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So sorry.

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I have been on my LOA for longer than I had thought. I'm sorry about this, and I know that alot of you have been wanting my characters to RP in the Valen event, and other such, but currently, I am very busy. I kind of ran out of my luck by loosing my job then loosing a family member. All of that followed up by my girlfriends parents saying that they would rather not see me around her anymore. So I would like to ask for you guys to give me some time

@[member="Shado"], Sorry Morna can't come into the Valen event, but just act like he is there for the time being.
@[member="Dred Varad"] Sorry I can't get Zack in a few more RP's with ya. When I come back, I hope to try and get some of his Mando training in.
@Kei I am trying to catch up with everything, and I am can't remember how to spell your name right now. :p

A side note, I hope to be back in about 4-5 days. Just hang in there. I think you can last that long without me.


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@[member="Zack Danheir"] hey bro it's all good I'm on an unannounced LOA myself as my internet is off. I'll try every so often to get back on but I don't know when I'll be fully active, most likely not till after the first. I know how it is to have life fall apart, keep your head up bro and I look forward to talkin again when I'm back.