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Taking a long break (Extended LOA)

Darth Torment

Hey all,

I am sorry to inform you but due to certain recent events I am not able to carry on here, so this is my farewell, i will log out shortly and when this happens I wont be logging back in for a while.

I will return only when my anger toward certain players and staff is gone, I will not go on here since I am unable to treat the site with respect, I shall be back in over a year so I hope the staff of the site do not delete my characters since I will not continue to disrespect your site, I just wish to put in my LOA and return when my anger subsides, I honestly hope the site does well and continues to be awesome as it already is.

I apologize for being the cause of so much irrational actions and idiocy, and I am sorry for causing trouble on the site...



Eater of the Dead
I hope to see you when you return as well