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Invasion Rage Awakened (TSE Invasion of NIO Held Bastion & PL-40112-CE-021105)

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Djorn Bline Djorn Bline FN-999 FN-999 Berik Berik and Others on Ground Objectives in Ravelin:

I am going to be posting tonight under my UX-0626 UX-0626 account in order to advance the narrative for the Sith and CIS people who are currently in the drop ship, as I believe that Luna is indisposed for the time being. Based on the posts that I’ve read so far, I am aware of the jamming from Fiolette’s Blackout system, FN-999 calling an air strike on the landing zone where we are launching the drop ship from, and Berik setting up anti-air to fire on the drop ships. If there are any other details that I’ve missed that might be relevant, please let me know.

This has kind of caught me and a few others in a tricky situation so I’m gonna try to make the best of it. I know you all have been waiting a while so I apologize in advance.

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