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Besk’ad Station
Hydian Waypoint: Ploo

[member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"]’s gift of Mand’alor the Uniter’s buy’ce humbled the young Mand’alor the Infernal. Jaster proved to be a stalwart compatriot. He was quick to remind that he and his own were not citizens of the Mandalorian Empire, instead travelling farther in the stars, yet answered the Mandalorian’s current need for economic plenty. So it was that Mand’alor the Infernal set up a meeting with Jaster and his compatriots to discuss economic ties.

The call had been made, potential for economic development and trade agreements between the Fel Empire and the Mandalorian Empire.

The table was round, equal settings on equal chairs, placed in a room with vaulted transparisteel viewports facing the Hydian Way. Freighter traffic filtered past, the Mandalorian station protecting those along the Way. Yasha stood in front of the transparisteel, waiting the delegation. Her hand pressed on her lower back, other propped on her distended pregnant belly.

Not long now, Adara. Not long now.

[member="Ambrose Mantis"] stood beside Yasha, the old gurlanin putting his hand on her shoulder. Death Watch was never far from Yasha Mantis, they protected and executed her will, yet they never spoke. Silent, watchful, locked in their armour.

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Shia Kryze

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Shia sat quietly, her gaze mostly on the stars outside of the window, but occasionally flickering towards Yasha.

Not long now.

She had no way of knowing how she'd mirrored her friends thoughts, of course. She paused to glance across the Death Watch, then once at Ambrose - she nodded to the old man, they didn't like each other, but respect was due where respect was due.

For the first time ever in one of these meetings, she didn't question her presence. Which would have been remarkable, had she noticed. But she was too preoccupied with planning where to take any negotiations.

Gaia Sunaris Cadera

It's a cat-astrophe!
Cassiopeia sat at the roundtable. Her eyes mostly looking out through the transparisteel, watching the stars. It was truly a beautiful view - and a nice moment of relaxation before the Fel Imperials entered the negotiation room. She enjoyed the quiet, the stars, the quiet breathing of the others in the room.

Cassiopeia's mind was still a bit out 'out there' as she thought about the future of, well, everyone. Her body was still adjusting and it was taking a small toll on the woman. She occasionally would stare at Yasha's pregnant belly. That would be her, in months. She folded her arms on the table and brought her attention back to the outside. She couldn't think about that stuff right now.

Right now, they would soon be discussing trade. Economic development. Trade. The growth of the Mandalorian Empire & the growth of the emerging Fel Empire. She leaned back in her chair, thinking about how the negotiations might go.

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Darth Animus

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Toran wiped the small trace of blood from the corner of his lip, the crimson liquid staining his hand briefly before he rubbed it away. Grimacing, Toran extended his hand to the side, an Imperial Knight waiting nearby passing a small vial to the young Emperor. In a single motion Toran drank pure green liquid before passing it back to the Imperial Knight, wiping his lips again as the medicine began to kick in. The meeting between the Fel Empire and Mandalorian Empire was a matter of great importance. Despite his illness, Toran had insisted he be present at the discussion.

Turning back to the table, Toran made his way across the room, the cloak he always wore dragging silently along the ground behind him. Today he wore his crimson royal uniform, with the pure black cape glinting in the sunlight that streamed into the room. Reaching out, Toran grabbed the chair near the center of the Fel Empires side of the gathering, pulling it out and sitting down slowly. Standing along the back wall of the room were two Imperial Knights, eight short of the Emperor's usual honor guard. The force users stood with their hands folded behind their backs, their faces hidden behind sealed helmets as they stood ready, prepared to leap into action if the Emperor's life was threatened.

"Before we begin, I must extend my gratitude to the Mandalorian Empire for allowing us to be here. The accommodations are outstanding. And the refreshments....well, I know what I will be asking to take back with me to Osseriton." Toran kept his face neutral and calm, allowing just the slightest hints of humor to creep in, mixing with the smile he had on his face. It wouldn't do well for these talks to end before they began simply because they were being rude to their hosts.

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Priscilla Utorna

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More Mandalorians. Ugh. Not long after [member="Toran Fel"] had made his entrance, so too would another representative from the Fel Empire, albeit lacking any sort of guard from the Diplomatic Corps. It had been a regular occurrence that she had to fiddle with timetables to get them away from her, and this instance was no different. She always thought that it seemed unnecessary to bring guards into peaceful trade negotiations, even if the other side had a history of being less than peaceful.

​As she strutted through the threshold and into the room, she gave a quick glance to see exactly where she would be sitting. Front and centre seemed fitting, right beside the Emperor, so long as he would allow it. A half smile grew across her face as she looked towards the other individuals in the room, most notably [member="Yasha Mantis"], [member="Cassiopeia Caranthyr"] and [member="Shia Kryze"], only recognizing one of them vaguely from the hunt she took part in a few months prior.

"How wonderful to be present with such lovely people!" While her obnoxiously loud tone probably hinted at some sarcasm, she truly didn't mean to come off that way. "Isabella of House LaFleur."

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Jaster Awaud

Elder of Clan Awaud
He walked into the room in his Moff Uniform as he did he walked in with a cane, however, it did not slow him down. It was more meant to keep his balance after his resent surgery where he had bone splinters removed from his liver and it was given bacta therapy to heal quicker. His old age was somewhat of a problem, but he did not feel the pain, he received worse in his youth. The cane was a request of his medical professionals, his mind may not feel it, but the body may cave without you realizing. Or some chit like that, Jaster received his PhD in Genetics before they were born so he did not take much stock in their opinions.

Looking before the Mand'alor, [member="Yasha Mantis"], and bowed his head. "Su cuy'gar, Mand'alor, the ride here was very plesent and I hope yours was as well, you look healthy ma'am"

He spoke in a much kinder tone then when he spoke to his Emperor [member="Toran Fel"], mainly because most conversations started and ended with them arguing about each other not finishing work. The Fel Empire was a growing nation without government official to lead. Himself and the Emperor were the only pulling force in such a position to drag their citizens, kicking and screaming, to the riches of the Unknown Region. Lady [member="Isabella LaFleur"] was too busy with working the diplomatic angle to secure their place and boost their economic might. He was lucky to have such a strong team working to build the Imperial Powerbase, and today was another such of these days.

"Cassiopeia, wonderful to see you again, I am deeply sorry for missing your wedding, but blame your new father-in-law, man sent word while I was on the other side of the galaxy," Jaster pretended to be a grumpy old man, he and the women had spoken a bit between the restoration of Mandalore and his Injury. Jaster considered them both friends and allies in the Alor Council. "Congratulations nonetheless, I hope you can domesticate that Australis boy." He smiled at the though of that man ever loosing his energetic personality. Though marriage did make most men a little more cautious in their twist of fate.

He sat down next to his Emperor and crossed his fingers, leaning his cane against the table. "Now, I believe everyone is here, so shall we start?"

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Yasha’s eyebrow raised as she looked at [member="Shia Kryze"] and [member="Cassiopeia Caranthyr"]. Was that what other cultures made of their women, floating their voices in sarcasm? The Mand’alor cleared her throat, pursing her lips to avoid the slight laugh about to come out.

Shia and Cassi would understand.

“Welcome to my Empire, Emperor Fel. I am glad you were made comfortable. Do tell my people which refreshments you would best like us to give you for your trip home. Your gratitude warms us, as does the kindness of this meeting.”

[member="Ambrose Mantis"] turned and stood in his silent repose, head tilted to the side as the Fel Imperials came in. He seemed to sniff the air, even through his helmet and armour, which hid all of his seven foot form.

Force users.

The old gurlanin grumbled a low sound, which made Yasha’s eyes flicker to [member="Toran Fel"]’s guard.

“Su cu’yar, Isabella of House LaFleur. I am Mand’alor the Infernal, born Yasha Ghada Nussyn Fitz-Kierke Mantis, of House Fitz-Kierke, Noble-born of Panatha and of the Atrisian Empire. I hope the idea of economic profits for our peoples does not disturb your busy schedule.”

Standing beside her chair, Yasha held one arm around her belly as she nodded to the young Fel Emperor with a slight, but equal bow of her head. It was not until [member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"] entered the room that Yasha’s staid expression warmed and a bright smile bathed her face.

“Alor Awaud, Grand Moff Awaud as you call him, is the reason we feel comfortable reaching out to your Empire. He is dear to me, and to my council… Jaster, how fare you?” She moved from her spot to walk to the man, and put her hands on his shoulders.

“Su cuy’gar burc’ya. You are most welcome.” Returning to her spot, Mand’alor the Infernal finally took her own seat gingerly, as her belly dictated.

“We wish to increase our Empire’s economic expansion, by attempting trade with your Fel Empire. What have you to offer us?”

Gaia Sunaris Cadera

It's a cat-astrophe!
Cassiopeia nibbled her lip, trying to keep her relative uneasy feeling hidden. Naturally, she stood as the Emporer made his way across the room. She made a small curtsy before the Emporer would sit down. She would return to her seat afterward, careful not to wrinkle any part of the dress she wore.

Afterward, Isabella LaFleur would arrive. She remembered her - not completely, but she knew she was involved in the hunt. The memory seemed so long ago, considering all that had taken place since then. Cassiopeia hid a grin as Yasha cleared her throat, "It's an honor to have you here, Ms. LaFleur." She gave a small nod.

Soon, though Jaster, came into the room. Jaster! She should have known he'd been involved. She stood, walking over to Jaster to give him a friendly hug before returning to her seat. "It's a pleasure to see you again, Alor Awaud. Please, don't worry about it." She laughed, "I hope so," she patted her stomach while giving him a surprised face. It wasn't long ago that the poor guy got gut-punched by Shia, all in an effort to keep peace in during the Council. She sighed, thinking about how crazy that meeting went.

She crossed her legs in her seat, leaning forward on the table as the talks began.

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Tristan Wren

The Purple amour clad Mand’alor stood guard at the door he considered this an extreme honor To defend the most important individual in the empire the Mand'alor herself.But a honorable job didn't constitute a exciting one it still was guard duty but it was the mand'alor so he sucked it up. However in the back of his head he secretly wished talks would go sour in the off chance he could start blasting but acourse he would never dare say it allowed as these talks could possibly end up benefiting the empire .

his hands wrapped tightly around a Vornskr Mark 8 Scattergun that he had swaped his E-17 “Gladiator” Assault Rifle For preparation for this assignment. Due to the obvious benefit of having a Shotgun in a close quarters location like a room or more preciously the room he was standing in right now. His back up was a Westar-35. located at his hip the 35 was a classic versatile mandalorian side arm and simply couldn't go wrong with it atleast in his option .

​While some would wonder the point of a guard in a "Peaceful" meeting. Mand’alor knew better Peaceful meetings could turn very unpeaceful very quickly. Tristan was there in the case that it happened. it seemed the Fel empire didn't share the same precautions the Mandalorian empire did. Looking though his T shaped visor Tristan saw not a single guard. If the empire really wanted to they could take these poor representatives prisoners and really get the leverage in any Trade agreement. but Tristan knew well enough that honor ranks above all in mandalorian sociality and taking them as leverage when they hadn't done anything to the Empire was a definite no.

​he shook his mind of the unrelivent thoughts and started focus on actually doing his job protecting the mandalorian empires representatives.

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