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Sith Crusades: Attack on Voss

There is a reckoning coming...

Dark Forces begin to move, called by the Force, driven by their need for vengeance. From the void a fleet has been raised, and armies have converged. Rag tag bands of militia, Blazing Chains, Rogue Sith Lords and their personal forces. All roads lead to Voss. In their ears the Darkside whispers a simple message. Destroy the Temple, kill the Jedi....

All of them have felt it.

A call to power

A call for a crusade.

A call for the Sith to strike fear into the hearts of the Galaxy once more!



1.) See OOC Thread here.

2.) Don't feel hampered by fleet limits, this is not an Invasion or Dominion. This for Character Dev and Story time. That said be proportionate, leave your Deathstars at home.

3.) Tag where you are and whom you are facing in your header

4.) This thread is for fun, story driven, and a setting for beautiful PVP combat. Do not make it a troll fest. Absolutely no ill behaviour allowed.

5.) If you have an issue, PM the writer, resolve it at the lowest possible level.

6.) If you join try to finish! I have an idea for a series of threads afterwards. Let's make an epic story! Have fun!
Voss Closing into Orbit
Team Darkside!

[member=Krest] [member="October"] [member="Nulgath Zardai"] [member="Darth Abyss"] [member="Serenity Loveheart"] [member="Milo Ren"] [member="Cathul Thuku"] [member="Atheus"]


It was all Darth Raxis could feel as The Hades ripped into real space. A modified Xo'Xaan Star Destroyer, riddled with carbon scores, jagged starship armor and an exo skeleton like growth appeared from the rift. There was barely anyone on board except a minuscule crew on the bridge.

In the heart of The Hades she lurked.

Legs crossed, floating in a dark dank room. The smell of rust, oxidized Ozone and musty mildew thrust it's way into her nostrils. Rotting corpses in the Prison hold cast a nightmarish mix of fumes into the small space. Clad in black armor, with her obsidian colored lightsaber hilt, she was deep in the throes of the force.

As the Darkside thrummed through her she reached out, letting it expand. Now she was a conduit, funnelling raw energies, letting the force pass through her and strike like a lightning rod. In her mind the Darkside whispered it's one will, disembodies voices of past Dark Masters echoed in a cacophony so great her mind felt as if it could shatter.

The Hades moved closer, engines off, un-powered.

On board also was surprise. A nasty little surprise the populace of Voss would soon feel.

Tendrils of dark side energy began to wriggle and worm their way across space, towards the planet and everything below.

A small sense of dread began to grow. It was but a mere whisper in one mind.

She focused harder, drawing on her last memory as Jedi, before her death and rebirth. When Darth Orcus had cleaved her head from her shoulders, after mangling her with his saber. The searing pain burned like a storm inside her, pushing the Darkside deeper into her, and flowing it faster into the building dread....

A Matrix of fear, that in time if left un-combated, would consume the planet ins sheer terror.

She had one mission. To see Voss burn

Milo Ren

A Howling Voice in the Desert
Voss, Aboard the Hades
Team Darkside

Milo sat in his temporary quarters aboard the Hades, preparing himself for what was about to happen. Voss was the target, namely the Temple. What really interested the Ren in this operation was the Library. It must be teeming with knowledge about the past, preserved from the purges of Jedi literature by the Empire years and years ago. The opportunity to also test his mettle against Jedi was also a tantalizing option. It was time to see if all his training and meditation would pay off against an opponent equally as skilled as he.

The Ren was almost ready. He was already wrapped up from head to toe in his dark robes, complete with knee high boots that offered freedom of movement and protection. His lightsaber, based off an ancient design, was clipped to his belt, ready to be drawn in a seconds notice. All that was left was his mask, a crude vestige of those who claimed the title of Ren years before him. He put it on, concealing his green eyes and white hair.

Milo exited his quarters, making his way to the bridge. He wanted to observe the planet for himself, to see what was soon to be alight with war. While the Ren didn't necessarily approve of wanton slaughter and the deaths of innocent people, it was a justifiable means to an end. He could feel the taint of the dark side about him, and the stink of decaying bodies was ripe in the corridors. Quite frankly, Milo would have at least put some air purifiers in some places to offer reprise against the stench, but it was not his vessel, nor his choice. The Hades belonged to Darth Raxis, whom he hoped to study from to learn more about the Force in a broad perspective. He knew she was most likely deep in meditations, and it would be unwise to disturb her, so instead the Knight made his way to the observation point on the bridge. The minuscule crew aboard looked drained, almost like zombies, and they stared at him as he walked by, eyes glazed. The Ren watched the planet before him, looking at a world where a shadow was rapidly approaching, threatening to engulf the planet whole...

[member="Darth Raxis"]
(Team Dark Side)

[member="Darth Raxis"]

The voices spoke out to her again. Voss, they whispered. Flashes of fire, blades of red searing against blues and greens. Allara was not one to refuse the dark voices of the Galaxy that had guided her in her exile. She punched in the coordinates and was sucked into the blue, star streaked tunnel of hyperspace. It was naught a sensation of a few minutes that she appeared over Voss. Not too far away from her Animus-class attack courier sat a strange looking Star Destroyer. It seemed almost organic, reminding her in part of a Vongship, but yet mechanical. She felt out into the Force, indeed feeling another signature in the dark. She would regard them as an ally for now.

She also felt the aura of her lightsaber, acquired from the tombs of Dathomir. It seemed to growl in an animal like presence, resonating with the sins of it's past owner: the Dark Acolyte, Savage Oppress. She looked out at the surface of Voss. After the Fall of Coruscant, Voss had been the bastion of the largest Jedi sect. Her body seethed with the darkness, her mind twisting the truth. In her mind, the Jedi had abandoned her to the harshness of Galaxy. Today, she would have her revenge on them. Today, her lightsaber will taste Jedi blood, or she herself will offer herself as a sacrifice to the Spirits should this day be her death.

She hailed the odd Star Destroyer. “I know not whom you are. But the voices in shadow tell me you are my siblings in the Dark Side. My blade is yours to fall upon these Jedi filth.”

Her voice spoke with a malice to the Jedi. Yet, there also seemed to be a hint of homicidal insanity. Either way, she appeared to be in support of the Sith.
[member="Milo Ren"] [member="Allara Ven"]

Voss Closing into Orbit
Team Darkside!

Time seemed slow for her. As the animal spirits of the Darkside whirled in a chaos mix inside her body her flesh began to glow with a purple black hue. The energies lit the space inside the prison hold, illuminating three monstrous creatures. They were of unknown origin,mutated and twisted by her prized virus.

There was a reason she was called the Plague Bearer.

The bridge was awash with activity. Her new student would find himself thrust into the middle of a nightmare as a clicking sound echoed across the empty walls. Xanderach, her hive minded twisted monster first mate was there directing the host creatures. He was the true brains, whom shared a telepathic connection with her.

His Mistress.

Still projecting her Force terror spell she split her mind, wedging the Darkside between her two halves. One half focused on the spell whilst the other gave commands.

"It is time Xanderach. Initiate the assault."
Then another thought to the one whom hailed her bridge.
"Welcome Child Allara of the Ven."

The four armed mandible humanoid bowed to his unseen master and clicked a series of commands.

From the void came a flash and then a fleet. Hundreds of Blazing Chains vessels appearer, arrayed in shapes and sizes. Pods detached from the sides of The Hades, streaking to the surface in eerie green contrails.

"It is done my Mistress." He replied, and then raised a spiny scaled hand towards the viewport.
"Hades Command to all allied forces. Initiate Base Delta Zero!"​
Voss, Voss System, Outer Rim Territories

The sudden shudder of reversion, blue-white lights contracting into softer pinpricks of light against the dark, heralding the emergence of a vessel from hyperspace. No vast destroyer, no ship spreading across kilometers of void, but a smaller transport, soft metallics constituting the angular hull with pointed nose, blue ion glow emanating from the ion engines at the rear as the vessel moved to sublight speeds. Before it, a world beautiful of blues punctuated by earthier browns, fluffy white clouds moving softly across the atmosphere. It looked peaceful, calm, a place one might feel at home, never feeling the need to leave.

It was a world that had no idea what might be coming towards it.

Voss rippled with potent Force energies, intense in a way that few places in the Galaxy could claim. Both Light and Dark existed here in equal measure: the Light concentrated in a few places, so intense that were you able to visualise it, it might prove blinding. The existed, but in an indistinct way, seething just beneath the surface, suggesting that all was not as it seemed. Hardly surprising. The ship's sole occupant knew well that most things that appeared calm were simply presenting a front. And Jedi have a tendency of being drawn to places where the Dark is strongest, if only to try and banish it. With Voss, he knew they had failed.

A remarkable world, Voss was one of the few in the Galaxy known to house an entire race of Force Sensitive beings, a remarkable prize for the Order that might claim them as allies: such would be an invaluable source of recruits. The Voss had resisted both Jedi and Sith in this, much to Tirdarius' own amusement: both were welcome, but the Voss adhered to a culture that was uniquely their own, guided by precognitive Mystics that used the Force to see the path ahead for their people. It does make you wonder if they've seen what is to come, or if the darkness has obscured their vision.

The call for Sith to come had been a surprise, but it was one that could not go unanswered. Just as [member="Darth Carnifex"] had once summoned the Sith to Yutan to claim the Temple there, now another had reached across the void to bring the Sith forth to shock the Jedi out of their complacency, by striking at the heart of their territory. Tirdarius honestly cared little for such: rousing a sleeping beast more often than not ensured that it would unleash fury upon those nearby, retaliation for waking it, and even in their weakened state, the Jedi could be a potent adversary if underestimated. The danger lies in leaving our brethren to face that alone.

So he had come. To commit the forces belonging to the fledgling Ascendancy had felt unwise: the Circle had not advocated any mass invasion, focusing their efforts on consolidating Bastion and the surrounding worlds, but they had consented to individuals going forth if they so wished. To draw allies, weaken our enemies, reveal their secrets and lay them open for all to see...that is the goal.

Others were here already - he could feel them, though his eyes could not pick them out against the darkness of space. Shadows moved within the dark, and the energies of the Dark Side sounded a clarion call that it's people had come. The Jedi had yet to stir: their luminscent presence on Voss remained strong, but no sense of alarm had come yet. Perhaps we remain unnoticed as yet. Perhaps the Jedi did not even care, not imagining this an attack. They could not expect such, after all. Staring down at the world in his viewport, Tirdarius could not imagine they would remain silent for long.

"Wake from your slumber, Jedi," he said softly, more to himself than to any that would hear. "Complacency has ever been your error, and we have come to remind you of it," the Sith Lord observed calmly, his expression dispassionate as he set course to penetrate the planetary atmosphere and find a suitable landing zone from which to join the others. "Wake up, and see your danger now."

The Sith had come to Voss. They would not leave until their work here was accomplished.
Ah, Voss. A beautiful planet through and through. Several times he had come to this planet, but never for war. At one time as a lost soul trying to find himself after his mind was shattered, believing himself an enemy of the Sith. Truth woke him from such a fantasy, for the Sith were not the enemy, but the solvers of the Galaxies problems. At another time, he came to tempt and convert the Jedi to reason. It did not always work, but it was a worthy endeavor none the less.

Aboard [member="Tirdarius"] 's ship the Zabrak sat in silence, waiting for the drop from hyperspace. Voss was now a target for elimination, the Jedi wiped clean from the surface. Well, if possible. They were strong in their own right, and their values were something to be respected, otherwise a Sith risked being quickly overpowered. A Jedi of sound mind could topple an arrogant Sith any day after all.

While the Ascendancy had not come, [member="Darth Raxis"] had called a crusade of the Sith, and Krest was not one to ignore it. With him he brought his sword and his other weapons, and atop his shoulders rested the blood red cloak he had held onto for so long. The tattered hood remained down as the horned man kept his head bowed and his eyes shut. He was listening for the Force and it's warnings, ever wary of the ship he was in. Flying never did suit him.

It wasn't until his fellow Lord spoke that he picked up his head. So they had arrived. With a rustle of cloth and leather the Zabrak stood, pulling up the blood hood and nodded once to the Lorekeeper. "May they learn just how much of a sin complacency truly is."


тнє ναмριяє ℓσя∂
​Voss, Outer Rim (Team Satia)

​The Sith had returned to the galaxy, an Order of usurpers plotting to claim the galaxy for themselves; to build a new Empire on the broken bones of the Jedi, and all those that stood against them. They had begun conquering worlds in rapid session, drawing the hallow eyes of the Jedi and their allies to their emotional charged antics, boasting 'The Sith have returned' yet not comprehending the fruitless consequences of these actions. Whilst these Sith, red-skinned and otherwise, drew the galaxy's attention, it was another spectrum of the Sith that stolen the opportunity to strike Voss deep to the core of it's historical existence. Warships, fleets, and smaller warbirds locked their gaze on Voss; and Voss again would make history, as it would be the stepping stone of the Sith Crusade.

​Per the Circle, the Sith Ascendancy took no political or official stance on the Sith Crusades. If the members of the Sith Ascendancy wished to join the dark crusade, they may do so with their blessing; but leave no links from themselves to the newborn Sith Ascendancy. In summary, death over capture.

​I stood behind the pilot of my commandeered freighter, my flesh-peeling dagger dancing slowly over his pulsating jugular vein, waiting for that perfect moment to spray that crimson essence beautifully across the viewport. His fear, rightfully so to exhibit it my presence, was not born of his future death, though he wise enough to know that he was already dead, his usefulness drawing to an end; but from the ripped and mutilated corpses of his former crew already adding their blessed stench across the vessel. They had thought their fortunes had changed when they accepted my beautiful presence to their crew ranks, only later to witness the horrors that lied in wait under the skin; a skin that the men eyed and drooled over. Eyes that now were slowly being digested in my stomach.

"Slow and steady," I whispered dreary into the pilot's ear, massaging his mind with a vision of nightmares. "I promised you a quick death when you got me here safely, and you shall have it, prey." ​To the credit of the pilot, he cautiously flew the ship closer to the planet, as I heard his incoherent mumbles as he prayed to a Deity that forsaken him to me.
Team Lightside
En-route to Voss via The Vagabond
Allies: The Silver Jedi Order.
Expected hostiles: The Sith & Darkside Forces.

He had not been in contact with the Silver Jedi Order for some time now since [member="Lady Kay"]'s rather controversial return. In her absence, they had offered Veiere solace and sanctuary, a place of reflection and peace of mind and heart through [member="Coci Heavenshield"]'s generosity; he had even held a potential position as an instructor back then, being offered the job and yet living up to the expectations none when he had suddenly departed at the news of Commenor's state of affairs. The smaller trade world had been his home for some time, yet it had been difficult to step away and having done so in the manner very unfit for someone of his moral stature, he had regretted not having seen to the opportunity of explaining himself to her. It was for this reason that once everything had settled further south of the Galactic Charts, he had decided to return to Voss and try attempt to mend that broken relationship, if not only for himself then at the chance of further delegations between the Silver Jedi Order and Commenor itself.

Aboard the Diplomatic Freighter, Veiere had come not in armor but in the traditional robes of the old Jedi Order, his personal attire a mix of tones gray, with a darker brown robe draping from his shoulders to his black leather boots. He had not come expecting a battle, nay it was the least thing that he would have put his credits to, and yet as always he had come armed with his lightsabers and that age old set of ideals that were there a friend in need, he would always be there. The Silver Jedi Order were such a friend to his mind.

"Veiere..." Cillian's voice came in across the intercom, the younger lad was his personal pilot sat at the head of the vessel; the tone of his voice coming with a sudden foreboding sense of unease, the older males gaze lifting from his datapad to look across the private quarters to the entrance of which his pupils seemed to glaze, his attention looking not to the plasteel and fibre wall but through it, the force pooling around him to try to reach out to the youth in order to determine his emotional state. "There's something on screen you need to see..." he added, concluding with the feeling of dread that filled Veiere's mind in response to his probing the man. Cillian wasn't an especially intelligent young man nor did he hold any latent ability in the force enough to keep Veiere from catching on to his general state of mind, yet his piloting skills were above ideal and as the millions of stars passed them in flaring lines of white overtaking the formerly black of space, their FTL flight demanded a certain attention to the destination in which they sought.

Making his way to the cockpit of the freighter, Veiere joined the youth with a hand to the boys shoulder in greeting, speaking none as he took to the co-pilots chair and looked across the wide array of lights and controls, seeking the central terminal in which displayed the communications hub for the inbound and outbound frequencies. Cillian had made it easy for him, given Veiere's general dislike for trying to decipher such technologies; on screen was the rate of communications traffic coming out of the system, questions coming to mind though soon being drowned out as Cillian turned to the right and toggled the nearest audio speaker of which the room was filled with the abrupt and distorted news from Voss' public channel. In most cases this frequency alike many other worlds and systems was used for the sake of incoming and out-going vessels having business with the world, they had nurmerous frequencies to cover a broad range of expected traffic on the day to day yet with Cillian's changing stations, the same message was being relayed to all public sectors. 'Voss is under attack, keep your distance' being the gist of the message that he understood.

"Raise the shields and get us down there as soon as we leave hyperspace, take us straight to the Academy Cillian" Veiere spoke almost coldly to the lad, though unintentionally, the flow of the force around him resonated with the nature of the man having accepted the risks of venturing further into the fray, "Do not inform Kay of the situation...-I would not have that on my conscience...-And as soon as I'm on the ground, get yourself out..." He rose again from his seat, moving towards the back of the vessel in preparation for the fight to come. It had been a long time since he had partaken in an act of war, perhaps too long as he felt the chances weighing down on him were slim in survival. Much of his time lately had been spent over diplomatic talks and his priorities having fallen to financial concerns for the establishment of the Order of Commenor; the Knights of Commenor of whom were in such early days that it took him only a moment to conclude that calling up them would only work against their efforts to build a sanctuary for force practitioners upon the neutral world; for all he could surmize, he would be stepping to the aid of the Silver Jedi Order without any back-up of his own. Such was his integrity, the risks he was willing to pay in the pursuit for a friends well-being.

[member="Darth Raxis"] | [member="Milo Ren"] | [member="Allara Ven"] | [member="Tirdarius"] | [member="Krest"] | [member="Satia"] | [member="Jada Raxis"] | [member="Saverok"]​

Jada Raxis

-Take me out, to the Black-
The Surface

Team Lightside

Voss had once been her home. For a very, very brief time Jada had served with the Silver Watch, before taking a very long holiday around the galaxy. After joining the Free Worlds Coalition as a Ranger, she had returned here. there was a lot about the force she did not know. but what she did know as that the Raxis Family was everywhere, and she had a lot of cousins.

And then there were the bad Cousins.

"You feel that?" One of the Padawans asked, snapping his eyes open.

Jada had no choice but to nod and opened her own eyes. She had been deep in meditation when it had pricked her. A dark feeling, yet all so familiar. Someone was here above the planet. Someone perhaps related to her?

"I did."

"There's no alarm though, that's really strange."

"It is."

Jada uncrossed her legs and stretched, taking to her feet. She could feel some kind of swell, something very small touching her mind. It felt as if her emotions were out of control, her chest tight. She thought maybe she felt for her Padawan. He as handsome, and well built. No it was something different.

"Do you feel that?" She asked, cocking her head.

"Yeah but what is it?"

"Almost as if........ someone wants us to be afraid?"


The situation definitely called for some investigation. That was when she heard a cry from don the hall,near the entrance to the secluded Temple.


She darted down the hall, black steel and fiber armor shifting with clacks and clangs. Her silver double bladed saber hilt jingled and jangled. when she skidded to a halt and looked up her feeling of dread deepened. Green sickly contrails were crossing the skies, as if some kind of sick strange pods were raining down.

Her chest tightened even more and the young would be Jedi was sure she felt a tinge of fear.

She grabbed a nearby Padawan by the shirt, tugging him close.

"Grab your Masters, sound the alert. Something bad is about to go down."
Location: Voss System aboard the "Ravaged Star" a modified Victory II-class Star Destroyer
Objective: Fuel the Ritual...
Enemies: ??
Allies: ???​

Exiting out of hyperspace Saverok smirked as his eyes rolled to the radar and tracking console. It was rare to see both Jedi and Sith in one place. Such an opportunity was not to be passed up. It had been quite some time since Saverok had a living crew. The "Ravaged Star" was filled to the minium requirement of bodies to have the ship fully functioning and running smooth. The vessel stationed close to the planet with shields up, but moved no further toward Voss. A fat metal finger pressed hard against the ship comm system. " Brothers and sister prepare the main hangar for my arrival. When I arrive the Ritual will begin."

Over the years the Gen'dai had run into many types of Force sensitives all like minded. Attuned to the darkside. They all shared his view on the galaxy in some way or another and all were promised something in return for assisting the Alien in his long fighting conflict against Jedi and other Sith. Greed drove them all. Saverok cared little for those who served him and less for those who didn't. Everyone on the ship was in constant danger and that was something the crew knew well.

With lumbering steps the Gen'dai slowly made his way through the bridge and to the main elevator. He descended gradually.

What year is it? Time was a blurr to him. The very concept of time was a blurr. There were no real goals not anymore, just chaos. More and more reckless in age and it was wearing on him in an unknown way. He fancied himself a Sith Lord as of late, accepting the Sith code only to secure more power for himself.

He was blind.

Elevator doors opened with haste and one could see the varying numbers of bodies standing in their positions ready for the ritual that was to take place. The corpses of large animals lie in the corners of the hangar leaking blood in archaic patterns. Some of the darker attuned crew even went so far as to killing a few people to use their blood instead of a filthy animal. Several sith objects lay in the center of alchemical blood circles in the room. Relics of old, rusted and covered in dirt. They were beyond inspecting for details and yet the darkside radiated off them like heat from the sun! " Good! Prepare the Sith runes here... and there. Then we will begin." Saverok directed walking the outside of the massive blood drawn circle layered over with different shapes and patterns.

Several dark cultist breathed their sparks of power into the sith runes where the Gen'dai direct them to be placed. Lightning crackled wildly from them and placed on the alter in the very center where two skulls that were also etched with sith symbols of old. Alchemically altered Hijarna stone shaped and formed into such design, Such objects were made by a masterful sith alchemist... One that had been long dead.

But death was merely a door way.

" Begin!" He shouted throwing his hands and arms in the air. Meditating on the Darkside of the force.

[member="Jada Raxis"]
[member="Veiere Arenais"]
[member="Darth Raxis"]
[member="Allara Ven"]
[member="Milo Ren"]

Milo Ren

A Howling Voice in the Desert
Voss, Closing into Orbit
Team Darkside

Milo watched on the bridge of The Hades as drop pods rained down upon the world of Voss, leaving behind green spirals in their wake. It was truly a terrifying sight. The Ren could feel the terror building up in the very air around him, threatening to swallow whole the entire system. The hive mind that was Darth Raxis' first mate aboard the modified Star Destroyer was clicking away now, giving commands as a host mind. Milo couldn't understand it, but just the tone of it reeked of the Dark Side's corruption. Plenty other ships soon filled the viewpoint that the man had, each more unique than the rest. They had come to answer the call of the Sith, to make Voss a literal Hell. Admittedly, the Knight was afraid, not for himself, but for the people of the planet before him. What was about to occur would have dire consequences, both in the immediate and near future. Countless would die, some innocent, some not. Whatever the case would be, he knew that things would change in the galaxy. The historian was pondering whether or not he would be making history here, or if he would just be a nameless face amongst the carnage that would ensue. Would he even survive the upcoming ordeals. His mind said yes. He had trained for this very moment. But he was still nervous, and it wasn't because of the Sith ritual being conducted in the heart of The Hades.

It was the fear of dying, of never seeing his mother, father, and siblings ever again. The fear of disappearing into the void without so much as a goodbye to his friends that were scattered around the galaxy. That fear began to set into a gritty determination, and Milo's brow furrowed, set and steady now.

I will survive, no matter the cost.

Exhaling heavily, the Ren now channeled into his darker emotions, the selfishness and primal survival instinct that strengthened him, and steeled himself for the fight ahead.

He would need that strength when the time came to prove himself to his Master.

[member="Jada Raxis"] [member="Veiere Arenais"] [member="Satia"] [member="Krest"] [member="Tirdarius"] [member="Darth Raxis"] [member="Allara Ven"] [member="Saverok"]
Team Lightside... kinda
Objective: Fight, Fight, Fight...*chants*
Allies: No one really
Enemies: [member="Saverok"] I am coming for your booty.

The Vanguard is a group of people who are well within the rights to visit a faction in the potential to aid them. However, it was difficult to do so when suddenly ships came out from hyperspace and began to attack upon the Jedi. I came here to speak about my past rulers of Hora who had been with the Silver Jedi. Wanting to return their possessions to their kin. To keep our heritage a secret from the galaxy. However, it would not be happening today. It seemed that there were many who claimed to be Sith. All coming to attack the Jedi. Unprovoked, and without warning.

I couldn't just stand there. I couldn't just let this happen to the people of Voss. While I may have inklings of the dark side within my heart, I knew and understood the difference between defending a planet, and attacking just for the hell of it. The Vanguard was trained to deal with this. I shook my head as I could only look through the various ship tags. Trying to look for any designation. Find out who they belonged to, and why they were here. Before anyone started firing, I had private run through the code systems that we had. Trying to find any kind of a bounty, or some past insistences to link them too.

One ship stood out from the rest. Unlike the First Order, and Sith Ascendancy Ships that seemed to be popping out, one stood out. A Victory II-class star destroyer. I shook my head.

Reaching out through the force, I attempted to figure out who it was. Trying my best to come up with some way to find out who was on the ship. It was then I could feel a deep entrenched side of the force. One that could only hold so much rage. One that I had felt before. One that seemed forever ago. I shook my head a second time. Uttering one word that sent a chill down my spine in having to go and deal with this behemoth of a being.

The ship had crash landed, scorching the trees and singing the ground below. "I recommended that you turned on the deflector shields." a robotic female droid voice spoke, coming from her communicator. "And I recommend that you shut up." In the cockpit of the freighter now beginning to smoke up the interior. 2 fighters circled overhead as though to signal some sort of presence to the Temple that which she was not far from. "I would suggest you leave the vicinity, the Voss species"

She attempted to turn it off, and it blinked on again. "You can't shut me up that easily, why are you crusading again?"

Pausing, she began to speak a prepared speech. "Hate. There 37.2 trillion cells currently alive in my body, sustaining me to speak to you right now. If the word hate was in every DNA strand, nucleic acid core, protein shell and cytoplasmic fluid, it would not even come close to my amounted hatred for those that call themselves the Jedi order at this current moment in time, and they ask themselves why they are hated, but look back in history and you will see the countless number of lives they have slaughtered, the wars they have driven, the intergalactic conspiracy to bring down anybody but pure blooded force sensitives, then they dare to call themselves keepers of peace? I tell you now. I can live with a lot of things Melody, death, corruption, torment and plague. But if there is one thing I cannot stand is a hypocrite, and every single one who calls themselves a Jedi is that."

"I think you need to ca-.."

"And they need to burn. Record that, now, where is the temple again?"

"100 yards directly ahead."


The ship was now in danger of erupting in the forest, in fact, the tail end of it was now setting alight to the forest surrounding the temple. In a rush of emergency, she grabbed the laser canon and her lightsaber that were flung astrew from the impact and exited the freighter. Beginning to make her way past the rocks and moss of her surroundings, she turned back for a second and the ship exploded into flames, desecrating the ground below it and surrounding

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тнє ναмριяє ℓσя∂
Voss, Planet Surface (Team Satia / Team Darkside)

​Dragging a lone finger across the blood drenched viewport, I listend intently while the pilot's life slowly ebbed away. I came through with my promise, unfortunately for him he squirmed at the wrong opportune time; forcing the sharp blade to barely sever the vein but tore the neck flesh beyond repair. The fountain of blood spewed in an arching trajectory, as I hoped, but in it's wake left a slowly dying mangled pilot. I dabbed the blood collected on my finger on either cheek, like war paint, and stomped my foot down across the throat of the pilot; finally silencing his wails.

​Once I departed the mechanical casket, I slowly walked through the Nightmare Lands, a forest region on Voss. The name alone sent shivers of disturbing delight up and down my spine. Somewhere in this forest rested an old, ancient Jedi Temple, presumably haunted by the ghosts of dead Jedi, or I hoped anyway. I didn't fear the repercussions from these ghosts, I just wanted to mock the dead as I trounced through their sacred building. The temple itself was designated for destruction, and it would be by day's end; however, what I sought was the Jedi library. The library would potentially house many secret's of the Jedi that once called the temple home. Knowledge was power, but obtaining knowledge of one's enemy brought greater bounties in how to finally exterminate them. And the Jedi, whether in my lifetime or not, would finally meet their extinction.

Echob Krirgo

Nite light side

Near Voss Archives

He sensed something was wrong. Very wrong. Surely enough, he could hear the sound of turbolasers outside his room. He grabbed his blue lightsaber, his rations, a canteen, and all other useful supplies and put them in his utility belt. Then, he left the room.

There were panicked Jedi everywhere. Younglings and Masters alike ran from place to place, and everyone was either evacuating or defending. He decided to defend. He ran over to the Voss Archives, less than a hundred feet from his room. He ran in and found a group of Jedi Younglings in a corner with a librarian.

There were also some older Jedi wandering around the room swiftly, some of them taking defensive positions. He decided to follow their lead, igniting his blue blade. The thumping was still loud outside, but for now, the Temple could hold. Suddenly, the power flickered. That was enough to get him, another Padawan, and two Knights in a defensive formation, lightsabers ignited. So they waited, and for a while, time seemed to stand still.​

Location: Tenchu-class Dreadnought SSV Targa of Easter, Voss Orbit
Objective: Obliterate Sith ships
Allies: SJO and friends.
Opposition: Enemies of Easter
Neutral: FWO

It looked to be that time of the month, as the Silver Order's quadrant-wide sensor net picked up hostile elements inbound on a path toward Voss. Following Midvinter, Arisa had established some countermeasures to stymie future incursions, like strategic placements interdictors along hyperplanes into critical locations. The Sith had managed to pass around those, though, perhaps an indication that they had also mastered real time astronavigation.

To be expected, honestly, which was why she hadn't stopped there in developing defenses. As those ships would begin revert over Voss, they would come face to face with the new crown of the Silver Fleet, a Tenchu Dreadnought, made eat other battlecruisers and flagships for breakfast.

It was not alone. There were hundreds of other starships over Voss and throughout the system, backed by countless attack craft either planetside or carrier-based. This was the home armada of the Silver Jedi, a conglomeration of fleets that could put even the vaunted First Order navy to task.

On the surface, planetary shields were already raised over major locations like Voss Academy, Voss-ka, and the largest Gormak city. Meanwhile, shield carriers and mobile shield generators were already positioned to provide coverage to secondary and tertiary settlements and installations. These shields were paired with several fixed AA systems and mobile platforms like the Bengal main battle tank (Kiribian variant), created for the express purpose of air defense among other things.

All these systems would be in place and activated by the time the Sith began their surface bombardment of the planet, a curious move considering that they had not yet achieved space dominance. The fire of their capital guns and ballistic systems would bounce harmlessly off the shields made to stop entire armadas with ease.

Arisa could only sigh as she began reviewing the enemy fleet composition. Ancient battered ships that would fall in no time to newer and better equipped Silver vessels that also enjoyed a numerical advantage. The Watchman didn't even go through the formality of asking for the Sith's retreat, she just ordered all ships to begin opening fire on the enemy vessels, while intercepting their fire on surface targets with steady volleys of
nuriel anti-beam canisters. In one fell swoop, their orbital bombardment had been effectively blocked on the surface and in space while her ships unloaded gigatons worth of firepower into the small enemy formations.

In its first action, Easter targeted one cruiser (Hades), with a steady stream of fire from its banks of hypervelocity cannons. The bow would light up with the visage of four large white orbs, before lances of proton beams streaked forward at the cruiser.

It seemed like overkill to focus so much fire on the cruiser, but in the Force, the Jedi Master had felt some dark presence within its hold. After crossing paths with a Kaiju of pure dark energies, she wasn't taking any chances in dealing with any other monsters.

Throughout the system, interdictor flotillas would position themselves along incoming hyperplanes to pull any Sith reinforcements out of hyperspace before they could make a b-line for Voss. Any vessels not equipped with HIMS were going to have quite a fight ahead of themselves to get into the mix.

The skies were taken care of. Arisa would just hope that her counterparts planetside would be able to handle the Sith ground parties who had suddenly appeared from the shadows. It was her hope that they would be able to capture some of these Sith so that the Jedi would also learn their secrets of teleportation for their own noble ends of bringing order and prosperity to the galaxy.

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Team Lightside obviously
Location: Space above Voss
Objective: Eat some Minds
Allies: Sith and friends
Enemies: Literally anyone else

There was a jump out of hyperspace. Then there was a small, barley functional freighter. Then there was a explosion. Then there was a array of metal junk drifting through the vastness of space above Voss. The whole thing had taken little more than a minute, the ship only surviving the jump by pure luck before falling apart under the weight of its damages. Or at least that was how it was meant to look from the outside, a heavily damaged ship taking a leap of faith with a jump to safety, only to pay for that mistake

Yet all those gifted with the force knew that luck didn't existed, and that there was only the force that held its hand into fate. So it was that the ship hadn't found its end by chance, but by design as the endless, metal hand of the Prophet executed the will of the dark side. To any scanners he would be nothing, no signs of life could be found in the emptiness below his armor. No heartbeat, no heat, only nothingness. Darth Abyss, the Mindeater, the empty metal husk of a man had begun his fall towards the jedi world, and soon the void of his mind would devour all those that meant to oppose him.

Hidden between the remnants of his broken ship the sith lord rested motionless, more dead than alive since his transformation. He was nothing, his presence obscured by the darkness, and his "body" nearly indistinguishable from the broken parts all around him. Once they would realize what and who he was, it would be to late for them already.


Admiral of the Ghost Fleet​

Location: Tenchu-class Dreadnought - Judgement
Objective: Handle sith ships
Allies: SJO and allies [member="Arisa Yune"]
Opposition: Sith

Sala'dine remained there for a moment as she sat at the desk. This ship was not the one she would have liked, that was being built in the crucible shipyards... right there as she could point out. The Saratai factory ships were working with the seeders to produce supplies for them along with the massive factory station, designed to build ships like the Tenchu and their special projects that were being designed. All over voss the orbital defense stations were scattered and watching to see what was coming, allowing the other ships that were all around them to move with it. She raised an eyebrow though seeing it and the one Ranger was incoming to join her likely to inform about well this situation.

"Ah Admiral Ori, we have hostile ships attacking Voss." She looked at him and he was remarkably young, talented and there was also the wantingt o make sure he did his job. "The signatures, I am guessing are sith?" He gave a nod of his head. "Yes admiral, the technological signatures are very similar to the ones that attacked Ossus and Midvinter. The fleets have begun to lock dow the system and engage the enemy ships." Ah good then, the basics were being done and she knew planet side likely they would have gotten the alerts as well. "So they managed to bypass our monitor and sensor net, the checkpoints along the hyperspace routes and everything much the same way?"

He gave another nod as she started walking with him. "Yes, quantum slipstream in their hyperdrives allowing them to avoid gavitational anomalies and molecular teleportation to move forces. To the planetside. Their stealth technologies also seem to be able to let them wade into our fleets to start bombarding the planetary shields that are there. We have deployed shield carriers to reinforce in areas they are needed and and fighters are starting to be set out." He continued walking with her while they were going for the CIC. "I see, then standard operating procedures, take down the threat and gather as much of their technology as we can get. The sith have learned how to use celestial technology and that is dangerous."

There was a nod while they finally entered the CIC with a look at the others. She could see the projection of the battle or wall of ships all around and what was coming at them. Including the mapping ships to give a far better display so that they would be able to operate and secure the battlefield. "Interdictors are being set up to to prevent more ships getting in on the far edge of the system and out long range ships are unleashing as many volleys as they can for now and then have them do more. I want the fighter screens set up to tear apart their fighters, have the Ranger's, clones, gormak, voss, biots, droids, jedi on the planet prepare. Is the library still around the system?"

She for a no shake of the mans head. The library station, their mobile monolithic station that housed the silver jedi's archives well housed the main ones and shared them through computer terminals on their wrists. Was secured from attack and after the incidents with Aria where she teleported sith forces onto the planet to delete the archives they managed to quickly back up thanks to having more of a brain. Well it went a long way. "Good then, we'll continue with everything as needed, have the resource ships set up and start collection and restocking to make more ammo. Have the runabouts working to ensure those defense stations and our ships have a constant supply of munitions."

She was getting nods from the others who were all around them now. Moving about in the small actions to send the orders, ranger's handling their job and the armor divisions down on the planet would be easily able to repel attackers. Their gunships and fighters here in space able to handle it as the squadrons within the hangers of the ship would serve a better purpose against them. "And contact the jedi, have their battle meditators down there working to aid us and start reinforcing the fleets and armies." She could see more of it and wouldn't tell the ground commanders what to do but this would benefit all of them in the longer run and she crossed her arms getting a small smirk on her face.

"Fleetwide coms, main channel." She said it while they were speaking and from the judgements CIC the fight continued to go, weapons unloading to combine with the others and they had carriers getting into positions where they were needed to provide cover. The smaller faster carricks were moving around and had stronger proton beams built into them as well as the encumbrance cannons. The bomblet genetaros of their fighters for smashing into enemy ships as she spoke. "Send the Saratai off deeper into the system, make sure it has several of the ships following it and then use the phenex shield. Lets let them get a little extra crispy in that sun while it collects energy needed for its manufacturing."

More nods of confirmation that they were prepared and going to follow orders, everything being relayed to her before she spoke into the comlink there touching the lightfoil on her hip and thanks to some ideas from Heartbeat the new uniforms would be something far better. "This is Sala'dine to all ships, as you know it is that time of the day. A sith attack force has used advanced celestial technology to bypass our defenses. Much like at Midvinter and at Ossus, now I can't promise this won't happen again but I can say we'll do what we did in both of those engagements. Send them back the hard way and remember there is a bounty to recover any of their advanced technology in working orde. So we can make a proper defense against it. Just do what you do best."

Sure it wasn't great but compared to the sith at Ossus who appeared riding on asteroids down to the planet, which can't really defend against people who are so overpowered they can literally shape the cosmos. Just like at Midvinter where they tossed their forces in an invasion level attack against walls and defenses that didn't break until they started teleporting forces into the city. She had seen the reports, the ranger's lines had held, the walker and armor had held, the only thing that fell was parts of the city where their shielding and defenses plinked off of the siths skin as their own people froze to death in the arctic temperatures or ran head long into blaster and turbolaser fire. Either way she noted they had eventually gotten bored and just left immune to interdiction as well.
Sith Forces
Location: Planetside on Voss, several clicks away from the Jedi Temple
Allies: [member="Krest"]
Enemies: [member="Veiere Arenais"]

The space battle was a game to be fought by those that preferred the void of death to be inflicted by impersonal machines, weapons igniting the skies from hundreds of meters apart, nothing personal in it but the will to survive an encounter with the cold, unforgiving vacuum of space that stood so close, with only an armoured bulkhead between you and oblivion. There were some who found a thrill in consigning hundreds or thousands to their deaths with but a command, but such was detached, far removed from any personal stake, and as such, unworthy. To kill and to die without ever truly facing your enemy... To one such as Tirdarius, a fate like that was anathema.

The Jedi were deploying their forces now: their ships arraying around the planet, emerging from whatever low-orbit they had concealed themselves in, spreading out in preparation to engage the ships that the Sith had brought with them. Undoubtedly those on the planet were similarly alerted: Padawans armed, blast doors sealed, Knights deployed to cover entrances to the Temple. He'd seen it so many times before, knew the predictability of it all, the desperation that swept through the Force even as the Jedi stood to draw upon the Light and calm their minds, even as they knew that death was coming for them.

The Lucid Retribution had sent down beyond the shields that had been raised to protect the Jedi Temple from bombardment, sufficiently out of range to avoid any surface-to-air cannons that might have been raised to protect against fighters or dropships preparing to disgorge troops. Had this been a true invasion, such defenses would have been fired upon from orbit the moment the Sith emerged from hyperspace, but this was but a skirmish: a move designed to instil a little fear that might shake the Jedi from their complacency. As I said before, it is time for you to wake up, Jedi, he thought calmly, disengaging the ship controls and lowering the boarding ramp, that he and Krest might emerge and set foot upon the planet.

"You can feel it, yes?", he asked, turning to his companion, the red-skinned Zabrak that had ventured from his Intelligence offices on Bastion to indulge in a little fearmongering. Sometime you needed to get your feet wet, keep your skills sharp, and undoubtedly Krest had felt thus inclined when they had felt the call. "They're aware that we're here now." The Sith Lord smiled faintly, amused at the thought of the Jedi deploying their forces to counter the imagined invasion. "Shall we play a game?"

He knew well enough that Krest's own methods differed from his own: the other Lord was a man of considerable skill in swordsmanship, but was not merely a blunt instrument to be wielded against the enemy. Having brought him to Voss was perhaps one of the most dangerous things that Tirdarius could have done with respects to the Jedi: only Kaine or Prazutis would have proven themselves more problematic. And Kaine would have brought a fleet to turn theirs into debris.

"Go ahead," the human encouraged, gesturing towards the valley before them, the one that would eventually lead them to the structures that constituted the Jedi's living quarters on this planet. The sweeping fields, the ancient stone structures, the soft smell of alien plants that floated serenely on the air: such a fascinating planet. "Teach the Jedi a thing or two. I'm told they tend to be receptive to the instruction of a Master. Try not to grade their performances too harshly."

It was, after all, an educational experience watching the Zabrak at work. Tirdarius had no doubt that it would prove to be entertaining, if nothing else. And woe betide the Jedi that aren't willing to learn a thing or two.

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