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Rebirth of Dathomir: Part One (WoD)

There had been issues from the time Petra went to handle her own recovery. The Mandalorians came and the Clan Mothers made a deal with them. Then it seemed like Dathomir fell apart. That was not fine with Petra. She decided to not interfere with witches that were working to lead the clans. Out of that decision, she only stepped in once. The Mother of the Nightsisters was a Sith hiding for hundreds of years. After dispatching the Sith, a new Clan Mother was picked and Petra followed her decision with a modification that no outsides would lead such an important clan. It would be like an outsider leading the Singing Mountain clan. Plan and simple, it would be just wrong.

Upon her return to walk the lands again, Petra saw a people that needed their butts whipped into shape. The start of it was with the displaced witches and jai. They were brought into her empty clan’s stronghold. There a new spark of hope of a better world was shared. Then she went to the Nightsisters with force. Not just showing power within the force, but a display why true sons and daughters of Dathomir could take back what they lost. There really was no end to the power that their way could guide them.

Now it was time to lay down the law. The numbers of Dathomirian were lower, and it numbers were smaller than what Morte Clan’s Stronghold was made to hold and host. Over seven hundred years ago, it was the central hub of in and out going traffic. The spaceport in the west side of the mountain was made to handle hundred or so cargo ships to several eleven hundred meter capital ships in their hangers. The stronghold was nature and technology mixed into one flowing source of pride for the Witches. However, clan ended in such a violent way that only Petra knew the true details of because it done by her hand.

The stronghold within the mountain location was given. A calling for all to gather was sent out. Every person on Dathomir was asked to come because of major change that was coming. Petra sat on stage where a few other chairs were in the grand amphitheater. The other chairs were for the clan mothers while the rest of the population sat on padded stone that served as seats.

For the stronghold, one entrance was given. It was the only one that truly stood out from the mountain. The sharp corners and straight edges made it ‘pop’ out of the natural curves of the mountain slopes. Its massive overhead door was open enough for twelve meter tall rancors to walk through with ease. The large entrance led travelers into a hall that was about seventy five meters high and one hundred fifty meters wide. This led into the first ring of the city. Buildings wrapped around the stone walls, normal size buildings between two to four stories tall, and they were still hundred or so meters from touching the ceiling of open area. There were more hallways that led inwards to a second ring that was lower down than the first ring. It had the similar look buildings and if the stronghold active like it was than this ring was for all to find entertainment from restaurants to theaters, and everything between while the first ring were home for shops and trades.

Final set of hallways led to the last area that was lower than the other two rings. It was a circular chamber with four twenty five meter archways. Each one led to different area that had its specific need. Temple of the Ancestors which was for rituals and trials, amphitheater, the old stronghold that was a shelter in case the stronghold was ever invaded and needed to protect the ones not fighting and last gate way lead to the Halls of the Ancestors where all that passed away were kept.

From the main entrance to the amphitheater, there were signs to guide all where to the gathering was being held at.

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Spaceport idea

Entrance Way

1st ring of the Stronghold

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Perfection is Eternal
Further into the stronghold, far from prying eyes, Lauda sat in her old room and centered her mind. For the most part, it had been successful but every so often, she needed to do it again so it wouldn't disrupt important proceedings such as the one that would soon follow. Once she had managed, she looked around the place. It had collected so much dust when she first found it. All her old books had withered in time, she could hardly even touch them anymore. Even her old clothes, the ones she had left behind were pretty useless that she had figure something out as far as her dressing went.

But once she had cleaned it and brought some light into it, Lauda could still see her room in it. It was still the place where she had grown up, spent a lot of her time. It was.. home, in a matter of speaking. Or what was left of it. And for now, it a place to sleep, when she did sleep. That had become a hard task for her these days. Rest eluded her too often. It was as if her mind refused it, told her she had slept for too long as it was. Physical exhaustion would eventually win for a couple of hours but that was it. Her mind was pretty awake most of the other times.

She rose to her feet when it was time. Exited her room barely a moment afterwards. From then on, she closed her eyes and opened her mind to the Force, letting it guide her. In her mind, the hallways were not as old as they were now, they were young and beautiful as she had remembered it and through those memories and the Force, she walked through the stronghold until the reached the amphitheater. Her Sense noted the presence of others. She opened her eyes then and saw them, then followed in quietly, blending into the crowd. She made her way to the front and there, at the end of the first row, took the empty seat. The sight of the room filling in, the chairs set on stage reminded her of meetings in the past in this place but none of them were like this. This was going to be much different.

Satara Hawk

Singing Mountain Ma'tra
News had come from the Elder Petra Cavataio. Satara had spread to her clan that there would be a gathering and that they could join in and hear what would be decided but left first on Nadie's back. The Morte Mountain was known the planet but much of it was a mystery about it. Satara knew of its name but until receiving instructions there was perhaps rumors of a past but nothing that sparked enough attention to indicate there was an entire stronghold there. Now they knew better. And when she reached the large city entrance, large enough for even Nadie to pass, Satara still whispered to friend to set her down and she soon felt the rock beneath her feet. She asked Nadie to remain behind, in case others arrived as well. Then, she continued inside as the instructions had read. On her way in, she took the time to look at stronghold. They truly had no clue what the Witches of old had built and hid underneath the mountain. Satara had to admit, at lest to herself for now, that she was impressed by what she was seeing. All of it.

At last, she entered the amphitheater and looked about at the large room. It was certainly spacious, with plenty of seats. She imagined this couldn't have been new so she wondered just how large the population of this mountain had once been to require such a room. While the Singing Mountain Clan Mother moved ahead towards the stage, didn't yet rise to it. Instead, she took the time to see who else would be coming, looked upon the faces of the Witches. Even at her age, curiosity was still very much alive.

Ru Tetsuya

Still training in the wilderness of Dathomir, he was surprised to say the least when he had been found by a witch's messenger. It had taken him many days and nights to reach the strong hold. His hood down in the presence of his superior witches, the young Jai hopefull made his way through the strong hold into the amphitheater and took a seat, waiting for whatever wisdom was to be given. His sword clanked on the seat as he sat, and made it slightly uncomfortable. Why had he sat down without thinking? He couldn't risk looking like a fool in front of so many prospective mates.
From the times during the plague and present day, numbers of the Dathomirian population had been very low. Petra looking out from the stage could weep at the sight she saw. She could because memories of seeing the amphitheater standing room only were easy to pull from. There was going to be room left in the area. The facts were going to be accepted by Petra, but they were not easily going to be done.

Petra decided to begin this gathering. She proclaimed loudly over all other voices. “I am Mother Petra Cavataio of the Nightsisters and all clans that fall under control of the Nightsisters. I called this gathering for many reasons, but the most important one is getting back on our feet. It is sickening to see the numbers here and know this is pretty much the entire population of our people. There was a time that this place could only house one clan and now we have this. We need to rebuild in all ways and we aren’t helping ourselves with what happen last year. It appears when the Mandalorians came here. You lot all fell apart and went backwards… that is sad.”

Standing tall and confident, she made her move. “That all said, I declare an old way of governing ourselves… I am in charge and the clan leaders will be my council. I’ll be more than happy to face anyone that wishes to challenge this. I have exile some already that wish harm to our ways. This new, ‘old’ government will ensure our growth and strength. So does anyone wish to stop our unification and march for a better future?”

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TiCira D'Arr Hawk

::] Singing Mountain Clan [:: Queen of Storms
Ti'Cira, having been standing among the statuesque and highly decorated scouts of Singing Mountain Clan, brought her right hand up to slip the feathered and lapiz lazuli helm from her head. Wild red hair whipped from her face, revealing the puckered line of the scar that marred it over her right eye and cheek.

She had no qualms about working with the Mandalorian for the good of Dathomir. However, the proverbial buck stopped there when it came to having to report to a Nightsister of all things, as an overhead Clan mother.

" I challenge it. " came the steady and clear cut voice of the stoic witch, her legs slightly spread apart, her iridescent red lizard skin armor reflecting the sunlight.

"No member of Singing Mountain will ever bow their head to a Nightsister. " oh, there was no changing her mind on this matter. Their ways had been set for more than a millennia, the uneasy peace with the Nightsisters who used the dark spells of the Fanged God and the Allyan witches of the Winged Goddess would not change.

Not while she still lived and breathed.

"Over my dead body. "

Eshan Prince
"By the time it takes the rock to hit the water, many lives will be lost." Aston muttered to himself as he stood near the edge of a small cliff with a rather large river over it. Aston stared at the rock solemnly, the boys blood shot eyes could be seen a mile away. Possibly the only thing that could light up the darkness of Dathomir and still be seen from a distance. The rock sat in the palm of his hand until he very slowly turned his hand over did the rock fall all the way down to the water below. A meeting was called, yet it seemed the young man was deafeaned to heed it. Almost as if he had more important things to do. Which he didn't, and he wasn't trying to be rebel. It just felt strange, strange indeed. "By the time it takes this feather to hit the water, everyone could die." Aston muttered again, as the feather itself was easily swayed by the simplest of things.

Like the wind.

Aston drew in a deep breath and closed his eyes to bring him a small measure of clarity and focus. The young man turned around and moved towards the location of the meeting, he would be late of course. However, with the growing doubt in his heart it didn't bother him in that aspect. He just hoped others wouldn't mind his absence for the early part of the meeting. And if they did, well.
He would deal with that when the time came.

Satara Hawk

Singing Mountain Ma'tra
As more people had arrived, though hardly enough to fill such an enormous room, Satara rose to the stage and took her seat among other present clan mothers. Not all were there though, she noted before she heard the voice of @[member="Petra Cavataio"] come over others. Her blue and green irises turned to look at her then, listening to her introduce herself and explain the purpose of this meeting. The woman noted their numbers and Satara couldn't help but looked at the small crowd. In such a large room, it was a sad sight. She also took a moment to remind them of their alliance with the Mandalorians and what came after with the group.

The Nightsister then declared an old way of governning themselves, with her in charge and the Clan Mothers and Fathers as her council. Yes, history dictated that this concept not sit well with Satara but history also dictated lessons learned and those told Satara that unity was too important and wars among each other would only make outsiders win. And that they could not allow. Their deal with the Mandalorians allowed them freedom, any other groupation in the galaxy would not have done it so.

The Clan Mother noted the Elder's invite to a challenge. It was then that Satara decided she would not. In the past, Satara had had dealings with Petra as she had had dealings with other Nightsisters. She understood that the fellow Elder came from a different time and not the one most of them were used to. Despite her affiliation to darkness, the woman saw things as a Witch and understood the importance of who they were. She wasn't all about the darkness. She had reason which most darksiders lacked.

Some had already been exiled becaused they wished to harm their ways. This was the first time Satara was hearing of this. But despite this news, she chose to leave it for now. Later, she would ask of this though, curious as to whom.

The new old government would ensure their growth and strength. But first, Petra seemed adamant to deal with possible challengers.

And sure enugh, the mismatched eyes noted a hand raise. She recognize the colors and fashion to belong to her own clan. And as the mask was pulled away, Satara registered her own. Ti'Cira. Speaking on behalf of all of the clan. Had such words been spoken in her youth, long before her children had grown and long before life had taught her far too valuable lessons, Satara would have let the warrior within her respond to this. Her own blood had been once struck down for their disrespect and betrayal. And though blood of her blood was elder in her right and once stood where she stood, Satara's thoughts searched the wisdom of her years not to take this as a challenge against herself.

Over her dead body. Satara sighed. Despite so much experience, Ti'Cira was still a child in much. Emotions spoke through all that. There was rationality in that challenge.

Satara placed her hands on the armholders of her chair, fingers slowly wrapping around it before she rose and released it. The mismatched irises zeroes in on her flesh and blood. "The Nighsister has given right to challenge. So is your right. But do not speak for the Singing Mountain Clan so easily, Ti'Cira. Too much has happen to allow old pain to rule decisions. The whole of the clan council will make this decision, not a single Elder."

Once her words had been spoken, silence fell upon her lips for just a moment and despite all her wisdom, her gaze darked just a pinch before she said, her voice becoming an octave colder: "If it is me who you wish to challenge and speak on behalf of my clan, do so before the clan itself. I will not allow the past between us and the Spider Clan and the lives lost to us to bring risk to a single woman, man or child in the present. Our enemies come from above. Jedi, Sith, whatever else is out there as well. Do not be so black and white, it doesn't suit a woman of your knowledge, granddaughter." With that, her fingers adjusted the fabric of her dress and turned her back to the girl, returning to her seat. The Nightsister could address the challenge if she wished but the matters of the clan were a closed matter for the Clan Mother.

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