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Rising from the Ashes | Knights of Ren Ad

The Restless

“Even in this desperate time, the Supreme Leader’s will shall be done as it always have been. We will rise and begin anew. - Unknown Master of Ren to Disciple of Ren, 853 ABY

The Knights of Ren commonly known as the Order of Ren are a Clandestine cult within the First Order, acting as the shadow hand to the Supreme Leader. This dark side organization is unique compared to Dark Jedi and Sith, focusing not on personal ambitions or bids for power but instead operate as a collective: brothers and sisters of the dark side following the will of the Supreme Leader in pursuit of a better nation. Indoctrinated at a young age they are often trained at the Ren academy on Skye then taken to Bastion of Ren on Virgillia. They go through grueling trials before being initiated as a Disciple of Ren; they are trained as skilled and powerful practitioners of the Dark Side while worshiping the cult personality of the Supreme Leader -following every order without question. Brothers and Sisters in the dark side they work to crush rebellions, hunt Jedi or other Force Sects that are a threat. seek Force Artifacts, and interact with the government of the First Order should the Supreme Leader find it necessary. Following a different design then the previous Knights of Ren, the Order of Ren has largely flourished and transformed under the enigmatic founder Sieger Ren. Largely a force that operates outside the First Order government and is kept secret -appearing as whispers and rumors throughout the population of First Order Space. With these guiding principles of absolute loyalty, unity, and secrecy this makes the Knights of Ren unique and rival to that of the traditional Jedi or Sith. Under Sieger’s vision the Order of Ren will follow a structured system that retains unity for all.


  • Initiates: Those who either walk the path of either a Ren or the illustrious Praetorian Guard, they start off in the Academy on Skye, often training and studying before being chosen by a Master of Ren to move to [SIZE=11pt]Virgillia[/SIZE] to begin their path in the Order of Ren.

  • Disciple of Ren: Those that follow the path towards being Ren, start at this rank having the chose to learn from a Master, or building their skills on their own. Often learning from the vast archives of the Ren, or training vigorously with a variety of weapons, often participating in missions with an Elder Ren and often alone as well, participating in the affairs of the First Order or missions on behalf of the Supreme Leader.

  • Praetorian Initiates: Select few are chosen as Praetorians unlike the Disciples of Ren, all may not be Force Sensitive. They work harder to become worthy enough to take the eight places of the elite Praetorian guard. Training in exotic and fierce weapons from the moment they arrive, unfortunately, their training is the most grueling often subjected to extreme and at times [SIZE=11pt]lethal[/SIZE] pain to make them more resistant to all enemies, and at times not many will survive the early days of becoming the Elite Praetorian Guard.

  • Knights of Ren: Those that have been seen by Sieger through their skill, intelligence or incredibly loyalty as a Disciple in serving his will is given the rank of Knight. Consisting of the core part of the Ren, the Knights are often deadly and devout followers, but that does not mean their training ends. Knights often continue improving their skills throughout the various missions they are sent on or training hard within the Bastion. Often learning the value of unity and value as working as a team as brothers and Sisters of the Dark Side.

  • Praetorians/Praetorian Knights: The Praetorians and the Praetorian Knights follow a similar system as the Knights of Ren. They often continue the brutal training following ascending to the rank, and the value of teamwork, but what sets the Praetorians from the Ren apart is that only 8 Praetorians apprentice Praetorian Knights, Praetorian Knights, however, are Knights of Ren who have chosen to follow the path of the Praetorian guard and are given the same responsibilities, if not more so within First Order affairs and at times the Supreme Leader himself.

  • Masters of Ren: Masters of Ren are those that have been the most loyal to the Supreme Leader, and have often gained enough experience to hold such a title be it through the intense loyalty, power, charisma, or intelligence. The Master’s of Ren often being known as elders and the most experienced form a council of twelve individuals that act under the main representatives and the voice of the Supreme Leader, the Overlords. Masters often focus on continuing missions and training the next generation.

  • Praetorian Guards: The most skilled of the Praetorians and Knights are selected, only eight men and women are chosen to act as the Supreme Leader’s personal guard. Often never leaving the Supreme Leader’s side nor venturing from his sight. They often are skilled in diplomacy, hand to hand combat, weapons training, and other skills that value the Supreme Leader, they have also been known to be the most conditioned and the most loyal, some even say they surpass the Ren themselves as the elite protectors of the Supreme Leader, even conditioned enough to no longer feel pain they are a force to be reckoned for any who dare try to attack the Supreme Leader.

  • The Overlords: Often the most powerful, and even more devout than the Masters of Ren. They personally answer directly to the Supreme Leader, often known for their strength, and loyalty to the Supreme Leader they oversee that the rest of the Order is kept as the Supreme Leader see’s fit. And maintaining that his will is carried out along with the [SIZE=11pt]vision[/SIZE] the order shares. Overlords take a more active role in First Order affairs as well, often seeing to matters of the state as liaisons and representatives of the Ren and Supreme Leader.

Both the Ren and Praetorian Guard often hide in a veil of secrecy, wearing armor and electronic vocalized masks to hide their voice. They only reveal themselves to their enemies, allies or when the need calls for it, but both groups share a common goal and that is the will of the Supreme Leader. Both working together often having loyalty to the Supreme Leader first, the First Order second, and themselves third although not blind obedience as both the Praetorian and Ren often have goals and ambitions of their own, they often temper it to strive as a collective and as a whole both groups strive for peace and order through the First Imperial nation.

Now the Order of Ren undergoes a time of rebirth and change. They become more deadly, and even more wise then they had before. Rallied by the belief of Sieger's will and even more determined. Will you take the path of a Knight of Ren, or will you serve fanatically as a Praetorian guard? Will you strive to build a new generation and a better world for the Ren? Will you make a name for yourself as you serve the Supreme Leader and the might of the First Order?

[SIZE=11pt]Contacts: [member="The Major"] [member="Madelyn Lowe"] [member="Asharad Graush"] [/SIZE]​