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Spaceship Design Contest

So with the release and positive reception of Factory 4.0 especially in the spaceship section, I wanted to a contest which showcased this section of the Factory.

Basically, if you want to take part in the competition, simply submit a spaceship of corvette or larger size within the next two weeks and link your submission here once it has been approved. One submission per person.

I will have a panel of FJs and staff help grade on the following criteria:

  • Name (5 points): A good name for a submission makes it memorable and also fit the description of the submission too.
  • Balance (10 points): Obviously the ship will be balanced before approval, but this is more for creating an interesting mix of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Utility (5 points): Does this ship fill a new niche or do something new? The more inventive a design and function the better.
  • Composition (5 points): How well written is the submission? Length and grammar are not the only key indicators here, as well how well the submission conveys the overall design of the ship.

This competition will close on the 22nd and the winner announced shortly after. A 2nd and 3rd place may be decided too depending on the number of entries.

If you have any questions feel free to ask below.
I should sub a Corvette with a quantum bullshit cannon. Swaps the Armament and Defenses of a given ship with it's Speed/Maneuverability. Or... Completely disables a ship for 1 post for every 12 hyperlinks in the submission.
[member="Valiens Nantaris"]

No no. In the defending ship.

Aka, throw a curve ball at the hyperlink overload that is still the meta for some reason.

Edit: Meaning you shoot a hostile ship and shut it down for a number of turns based on how "high tech" it is, or swap the impacted ship's speed/man with it's armament/defense.

Just... For the sake of random.


Well-Known Member
*cracks knuckles and gets ready*

*sees other linked subs*

*reads Olympus*


*table flips*

*abandons all hope*

[member="Darth Vulkan"]

But seriously. That ship though. Much beautifuls. Lotta sexies.
[member="Darth Vulkan"]

It's a nice ship. Good stat balance, good internal layout, fantastic level of detail, exc.

I like the fear cannon.
Makes me want to make Soul-Steel bullets.

[member="Damien Daemon"]

Don't sell yourself short. There are plenty of oddball things to be done with ships. Not all of them need to have a combat role either.
Captain Larraq said:
I like the fear cannon.
The weapons fit the Character's primary attributes since it was built in his image from an IC stand point. Fear Cannon (Summon Fear), Vulkite Cannons (Pyrokinesis), Energy Siphon Cannons (Tutaminis). Fits with him well, I'm gonna have fun messing with it. I've gotten in the mindset that Unique ships should have a decent bit of info on the interior since they are often RP'd as Locations more so than ships.

[member="Damien Daemon"]
Thanks for the vote of confidence man, actually means a lot coming from you folks. I tend to go full ham on unique ships.

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