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Staff Please Welcome Our New RPJs!

After a very good set of applications it was extremely hard to choose just two RPJs. However, we have decided that Sasmay Cull Sasmay Cull and Kurayami Bloodborn Kurayami Bloodborn are to be the latest victims recruits to the hallowed halls of the RPJs.

Please join me in welcoming these eager new recruits!

For the applicants who weren’t picked - I feel like we never address y’all, but there seriously was a good bunch this round. And I’m always let down when I see previous applicants get dismayed, discouraged.

It’s not like that. Sometimes Val and I have specific things we’re looking for, sometimes people just aren’t a great fit “for now”. Most of the time, though, the Admins want to bring on too many of y’all and I’m forced to be the bad guy and give a number.

Keep applying. And if not, look to help out with the Codex, Factory, Major Factions. Lots of y’all don’t need titles to stand out.