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Round and Round we go (Yokuni)

Rianna Organa

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Organa Estate

Rianna away from the temple for a break, and to see to dealings at home. She fingered the comm looking over at the ancient leather bound book sitting on her desk sealed in an air tight container. There was one person who would appreciate this ancient book.

It had been a year since their last encounter, date, tryst. She laughed unsure how to categorize them. She couldn't explain his affect on her either. But she knew he would be interested in this.

She entered the digits and sent a text message.

Hey. Have something you'd be interested in. Can you come to Alderaan to see?

Then the personal part. The part that made her smile for whatever reason.

I miss you. Please come.

She'd have to wait for a response. She didn't know what he was doing. His job kept him very busy. But. He might come. Might.

@[member="Garith Darkhold"]
The House of Clan Togashi

Just having tea, just did not happen on Atrsisa. Careful movements when done incorrectly could bring shame upon the ancestors. Yokuni’s eyes narrowed upon the buzzing communicator. It was a moment of quiet time for him as he was drinking alone. It was peaceful, soothing and the blasted mechanical device ruined it. “Why do I keep you around”, if he could shoot laser beams out of his eyes and incinerate things this would be the time it would have happened.

Setting the decorative tea cup down, he then twisted one third counter clock wise. The Yovshin now able to pick up the device did so slightly less annoyed then he had acted.

The text:
Hey. Have something you’d be interested in. can you come to Aleraan to see? I miss you. Please come.

With his new responsibilities this was a rather complicated situation, though information gathering was just as important as conversion, and execution. Still it had seen terrible not right to use what relationship he had once had with Rianna to meet those ends. It would be something his ancestors would seriously frown upon. His use of Transfer Life through the years was enough stain upon his family.

I might be able to come. Is everything ok? He texted back to Rianna.

Rianna Organa

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It took a few moments for messages to travel back and forth, especially since she did not know where he was right now. He was every where, she had questioned him slightly about what he did, he was very good at telling her enough to satisfy her.

Then it buzzed back. That was quick she thought. Looking down. She laughed.

Might? Oh for this I think you would. She sent a holo of the book and continued the message, very old book form, strange markings on several pages, I'll make tea.....

She sent the message, and then waited a few more minutes to send the next, she would tease him slightly

You know you want to come
Garith looked closer to the holo imagine and his eyes widened. He recognized right away one of the main symbols on the book and he could date the book right away.

I will see you in three days. End of text message.

This book was rare. If Garith was correct the book was made some where the dates of 3,997 BBY and 4,000 BBY. The symbol was in Ancient Sith. Translated the symbol said…. Brotherhood of the Sith.

Three Days Later
Wearing a suit seemed more of suitable garb to wear on Alderaan verses his Atrsisan robes. Between the star port and Rianna’s door step he had received quite a few glances his way. He really did not need trouble or delays. If the book was authentic this was a huge find.

Yokuni rang the door bell…

Rianna Organa

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So much like him, no term of endearment, very direct but he was coming, just as she knew he would. He was one of the most learned men she knew when it came to antiquities. His house had a room dedicated to them, they covered the room. She had caught him studying a map one night which he had quickly explained to her, she had found it fascinating. Only later did he tell her exactly how old the map was, and what the possibilities were in examining it.

3 days later

Rianna made sure everything was perfect. She wanted his first visit to her new home to be welcoming. Why would that matter? She rolled her eyes, it shouldn't but it did. Dressed in a simple floor length dress with a long vest, her hair down around her shoulders, she looked nothing like a Jedi Master. She looked like the lady of the house. There were only two others in the house and they were being kept busy for now.

She opened the door, and looked upon Yokuni. "See, told you that you wanted to come" She smiled, "Come inside, please I've been on pins and needles waiting for you." She stepped back. He didn't look much different, but he did look tired. She, couldn't help herself, the doctor in her often came out. She would mention it to him.
Three days was plenty of time to worry. Even before stepping through her door way he looked behind him and all around outside before coming in. “Rianna, please tell me you have not shown anyone else that book or that anyone knows you have it”, skipping pleasantries Garith stepped in. With a bit of rightful paranoia Garith started to peek into each of the nearest rooms making sure no one was in them.

In the living room was a young blond maid. “Who is this? Has she seen it”, he took a few steps into the living room. “You there”, he pointed and the terrified surprised maid. “Is she your maid, right Rianna. She has not left the house recently or acting funny in anyway”, not waiting for answer Garith was closer to the maid.

“You, what is your name”, he asked another direct question from the maid. Still shocked she looked from the Atrisian and her mistress Rianna…unsure what to say or do….maybe even too frightened to speak.

Rianna Organa

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"nice to see you too, no I'm fine. Oh not much, and you" She closed the door and walked around to where he was now interrogating the maid, "Ana, kitchen bring the tea" Rianna turned and looked at him, she could feel something radiating off him but he was so controlled at times it was hard to read his emotions, his training in had given him a great deal of control.

"No one has seen it except for me. You're scaring the help, and unnerving me." Rianna crossed her arms, not exactly the reunion she had expected. "you obviously know something, or recognized something about the book, that I don't know...so spit it out" She was only a few steps away from him, and she had never seen him act like this. As if something were chasing him.

One thing about their relationship, friendship they were honest with one another, and direct.
Half eyeing the maid leaving he was really unsure about letting her leave. “She should be scared and you should be worried”, he said after the maid was out the door and heading down the hallway. “A lot of Sith would rip this planet apart if that book is authentic”, he looked back to Rianna. "If the book does date back to three thousand nine hundred and ninety seven BBY I will be able to confirm it. It is either an actually book of the Brotherhood of the Sith or it is a fake. Should we go take a look?” She spoke of pleasantries but he felt there was no time for them. He had to determine what the situation was and how much risk they were both in.

Rianna Organa

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Rianna was trying to absorb everything he was saying, "how will you be able to confirm it? and how is it you know without looking at it in person that it is a Sith book?" Rianna was following him down the hall, as if he knew exactly where to go. It was unnerving, really unnerving.

"Is mando force user training so much more than the training received in other temples" She walked quickly. "Togashi Yokuni," she didn't want to use his full name but, oh what was the use, "it's in the study in the safe" She gave up. She was disappointed. She had counted on him coming to help her and in his usual fashion he had turned it into dire circumstances, and everything that went along with end of the world scenarios. She perhaps did not understand the urgency, but he had always explained. Did it matter how she had gotten the book, obviously not.

She slowed her pace and let him get the book out. The next thing he'd be telling her is that he wanted it, and then he'd be off again....she stood in the doorway of the study, and watched as he carefully looked the book over.
As he rubbed his fingers over the texture of the ancient book Yokuni knew the easy thing would be to tell her it was fake. The right things to do were never easy. Opening the book it parted bringing him to page one. “Mando’ad Force training is not better. They are just more accepting of learning darker skills and in the distant past learned Dark Force skills from Sith. This book is authentic. It is a manual on Sith alchemy. I would find it interesting to study when I have the time. Now though I need to find out why the parchment is so strange to the touch. I think there maybe unseen writing”, he held the book up to the light investigating further.

Rianna Organa

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"Sith Alchemy" she knew a little about what Sith did with alchemy, he was starting to get her attention now. She nodded as she listened. When she had examined the book earlier she had seen that some of the pages were textured differently, from the first glance it had looked like skin, the way lines ran through it. Ink absorbed, not like regular parchment.

What kind of skin she did not know, and she had not tested it. Considering how the book had arrived, and the mystery that seemed to surrounded it, she was not sure yet what to do. But she knew he would know more, he who was her confident. She had thought to investigate it, and to ask him for his assistance. But events were already unfolding into something else, the way his eyes looked at the book, a sense of concern, excitement. "What do you see?"

She waited patiently. She sensed no deception from him, but why would she. She expected none from him.
The hidden glyphs were not easy to see yet alone decipher. “Codes I think to unlock something in the maps in the back of the book. We may be talking about coordinates. The alchemy recopies is just a distraction of the hidden coded message. The alchemy is not really a manual but more like research notes. There is not a name of who wrote this book and I’m not a expert on ancient Sith Lords hand writing”, he needed to write what he discovered with the codes. With that in mind he set down the book on the desk and picked up a note pad and pin. “I’m sorry Rianna. It is nice to see you. I was just worried. A book like this can attract dangerous attention.”

Rianna Organa

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She now moved closer now that he seemed to be calming down, "I've had the book for over a week, if someone was going to come get it wouldn't they have already done it?" She stood before the desk and looked at the symbols he was writing down.

"Are you sure it's real, could it be a fake meant to well send someone on a wild goose chase?" Rianna had heard where many artifacts had been discovered only to find out that they were fakes intended just to collect credits. "I guess the real question is can you decipher the notes?" if he could, that would be helpful. "I was thinking of taking the book to Tython for the Council, and the archaeologists to look at." Rianna bit her lip, just as Ana came in with the tray of tea. Rianna motioned for her to just set it on the table near the door.

She knew he wouldn't know what code in the maps, if that's what it was until he could open them. Knowing that this was a Sith book Rianna now refrained from touching it all, in case..."I could see if my psychometry gives me an image...of who touched it" Course she would also be hit with the emotions which, were not always pleasant. "if we know who had it, it might help. Yes? No?" She was now at his side looking down.

She had felt nothing dark about the book, which troubled her. If it was a sith book, how did she not sense it.
See there were the complications. Yokuni dropped the pen and rubbed his temples. “No, I do not need to know who wrote this book in order to translate it”, he pulled his hands away from his temple.

“It could take days to translate. That is not the problem though. The problem is I’m a noble of the Atrisian Empire. If I translated this for your council I would bring shame upon my family. This is an important find though. I’m also one of the few in this galaxy alive that would be able to translate the code for you. That leaves us at a impasse…unless we can find a compermise. ”

Rianna Organa

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"it is not a matter of knowing who wrote the book, it is a matter of knowing who last touched the book" A difference between finding out who may have sent it to her.
She left his side and went for the cup of tea, pouring it carefully though she had planned on showing him she had finally learned the tea ceremony. She left it plain and then carefully took it to the desk, but away from the book. She offered it to him. A way for him to relax, even if slightly. A calm mind meant they could think and bounce ideas, and concerns between each other. They needed calm, or she needed calm to make the right decisions, and ask the right questions.

"Let us negotiate a compromise then" She looked at him with all seriousness, "I did not realize what was left here. BUT it troubles me that you say it is of Sith origins, and yet I sense no corruption, no darkness from it." The question in her eyes was, can the book sense presences around it.

Something that she knew he would know, but she always reaffirmed to him, "I trust you with my life, I always have. So. How or what do we need to do to honor your ancestors, and not have to destroy this ancient artifact?" She half smiled.
As tradition required he waited until Rianna was seated before he careful turned the cup clock wise a quarter degree turn…and then picked it up and took a sip. While attentively listening he placed the cup back down then turned it counter clock wise… a quarter turn.

“You can’t sense the book because of the Sith rune on the back. It is masking it's presence. If decoding this book helps out the Atrisian Empire to where the Emperor would agree the ancestors would be pleased.”

Rianna Organa

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"Masking its presence" very unusual, she had to think about this. "A book that is touched by the Sith, masked by Sith powers." And now anything that happen with the book, would tie to his ancestors.

She needed guidance on this, to think clearly on what to do with it. "I hate to destroy anything that is so old" Rianna looked over to Togashi Yokuni, she knew when it came to him her judgement was at times clouded. She knew he had always been honorable, noble, forthcoming with her. She had never seen him act in any other way. This book though he was concerned that the Sith would level the house to find it. The Sith would level a temple to find it too.

"I do not find it comforting to do something that would please the Emperor." She looked to the floor, and then to the window out at the mountains, remembering why Alderaan was destroyed the first time. Her words could be damming she knew it, "You can decipher it" She was beginning to wonder how he would be able to decipher Sith notes.

Were their motives each different? "Could the information concerned in it, hurt the Jedi, or the Galaxy at large?" She had to think carefully about this.
“I can decipher it”, there was not a second thought in his mind. He knew he could. “I have already determined a value of the book based off what I have read so far. This is what I know so far. The Sith Rune on the back shrouds its presence within the Force. It is not the only runes on the book. There is another inside the book repeated on the inner pages. Over time they weaken the will of the reader to be more acceptable to the Dark Side. I know only three living masters that can read this dialect that I know is still alive. I, Malice Dracula, and a third I will not mention her because she prefers to live in the shadows. This book is to a map of a lost temple and in this book it says at this location it has Exar Kun’s recipe to make Terentatek monsters. Do you really wish me to finish deciphering this book? What do you think we should do? Should I finish?”

Rianna Organa

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Rianna knew of the terentatek monsters, they were deadly and near unstoppable, if anyone, happened upon it even by mistake and knew what they had it could means disaster for the galaxy. Rianna felt a great burden rest upon her shoulders.

Rianna was so busy thinking about the monsters, she had not yet truly listened to what he said, that there were only three who could read it. Him, Malice and one other. If she had she would have asked a different question, or formed an opinion that would change their relationship forever. But for now she was oblivious to the fact that the man who she counted as friend, and as a lover was in fact a Sith.

"I think we need to know where that is, and destroy all of it so that no one can have it" Dark eyes filled with concern over the weight of the decision they, or she was making showed, "Do you agree?" Would he agree? and was he gleening this information to use against her friends, and her order for a later date. And when would she open her eyes and see him, really see him.