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Approved Tech Rapture Tactical Nuclear Device

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Moff Iridius

Rapture Tactical Nuclear Device

Image/credit: http://files.gamebanana.com/img/ss/wips/thm_5096a6e342a64.jpg

Intent: To create a tactical nuclear device capable of blowing star ships out of orbit, and ground bases from existence.
Dev thread:
Manufacturer: Junbai Hao National, Dr.Marie Krasnican,
Production: Minor
Affiliation: Galactic Empire
Modularity: Varying amounts of Kilotons not to exceed 10 tons
Material: Isotope enriched Uranium, plutonium, copper wires, receiver, lead lined briefcase.

Description: The mandalorians have never been beneath using nuclear weaponry being used on the battle of Jebble to destroy Rakghouls that had infected the local populace leading to the massive fallout of the planet. History has been stained with the mandalorian race using these devices throughout war and various encounters proving how effective they can be when properly used.

The galactic empire now wishes to have the capability of a scaled down war head in the size of a relatively easy to move carrying case. To be used aboard star ships, and on ground forces FOBs in battle. using enriched uranium and plutonium in a cylinder roughly fourteen inches wide at its longest holds an explosive power of around ten kilotons at its strongest variant.

Heat: at around 4500 degrees Celsius at initial detonation the weapon is capable of vaporizing or bleaching almost any substance within a 100 meters of detonation from the radioactive fire. The fire itself will pull most of the oxygen aboard ships to create the heat and fire capable of maintaining fireball of its size as well as burn through any accelerate such as starship fuel and munitions to add to the destructive power.

Blast: The blast of the devices has a rough 100 to 150 meter depending on the amount of kilotons that range in the device. Having a concussive force capable of knocking down civilian buildings and has a shockwave from anywhere from 5 to 30 PSI overpressure. What the smaller nuclear device lacks in fire and heat it makes up for in concussive force.

Radiation: The unfortunate side effect of devices of these nature, radioactive ash and particles fall from the sky and contaminate all within the blast radius almost guaranteeing death or life with high risk of cancer and pain due to cell deconstruction and damage due to radiation poisoning. People exposed in the first 24 hours should seek immediate treatment before death ensues.

Device components and weaknesses: The Rapture Tactical Nuclear bomb consists of four main pieces. The lead lined carrying device to help minimize the effect of radiation poisoning of the carrier, the transmitter, receiver, and the bomb itself ranging anywhere from ten to fourteen inches. The drawbacks of this creation are that of both a technical and morale standpoint. On the technical side the receiver can be hacked and set off remotely by enemy forces and slicers as well as be disarmed. It's a small and tough case it's housed in but not indestructible, the bomb can be destroyed without it going off since only the activation process can ignite it. However whoever destroys the bomb should come prepared to deal with the effects of radiation poisoning.

On the more morale side of things, fallout and radiation effects everyone. Not just enemy forces but friendly caught either in the blast or by the radioactive dust and ash that will soon cause them to develop various forms of radiation poisoning. Political fallout is another, no one likes to see the use of super weapons deployed unless it is needed, but nuclear devices are needed at times to destroy enemy forces as a last resort.

Classification: Nuclear Bomb
Size: 23.4 inches
Status: Restricted (PC use only)
Weight: 40 Kg
Blast/ fallout radius: 100 meters (blast) 500 meters (Fallout depending on winds transporting radioactive ash)

Cannon: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Nuclear_bomb
@Dr.Marie Krasnican

This is a much better use of a nuclear weapon submission. However, I do have concerns about the size and weight.
Firstly, for a device capable of causing even 1 kiloton explosion, this is far too small, size wise. This thing here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Davy_Crockett_%28nuclear_device%29 an ill-fated real world device, had a yield about a tenth of a kiloton or so, but fired the warhead.
I would want this device to be scaled down in power. Even that is lethal to anything within 100 metres and almost instantly lethal within 500 metres. That is, 100m blast radius and 500m lethal radiation spread.

I do question the utility of this device. Seeing as how in order to use it the weapon has to be set by hand, they then have to get far away or be blown up themselves, unless that’s the idea, in which case it’s basically a suicide bomb.

Some further clarity would be nice on the actual applications of this.

Moff Iridius

@[member="Tamara"] Haha you got me, I was hoping it would go unnoticed. But I have scaled it down and the use is mostly as a suicide bomb to be planted in the engine rooms of ships or other high priority targets

Moff Iridius

@[member="Tamara"] Well you have very curly hair but other than that I'm good to go :)
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