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Codi Zrgaat, Endless Barrel of Snark

Codi Zrgaat

Looking For Aleidis?
"I'm here for you until I'm broken and bleeding and can't move another inch."
NAME: Codi Zrgaat
FACTION: Aleidis-ism
RANK: Knight
SPECIES: Togruta
AGE: 24
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'6" (168cm)
WEIGHT: 140 lbs. (63.5 kg)
EYES: Blue
HAIR: White and blue head-tails
SKIN: Orange

Sins: Wrath, Lust
Virtues: TEMPERANCE. You try sleeping with a Ghostling without having pinpoint self-control
Spouse: [member="Aleidis Zrgaat"]
Languages: Basic, Huttese

Avatar: Basically any "adult" version of Ahsoka Tano.
Voice: Kate Higgins as Tina Armstrong. She's got a bit of an accent.
Theme: "Angel With A Shotgun" by The Cab. I like the nightcore version better.


  • + Bizarre Alien Senses. Togruta hearing is unique. Instead of ears, Codi has a pair of hollow horns on her head called "montrals." These give her a passive sonar within a modest radius around her, giving her near-perfect hearing and letting her accurately judge someone's position just from the sound of their footsteps...or breathing.
  • + Jack of All Trades. In addition to being a well-practiced lightsaber duelist, Codi eagerly supplements her maneuvers with telekinesis. An established healer and fighter pilot, she's also a skilled bartender. In general, she's quite the well-balanced Jedi, and can adapt to many situations.
  • - Logical Weakness. Every lightsaber-user is susceptible to sonic weapons, but Codi in particular can be horribly debilitated with a proper sonic grenade, or a sonic rifle shot to the head. Her montrals are quite a bit more sensitive than human ears, which makes her vulnerable to sonic attacks in a way that she simply can't counteract.
  • - Weak, But Skilled. At least compared to more specialized Force-users. Codi is good at a lot of stuff, but she isn't great at anything. Her telekinesis is serviceable but not powerful, her dueling skills are solid but not exceptional, and her more mundane skills are decent but not peerless. In order to contend with threats, Codi has to combine her manifold talents in creative ways.
  • ~ Deadpan Snarker. Ooh, sarcasm. That's original.
Codi Zrgaat is an athletically-toned Togruta woman with blue eyes. Her montrals are covered in small scratches, with one much deeper one on the inside of her left horn. When she was a child, her greatest shame was that she had to import her akul-tooth headdress, but her insecurities about this evaporated over time at roughly the same rate as her ties to her species. Her...vivacious lifestyle has left her without anything resembling shame, so she tends to dress as provocatively as possible while still remaining practical. This tends to mean skintight lycra.

After she left the Jedi order, Codi managed to procure her old Eta-6 to help her get from one side of the galaxy to the other. It's unmodified except for a custom paint job: bright orange, befitting its pilot, with some scratchy Togruti letters in white paint on either side.

Jedi Order:
Codi Zrgaat was taken to the Jedi so early that she has no memory of her parents or her life before the Order. She was raised in a standard class with younglings and progressed at a solid, notable but not extraordinary rate. The problems in her training came when she started getting old enough to be granted the rank of Padawan.

Codi's first master, an Ithorian called Yala Loonar, took ill with a strange disease on a mission to an unnamed world. After a brief pause she was given another master, a Zabrak named Tulish Vrak. This lasted for several months before Tulish met her end at the business end of a Sith lightsaber during the Roche conflict. Codi's next master, a Twi'lek by the name of Boc Gharen, simply disappeared during a routine diplomatic mission. With such horrid luck with masters, Codi was stuck as a Padawan for a much longer time than was normally expected. Eventually, though, under the training of some random Jedi NPC (Talen Nerius), she managed to convince the Council that she was worthwhile enough for the commendation of Jedi Knight. Force knows how.

During the latter years of her training, Codi met a young Ghostling Padawan named Aleidis Ijet in a healing expedition to Iktotch. After almost killing her and about four others, the two of them met back up on their own terms and grew a fast and very firm friendship. So firm, in fact, that they bunked together through most of the rest of their Jedi training. Codi still sees it as her job to protect both Aleidis and Talen, who are incapable of properly defending themselves...and to that extent, she spent two years honing her extremely unpolished skills with trainers in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. The advent of her Knighthood was nothing to slow her obsessive drive to protect her friends.

Two years later, Codi felt herself finally ready for Jedi duty. However, with the exception of a few failed attempts at training Padawans, almost every mission she's deployed to directly involves Aleidis Ijet. She protected Alei from assassins, followed her as a bodyguard on several missions, and finally, on one eventful mission to Dagobah, Codi paid the price for her paranoia and insecurities. Her body was ravaged by a living plague, leaving her bedridden for months.

During her time off from Jedi duties, Aleidis wound up in the seat of Supreme Chancellor. Since both of them were on leave from the Jedi Order, Codi followed her friend to a private apartment on Coruscant and served as Aleidis' emotional and mental ballast during the trying and traumatizing time she spent at the head of the free galaxy. She got to see firsthand exactly how deplorable the Republic's political jousting was, and how readily the Jedi Order went along with it. The wayward Togruta struggled with her own divided loyalties for months, until Aleidis disappeared with the Darkstaff and Codi remembered exactly where her loyalties laid. She turned in her lightsabers and left Coruscant.

For a few months afterwards, Codi scoured known space in her gaudy, orange Eta-6 for any sign of Aleidis Ijet. She eventually found the Ghostling on Datar, hiding amongst her own people. Once again, Codi had found her charge and refused to let her go. Of course, that didn't mean that Aleidis refused to let go. The girl continued to crusade until it cost her an arm and almost her life. Still Codi waited. She was worth it.

Codi and Aleidis Zrgaat have been registered citizens on a little nowhere moon called Dayark, at the edge of a small sub-republic of systems disconnected from war and strife. Funded by Aleidis' connections to Silk Holdings and with enormous amounts of private time, Codi started up a night club and bar called "Glowbug" in the moon's capital of Rytal Prime. Billed as "a little piece of Coruscant," she tries to use it to bring excitement to the otherwise quiet lives of a bunch of farmers. And of course, to her own life.

Codi's adventuring and crusading days are over. This is her happy ending.




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