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NAME: Tamara Peregrinus. The last name is a blatant fabrication as it means ‘wanderer’ or ‘vagabond’. All that’s really known is that her name is Tamara. See biography.
FACTION: None at the moment.
RANK: Neutral Apprentice. No official rank.
AGE: 20 (?)
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 168cm
WEIGHT: 52kg
EYES: Green-Hazel
HAIR: Dark
SKIN: Pale

  • Invisible Hand. Tamara is extremely proficient already in the telekinetic aspects of the Force. Her potential in this field is exceptional, and with training, experience and time she could match even the greatest TKers in the galaxy. Her primary use is defensive and utility however, never attempting to choke or crush an enemy…though she is good at throwing things with her mind at people; that’s different apparently.
  • Technical know-whats. Whatever her history, Tamara has an ability with machines that is skilled, though not brilliant. She’s not a slicer, and she’s not a super tech genius, but she has a remarkable skill for making things work, and building devices which work in a situation.
  • Smart as a whip. Without claiming to be a genius, Tamara is pretty well read and learned for her age. She speaks multiple languages, has a good grasp of science and humanity subjects as well.
  • Silver tongued. Tamara is a very personable individual, and can be quite charming and witty when the mood takes her. She is generous, usually honourable in her dealings and quite persuasive too. This is one other area where her Force abilities come in handy.

  • One track skillset. Whilst Tamara’s skills with telekinesis are strong, her grasp of other Force talents is much more limited. Aside from Force persuasion and concealing her aura she has no other areas where she is particularly strong. Her healing abilities for instance are non-existent whilst her sensing abilities are laughably bad.
  • A screwdriver to a blaster fight. Tamara’s natural tendency is non-violence, or at least to avoid aggression where possible. She is not proficient in any ranged weapons or grenades, and whilst passible with a lightsabre the few times she’s been known to use one, she doesn’t carry one. Basically, she’s not great in a fight except to defend herself.
  • From the high horse. Whilst Tamara is indeed intelligent she sometimes forgets or doesn’t care if others don’t know as much as her. Thus she can sometimes come off as elitist, smug and high handed.
  • Lie to me. There is one severe flaw to Tamara’s personality; she’s a compulsive liar. Usually it’s restricted to topics regarding herself, but she also lies at other times, seemingly for no gain. Related to this she does also tend to ‘appropriate’ things which might not strictly be hers.

Tamara is of average height and slightly less than average weight. She has long dark hair with often falls over her face and is quite frizzy despite her best efforts. Her eyes are wide and a greenish hazel colour which contrasts nicely with her pale skin and dark hair.
She tends to dress fairly plainly and quite modestly. Her appearance is one of a travelling engineer, and she often wears clothes with numerous pockets and an equipment belt.

Tamara Peregrinus was born on the rural world of Gyndine on a farm. Early on her parents were forced off their home and went to live in the city where Tamara’s Force skills soon manifested around her tweens. She was taken on by an unaligned master who taught her before being killed in a battle with Sith a year before now. Now her own woman Tamara set off to find her fortune using her new skills.


See, the problem is that none of that is true. It came to light that she’d never even lived on Gyndine, and that her Master was in fact a fiction. When faced with this Tamara just shrugged.

Another story she tells is that she was involved in a space ship crash on Coruscant and woke up without any knowledge of her past, only her name which was on a necklace.

Whilst possible, this seems unlikely. The simple fact is that no one actually knows what Tamara’s real name, identity or origin. It is something she is eager to keep that way.

None. She seeks to obtain a small transport for her personal use.

None. Tamara strives not to kill anyone where possible.

(To Come)
It's Real to Pretend
I would like to meet her. I feel she could prove to be a most interesting apprentice - always wanted to train someone who could match Circe lie for lie.