worried about your dates then.” She wiggled again and realized that the bigger man had her for the moment. Relaxing, she gave up and shrugged. “I’ll give you this one Josh, the next one won’t be so easy for you.” She gave in and shook her head. Body still receiving treatments and physical therapy. Motioning that she was ready to be released, Allyson blew some hair from her face.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]“This how you get all the girls? Wrestle them to the ground and threaten them with bites and licking?” Allyson laughed, it wasn’t much of a question, but it kept the mood playful. It was that moment that Allyson realized, it was nice having friends and that it had been too long since she had any if she could even say that. She had isolated herself with Kaili and now she was here around people that wanted to know her. “You going to show me how to get out of that grab of yours? I mean this is training, right?” [/SIZE]

[member="Josh DragonsFlame"]
The Jedi chuckled at her joke. "Now you're just tempting me to do it even more" He teased as he would lean his head over toward the back of her neck, letting his tongue slip out and hang just over it, as if threatening to actually do so. But before long he would retract his tongue... And promptly let out a snort and buried his head in her shoulder, losing his composure in a fit of laughter after he had released the hold and let her go.

"Those aren't my usual tactics, you're just special" The Jedi would joke, firing her a wink as he would clear a bit of space between them and stretch out. "But now that you've given me the idea..."

Cracking his neck, he would let out an exhale as he would then begin to gather up his clothing while he listened to her ask her question. "Sure, I could. Whenever you're ready" He offered. "And, aye, we can certainly do a holomovie sometime. I don't do them often so I wouldn't know chit about them, but I don't mind experimenting."

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Allyson rolled her eyes and laughed at his mention of her being special. The Corellian shook her head and brushed her fly away strands of hair from her face. Wandering over, she grabbed her clothing and wiped her face with her tank top and slipped everything back on. Remembering that he had started this whole thing, she couldn’t help, but continue to smile. He was a character.

The subject of the holomovie lingered on her mind as she struggled to push memories back to where they belonged. This time it was written on her face that she was thinking of someone now with the mention of the holomovies. It took her a second to register that Josh had been talking to her. Startled slightly, she returned to her typical self and nodded a few times. “I try and watch a few during the week before bed, unless for some reason I’m stationed out with the Spacy.” Fingers brushed stray hair behind her ear as she avoided eye contact with the man for a second as she thought.

“You hungry?” Her eyes blinked back to Josh as she smiled.

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