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Rebel Alliance Briefing: Jaminere

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The team had been specially selected for this particular task. It was to be a small group; one little enough to slip in without being noticed, but dangerous enough to cause a stir. It was to that purpose that Cedric had chosen his candidates; each man and woman had been vetted by the Jedi Knight personally over the course of weeks.

Some selected had declined the mission due to it's particularly dangerous nature. The team would be moving in the dark, and while they sought to assist the Trade Council, the council itself did not know of their existence. That would be changing very soon.

Contact had been made with cells operating out of Jaminere, though Cedric had not yet managed to speak with their leaders. Given the rate at which things were escalating, he could not afford to wait on confirmation from Jaminere's disparate cells. Time simply did not allow for such a luxury.

Thus it was that Cedric had called his team to meet with him aboard the Chimaera. The cloaked Star Destroyer lingered just over the world of Meridies, its presence entirely unknown to anyone save for the world's queen. The knight awaited those called within his personal office on the command deck. He'd discarded his furs and robes in favor of something more martial. Donning the Jedi Lord's armor was like driving a speeder after not owning one for many years. It was foreign, yet familiar. Frightening, but comforting.

"How do you think this is going to go?" Vicarion's ethereal voice whispered in the back of Cedric's mind.

The Jedi Knight smiled. "I have faith Vicarion. That's enough."

The doors hissed open, admitting the first of the volunteers.

[member="Ari Vox"], [member="Lyra Sarn"], [member="Aela Talith"], [member="Glavis"], [member="Jax Vandal"]

Jax Vandal

Vandal was the first through the door. His metal leg clanking against the floor as he moved towards Cedric. He had never been on a military ship this big before. Even if he didn't believe in this revolution the sweet tech would. He planned on getting as much out of this as he could.

"Can we smoke in here?" Jax asked as soon as he walked through the door, deathstick hanging from his mouth.

One day I'm going to have a ship like this, Jax promised himself.

[member="Cedric Grayson"]
Order Established
The chimaera had been a strange home, Glavis had never been on a ship of this size before. He spent the last few weeks working with the crew and getting familiar with the layout of the ship, one could have mistaken him for a regular, Glavis sat up from his bed, the gray room looked like every room at the laboratory, a chill ran up his back. He assumed everybody's room looked like this but soon the thought was lost when his comm began going off. Glavis answered it, "Sir the commander is requesting your presence on the bridge." Strange glavis thought, he missed the last briefing so he was a bit out of the loop. "Tell him I'll make my way there now." with that he closed the comm and put on his armor.

Walking to the elevator became the norm, strange what a few weeks in the same place could do to one. It was a straight shot to the bridge after the elevator ride. A few others were waiting at the door one he recognized [member="Jax Vandal"] the muertos leader, he was the first through the door. Glavis joined the muertos awhile back when he needed a new face, it worked for the most part. The others were unknown to him but that wasn't unexpected, Glavis followed suit with jax and walked on the bridge.

[member="Cedric Grayson"]

Ari Vox

I thought this was America, huh?!
[member="Cedric Grayson"], [member="Jax Vandal"], [member="Glavis"]

Cedric led and Ari followed, her protocol droid Rawlins joining them aboard a transport shuttle bound for the Jedi's cloaked star destroyer, Chimaera. She couldn't really believe it, she knew that Cedric had real power that much was obvious by the place he called home and the information Rawlins had gleaned from the holonet, but enough for a ship as large and sophisticated as this? It was a surprise at first but the Mandalorian hardly gave time to think about it, instead checking her RWW and the Sparrow drone he'd carried over from Rascal Actual as the transport made its journey. It was strange for her, going out on a deployment without her own freighter for use, but the trip was uneventful and she relaxed in the back with her armour in a heavy bag before her.

Once aboard Cedric's Chimaera Ari made a beeline for her quarters where she left her bag, taking only her helmet from inside, and Rawlins left the Sparrow before the two made haste to the Jedi's personal office on the command deck. By the time they arrived Jax was already there, his almost omnipresent death stick hanging comfortably from the side of his mouth and his attitude lax as ever. Rawlins slid himself into a corner and watched without much fanfare, his eyes settled comfortably upon his master who took the cue from Jax and stood off to the side to accommodate more company.

She wore a bomber jacket over a tank top, with slim fit jeans and untied desert combat boots that showed their incredible age in the scruff of their sides. It was this attire that made her feel almost out of place in light of Cedric's own personal armour which he wore with great dignity and purpose, having left her own in the room which she had been assigned. Meanwhile, Ari's only pieces of equipment on her was her T-Visor helmet which hung from one side of her hip and the MT-14 Heavy Blaster resting opposite.

"Am I late?" She asked the two men before her, unsure of who else would be joining them.

Kamon Vondiranach

Heart in a Jar
The door hissed open and a figure entered clad in traditional robes, but with his hood pulled forward to make his face more or less invisible if people weren't looking up from right in front of him. Cedric had been vetting people for something big and Kamon had been watching from within the confines of the Current. Whatever it was, it was going to be big and he wanted in on it. If it involved hurting the Imperials of the Galaxy it made sense for him to butt in.

"Pardon the intrusion," the former Grandmaster of the Rogues said. "But I think I shall assist in this."

He smiled and lifted his head to look directly at Cedric. They'd met before, back in the days of the Galactic Republic. Kamon had served them even when the Echani had risen to prominence, and had continued to serve after the Compact had joined the Republic. Now he served mostly the will of the Force and his own agenda. True, he was smostly leaning towards Neutrality these days, but there was still room to neutralize Imperial targets.

Without another word, he stepped over to one of the seats and took it, his eyes only briefly skimming the others. A true alliance of rebels would mean some of these were far more morally grey than even he was. Some of the rest would be purely good intentioned. But as Kamon had come to know iver the years, no one really had good intentions, they just had their own ones.

[member="Cedric Grayson"] [member="Jax Vandal"] [member="Glavis"] [member="Ari Vox"]
Chimera - Briefing Room

Cenric stood quietly at the back of the room, his arms crossed and a slight frown on his face.

The young Jedi Padawan wasn't exactly in his depth here, in fact in terms of that metaphor he might as well have been swimming in the deepest oceans of Dac. Cenric had absolutely no military experience, no strategic training, or anything else of that nature. He had never even been in a fight aside from some schoolyard scuffles back on Lorrd.

That sort of meant he was redundant here.

Oh he wanted to help of course, but all of this was above his paygrade. Master Grayson had ensured him that the training he'd undergone so far had prepared him for this sort of mission, but he was rather weary of that too. Combat was different than training, he knew that from the stories his father had told him. Besides that point, Cenric still only had a training saber and he doubted the weapon would be of much use if they ran into any Sith Lords.

Teeth sunk into his inner lips, chewing softly.

The truth of it was his nerves were beginning to fray, though he did his best to hide it.

A breath filled his lungs and he stood up a little straighter as yet another Jedi Master shuffled into the room. Cenric watched the man for a moment, then retreated further against the wall. He shifted his arms across his chest and thought to himself that maybe he should have just stayed at the Temple.

Jaster Awaud

Elder of Clan Awaud
Entering the Chimera Bridge were three hooded figures that wore dark cloaked armor that was difficult to focus on. At the lead of the formation was a large dark skinned man who removed his hood to revel his presence. He looked around the area to look at the rag tag group that his friend had patched together from the underbelly of the galaxy. This Rebel Force seemed like a good start for the Lord of Ession, at least a good start to build from. The two that accompanied him were vibrating in the Dark Side of the Force and did nothing anything to provoke those in the room, they were Imperial Knights that served in the Secrete Service of the Grand Moffs.

He look to [member="Cedric Grayson"], "Good to see you Cedric, you have called and the Imperium has responded," He bowed his head and recovered, then gesturing to the men with him, "Our spies and operators are on stand by and waiting to assist your forces, though you never told me the plans so all agents are on alert."

Forgetting about the men behind him being force users, the knowledge hit him, "Apologies, these Fallen Knights are in contact with our cells in the area so I needed them to attend."

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Thralls of the Dark Side had net set foot upon the Chimaera in eight years. Eight long years of spiritual purity had guarded Cedric's prized vessel, and eight years of purity had been shattered with their tainted presence. The lightsaber upon his belt reacted before Cedric could - it emitted a sense of calming focus that would likely infect every person in the room.

The Blade of Ruusan had no tolerance for followers of the shadow. It's master only held the slightest bit.

"I trust your judgement Jaster," though Cedric's tone indicated tension. "And we thank you for your Imperium's assistance. Given your comrades position within the Imperium, they will be allowed to remain." The knight didn't seem entirely pleased about that prospect, but necessity often required him to step out of his comfort zone. It was a testament to Cedric's respect for Jaster that he allowed the knight to remain.

The knight's gaze passed from one soul to the next. Master Vondiranach's arrival was unexpected, though the Jedi Master had access to the Chimaera as all verified Jedi did. The smile that touched the knight's lips was Kamon's greeting. "Master Vondiranach, a very pleasant surprise. My father spoke of you." The youth inclined his head. The late Cyril Grayson had been party to most of the Jedi Knights that had actively served the Republic, and he had passed the knowledge of such legendary figures to his progeny. Cedric had spent many evening memorizing the names and deeds of his era masters.

"And yes," his gaze flickered to Jax. "You can smoke, so long as you buy me a nice Essonian Cigarillo once this is all done." There was a hint of good humor in the knight's voice. Ari received a snicker by way of reply.

His final thoughts fell to his newly christened padawan. Cedric had not had the time to get to know his new pupil as he wished, but once again necessity tore apart any plans he might have been formulating as to Cenric's training. He had confidence in the boy, more than most Jedi likely would have, but then Cedric's own training had been unorthodox.

I'll be a better teacher to him than my father was to me.

"Alright, we're still missing our slicer, but something tells me she's already watching. As most of you may have heard, there are rumblings on the world of Jaminere. The Sith Empire is attempting to exert its influence over the planet's people, and those people aren't very big fans of their newfound overlords."

The knight gestured toward a holoemitter behind him. The emitter lit up with a projection of Jaminere, and the fleet that encircled it. "Communication with Jaminere is nearly impossible right now. We know there is a rebel cell operating there. We know they need our help. We do not know what the situation is."

His brow furrowed. "It is for that reason that I have elected to send in a scouting team. The team's objectives will be threefold: asses the situation on Jaminere, make contact with our rebel allies, and get our slicer into the planet's primary communications hub. From there, we can broadcast our message of rebellion across Sith space. Our resident slicer, Miss [member="Lyra Sarn"] will be taking care of that. It's our job to keep her alive."

[member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"], [member="Cenric Marus"], [member="Kamon Vondiranach"], [member="Ari Vox"], [member="Glavis"], [member="Jax Vandal"]

Jax Vandal

"Where are we attempting to rendezvous with the rebel cell, and do we have an extraction plan?" Jax said.

He craned around and surveyed the room. It was a motley crew of rebels. He then realized he himself was probably the most out of place looking. He saw Glavis, one of his enforcers. He had plans in the future for that one. Smoke rose from his mouth. He was ready to move. The air of the briefing was light, but they all knew what they were about face.

[member="Cedric Grayson"], [member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"], [member="Cenric Marus"], [member="Kamon Vondiranach"], [member="Ari Vox"], [member="Glavis"],

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(Continue posting order. Just answering Jax's question.)

Jax's answer was short.

"We have no idea where the cell is until we can restore communications. Securing that comm hub will show us where our friends are fighting."

He paused before answering the second question.

"The same ship that's getting us in is getting us out if things go badly. If it goes well, we old the hub as long as we can so that our people have a comms advantage."

[member="Jax Vandal"]
Order Established
The plan seemed simple to glavis, so much so he didn't have any questions. Glavis simply stood close to jax.

Taking in the room full of jedi and rebels was a strange sight, a spark of hope one might say.

[member="Cedric Grayson"] [member="Jax Vandal"] [member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"] [member="Cenric Marus"] [member="Kamon Vondiranach"] [member="Ari Vox"]

Ari Vox

I thought this was America, huh?!
The assembled team was a motley crew at best, combining the Muertos with various degrees of Jedi and 'Fallen Knights' both of whom Ari eyed with an air of wary regard. Then there was herself, clad in her most basic of outfits the Mandalorian not only felt under-dressed but underequipped, if things were about to pop off there was no real safety for her outside of the arbiter helmet and heavy blaster on her hip. Traditionally, bomber jackets and skinny jeans were no match for high-energy blasters or lightsabres.

"What can we expect to be facing? Any intelligence on what's or who's posted on the planet at the moment? Where the nearest fleets are?" She didn't expect too much, if communication couldn't be opened to the rebels on the planet then there was little hope of any real preparation. Outside of her DRDs, Sparrow, and Rawlins, Ari could fit very little by way of equipment for this particular trip. Her Verpine and Jackal rifles were in her armour bag along with her Ori'ramikade Eukgar'gam, but besides that, there wasn't anything else, they'd been left aboard Rascal Actual.

"Can we count on this slicer when things get hairy?" Was her final question, aware both that the woman wasn't present and that she could surely be watching. There was no contempt in her words thusly, just a simple query to judge Cedric's own assessment of a woman that Ari had not yet been introduced. "Oh, and are we hitting the ground and moving around as a team?" She added as an afterthought, gauging the men assembled around her. How was she to count on all of these people to watch her back? And how would she watch theirs?

[member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"], [member="Cenric Marus"], [member="Kamon Vondiranach"], [member="Ari Vox"], [member="Glavis"], [member="Jax Vandal"]
The Jedi Master had been one of the earliest arrivals, having been using his Force Cloak abilities as well as his mastery of the Aing-Tii Art of the Small to keep himself completely hidden from most of the new arrivals, especially those who practiced the Dark Side. He knew that they could arrive; the Rebellion after all needed all the help it could get especially with this upcoming mission. For this reason, alone he had left his Lightsaber in the cockpit of his StealthX, guarded by his temporary droid companion that was handling its maintenance and rearming.

Avoim was wearing his standard Jedi outfit, the multilayered tunic, the brown pants, the Beskar’gam guantlets and grieves, and of course his sleeveless cloak with its hood up. Slowly he would allow his presence to be seen and felt as he removed his hood, making sure to keep an eye on all those who likely did not know he had been there. As his hood draped around his shoulders and down his back, those assembled would see his sapphire blue eyes and his dark brown hair, and his glorious if a bit short beard that surrounded the lower part of his face and mouth.

This mission sounds pretty sound, however we should plan for things to go wrong, with your permission I’d like to be on stand-by just above the planet’s orbit in my StealthX with a comm-line direct to our insert team, in case they need air support or an additional fighter down on the ground.” Avoim’s deep voice resonated out of his mouth, the blue eyes locked onto Cedric’s face. He may have been a Jedi Master but the Knight was the one who lead the Rebel Alliance, which made him his superior in terms of strategy and tactics.

However, it was clear that he was not a simpleton himself, the suggestion was more of a statement of intent, the only thing that would change would be whether or not the ground team knew how to contact his StealthX. “If another Force Sensitive goes with the ground forces, I shall instruct them how to reach me while I hide my presence in the Force.” Avoim’s words were all true, he knew that plans tended to fail or change drastically once they met resistance, his planning for his StealthX to be in orbit would give them another method of completion.
Lyra was certainly late, not that she minded all that much, meetings were simply formalities as far as she was concerned, plans very rarely went her way so she vary rarely made them. Sure she prepared, and had a general idea of what she needed to do as any good slicer would, but since plans rarely worked, why make one, it was a waste of time and more importantly a waste of her time. But since these people seemed so keen on making well crafted plans she might atleast make the vague effort to show up. However she had just woken up and she didn't really care much to change, so she just threw on some cliche looking bath robes, made some cafe, and made her way down to the meeting room.

She entered in to quite the diverse group of people, big scary men, small scary men, scary gang members, some mysterious looking men, you know, the usual suspects. She made her way in, and yawned before speaking.

"Good morning everyone, seems that you all have gotten introduced." She said before listening to Cedrics little blurb on what the general plan was.

"Communications hub huh? Why just use it to send a message when we can do so much more. You are hopelessly single minded Cedric, you realize we will have access to all of the enemy communications if we get in there. We could have a bit of fun with the enemy and make our job easier too." She said before smugly sipping on her coffee, hoping her message got through to him.

Jedi tended to not be well versed in these sort of things so she could understand him on there, but records showed he was some sort of Jedi Shadow back in the day, certainly he would know a thing or two. Nonetheless a rebellion cannot work if they are going to be goodie two shoes who aren't willing to do some unethical things from time to time, by definition they are terrorists so they might as well act like it. Obviously they aren't after civilians but they need to screw with the enemy a bit if they hope to win.

[member="Avoim Oeymo"] [member="Ari Vox"] [member="Glavis"] [member="Cedric Grayson"] [member="Jax Vandal"] [member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"] [member="Cenric Marus"] [member="Kamon Vondiranach"]

Jaster Awaud

Elder of Clan Awaud
He stood there and listened to the briefing that was at hand, it was interesting to hear of their willingness to liberate the planet of Jaminere. The planet was once a trade outpost for his company. Dealings with the Old Silver Jedi Order lined his pockets well in the old days, now however, the lanes went dry and only supply runs still head that way to keep the base in order. His ISP agents in the area could be some help.

He walked up to join the conversation. "Jaminere has been in the late stages of annexation by the Sith Empire, local resistance cells were on the brink of collapse until the Emperors Fleet left orbit, since then most of their leaders have been difficult to find," They did have some type of spirit to resist the Empire like they did. "The Garrison fleet is relatively average for a Front Line Suppression Fleet, that does not mean they are actively blockading the planet however, Darth Athora and some Mercenaries do have a presence near the Front though they are likely conquering Troiken with Intel stating Darth Ophidia is leading that fight, so expect her and their military to be there as well," All Intel stated that this planet was nearly lost to the Sith, though he promised [member="Cedric Grayson"] he would offer assistance if he was called upon. "The Fel Imperial Security Protectorate has gathered 250 Volunteer Stormtrooper and Knights that will be located at an old UTC Trade Post, that position is located 12 kilometers behind enemy lines were you all will be inserted, once you all attack, our troops will attack the local barracks as well as have our 13th Strike Carrier Group jump in to hold off the enemy till you make it to your objective, we wont be able to hold out long, so don't drag your feet."

It was a risky plan, but the Sith troopers and Mercs on the ground would make this rather difficult to get to their objective. Fel Troopers moving to stall them would hold them off would allow the Rebels to secure their foothold and dig in to fight. After that, well it would be an even playing field, and Jasters Personal Fleet waited around Voss should things turn ugly.

[member="Cenric Marus"] [member="Jax Vandal"] [member="Glavis"] [member="Ari Vox"] [member="Avoim Oeymo"] [member="Lyra Sarn"]
Cenric remained quiet.

He thought that the others in the room might eventually have been offended, but he figured it was still best to simply not say anything at all rather than embarrass himself. Some of the suggestions that he heard sounded fine, others sounded suicidal, but in the end he figured that his Master would pick whichever had the best chance of success.

Not that Cenric actually knew what that would look like.

His fingers flexed slightly, scrunching into fists as they were still tucked behind his arms. He paid close attention to everyone, not wanting to miss a detail of who was who and whatever eventual plan that they would settled on. Cenric knew that this was important, and eventually he would be laying down his life in some way because of all of this. Jaminere was controlled by the Sith now, and striking at the world in any way would see retaliation from the Empire. Just what that retaliation would look like remained to be seen.

For all they knew this was all some kind of a trap to root out rebels before they even got anywhere.

The young Padawan hoped that wasn't the case.