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Rebellion Rules Update

The following minor changes have been made to the rebellion rules.

  • Any Minor Faction or group of Minor Factions may launch a Rebellion, so long as they have been Minor Factions for at least 30 days.
  • Rebellions cannot be started by Minor Factions that are owned by members who hold a position as a Major Faction Admin/Owner on any of their characters

The first is to bring the minor factions in line with major factions and ensure minor factions have some pedigree and are not flashes in the pan.
The second is to help eliminate issues with conflict of interest/sub-faction concerns.

Laira Darkhold

Well-Known Member
*Passes Kaine some Cheese*

Neat. I must say I prefer it to the original, means the Minor has to be at least a little established before someone posts up the third Dominion of the month.