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Senators and stuff

I noticed the list of senators is outdated and all. So, I'm asking for active senators to post in this thread with the planet they represent so we can get that list updated.

Also, is anyone up for saying that if a senator doesn't post in a certain span of time, their position may be taken by a newcomer? As in, the Senator of Kuat doesn't post for three weeks, therefore someone else from Kuat can "run for Senator" and defeat the "lazy" incumbent just by attempting for the position.
Currently we have such situation as I mentioned in the lead: @[member="Alena Beswin "]asking to be the Senator of Kuat, which is currently taken by @[member="Devra Winji"], who hasn't posted since the purge of posts.
Vulpesen said:
why was that never a thing in the diplomacy settings?
On this site? Probably because few people have a clue of how parliamentary procedure works.

In the world? Well, both US Houses use a variation of Robert's Rules of Order, the House of Representatives more so. Other major parliamentary systems use a variation of the rules, as well. Due to when Robert's Rules of Order was created, it was actually based off of a lot of the different rules the parliaments of the world had.
@[member="Daella Apparine"]

In the case of Kuat, the potential replacement as senator would also have to contact Lady Silencia since the monarch is in charge of selecting the senator.

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