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Rank Titles: Allow Users to Change Their Own

This suggestion is for specifically Staff.

Currently, all Rank Title changes require users to post in the Request Your Rank Titles thread.

This has two effects:
  • Administrators are required to spend time to manually change these Rank Titles.
  • Users are forced to wait before their request is executed. This wait time is extremely variable, and variation causes user dissatisfaction.
So the suggestion is to allow for the means for Users to change their own Rank Titles.


This would require a new plugin. This is an example of one such plugin that would achieve this.

Unfortunately, it's not compatible with IPS 3.X. So it seems that the implementation of this would depend on which software the site will upgrade to. Tried to find a IPS 3.X application marketplace, but I guess support for IPS 3.X is no more.

If it's IPS 4.X, then the plugin above would be suitable. Force Ranks could be moderated by still requiring a post in a Rank Title Thread, but the volume in the thread would then lessen greatly.

If it's Xenforo, then this plugin appears to fulfill this function. This plugin also has a moderation queue that Force Ranks could be added to - allow Users to request the title still but Moderators/Admins would then get a notification requesting approval of this.

I wouldn't be surprised if other discussion board platforms have some means/plugin to achieve this.

The problem I see with either is that they may not have a max user groups setting. But even so, it wouldn't take much to add a line or two of code to force an error if someone requests to be a 4th user group.

So I guess this suggestion isn't easily doable before the software upgrade? But at least it's something to keep in mind in order to reduce Staff workload after the switch. And if a setting/plugin compatible with IPS 3.X is found, then it'd might be a good idea to implement it even now.
1) It's not as easy as finding a link to a mod and then posting it like "why ain't u done this". Mods need to be vetted, and the overhead they'll create needs to be justified.

2) I've been doing this for nearly 5 years, I know how I'm going to tackle rank titles. Personally, I hate them, because they're just accessories and people are never fully satisfied with them.

3) The process is nearing the day it will be automated, but we've still got a little while.
Kami Meran said:
i dunno i dont mind having to earn titles
I don't mind too much having to earn them, though when it comes to (unless you are capped) having to have a faction do it can be rather irritating and cause problems for some stories (I had to have all my Padawans join the faction I'm in because I'm pretty sure there's no other way to officially get them knighted once they are ready, besides hoping for capping. And even then, I'm afraid they'll reject my Paddies for lack of dominion-based contributions to the faction)

I'm curious about how this "automated" system Tef mentioned will go though, once we get there.
I've never seen the issue with just adding tags to the sig. I'd be perfectly fine with just having the member status tags, and not worrying about the whole ordeal. I've seen a lot of discussions with tags in the past year or so, and most of them have been along the lines of: "I wish it was this colour instead." "I want this tag and it's not on the list." "I don't want to follow the standardized aesthetics." I've been there myself.

(I was really unhappy when they decided purple witch tags were the only option, before they brought back the green ones)

Most people already add tags to their sig, and the benefit of custom tags is everyone can address the problems by crafting/requesting tags suited to their tastes. Nor do they need someone to swap them out on their behalf. Plus isn't the new great thing using banners for factions and stuff, anyway? I see some people using them for force ranks too.


Disney's Princess
Tefka said:
3) The process is nearing the day it will be automated, but we've still got a little while.

Come to daddy...

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